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Reward Vouchers

Lesson 4 from: Marketing and Promotion

Sue Bryce

Reward Vouchers

Lesson 4 from: Marketing and Promotion

Sue Bryce

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4. Reward Vouchers

Lesson Info

Reward Vouchers

So we were sitting at do you have a rewards voucher for your past clients? And I started tio brainstorm, I had this khalil reace memory about teen years ago, I went to a gym, uh, that it was by my studio, and it was a gym that we actually used to market continuously with for about five years, and I joined up a za client and pay the membership, and then I moved away from the city, but they gave me a really good deal this gym because we always worked with them, so I never thought to cancel my membership or anything like that on dh. Then I got a postcard in the post, and it was this really gorgeous little picture of a dinosaur, and, you know, women we like, are you don't? And it said, we haven't seen you since dinosaurs were extinct, and I just I keep it on my fridge like I put it on the fridge, and to me, it was that's, clever marketing it's when you connect with somebody, you have a little bit of a laugh, you do it tongue in cheek, it's funny, it makes sense, and it was clever enough th...

at ten years later, I'm still talking about it, so I thought to myself, how many different ways could you invite past clients? Beck by being cute funny fan engaging cheeky I mean if I don't remember you kristy, from five years ago but I remember that you know, your three year old was a nightmare and it was a hard should or you know, you're a bit flustered, I might remember that about you, but I might not remember anything personal about you, so if I can't say something personal about you, what can I say to you that connects you to me, my business and who I am? So I started to think of all the ways that you could create the vouchers, the templates that I'm giving you, what fun ways can use them or what way can you use it? That is, we would love to see you again. Gosh, your children must be growing tall, you know? Isn't it time for that gorgeous family portrait? They all really generic, but I've got a thousand of them. So you know, give me some ideas that you could actually engage your audience that you have photographed before that you are giving them a three or five hundred dollar voucher towards being re photographed so okay, before I throw that out because the next thing that comes back is what if my package is five hundred dollars? Why would I give away three hundred dollar voucher to get two hundred dollars back, okay let's, look at it like this, whatever. Whenever I say give away a voucher. My package in the studio before I went out on my own was eighteen hundred and fifty dollars, so I would give a five hundred dollar gift voucher to get a thirteen hundred and fifty dollars sale from a past client. Two reasons one I want to service their client to they are evangelist to me if they support my brand, so if they like me enough to come back again again, I want to reward them still get paid, but I want to build off them, so if they get johnny photographed it to and I give them a five hundred dollars out to to come back when johnny's three and they do that there's a really good chance they're going to come back again when johnny's it four, but they're gonna ask me for that discount, ok? Every time they ask me for the discount, I'm going to give it to them because they are a loyal client in and business loyalty is the greatest reward you can get in your brand. Now one of the things you're going to love about june bag is the brand gym bag, not christine blair is christie, and clear made it the value one of the values was kind snus now kindness is it's an every part of the brand, they've put it in the emails. They put it in the way they answered people. They've put it in the way they meet people when they're it social events, because two theme june bag means kindnesses, the kindness and respect that you have when you meet people. And, interestingly enough, when she met you last night, dawn, within the first sentence, you said, you're very kind and generous person and it's, quite interesting. You responded immediately to how she introduced herself to you with the word that she uses in her business and marketing. So you instantly felt from her the one thing she wanted to predict, where his mind is more impatient and get shit down, you know, and it's, like, you're really impatient, and you need to get shit done, and I'm like, yes, get out of my way now, seriously. But then, most of the time. When it comes to work it is but the truth is it's at the end of the day you know there is one of the most important things what is it that you can connect it what is it that you have what is it that you can go back on what will entice them to come back to you remember you're going to flip this out also with the service critique so you're going to find out pretty quick if you annoyed a lot of people upset a lot of people or did not serve a lot of people you know the best part about that is you get the opportunity to make it right okay if somebody gives you a bad critique you get the opportunity now to turn them back into a client I would send them a five hundred dollar voucher and say let me fix it now why would you want somebody who was unhappy with you to come back to you for you to fix it because you could blame them for the problem or you can take responsibility for what you did wrong if they're unhappy and they've paid you you did that wrong okay? They did not do that wrong the customer's always right you know it you're a consumer how right to siao wei were so righteous is as consumers that we expect it but who anger or his anger will dissipate if you roll over so if you roll over and say, let me fix this, okay? It not, well, that's, not what happened, john. Well, that's, not what happened, it's, not how I saw it, okay, because that person is out evangelist thing you in the worst possible way, and if you say, let me fix it, then the opportunity for them to come back to you to fix it is there in ninety eight percent of the time, you will fix it and win them over. You know, two of my most loyal followers were my most upset clients. When I first met them, they were my greatest lee since into what I was doing wrong, my business and marketing and promotion. So hannis them apologized loon from it, fix it, jump in, convert them back two dollars. Convert them back into a paying client that likes their work and you know you can't please everybody there are people that will walk outside with a fork and it's raining soup and complain that they're not getting any I get that you're going to let those people go but I'm talking about the ninety nine point nine percent of the others that are paying you so we're going to find out if they liked us when they do l