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Things to Optimize on Your Facebook Business Page

We talked about what facebook can give you and why facebook still matters, even though it's frustrating to some of us but let's talk about your facebook profile and how you can get the most out of it and actually optimize it. So we talked about having a business page as opposed to personal page a little before, but if you don't already have a business page, make sure to set up one right away and hopefully we'll get some great tips here where you can optimize your facebook business page profile form or engagement and to make facebook happy because the more stuff you have filled out in your profile, the more likely they are to show your content. So there are ten things that you can optimize on your facebook page so the first one this should go across everything you do facebook instagram your newsletter your website but make sure that everything you do on facebook actually reflects your brand and this goes for your logo, your color schemes, your fund, your photos, everything should be ref...

lecting what your brand actually stands for. The other thing is that you actually want to brand your facebook page address, so usually when you sign up, facebook will assign you a random page number that is unique to you, but what do you want to do is you want to go back into your facebook profile and have your own business name at the end of your facebook page and where you could do that is if you go under your edit page and four, you'll have this little box come up and you can choose where it says facebook web address. You can click on edit, change the name and I think this is pretty permanent, so you can only change it once after you've changed is the first time, so I guess technically twice the first time in the second time, but choose your company name. Hopefully it will be available and also true, something that's easy for people to remember so and something that's relevant to your branding. So for me, launch grow joy made them all sense for you. Your business name is obviously what makes the most sense for you. Hopefully your business name is not taken. No one else has that faith facebook page, but it's really important because you can give people this. You are earl without having to remember that silly number that they give you twenty first lineup, and I think pretty much everyone here should already have that now. I think there was a time when you could on ly change your name if you had over one hundred facebook fans I'm not sure if that's still the case but if you have under one hundred facebook fans you might not be able to do it unless hes book change that so keep that in mind as well if you're just starting and you don't have that option and just get a hundred fans and then you'll be able to change it now let's talk about your cover image because you do have to use it wisely and the cover image these are the pixels and the dimensions and it could include your logo it can include your tag line your images and take advantage of that description I'll show you a screen shot in a second in terms of what I mean by that but this cover image can actually be updated regularly and you'll see here this is my own cover image it's the image that shows up when someone first goes to your business facebook page the great thing about it is that that image is clickable and you can also add a description so when someone clicks on it it won't necessarily take them to your web site or the link that you have linked with it but it will take take them to this page here where you can add a description so here for my purposes because I'm here at creative live all of my facebook and social media stuff is now branded with my creative life course, and that goes back to what I was saying before you can totally change it, it doesn't have to stay, and I don't think it should stay the same picture year around. It should reflect what you're doing, any new products you're launching, maybe a new collection if you're doing a trade show, if you're teaching a class here like I am, so use your facebook page to send people to the thing that you are most excited about right now, and that you want most of your audience to go, teo and you can add the you are old there as well. Yes, elizabeth, I noticed that that that turns up in the in the post that you've changed their header. Do you think that that reaches more people? I think, actually, I know that reaches less people than anything else, so when I update my cover image, it usually only reaches about ten to twelve people out of my ten thousand almost fans that I have. But if I was to upload this picture directly to facebook, it reaches at least ten times that which is still one hundred and so people or more, but this is the least the reach out of anything you do, I think any time you post this it'll show it, but very few people see it and you can actually even deleted from your page if you don't want it to show but experiment to see what happens with on your own page, I don't know have you had an experience where it shows it to even more people? I don't know I'm not sure that I didn't notice it, you know when whenever I've changed the head of which actually haven't changed it for a while now he said it would go that it went on to the post on day I'll take a look at that next time yeah, try it out and let me know what happens, but I know for me personally whenever I change it it's the least number of people that sea and sometimes I look at my my post and it says it only reached eight people thinking what post was so bad that only reached people and I'll go and it's my cover image that I've just updated, so I'd be curious to know your experience do you want to do change it? Yeah, yeah, yes, tracy often should you change your facebook cover? Yeah, it depends you shouldn't definitely change it every day or every week, maybe once a month or so, but again, if you are launching something new if you have a new collection, if you have a mother's they sale or a valentine's they think or something like that you can change it more frequently to but I don't think you should have the same thing year round, okay, people sort of get bored of that and this kind of overlook it because they've already seen