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Types of Facebook Campaigns You Can Run

So now that you know who you can target which is a lot and we're going to go into more details two of each one of those later there are different types of facebook ads that you can actually set up so let's talk about some of those different types of ads that you have access to when you decide to advertise on facebook but before we go that route there is something known as the facebook power editor and this is a little more advanced on advanced way to set up your ads and it is right there when you go under adds facebook ads under your personal profile this is all done from your personal profile you go there and you see power editor right there almost to the bottom so when you click on that it gives you a pretty extensive dashboard off all of the things that you can do on facebook which allows you to target things that are even more advanced when you're then when you're using the boost post or then when you're using the regular ads editor so the one thing to keep in mind is that the powe...

r editor only works in google chrome so if you're trying to get to it and firefox or safari or something like that it's not gonna work for you so right now it only works in google chrome and it gives you so much more control you really couldn't do anything imaginable using the facebook power editor. All right, so this is when you go into power editor and it asked, see to create an ad and we'll go through each one of these in a second by you see, you have a lot of different options here, so you really have to think about what are your goals with the facebook ads? It's not like you can just go up on facebook, have a graphic and start putting out an ad, you really have to think about what it is that you want to get out of it, and depending on what you choose here, facebook will help you reach that goal. So if you want to reach people let's, say you are a local business and you want to reach people near your business, you're at set up is going to look a lot more different than if you are trying to boost your pose and so on. So depending on the water, your objectives are. This is where you would be choosing your option. Trump so now let's walk through every single one of them. So if you want to send people to your website and this is let's, say you, um, I have a new post or you've just launched a new product or you have a new sale or something new that's going on. Or you simply want people to go to your website and use facebook ads to do that. You would click on this, and it tells you the you earl to promote and then facebook will go. We'll work really hard to send you as many people as they can for the lowest amount of money to send them to your website. You can also use facebook ads to increase conversions on your website, so what that means is let's say that you want people to get to sign up for your email list or you have a webinar or uneven that you're trying to promote or even a sale that you have. Facebook will help you track how many people are actually buying or converting into a lead from this particular campaign, so it's a little bit different than the first one because the first one is only tracking how many people are going there. This one tracks how many people are taking action once they're there, so you know exactly how much you're spending for each person that's taking action, you can also boost your posts. I've done this sometimes I don't recommend that this bigger on ly facebook marketing strategy it is a little more expensive than some of the other strategies, and you don't reach as many people, especially if you go in from the boost post option right under your block post oh are under your post, I would say if you do want to boost the post, commented from the power editor, not from the boost post in your right under your at, although that is right there, super easy to use just come and do it from here because you have a little bit more control of what it is you want to target. The other thing you can set up your ads to do is to promote your page, so if you're trying to get more people to like your page, maybe you just launched and you have this awesome company and you want to have more than one hundred facebook fan so you can change or you are all or you want to increase your awareness, you could really use facebook ads to get more people to like your page. You can also get installed on your app, so if you had a nap that was specific to facebook that you wanted people to engage with to interact with, this is where you would actually go to do that, and facebook makes it super easy because everything lives within facebook that we're talking about, so you don't have to go off your website, everything is right here and I'll help you just get more awareness and get more installs of that you can also increase engagement again. This is really specific to that ap but you could not only get people to install it you can also get people to engage with it just like in the first option you can get people to come to your web site but you can also get them to take action on your website you can also reach people near your business so let's say you have a business speech here and you have a local spot and you want to reach people that are within ten miles of that area then you would be able to set up a facebook ad directly to target those people and the way the reason you would set it up from here is because the next few things that you're going to see are all relevant to your zip code and your local place of business and so on so you want to know ahead of time what your objective is and then facebook sort of guides you through that along the way so you know exactly what you're getting into exactly what you need, what information you need to give them you can also raise attendant idea even so, if you post an event on facebook, you could actually promote that event through facebook as and this is maybe uneven could be a sale that you're doing online it could be the launch of your local business it could be any sort of thing that you set up as an event through your facebook page and you can promote that's to your audience to a new audience, to your list, to your website subscribers, but there is I've never personally done because I haven't set up any events on facebook, but I know people have done, and they've gotten really great attendant, especially if they are organizing a conference or anything like that. You could really get specific about who it is that you want to target for that event, whether it's, local or national and you khun easily do that with facebook ads. Yes, just thinking about about that with the event, do you have to set up a facebook event, tio promote map or can it be an external event? Yeah, this is specifically for facebook events, but if you have an external event and probably which is d'oh, that increased conversions or send people to your website so that way they would go to your website where your event page assaults that so you could promote an event through there, too, through those one of those first two options. But if you set it up on facebook, then you can promoted directly promote your facebook event directly. Andrea, I just want to chime in from some of the people in the chat room, talking about their experiences and actually setting this up double dragon jewelry in the chat room is actually following along and created a promoted post. Well, andrea was doing this, and while we've been on in the segment, she's actually gotten sail from that post, so seeing some actual results in real time while you're doing this, so I think that what they're really enjoying this that's a great story, it's all about taking action, right? Awesome. Thank you for sharing that good job. We should all go ahead and try that right after this. Yeah, all right, so this is another thing that you can promote on facebook is to get people to share offer. So, again, this is if you set up a special offer on facebook, maybe you want to promote a sale or a special offer that you have going on. You could set that up as an offer on facebook and then use facebook ads to dr awareness to that offer and get people to take action on that offer. And lastly, you khun get video of you so you can really use facebook ads to increase your videoviews. This's great facebook videos already get a lot of views, but let's say you are promoting an event or you, maybe instead of setting up an event through facebook, maybe you talk about it through a video and you invite people to go toe your ural and sign up for the event so you, khun again, promoter and event through a video. And you can get more people to watch your videos when they're on facebook through video ads.

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Andreea is easy to understand and is so personable. She has a great mastermind group on Facebook too. She really cares about helping us all and has great information that is really relevant.