could take we're going to find out what we did wrong that's going to be a huge eye opening toe our business we're going to get the opportunity to fix it so how can I bring these people back to my studio okay I can often the money I can call them I can connect with them what I don't want you to do is send an email and don't follow up with a phone call what I certainly don't want you to do is cold call it and not be in a position where or be in a position we your pitching or selling if you are pitching or selling you're going to get nose because people do not have the time to be pitched or sold to you would get mohr feedback orbit of feedback of you do two things if you connect with them and ask them to fill out your survey and then if you reward them with a gift voucher that you either deliver suit personally hand over on the phone talked him on the phone said I'm posting it to you right now so that they know it's coming I'm going to give you a three hundred dollar gift voucher you are an important client to me we would love to see you and your children again even if you update one beautiful photo on the wall and use this voucher towards that photograph then I will be happy take the pressure off them and let them come back now you're saying what redo our whole shoot of somebody just said that you can sell them what another hundred and fifty dollars yes because you got paid to market further in your business you're shooting you're doing the work they're talking about you this cheering you on all the multimedia's because you've done such a great job of updating that beautiful photograph they marketing for you they're sending you your friends and you got paid one hundred fifty bucks to do it so next time somebody says I got to get one hundred fifty back it's a bit shoot I'm like, wow, you got paid one hundred fifty bucks to market your business can we flipped that out? You know all I'm hearing is what I don't get and not a lot of what I am getting out of this so what am I leveraging out of shoots that I'm not getting paid well for what am I actually getting in my face booking it? Are they sharing it on twitter, pinterest and by using it in my advertising, in my marketing on my blogged, and I'm putting it on my website that sounds awfully like leverage to may, you know? And if you can't see the gratitude and they're getting one hundred fifty dollars for a shoot that potentially is going to open you up to a thousand more bookings, then you're putting a whole lot of bad you do in your business. Why is marketing about keep? Why does it keep coming back to the personal self? Why does it keep coming back to what you're doing in how you're doing it? How do I make you accountable for that? How do I make you do this? How do I get you excited about that? How do I change your mindset around one hundred fifty dollars show or even better the shoot that didn't purchase anything? But you have a model release so you can still use it? How do I teach you that hideaway? Ingrain that and tear to the not go on facebook and say, I just had a client do an hour and a half shoot with may and by one eight by ten you sound like an idiot right now. I would have taken the best abe eighteen out of that chute and splashed it on every one of my social media's, and when I did a rocking shoot today, think anybody out yet? She didn't buy it today, but I'm not going to facebook that I'm going to instead leverage the one power that I got and the power that I got was I'm working, I'm doing the work, I'm doing it look at me now! Yeah, not I'm desperate, I'm suffering, nobody treats me well and it's not my fault cry out all you want, but you need to understand the power ofthe loving what you're doing during your processing grab the microphone, they used to have a home studio and my home studio, there was three pictures on the wall and clients would come in, and I would show them it's those examples they would see them, and what I never told the clients is that those three women were on my wall because they never bought anything and it pissed me off. So I was like, if you aren't going to buy anything that damn it, I will use your images to sell others, and it wasn't from a healthy place, I think that's coming from it was were like, I'm doing something because I was so freaking pissed but for three years I would sit at my desk and I would stare at these pictures and they just met three things one of them don't have something in your studio that gives you bad juju I love every one of the clients that are on my wall I wouldn't look at them every day number two if you were my client if I've photographed which I did five photographed you and you didn't like your photo enough to buy one but I loved it uh who was I shooting for you yeah yeah so you were shooting for the wrong person how are we ever going to get paid when you're shooting for yourself because if you love it and she hates it there's something seriously wrong here you all right if you love it and she hates it you've done something seriously wrong you've taken a photo for yourself and not as a service to a client we were just talking about a break and clear and I were just saying why is it that some photographers she knows photographers that is so gifted and talented that cannot sell they would they have so much guilt and shame around putting money on something and I said amazing isn't it winded photography and photographers become about us and our problems instead of being a service we offer other people okay never never have anybody in studio that you look at that you don't like and third, you will find gratitude and everything even your bed shoots find me the gratitude I would never have set there and thought these three ladies didn't buy. I would have thought I did something wrong because I obviously love these images, but they weren't sold so either didn't educate them or I didn't provide them with the product that they wanted from me. Uh, number two is I've leveraged this because even though they didn't pitch us, I'm now going to get thousands of dollars with the marketing out of it because luckily they are beautiful shots that I like and connect with and I'm going to have them on my wall and market in my business, but if you were still looking at them with any form of resentment than that, resentment is going to be in your business, which it is okay, which is why it's a component of the suffering in your business right now, which we're gonna talk about later and that is something that I never want you to ever have in your space again because anything that you hold resentment for you have no gratitude for and anything you hold resentment for gold letter it's for anybody who's lost a gold letter okay uh, anything you hold resentment for you have no gratitude for and if you have resentment for it, you are actively pursuing resentment and you'll do it online. It will be in your marketing. It