it. So you do want to be constantly updating that by not too crazy, nothing every day or even every week, unless you really want tio yes, what do you connect the poster? However you did it? Where if you click on it, you'll see something? Yup, so any time someone that cover image is clickable automatically, so when you click on it, it'll take you here the only thing that where you see I'm teaching, of course, I created life back, that text will not be in there, so you will be able to put in your text in there. But you could do that as soon as you click on your image. Ok, yes, and if one of your fans clicks on that image and there's no text there, they just won't see any text, but at the same time, they're not going to go anywhere. So you've sort of people do click on that cover image, believe it or not, so if you don't have a link there. With telling people what do you want them to do when they click on that you kind of have lost maybe someone who might be interested in finding out more about that particular image or the topic that you're promoting in that particular image all right, so let's talk about your profile picture and the profile picture is this a little picture here that is right under your facebook cover image it's what shows up when you post something as your business page and interestingly enough it sort of cuts off this part here of your cover image so if you have a facebook page make sure that your image consort of fit and your profile picture there as well so this image should be one hundred eighty pixels wide by one hundred eighty pixels why although face it will facebook will crop it to one hundred sixty five hundred sixty so keep that in mind as you're designing it and this could be your logo your picture your product I know oftentimes people ask meanwhile should this be pete a picture of me should it be my logo should it be one of my products and it could be all of those and this could change also too but think about if you were to post as your business page we were talking about interacting with each other's business pages what would you want people to see as their little image that shows up near your comment and that should drive the kind of picture that you post on that I know for me let me go back to that so for me, because I am the face behind my brand and a lot of ways I oftentimes will use my own picture sometimes I'll go back and I'll use my logo and I'll switch between both but I do think oftentimes people can really to people a little more than they can relate to brands and logos but that's not to say that you should never use your logo up there if that makes sense yes okay now let's talk about your about section so this is one you go on facebook there is a little image right under your the number of likes that you have and this is the likely under your facebook timeline cover but you're about section should be short it should be what it does your business do and how does it benefit your audience in one sentence and make sure to add a link here to your online website as well? There's another place where you can put your link but I like to have my links in both of these places and also you can choose the category that your business pages in, so if you sell health supplements, choose the health category if you sell products, choose the right category but this helps facebook one they're recommending your page two other people to recommend pages in that same category and we're going to talk about how you can let facebook recommend your page to other people. I'm sure you've all seen this and have like other pages based on facebook recommendations, but if you have the right category that helps facebook tomb I sort of know what your business is about and what kind of people it should serve your page two and you'll see here that I have a video we're going to talk about video in just a second this is something pretty recent where facebook allows you to have a featured video right under your profile and you can add here you are you are rolling your description but also in another place here, so I have one link going to my blogged one that goes to my main home page for you one that could go to your shop the other lincoln go to your main home page you could decide or it convey the same length for both, but I am a huge fan of having your link and both of those places and let's talk about the featured oh yes links that you have s o there three different links on the about page or on the different yes so there's a featured video that you couldn't have right here there is a link in your description and then a link to your web site so facebook will let you fill in all of those fields ok, does that makes sense? Yeah, yeah, ok, all right, so let's talk about video. We talked about how important and how much facebook loves video, but you could record a quick video thirty second video welcoming people to your facebook page and telling them what they can expect from you on facebook specifically or you could have. Maybe if you have a featured video on your home page, this that video can go there as well, or it could be a video specific to your facebook audience, and this is what appears right under your page name as your posting. Let me show you a screen shot of that so you'll see here there's my facebook page timeline and the video is literally right under there when I when someone clicks on videos so it's right there, super easy to see makes it easy for your audience and just like you could with your timeline cover image, you can also add a description and a link to your video as well, and you can go right that you can change your featured video you khun edited or you could even national featured video at all if you don't have a video yet that option on your facebook profile is now mandatory, you can add it whenever you do have a video tracy, in your video telling you about your business and and head on over to our website. Yeah, so for this particular video, it's actually a video that I was using to launch my last course in january s o I still love the video up there, but eventually I will when I launched a new course, I'll have my newest video there, and yes, I could record a video that can be just that or like this morning, I recorded a little video before I came in, and I posted it on