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Set Your Goals

So let's talk about setting your goals and gaining clarity about what it is that you want to get out of facebook and I know usually want to ask people what they want out of facebook they'll say I want more sales I want more customers but there's a lot more than you can get from facebook and the first thing you can get is that you can increase awareness of your brand of your products and this doesn't necessarily have to mean paying customers but the more people who know your brand the more likely they are to become customers obviously and then share it with their friends and their family and their facebook friends especially as well, I know for me personally there's been times one someone that I'm friends with on facebook has shared something that interested me and I want actually and bought it and I never would have known about it if it hadn't been forced facebook so there is a lot of power and that you can also increase awareness when you first launching your business I know some of y...

ou are about to launch some of you have already launched but I know what I launched my business is the first place I want to was on facebook and yes at first it was just my friends, my family but slowly that awareness grew off my business and it's such a great way especially if you invest a little bit in facebook ads to get a lot of fans really quickly and a lot of quality fans, and I just likes for your page who will never come back, but a lot of really great quality fans, another one of your goals can be to establish her expertise. So if you have something that you're really passionate about, whether it's, organic skin care or colors or any or you know or jewelry design, you can actually use facebook to establish that expertise through the articles that you post the videos that you posed and all of the action that you are actually taking on facebook. And this is great because you're not on lee, you're not directly selling to people. I don't think anyone goes on facebook thinking, what am I going to buy today, or what am I going to discover today that I come by? Usually people do that with pinterest people do that with other sites, but on facebook, that's now what they go there for they go there to learn something, to stay up, to date with their friends, their family, and to get educated. I know there's so many times when I go on facebook and there's a link to an article, and I click on it and I learned something new that I never I would have come across before, so there is a great this is a great platform to educate your audience and to share your expertise and really let them know how you could help them, how your content can actually benefit them. And it's. Also great for when you're first starting out, if you don't have an audience yet, but you have expertise and something before you even launch a product line, right? We all are experts in something. Sharing that on facebook is a great way to just get it out there. Get known as the go to person for this particular topic. Facebook is also great for engaging your community. So it's, social media, right, it's, all about being social, creating a community, and facebook really does a great job about letting you connect and interact with your community, get them involved in your business. Share behind the scenes of your company I know just this morning as I was coming in here I did a quick video telling everyone that I'm here again today teaching just posted it on facebook and it gives people a little behind the scenes and it's so much more effective than just saying by my course today I'm going to be teaching about facebook so it really again we talked about that human touch that you want to be putting throughout your website and facebook really allows you to do that more than I think a lot of the other social media networks I think for example pinterest is awesome but there isn't that much of a community around your pinterest or around your pinterest page as you see around your facebook page and I'm seeing a lot of you nodding your heads it's true facebook really does a great job of letting you connect and interact with your community it could also be great if you let's say you have a question and you want to post something to your audience maybe you're launching a new color and you can decide which colors to go with why not post that on your facebook page you'll get a ton of responses right away I know for me I am launching the new course I wasn't sure what I was going to call it so I reached out teo I know some of your smiling because you've responded but I reached out and I said this is a new course in launching can you help me name it and a ton of people wrote and you could do the same thing with your business if you're thinking about a new color a new style even a new name for your product you could reach out to your facebook community and get them engaged and get them to participate and feel like they're part of your community and your company and your brand as well and you can also ask them to contribute sometimes and I'll give you some examples to but you can ask them for their feedback what would they love most about your brand? Another great way to get testimonials to yes elizabeth facebook has taken a bit instagram right yeah so if it was putting it on instagram and then sharing it on facebook or is it better to go straight to facebook? I think but that's a great question I think the more you could do straight from facebook is great however if you need to save time and if you don't think you're going to have time to go to facebook to that sure and get the instagram would be great as well so I'd rather you share it even if it's through instagram than not sure at all because it takes longer so so yes but definitely yeah and I'm curious to see what's going to happen maybe bill my merch at some poo knows right? We don't know what's going to happen, but I'm sure there are going to be some exciting changes coming with facebook and instagram as well. So facebook is also great for increasing your leads and by leads I mean people who are signing up for your email address so you can have such a great platform to turn your facebook fans take him from stage two of their life cycle into stage three, which is a lead for your email address and there's. Plenty of times on I'll post something just on facebook and right away I'll have a ton of people signing up for my email newsletter now it's not as effective as it once used to be. Maybe now is just a fifth of the people that