will be in your speech. It will be the way you talk the way you present your clients and everything you do and say so the actively put it on your wall like resentment isn't hard enough to work through. You want to put it up on the wall so you can re empower that resentment on a daily basis and every day you walk past, you can say bitch on and you know what? I bet you she doesn't even remember your name. So she's having a good life and you're the one that's still looking at her picture bad bad dawn do you see? Hey, see the connection of what I'm saying. Can I see the connection in whatever comes into your business that you need to leverage immediately as gratitude? Okay, you need to look at it and then say, but what I need you to decide today is I need you to look at what you're doing wrong in your promotion and marketing, not held to. How do I mak it and promote myself is the one question I got, how doe I market and promote myself? Okay, what are you doing wrong to market and promote yourself because I look at it like this? All I need to run a business and I love this that and this little calls the steer all I need to run a business. So right now, if you took away all my money anything, always shoes, anything I love you took it away from a all I need to have a business is a computer to store my files in a camera to take photos on those are the two things I need to own infect those of the two only things I owned when I started my business. Okay, a reflector, a location and a makeup artists are things I have to source in order to do the chutes that I want to do. I don't have to earn any of those things. I just have to source the location source a person saw some makeup artist and source a white piece of cardboard that's all I have to source in orderto achieve the shoot then I want to do showed you on twenty eight days. This is the cardboard. The flat in my bedroom showed you on twenty eight days. This is a glamour shoot in the street. I'm not unskilled did location bad like let's see what we've got. Luckily, I had an assistant to hold the reflector, okay, so those are the two things I need to make money being a photographer because my voice is marketing enough, facebook is free the designing aiken due on my computer and photo shop, but you will not have sustainability, which is an income until you have a consistent source of people standing in front of you and you will not have a consistent solicit people standing in front of you until you build a folio, build a reputation service, those people, and then like the car, you're going to tune it if every single week until it builds momentum and builds momentum and you were going to constantly level up being a branding better website better photoshopped bit of photography, bitter service and you will get hit on so many levels you get hit with tex and you maybe haven't safer it, you'll get hit by a spouse, maybe something's gone wrong, you'll get hit by a money lawson some way you'll get hit by complete lack of creativity. You'll get hit by a client that wants to sue you. You're going to get hit in a billion different ways, but it will be in direct proportion to the amount of success enjoy. You have a swell because life business is fifty fifty my friends, and if you're expecting anything different, is many clients is over pay you well under pay you there's many clients that will over pay you will rip you off its many clients that come in from nowhere without even marketing will also be the hardest once you make it to that, don't buy anything, it is a numbers game, but for some reason we're so emotionally caught up in the center of it and it's the all about me, and I'm not with it in there that just blows me away. All right, the reward voucher. So the vouches that I've got that originally came from show reels, I'm going to try and do I'm going to try and do forty more? I'm going to challenge myself to do is many, and I'm going to put those ideas down. I'll even dio I try and try and get a dinosaur picture old draw one where I can do it. I haven't seen you since dinosaurs were extinct, I mean, you never know might well, look, tommy, the truth is, is that the end of the day I'm going to try and create is many options in these vouchers as I can, because as soon as I have said it, it's become a noise in the end and least you've written it down or you buy this workshop and write it and watch it again and write this down it is not something that happens now this entire pdf can be extracted as a pdf and downloaded when you buy the course. So at the end, we've not only put in the critiques and all the pds for the critiques we've actually put this list here is a cheek list, like, have I done my pt of email tick? And I want to see in the next month and the next two months in the next three months, how many ticks on this cheek list? Because I made it so simple for you to do the functionality off it, and now I'm going, teo tell you to get out of your own way now, a really interesting point you said about the woman that said, how do I know what I want to do? Let's, look at it like this, there's three ways to make money, okay, there are three ways to make money. One is you can be a service provider, a service provider is a photographer who takes a photograph and gets paid for that service. Okay, so you are a service provider. You're not a rock star, you're not anything amazing. You're just a service provider. It will be in relation to how much service you provide to hell, where you get paid, the bidding, your service, the bidding, your product, the more you're likely to get paid, the more likely get booked however I've bean also a very good photographer and really bad at receiving money so I'm really good at spending it really bad at receiving it what happens with this flow here okay that's going away from me and it wasn't until I started to go this is a fifty fifty I provide a service my value is with that thank you very much I know exactly my value I know what I'm giving you is powerful I know what I'm receiving for you is my income thank you so much gratitude only then did I start making money this is a service provider the next department over here is a product creator okay interestingly enough is an educator I created product to sell product is a great thing because it sells while you sleep but it comes with some massive headaches just like service so in order to grow car coming back into the service been in order to grow as a service provider you need to create other people that offer service so that when you take the day off they still make money okay so as you get more mature in your business you go and get another photographer and if they're photographers shooting you can go to the beach because she's making money however that service has to be so refined that it pays the person below you end you and that's often the problem so a big businesses when you own multiple