facebook. I could make that my featured video too, because it's relevant tio, where my business is at right now and where I am so it could be any sort of video that's relevant right now? Yes, so this is the featured video description I highly recommend you use it because people are more likely to watch a video, then they are to read. So if you're welcoming someone to your facebook page with a video, they already have that connection with you that they might not otherwise have had if you didn't have a video there and it's just a really great feature that has we've been talking about facebook is really trying to get us and its users to really focus more on video and they're giving us a lot of opportunities to use videos throughout facebook, and this video is uploaded directly in facebook. It's not polling from youtube or anything else it lives in facebook, and you could even get statistics on your video, so you know how many people have actually watched it? Let's talk about a call to action, so and anything you do. So if you have a video on your facebook page, you want to tell people what it is you want them to do in the video. So let's, say someone's watching the video, it could be someone who's not yet a facebook fan. So in your video, you khun say, welcome to our facebook page will be sharing lots of special promo zor content behind the scenes with with our team. Make sure to like our page so you could stay up today, so in your video you can have a call to action in your content. In your post, you can have a call to action out the on ly calls to action that I think facebook really doesn't like is when you're saying click or like or comment, but you can ask people you can ask your audience those same questions, but just using different words, so instead of saying, click to comment or leave a common below, you can say, what do you think? And obviously posed them a question, and that invites them to leave a comment. So if it's an indirect way to get people to take action without telling them, click here by now, go to this page and so on, and you can also check the stats on your video, which is really, really great because you can see what's working and how many people are actually watching it. So let's, talk about this call to action here, so facebook just introduced this where you can go to your facebook page right in your timeline and you'll see see my little arrow there, but it allows your audience to take action, and that can be to sign up to book now to watch a video to shop now and you couldn't check your statistics to see how many people are actually taking that action, and it looks like this. This is when I first had it set up, I set it up with the word sign up and you can change those words. Those are words that you can on ly choose from a drop down list, so facebook puts those up there already for you and you can choose between a couple of different sections, but if you don't have that set up that you'll see this screen, that's has created a call to action. Now your audience doesn't see this you only see this if you're the page admin so don't worry about it if you don't have one, your audience is not going to see create call to action that's only for you but want to click on that it takes you here so as I was saying before you can shop now book now contact us, play a game sign up watch a video so if you're called to action for example when I was launching one of my courses with the video, my call to action would have been watch video if you having a promo and maybe your facebook profile page your time my pain is promoting your mother's they sail obviously the call to action specific to that page would be shop now so rice shop now so that's where you go if you're a coach or if you have a physical store the book now option might be your bus but I think about your business and what it is that you want people to do that's relevant to your cover image. So for me I had the cover image of creative live, so I was telling people to sign up for this free course so it's it should be really be relevant to what your cover image is showing tracy yes, just one more question it was a hostage video that like if you're saying um click the link above this video for more information or like you're saying this in the video or comment below and tell us what you think is that the same thing facebook doesn't like that? Can they pick up on the words you're saying in the video? I mean, I think if you're saying something like tell us, what do you think or what do you think about this? I think that's ok, ok, yes, yeah, so say I mean, I don't think again, I'm not the facebook algorithm I don't know exactly what words they look for, but I know they don't like when you say click or or click to like or things like that. So great question. All right, so now you actually wanted tio show you this is elizabeth's page because, yeah, um so she has a call to action is to sign up, and when I click on this, it takes me to this awesome opt in where I can actually sign up for what she's offering and it's relevant to her cover image and you'll see the branding is relevant it's all consistent we want to her website yesterday it looks just like this, so her branding you do a great job of branding yourself throughout your social media platforms and on your website and facebook is no different for you. So I don't know if you've had a chance to check and see how many people click on that, but I would be curious to know if you use that opt in somewhere else or if it's specific to facebook but that might be something worth trying for you as well yeah, I do use that upton everywhere because I don't have a word press website so I used lead pages ok and that's through the league pages and I get a large number of people subscribing but I don't know if they're coming from facebook if they're coming from all my other yeah, so I would recommend for you set up a new lead page maybe with a title facebook sign up and it couldn't be you can just copy literally I know with lead pages they make it so easy but you can copy this lead page and rename it too so you know that it's from facebook and put that up there instead of this and now it's on ly served to people who click on this particular link on facebook so that you could easily do that so that way