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What You Can Target with Facebook Ads

This is why I'm so excited about facebook at all of the cool things that you couldn't really target on your facebook ads, and your success with facebook ads really depends on who you target it's not like with google ads, were let's say you want to target the keyword organic soap with facebook, you're not targeting any key words you're targeting actual people who meet certain criteria. So these are some of the things you can target with facebook ads. You can target location, age, gender, demographics. There are a time of different demographics, so if you know let's, say you have a product that's, only for parents, you would only be serving it to parents, or maybe you get even a little more specific. You want to target a product to parents who are moms, you could do that here and it's just so easy to do that, and facebook already has all of this information about us because we fill it in one, we set up our personal profiles, so I'm thinking most people filling this accurately, although I...

know there are some people who fill in a different age or something like that, but usually the rial facebook profiles will have the actual information that belongs to that person, and you can target all of that with facebook ads, so in addition to demographics, you can also target people's interest and interests are things like the pages they liked it is also things that they have expressed an interest in on facebook so this is really targeted I know for me let's say when I was selling or when I was doing my teacher business part of my target audience was women who do yoga this is where I would go in and type in that I want women who either like yoga journal magazine or do yoga or like yoga studios and so on and they're really you can get more specific than that on any other advertising platform and this is really where and we're going to go into more detail about that in just the second. But this is where your success with facebook ads really really lies it's in this interest targeting where you going to ask a question you can you put in somebody's page into their yeah, you can actually put do you put facebook dot com and they're paid told you just put the name of that paid you just start typing in the name of their page so we're definitely gonna I'll give you some examples of how I've used that in my business to target other people's pages so that way the assumption here is that if someone likes this page, then they're also going on like this page of a business that's very similar to that so yes, we're definitely going to go into that in more details but this is where you put that in and you would just simply type in the page and there are cases where a page my wanted target is not actually showing up and in that case there's really not much you can do about it at that point just come back and try it again a little later no one really knows why that happens even facebook doesn't know why that happens they can't really explain it but there are some cases where you're trying to target a specific page and it's just not it's not showing up so that is going to happen as well and I know it frustrates a lot of people especially if it's a page that's really specific that you really want to target and you just for some reason can't so sometimes if you just copy the name of the page directly from facebook after the facebook you are old dot com or facebook dot com e r o if you type that indirectly that will also help to find it but usually if you can find it just by typing get in it's probably not you're probably not able to targeted right now but try again later I have had cases where I tried a few months later and all of a sudden I could target this page that I couldn't target a few months ago so keep playing with it. Everything is always changing with facebook. Why you did last month that didn't work could work right now, so keep trying that you can also target things by interest, like peoples in the street, their family relationships there, fitness and wellness, and so on there so many categories here that you can target, I usually like to target people who like certain pages, rather than more general interest here, but you could definitely have this feature at your disposal if you want to take advantage of that. Yeah, going back to her questions, this is kind of a little bit deeper than that. But let's say you were going to target somebody. Else's page, would you go for a page? Dad was a larger brand or a smaller brand like you? Yes, we're going to talk about that. The answer is both, so I'll give you some examples of all of the different types of pages that you can target, and it really is all of our thinking outside the box here. So, yeah, I'll give you some examples of that soon. Other things that you can target our people's behaviors, and you can search that there again, I don't recommend when you're first starting out that you do this, this is more of an advanced sort of feature, but I wanted to show it here because it is available to you. If you ever do, you want to use it, and you can also target people's connection. So this is where you would go to target people who like your own page. This is where you would go if you wanted to target something let's, say your app, people who have interacted with your app or something like that, you would go here, this is also were you would exclude people who like your page. So, for example, if I want to do an ad to drive people to my email list and people who are not already fans of my facebook page, I might want to exclude my existing fans and not include them in my facebook targeting, or I might also want to only serve ads to people who already like my page, so this is where you can go ahead and do that. The other great thing that you can do on facebook is that you can create your own customer less. So, in addition to targeting people who like certain pages on facebook and people, certain ages or genders, people have certain behaviors, or who live in certain areas, you can also create your own audience and markets to their audience as long as the audience that you upload as long as their email address matches the email address that they signed up with on facebook so let's say that your audience signs up with facebook with their personal email address and then as your customer they use their business email address there is not going to be a match there so whenever you do create the sort of list know that not everyone who you upload is available to be targeted on facebook by usually a good majority of them are and you can target them on facebook so you can create your own customer list you can create a list of people who visit your website and actually serve your ads two people who come to your website and there's so much power in doing that because they already know you they're familiar with you they've been to your website and you could also create a lookalike audience so what a lookalike audience does is let's say you have an email list of ten thousand people and you upload that to facebook facebook will tell you when you create a lookalike audience it chooses for you other people that are very similar to the audience that you've already created so it's sort of a great of a way to expand your reach and really target similar kind of people who do the same sort of things who have the same similar demographics and facebook will build that audience for you and it also goes let's say you pick people who let's go back to yoga journal magazine people who like yoga journal magazine you can also create a lookalike audience for people who like yoga journal magazine and you can really create so money cool, awesome look alike audiences even with your website visitors as well. Yes, tracy so with a lookalike audience it would only be like something like the other journal it doesn't have anything to do with, like uploading so you ok? Yeah, so you could do both so you can upload your own email list and create a lookalike audience that's similar to your email list and you could upload your web visitors and then create a lookalike audience based on what your web visitors are like. So one more question that for the web visitors like how do you get that? Is it just like through google analytics like if they don't opt in or something? How do you yeah, so the way you do it is that you set up a pixel all right through facebook so facebook and we're going to go through how to create a lookalike audience in just a second, but you can go on facebook they'll give you a pixel that you can put on either a certain page of your web site or throughout your website on every single page and then facebook has that pixel and then, as you get more traffic, it might take them a little bit of time to create an audience based on that traffic and then create an audience that looks like that audience. So, yes, you get a you put the pixel that they give me on your own website, so that way they can do all the tracking for you. Once you do that, you don't really have to do anything else. Okay?

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Andreea is easy to understand and is so personable. She has a great mastermind group on Facebook too. She really cares about helping us all and has great information that is really relevant.