servers product multiple service companies and you offer a service to the world you have a cleaning company with fifty cleaners and you just run and it now that would mean you're a manager you're no longer cleaner okay? And so my strength is being a photographer I don't like managing staff and I don't want to run corporate photography world like that's not where I am so when you say what is my strength my strength is in shooting okay? So I made it really hard when I said you need to find somebody who's going to go and run your business and you're going to sell your work because then you have to get a business partner that's business orientated but you could just stay the two of you he or she does all the business I do all the shooting that's my strength right? Okay or like me, you can be a one pony egg and you, khun loon had a put creativity and value into selling your own work doing your own social media doing your own design because I realized it wasn't that I didn't like it so much I just wasn't doing it properly and so this this so many levels too that the second way to make money is to be a product creator it's when you create a product in its cells where you sleep you are not a product creator if you're a photographer okay product creator is somebody that makes up a right to book or or designs a product and puts it online and while you're sleeping, johnny and australia's just bought three hundred units and you wake up in the morning and you've just made three hundred thousand dollars that's a product creator and that comes with multiple levels as you can see in the corporate world and also but in the smaller since is if you create a product that sells outside of being a service provided you make double the income is being a service provider. So there's this really cool photographer and sydney that photographs newborn babies and that means she only makes money while she's shooting she's a service provider but she also does the little plaster hands and feet and she packages them in a really incredible way she does like deep frames and pink, blue and cream that it just really tasteful and beautiful and the little baby's hands and there and some people think that's creepy and it's ok, but every single client she photographs buys that product so she's double selling she's sitting with a foot in each she's a service provider in a product creator and then the food way to make money is money makes money investments, stocks, bonds she is bricks and mortar, you know, commercial property, anything that you buy that you consider on that grows wealth so when you ask yourself, what do you want to be? What do you want to do? I've got a friend who sustains a really well run portrait company in australia. He turns over about one point, two million dollars a year, and he is not that interested in capturing, expressing himself, showing woman how beautiful they are, he's actually not that interested in taking photographs. He really is just fascinated with the business of it. He services a family portrait market that tunes over an average sale of twelve hundred dollars and he's doing obviously a thousand ships a year. So too, may I kind of think to myself everybody has a different git and everybody has a different desire, but what you have to do is work through your greatest desire or work through your greatest strength or work through your greatest value. So my greatest value is not just photographing woman. In fact, I actually don't here if I realized when I did my values, if I took if you took my values away like sorry you took photography away, I would still find a way to empower women. I love it that much that is my power, I just do it with photography, everybody has a reason they drawn to being a photographer, you know, maybe you lost appearance and you want to see that captured? Maybe you lost weight and you wanna show woman how beautiful there maybe you just love making people look and feel beautiful right? Whatever your desire is that is your greatest very that is what you need to sort of imbue in your brain and business is there anything I answered that question and I feel like that is how I would describe myself the best way to do it is go to dr john dee martinis website and there is a value assessment or values pity if a free pt if you can download from this website it asks really amazing questions like how do you feel your space? What is your highest value? What do you say all the time? What is the conversation you repeatedly have? What is what what do you spend your money on and it's never what you think it is it's not what you hope to be it's what you are doing and you're doing it every day anyway so you might as well make it and come out of it in fact a perfect example of that is you susan no it's true because season started shooting she can't stop shooting video and I said to her why would you do stills if you want if you she lights up when she shoots video she lights up when she eat it's a video so we were talking about it a couple of weeks ago and I say she was like I said how much she had me shooting to be done this month she so I've been shooting video for four weeks I was like I think you need to be shooting video interest but I have to start a portrait person so I say ho seed he started a porter business you didn't do one shoot and you shot four weeks of video I think that tells me that you are enjoying the video and she's like I can't stop doing it I love it so much why would you stop doing what you love? Well how do we make money out of it? Uh that's your problem said that's your problem right that's easy you know, because I can deal with that because like you said last night, that is the truth and when you're dealing with the truth you're half way home what I don't want to deal with is somebody who's telling me something in doing something else because you're lying not only to me but to yourself and everybody else because if you are not doing something, you do not want to do it, so if you're trying to market your photography business to make money but you're not shooting, you're not sharing you're not talking about it, you're not loving it and you're not actually doing it for free you don't want to do it you just think it's an avenue to make money guess what, you're not going to make money because you're not doing it you don't want to you're not doing it you're not making it happen you are not doing it so when you tell me that your business is not working what business you don't actually have a business it's a protein business you've got a fake website you're not following your true self you're not following her and not doing what you want you certainly not servicing any clients but you're still putting that special out there aren't you because you're hoping somebody will pay you for what? Nothing so can I just say I was on the phone with sue and she said so what we haven't we haven't been