you'll know am I getting five people a week from facebook? Am I getting one hundred and if you know that a lot of people are clicking on this from facebook then you know facebook is a really great marketing for any free and you have a ton of fans I think twenty one something thousand or twenty two something thousand like that so you couldn't really go to town with this link so so yeah yeah yes you know I don't suppose you elizabeth and you have you always mean also in the picture cover photo you are encouraging people to sign up says that important generally to not just have a photo but with some yeah I think I need to take your asking people to take a specific action I think that's a good idea so I think her image chair is more powerful because people know what to do when they look at that so they come to your page and they'll see sign up for my love letter so you're telling people what it is you want them to do so I think it is a good idea to have a call to action and your videos and your images and threw out just like we talked about yesterday on our website what is it that you want people to do next? So yes but again not everything you do has to have a call to action I don't know if my creative life image had a call to action I can't remember but you could have you don't have to have a call to action of a single time but if you do offer a call to action just know that more people are going to take action on that all right, now, let's, talk about updating your permission. So when you go on facebook on your facebook page, it's going tio ask you if you want your audience to be able to post on your page. Now, I personally like that. I know for some businesses that there's a lot of spam and there's pages that I look at where they don't actually monitor those comments and it's a lot of spam in and my opinion, it makes that page look really bad and just makes them like, makes it seem like they're never there, so I would experiment is keeping this option open see the kind of engagement that you have with your community if it's anything inappropriate, just deleted, if it keeps on being stuff that's inappropriate and not relevant, then maybe you can turn it off for a while, but I recommend giving your visitors the option to leave a comment on your page. I think it's such a great way to create that two way conversation, and you could also turn on tagging and messaging so you could have the option for people to message you directly through your facebook page and tag your facebook page. I like that option there were times when the message is got to be too much, and I felt like I was spending aa lot of time just answering those questions so now instead of that I urge people to submit a form on my website so play around when they see if it gets overwhelming for you to reese c two money messages and if you're spending all of your time answering messages and maybe you can think about turning that off temporarily yes, you know you say allow people to post on your page tio do you mean for them to actually create a poster campaign? I found that when I allowed people to do that they advertise on my page so e oh yeah so right a great point because what I'm saying is if you're saying too much spam and too many people do that, just turn it off and for you maybe it's not working but I would experiment with turning it on again because of those people that were spamming your page if they see that that's no longer available, then they might just leave and not come back, so but I know there is the option for people to interact with you under all of your posts anyway, so you're not completely removing the option for people to interact with you you just not letting them create a post so I know for me when most of the post I do get some ads or people saying check out this, I just launched it and but most often, and I usually will delete those if I think it's too promotional and it's not relevant to my community, although sometimes on entrepreneur will maybe a client or someone who's been reading my stuff, they'll say something like, I just launched my skin care line, thank you so much for all your advice, here's my website stuff like that I'll leave up there because I'm super happy had they just launched and their web site is up there and I'm excited to share it with my audience, so as long as they're not being too spamming, they're still sharing their website, but they're not spamming me if that makes sense. So see what works for you, I, but if you turn it on again, maybe a lot of those spam ads will hopefully will stop. Yeah, tracy. So just to be clear, is this like a post in your news feed? Or is it opposed? Like we're like people composed because when people post to our page or to my either of my pages there posting like in a separate place, it's not in the meeting did not correct or that is right. Yes, so facebook so used to show up in your main use see now facebook has moved it over to the side, okay? And you could actually turn off even the option from having that shop in your side so people can still post to your site, but it'll be invisible to your audience. So there's there's two things you can do there, so I like to share it, or I like to show it, because for me, I love to see what other people are saying and allow them to share that with my audience. But in my gnomic sense for everyone but let's say you have a product, maybe someone loves your skin care line, and they posted post a testimonial on your page. I get that all the time, people saying I loved your course or I just heard you talk at this conference and I loved it. I want people to see that because it builds my credibility, so depending, which is the pines on the kind of post to get up there, and you can also sort of train people to pose the right stuff on there, so I'll play around with it, but I don't think it's something that you should automatically turn off because it could be really great social proof and interaction for your community, okay? And then obviously, this is an obvious one, but make sure your pages visible to everyone, sometimes you have the option to make it not visible, and I've had that. Happened where, for example, I closed out of business, it didn't make sense to have that page visible anymore, so I just shut it down, so just check to