used to sign up are now saying up but still does work. You could drive directly people from facebook to sign up for your email newsletter and often times you can actually still keep them inside of facebook. You don't have to take him off to your page, so it sort of makes their experience a little more seamless and a little easier as well, and we're going to talk about how to do that too later today and this is also great when you're starting to build your list how many of you have started your business with a huge mailing list oh right, so for most of us we don't have a list when we're starting, but our customers are already spending their time on facebook so it's such a great way to get them off of facebook, get them to be on our list and then continue that relationship that is so great especially for your list because you can interact with them in any other platform like you can on facebook and through your email list as well. And lastly, I know all of you want more sales and facebook really is great for that as well. And yes, sometimes you can turn your existing fans right into a sale especially if you're saying something like we just launched this line I only have five items facebook our facebook fans get them first I see that all the time with branching we just launched a limited collection on leaf our facebook fans and it gives people a really incentive to actually buy for me right away and you can also you khun cell inside a facebook which are also going to talk about later a lot of shopping cart platforms allow you to do that. I think for the check out they still will have to come to your site but they could choose their products added to their shopping card and all of that fun stuff and directly through facebook and everyone loves that so really great things to be checking in about if you are considering a shopping cart platform and yes, it's really great when you are ready for more sales, especially with ads, if you do your ads the right way, you can still take your facebook fans and turned them into paying customers right away, and I'm going to show you how to do that in our last segment of the day, but that is still possible, but keep in mind whatever your goal is, make sure that you attach a number to it. So for example, if you say I want to grow, my email is this month by fifty, people through facebook, so get really, really specific, and I also have specific goals for the number of facebook fans that I actually want, and I tracked this on a weekly basis. I'll check in look at how many new facebook fans I have. I look at what what I did this week, to actually get those fans, and then I'll do more of it. So if you have a specific number in mind, it's much easier to keep track of all of your goals and see if you're meeting them, and if not, what can you do to tweak things and adjust things so that you could actually meet all of your goals and also keep in mind? We talked yesterday about your story changing your business changing your shopping cards needs changing and it's the same with facebook your goals of facebook can actually change over time, and I'd really do suggest you change your goals constantly. So maybe one month you or maybe for six months, you focus on growing your list of facebook another six months. You could focus on grown your facebook page base or you could do all of those things at the same time. But depending on where you're at your goals with facebook, my change as well and focus on one or two goals at a time, I think you can still be doing everything you're doing with facebook. But pick one or two main things that you want to focus on, whether it's growing your sails through facebook are increasing your list and just focus on those two for ah good enough chunk of time where you can actually measure it it's not like you can switch them every single day. I think that would drive all of us crazy, but keep him going for a couple of months see what's working, see what's not working, and then tweak accordingly. So now I want to ask all of you in the studio audience and then and the live audience online as well, what are some of your top goals with facebook right now? I know some of you are saying you're here because you want to learn more about facebook so have you thought about what it is that you want to get out of facebook and if so I'd love if a few of you khun share what it is most that you're looking to get out of your facebook presence right now yes, tracy so well for one of my business is it would be sales for the jewelry business because I post products on there and I do get a lot of clients facebook seeing my products but since my volumes fairly low, you know it's it's really the repetitive consistency that gets them attracted to what I dio with my other business it's really about growing are following and our you know michael great thank you for sharing your ashley did you want to share? Oh my god, this is so new so my goal is to think that it would be the first one that increasing awareness of my of my brand I've been like stalled out at the same number of likes for about three months, okay? And joe yeah, just having trouble getting, getting more traction and more more sort of visibility okay, great thanks for sharing that yeah, hopefully today you'll get a lot of great tips on how to do that yes, yeah I feel it's similar to me I've just been sustaining I mean, I have like you were saying I don't really have a goal like a a plan with what I'm doing I just feel like I have to have a facebook page but there was no riel plan or agenda that I'm not so I definitely like to increase leads and sails through facebook okay, great yeah become more active goes you said something really interesting you said that you feel like you have to have a facebook page and I totally couldn't relate to that I think we all feel that we feel like we have to have a pinterest page and instagram facebook, twitter lengthen youtube right? All of those and really I think if there's one platform that I recommend to everyone is facebook and then I always tell people to pick one other platform other than facebook to focus their marketing efforts off so you really could make two platforms or maybe three I know sometimes for a lot of more visual sort of things pinterest and instagram work really well along with facebook but yes, I really do feel like we should all have a facebook page and really be strategic about it. Yes tracy I think another interesting thing tio sort of like riding off with both of you said is that my facebook jewelry page has had around two thousand