together for five weeks because I had been off and she had been off she said what are you working on now I said I'm working on my portrait business and she said no what are you working on right now and I said, oh I'm editing editing travel photos I'm editing travel video and she was like, yeah we need to talk we'll talk yeah called me out as usual so the thing is is even now after twenty three nearly twenty four years of shooting um I'm going to shoot tomorrow and I'm going to shoot the next day and the next day when if sunday off but I'm going to eat it the chutes that I just did because I'm going to be so excited about putting them online to show you all because sharing is one of my values connecting, empowering, educating or what excites me what I do any what I would do for free anyway when I do it on facebook and my block and I give away all this information and free workshops on creative flying because I like it so much to do it for free and I found what my value is and then I'm going to do for more shoots every single day seven days and I will not complain about it because I will work every day and I will be invigorated, not depleted by what I'm doing I will be depleted the following seven days when I didn't have to do seven days of sales sitting up following through e mails e okay then hire a studio manager sue but I've been traveling so much a heaven head of full time studio manager with me and so I'm like I'm alive I'm dying, I'm alive, I'm dying, I'm alive off the god's sake just hire somebody that can travel with you and he's a lot of people that like will travel you know that we're quite happily spend around with me like, come on where we're going now we're off to sydney is really a for all july all right, so the point is that syria reward crime reward voucher okay said does that answer that question about reward I believe that's called a rant okay, I'm going to do as many vouches that they can to lead you into coming up with us many ideas as you can in order to get the people that you've already photographed I tell you what they think of you and they come back and be clients I can't believe most businesses in fact just about every single business nine hundred fifty six do not have a reward voucher for the past clients that's nearly a thousand these air only the eleven hundred seventy eight betrothed was that actually filled out the marketing form. So if it's a really good cross average off what it is that I'm saying in the industry then I pretty much ask people this in every talk of either given for three years and nobody ever puts up the hand if you shoot more than one genre have you designed a pity if for each genre do you shoot anything other than glamour? Are you one of the eighty four that ernie shoot gramma? Okay, so to me the two different genres and I think you should clearly defined that glamour in boudoir not the same thing. So bt photography and boudoir photography is mohr face in beauty orientated and boudoir photography is more body orientated and definitely more um differently more details shoes, stockings leagues bums you know and also like I said smaller market so then they said third genre where you're doing like a contemporary beauty portrait but you're shooting the family like the four girls and that's when you really are just shooting a contemporary family portrait so how'd away defined that I can show I show all three under one umbrella and that is under beauty and glamour so it's interesting that you would even choose beauty boudoir is another category when you could just do glamour and were underwear yeah you think about that and not as a separate genre but it is something that you can amalgamate if you shoot more than one genre heavy designed a pdf for each one, two hundred eighty eight people say yes eight hundred ninety people said no and yet it is free to design a pity if you don't have to buy my team plays I could offer you forty templates for sixty dollars you can go and then make is many different uh visions off that as you like you can change boxes backgrounds, colors, funds types you name it you can change it you can personalize it until the cows come home but this is free if you don't want to buy my templates see this free to do but you're not doing it okay so that's here not eight hundred and ninety people on this survey not doing it now if somebody context my studio or if I meet dawn I'm gonna ask dawn I'm gonna learn really quickly by my conversation with consulates have just met dawn I'm going to find out three things about it in fact, I know this because I made one when is she has children so she's a mom so who children will be in one of her top values too is she likes her husband which is good because a lot of women don't on and so there's a family portrait straightaway not just a girls day out because I want him to be part of my family portrait because I love the man and I want him in my life and three is that you've lost a lot of weight because it comes up in the conversation really, really quick so my spidey senses for marketing go I'm defining you so as I'm talking to you on my jin jin she's a family portrait definitely are for makeover sequence because she's had a body transformation and she's going to actually love it don I would love to photograph you one incredible story you have and to me I already know how I'm gonna market to you because your values are the first things that you say and do ok you'll help out we do a beautiful glam issued transformation going machine where you can show off your incredible weight last year new body and then your husband and children can come in at the end we'll finish with a beautiful family portrait have I'm not just hit her top three values what will people dough? They will accept anything there is the highest value I'm going to put dawn and I bet you do it's not in the top two I bet you children affairs has been a second and donors did so I've hit that right at the right level but she probably wishes she wasthe first because everybody does everybody wishes they were the highest value and so I'm gonna make you the highest value by making it all about you and I'm going to capture the love you have for your husband and your beautiful family all in one shoot and I can tell that after talking to you for five minutes now you can tell what well, highest values are because they will tell you in this speech in the first five minutes and you know how you know they'll ask you about yours to have any children so and I used to answer that oh god no and then I realize now the highest value is children and I just said, oh god no and so when the heck do you have children? I would say no, no, I don't I love children I've got eight nieces and nephews now they step towards me because I'm communicating through the highest value okay two straightaway so then the next one is this they'll say house business what do you do what