make sure that your page is visible and this is what that looks like so you can go to page visibility and make sure it says page published so that way everyone can see it, and this is where you can target the posting ability, targeting and privacy, privacy messages and so on, and this is where you could do that, and this is one thing here that I wanted to highly recommend that you have that turned on because I don't know if it's turned on by default. I can't remember, but if you have that turn on facebook, whenever you like a page facebook, if they think you're pages relevant to that other page that you like, we'll show your page to earl showed that page to you as well. So it's another great way to get more likes to your facebook page and to have your page recommended to others. If you have that feature turned off, you might miss out on a couple of people who might have liked your page because they thought it was relevant, so this is just an example of that. I have your website up there, but when I liked her page, it gave me all of these other pages that I might like. So if you have that feature turned off, your page might show up here to a facebook thinks it's relevant to the other pages that you have liked and it's just a next tra way to get a boost to get facebook to recommend your page to others. Now let's talk about adding app so abs, are these things right here that you see them on right under your timeline and you also see them on the right howard, the left hand side of your facebook page. These are things where you can actually interact with your audience and get them to take action so you can use this to set up a shop or to link to your online shop directly through facebook, you can use it to grow your email list and have an opt in directly right on facebook, and you can also connect your social media profiles from pinterest and instagram, and there are a lot of aps. And for example, the pages we were talking about they let you post directly to your facebook app so you can also have an opt in right here on your on the side I don't know if you have that set up but you could I also have it set up there as well yeah so this could be whatever is relevant to you you'll see this page I think they only show three and then if someone three on the side and then if someone clicks on your facebook profile where it says more they could see all of the aps that are installed under that page now this is not a crazy popular feature I think this used to be huge before facebook made a lot of changes so I don't think a lot of people necessarily click on this but I still think it's a good idea to have their because if someone is on your facebook page and you have a shop app they might think I'm curious to see what products they dio or what products they sell and they could just click on that app and see your shop right there so it just makes it super easy and again it's not something that I would count on as the main source of income or sales for my business but it is just a nice feature to have there and make it easier for your visitors tio interact with you that way did you have a question? Are there specific aps that you recommend like for maybe email opt in our store yeah, I think a lot of the online stores I know shopify offers that so I know what shopify you couldn't really turn on this app super super easy and your shop will shop right there I'm not sure the commerce does it they might actually I think they do it to a lot of the other shopping cards do it I know lead pages allows you to publish directly to facebook but then there's also other third party aps like hey o r I can't remember on any other ones ran but there is a ton of absolute will allow you to post to create aps on facebook yes squarespace squarespace great. Okay thank you. Yeah. So I know a lot of online shopping cards are are now adding that feature there is I think short stack is another one so you can run contest for here you can build your list you can have people see your shop lots of different things that you can do with this feature here. Okay, so we were talking about the shop here so adding your online store and you do if you have an online store, make sure you choose a shopping cart solution that allows you to set up your online store through face because well and that's one of the things where you have your list of questions as you're evaluating platforms and make sure your platform that you're choosing offers this option because maybe not a lot of people might use it but it is nice to offer and I know plenty of businesses who get traffic and sales directly from facebook and you're keeping people within facebook which facebook loves so that's always a plus from their end and this is what it would look like here so this is one of my clients poppy soap so if you go to her facebook page yes she has a tab right there it's also visible on the left side of her page and you'll see her products are right here and you could add to card when you do check out you do have to go off of facebook but most of the shopping people d'oh can be right inside of facebook and you can see her product if you scroll down here it has all of the different kinds of products that she offers and you could do that as well too. You just reminded me is that you have to remember to update the app because it doesn't alter mind doesn't with shopping fight doesn't automatically update when so you choose the products that go on there on they could be out of date now in stock on do you just gotta remember tio great point thank you for bringing that up yes so this is how to optimize your facebook for father's, a lot of stuff that we covered. Maybe some of you didn't even know that some of these features were on there. But it's really important to have all of those things in place, because facebook loves profiles that are up, tim eyes there's nothing wars, then going on to a business page, even from the customer experience, where you go and you click on about and there's nothing there. It just makes it feel like no one cares about this page. And if no one cares, why should I care? And then people leave. So it just leaves a really good impression on your customers and it's. A bonus that facebook loves that as well.

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