followers for like three years it's I mean it goes up a little bit here and there so it's interesting like I've been playing around like posting it on my personal page because I have a lot of friends who end up our friends who who end up becoming clients so it's sort of like, I guess, gaining traction and getting people to actually see that stuff on the actual facebook page. Yeah, I don't use it that much anymore. Yeah, and I think maybe that might be one of the reasons why it's not really grown, because if you sort of abandon it, it's kind of hard for it to grow organically, so I'm curious if you use it and post regularly if you're going to start seeing that traction because that happened to me to where I was like I'm tired of facebook, I'm not doing this anymore, I'm moving over to pinterest because interestingly, the majority of my traffic at that time was coming from pinterest just from one infographic that I shared, so I still get a ton of traffic from that. So I abandoned facebook for a bit, and then I said, ok, no, facebook is still important even though my organic reaches declining, even though I'm totally frustrated with it, I still there's something there, so I went back and as soon as I started to be strategic about it and post regularly and just be more interactive with my community it started to grow again yeah actually yeah I was what you said earlier about videos I I also manage a few other facebook pages for people and I posted a video last week yeah it was a video and immediately there were it was like triple the amount of use yes just by posting a video yes I know it's crazy and we're gonna I'm going to show you a screen shot of what happens to video as opposed to any other kind of content on facebook so yes I'm glad you mentioned that because video is huge facebook is in love with video right now it was a bad that's that's my experience on the same with tracy you know if I have my jewelry I put my children on my facebook page on dh and I get sales from that especially when they see how I make it the process of making it but with video just the last couple of weeks I've specifically put video straight on to facebook and onto my youtube channel because I look twenty one thousand followers but they weren't you know nothing was increasing out had that for for a year or two already but now because of the video people sharing the video on now this more people coming back because of fat is more interaction which is great yeah and I'm glad you mentioned that because I do have a screen shot of your facebook page later on and I wasn't seeing any of your post and I did something and I'm seeing all of them so I'm going to share with you what I did to see you're your videos but yeah, I see your videos all the time now in my facebook feed and it's awesome, yeah, yeah and it's a constant reminder over yes, elizabeth, right? You know her business, her product it's her, her awesome content and information that you share. So, yes, facebook is in love with video right now. Yes, the team completely removed myself off of facebook not that long ago, and I'm curious to know well, obviously it seems like it is really important and I should reconnect everything wondering to steer advice on how to approach that. Yeah, I think and I'm hearing that to a lot of people are really frustrated and I feel like if you have another social media network like maybe have instagram and pinterest or twitter that are really working well for you, I would say focus on what's working so if you are shut up and you don't want to do it anymore and you've tried it and it doesn't work and you've tried investing a little bit in ads and it still doesn't work and something else that's more effective there's really no reason to be on facebook just because everyone else is so as long as you found something else that works for you, I would say focus on that, but I do know a couple and there's some big businesses that are have completely deleted their facebook page, and they had a time of followers and now they're using instagram and other social media network sue, but apparently google plus is going away to I don't know, I'm hearing rumors of that, so there's some a lot of shifts that are going on, so so, yeah, I just see what's working for you and focus on that move on andre, I just want to share a couple of the comments from people online, some of their goals. We have people with all different backgrounds and different levels of of use of facebook. Shar farm aid says I have over one thousand followers on my facebook page, I'm not sure if any of the sales that I get are actually from facebook or other social media, so my goal is to figure out how to convert my followers into customers. Susan susan rice designs is that my main goal is to build an engaging community that ultimately leads to sales and again, gems enjoy designs is my goal is increasing fans and engagement with audience great, thank you for sharing those and yes, I think building community. Is what leads to sales, even though it could be indirect. There's brands that have known about through facebook and when the time is right because I know off them through facebook, I'm actually going to buy something from them. So sometimes it does take a little bit of time for a facebook fan to turn into a customer. You just got to keep going and keep playing along with it and just being strategic about it. And eventually, a lot of those people, well feel like they're part of our community, and hopefully they will become paying customers. So thank you, everyone, for for sharing all of those great facebook goals.

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For busy small business owners, the constant updates Facebook makes to its functions and features can be overwhelming. In Market Your Online Store with Facebook, Andreea Ayers will help bring focus to your Facebook marketing strategy and show you a reliable way to connect with and grow your online audience.

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  • Grow your email list using Facebook advertising and targeting features
  • Strategically run a Facebook contest to build your audience

Market Your Online Store with Facebook will help you feel more confident that time you spend on Facebook is bringing the right people back to your online store.

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Andreea is easy to understand and is so personable. She has a great mastermind group on Facebook too. She really cares about helping us all and has great information that is really relevant.