that's what I asked people because my highest value is what I do I love my career I love business building so I always ask people about business listen to what people say as soon as they tell you then they'll say business is my thing or tell me about your business I'm building wealth and building a business reira they liked them tell you about the wife and kids with a husband and kids but if they don't tell you in the first five minutes you're hearing their other values foods the one I hear what you're saying as far as you can quickly identify justcause use me as an example my specific values right on dh how you could use that to market me and like just a casual conversation and when I'm speaking with you it seems very natural organic but when I try and envision myself doing I feel like oh my god now I'm talking to this unsuspecting person who just revealed this and I'm scoping them out and now I feel like almost perverse like I don't know the right word for that but I feel like perfect I I feel like now they trusted me and I'm now using whatever they said against them for my own personal gain let's get something really clear nobody is ever ever, ever, ever dedicated to you in any way shape or form unless it's to service one of their values it is impossible for anybody so it's human nature I know a lot of people are like no that's not true you get something out of our every relationship that you have and when that relationship ceases to give you what you need you go elsewhere so nobody is way say we dedicated to people that we are here but we're not really so everybody is leveraging contrast ing comparing liver jing in seeing opportunity my business is women if I felt guilty for every time I looked at a woman and pitch to hear what my pitching or am I just telling you about what I do but that's it when I'm speaking with you it seems like you are just communicating when I try to envision myself doing it I all of a sudden start feeling like a car salesman who's like going ok but how does that me it last night you did something that blew me away because you are an interview you're quiet you're shy you apologize too much straightaway I get that you're in inter vent I'm an extra bit right so straight away you think an interview can't mack of themselves and I get that question a lot what if I'm introverted what if I don't have that personality an introvert becomes an extra boot when the patient about what they do you did it last night because we were talking about what you were doing and you were discussing your winning business, you were discussing your business, and then I too know acid. So you know what? What's the dream go and you were like, I want a photograph, women that look like, may I want to photograph women that have been through what I've been through? I want women to see exactly what I saw when I was photographed with new photograph may I want women to share that, and you talked louder, stronger, you're more confident and we set there and just smiled at you because you became a different person in one minute because you were telling me what you truly want in love, and I didn't think there was a pitch in any of it. In fact, I was so taken by it, I just said he's smiling at you because I was like, there is this is the thing that's going to make you money, you understand it's, not a pitch, you're not selling anything, just tell me what you're doing. Is it wrong? Okay, when I did twenty eight days in vegas, I said your greatest your greatest weakness is your greatest strength and a lot of people like, I don't understand that, and I was like, okay. So one woman wrote on fifty five years old and I'm starting a portrait personnel so I see perfect biggest marketing demographic in the world is fifty plus women they have the most wealth in the world, nobody markets to them except a chico's we found out and chico's hemorrhoid cream and retirement the losers and that and they're all beautiful and they're incredible and you think they want to be photographed by twenty four year old the ones do fashion star shooting or do they want to be photographed by woman just like them? Fifty years old, magnificent fit, healthy, full of life full of beans kids have moved out new life, maybe new relationship whole new world and she has income to ben I said, you're what you perceived as your witness weakness is your greatest strength why? Why wouldn't you live bridge what you've been through? Why wouldn't you do that? I leverage mine I live bridge every life lesson I've learned his a woman to get women to drawn into my studio that's my thing everybody has a thing leverage it and it's not guilty you would only feel guilty if you felt guilty about receiving from them and the truth is is that the first thing that stops money and wealth is guilt, there's guilt and shame that the two things that stop you from eating money why why you guilty about receiving and if you work through that then you just deal with it I don't expect that everybody I talk to about what I do is our book with but I just love talking about it not trying to sell it to you so I'm just going to talk about it because it's one of my highest values I'm gonna do it anyway and besides how many people do you know ask if you're you're a photography when you say yes go well tell me about that it's not like you say I'm a proctologist on I would be like oh tell me about that I'd be like on accountant oh you're an accountant so really really you're a tex accountant oh my god I'd love to hear more about that okay if you shoot more of one genre heavy designed a pdf each one that's on the tick list you're going to go through you're going to design the multiple genres you're going tio get critiqued either on and bid was so private country critic critic session private critiquing session with friends with other people with family who have you trusted it's going to look at it from the outside and help you design it if you can't outsource a designer so is it better to have just one like I have my mother daughter on one I have like everything's all on one they're not they're not shooting genres they had demographics it's a different thing what you're doing is advertising glamour and beauty is a contemporary portrait session that has nothing to do with genres of photography I'm going to show you different genres now so just to make that clear genre is when you shoot newborns and glamour or newborns and boudoir and you want to keep them separate then people say should I keep them separate on my website? Well, yes, but in separate pages is still under the same banner of soup rice but you'd be like newborn boudoir and if people are like wolves they don't go together think about it they kind of do ok glamour and beauty verses boudoir if I say I should glamour and beauty and I say I should boudoir do we have them as separate the genres I will maintain righteousness and saying that I have a higher demographic I have a higher marketing percentage than a boudoir photographer because I photograph mohr older woman more younger woman and more curvy woman than all the boudoir photographers I know the boudoir photographers have a smaller, more defined market I have excuse to women all over the world that don't look like victoria's secret models I've yet to find a boudoir photographer that doesn't feature a whole lot of perfect bodies on their site I've photographed five thousand five hundred women and out of five thousand five hundred woman I've seen maybe two perfect bodies okay, so that tells me that your genre is smaller than mine, I say ninety seven percent, but I'm pretty bolshy about that, like, I'm pretty like I'm a superior glamour for term. What I mean is, I don't want you to alienate a mess of market of women and least that's all you want to shoot like, why would you? Because I still show lingerie shoot on my glam aside, but they're just not leagues and bombs and leagues up the wall and bombs from behind and bums lying down and thinks that they're so I'm distinctly not a good wear photographer. I'm glamour and beauty, but if you want to do both, I think you either need to say, I'm a boudoir photographer and just show more beauty stuff or say, I'm a beauty photographer in just show more lingerie, because if you were smart, you'd go the glamorous side of glamour and beauty, and just show more baby stuff with lingerie. Or maybe what you do is you create a beauty glamour site, and you have a peek, a boo gallery or a source e gallery or ah, you know, for the girls that wants that's, something special for his eyes only, or and that you created, like, a little bit where peekaboo thing that's kind of special and on top of glamour and beauty, because then you're not tuning away the twenty three videos I showed you at the stat that you would not get a boudoir photographer, I showed you that aiding to city demographic, the city to fifty demographic, the fifty pass demographic I showed you the couples, men, corporate, all of that exists in my contemporary photography brand, but not in the boudoir brandt so don't limit to yourself in your marketing and promotion, and then wonder way you're not getting mohr, but at the same time don't open up multiple genre advertising if it's not what you want to do. So a lot of people tell me that they have to shoot multiple genres because they live in small towns and it's expected yes, it is expected. If you're going to be known as the local photographer and your three thousand town, then it stands to reason that you shoot pretty much everything you shoot the family, you shoot the wedding, you should the newborn, you shoot the opportunity, and now you're introducing glam because it's fun that's fine. If you're in a small town and you want to do that, I love that idea, I think it's absolutely amazing, but if you're just trying to open up different avenues of income and you think that you can do that by saying I'm a pit photographer fashion photographer, corporate photographer vince photographer I do winning destination wedding engagement shoots planned the dress would wear glamour and you know I'll come to your birth as well then it's kind of like oh, and how many of them do you really enjoy on? Because if you're any doing some for money that you waste any time okay, so creating pdf around glamour and beauty in boudoir is easy, okay? Because we've just seen you do it looks beautiful we're using our before and after that's what I've been teaching you around families and couples really interesting when you photograph a couple intimately together um women will look at that image and say I want a federal man rob like that um and so she's likely to book you, but you need to lead in in your promotion and advertising to wanting to come in for a couple shoot that's why you can promote couples around valentine's day you can ask every single one of your good wear and glamour clients as she'd like to come back with her partner into a couple shoot if she has a husband and kids, then you're leading into the family shoot so they lead in promotions and you're already already sourcing them from a referred client from acclimates already being photographed by you it's perfect every woman that has ever come to your studio for glamorous boudoir should has either got a mother, three girlfriends, a boyfriend, a husband and kids. So I have had a couple of people who I photographed doing the good work session, and they've asked, like, can I come back with or can I get a hotel room and bring my partner, my boyfriend and you photograph us, but I don't feel comfortable, like if they're both in their underwear in the bed and I'm there with a camera, I just feel kind of like, this is weird for me. Well, okay, so there's a couple of things that I used to make really clear um, I I would always you're gonna love this. I would always look my client's really dare wake me and say, I would love to do some beautiful shots of you together, but I do not do any nude work. Um, I can do gorgeous, intimate stuff if you're in boxer shorts and calvin klein and make it look kind of fashion cam incline, but I would put a primary really out, but if I used to have an amazing black and white shot of the couple and their underwear on the wall, so if that's what they want, go and do it there these shots because when the men are in the shoot and they enjoy the shoot and they're loving it, yeah, it's only ever got freaky on me once, and I was a young and I didn't know I had a handle the situation, so I basically just went, I'm going to give you fifteen minutes and I walked out and I'm really honest with people, I always say, okay, well, I don't do anything that you can keep your knickers on, but I'll photographing. I'm happy for the girls to be topless, older skin shots. I'll make it look like you're nude if you want. I've only even photographed one couple note, and I felt a little bit about it because I was like, I don't need to see penises and vaginas in my daily life of the yeah, but I don't need to expand on that s o off my clients, I want to keep it so odd. It's it's an old thing but it's a great generate a market because every girl that's even a good with wash it for every panel that's looked at it and gone. Look how hot you are and if you show the album of a beautiful couple, shoot together and she's like I want a ll they want to skin shots like his arms around hiss her maybe topless. Very really do I get more than that? Orchid asked for more than that in twenty three years. That is just another twelve hundred dollar sale. Okay, yeah, I want to keep it classy. I don't want it to turn into something like it's a soft porn. Well, they just don't, you know, it's, like, I think we need to get the ice bucket or I'm going to step out for fifteen minutes or studio, but be confident in during the shoot, you know, direct the shoot and just keep it very open. I had people that wanted to push the envelope, and they were like, uh, d do and I'm like no, okay, but ninety nine point, nine percent of them just want those gorgeous skin shots, and there wasn't a bit involved because I could do that without a beer. Okay, yeah, um, so you're leading into families and couples with your glamour shoots your boudoir shoots your leading into them now. Ah, lot off the percentage of photographers that filled out the eleven hundred seventy eight photographers were winning photographers. You're a lot of high school seniors like a lot of multiple genres, so again, I've never separated high school seniors from my glamour brand because this market here bring clients so easily to me because these young girls love my brand they want to look like fish and models they want to look really gorgeous to me that is a glamour brand but I can do a special or a deal or package for high school seniors so again simplify your promotion but every single thing you decide to do if we shoot you do for your folio if we advertising you do every story you write know that the maur you photographed twenty two year olds from model may him dawn the more you will not get a woman like you and if that's who you want then the best way to attract the client that suits you the most is to tell your story because what you put out you get back in terms of this is the client I want if you aren't you're about the transformation that's what you're going to get and then if you are really smart actively seek it goto woman's groups and do talks you think anybody in the world wants to hear you speak about losing ninety pounds oh yeah they not only want to hear it they want to hear about your experience of it they want to see the before and after pictures they want to see the video they want to see how you found your true path and that was to show woman how beautiful they are what a magnificent connection you have in an opportunity, you know, harness it hannis there and then actively seek it out. Kelly brown just did the newborn class kelly's my friend from brisbane absolutely incredible lot of newborn photographers were on the list off the people that filled in this form so let's talk about this kelly brown kelly brown photographs these amazing newborns and she's an incredible woman and she has this beautiful brand. How could I create advertising around kelly brown? How could I take promotion to the degree? Okay, so newborn photographers were like give me ways to market this I go okay, if you're going to photograph pods I call them pods these newborns you going to photograph little pods? Who's your client? Pregnant woman okay, fastest way to attract pregnant woman materially shoots all right. If she wants to be photographed for being an oppurtunity shoot, then she's your client because what you can do is you can photograph who maternity shoot for free in order to get the newborn shoot newborn shoot has to be done in the first ten days. That's the whole point. So when you come back and do your newborn shoot will let you choose your best maternity shot because let's face it they're never buy one or three small shots of them attend the shoot. You know what a big photo of yourself on the world pregnant you just want a record of it or some people do some people don't but the truth is it's the fastest way to get the newborn client then once that newborn client is sold you can create an amazing membership card for baby so let's say this baby's name is daisy daisy now becomes a member of the kelly brown club and she get to shoot at six months one, years old eighteen months two years old three and a half for this much money like how do I make daisy my loyal client I get it well in mom's pregnant I win her over with a free shoot I give her a free shoot opportunity shot when they come back with daisy and then I make it so that daisy I'm recording daisy's first five years and you can create a package that is longevity because every single time daisy gets photographed now in the next five years that woman will share you and you will become a friend of hers because the brand loyalty around this will be amazing. Okay? Okay another idea is I had another friend of mine that was shooting newborns and she said I want to approach pregnant women but I don't know how to do that and I said, well, the best way to approach a pregnant woman would be walk up to them in the street and say ok don't walk up into the street and say when you do because you could get punched in the face, but if you meet a pregnant woman and they make it quite clear that she is pregnant and, you know, I usually say to people at least she's about nine months pregnant and maybe hear what is a breaking then you say, could you be pregnant? And if she says, well, yes, say, just asking that you might have had a big lunch don't ask someone if they're pregnant, it, but if you've ever been in that situation, that's horrible. So what I'm saying is you need to create a way to connect with pregnant women in this pregnant woman everywhere because it's something do with the water, um, that you can approach them and say, I am doing a beautiful exhibition on newborn babies, and I would love to photograph you and you born, okay, if newborns your genre and it's what you've been studying to do because trust me, I wouldn't take that on and but kelly's the baby whisperer and a lot of new born photographers love it, okay, create an exhibition or a book or create, you know, daisy's first photoshoot think of all the ways it would be special to daisy's mum and then create pdf advertising around the beautiful images you have and get that out to people so now I'm walking along I've gone to lunch with a friend I met doing dawns a friend of a friend I'm like hi dawn how are you chipping away? Don't says what do you do so and as I'm a portrait photographer specialising photographing women around and tell you my story and your intriguing like well, I had to check out your work year my website superstar come but don't wait now because I've got an iphone talking to show you my entire gallery right now look at that so cool isn't in this for a day and I well that's very amazing thanks do you have a card? Oh, I didn't bring mom with may but I tell you what give me your email address and that's the biggest mistake everybody mags I don't have a card here take down my website now you give me your email address, get it? Oh, I must have a look at your website. Give me a mail address, I'll send you a pdf you're making it easy for them. Tell them you're making it easy for them. We're just give me your email address here look, I haven't got a card on me give me your email address and I'll send you I'll send you my gallery save you, looking it up and then if they don't go home and do it they'll get it in the inbox next day and you might get another booking out of it. But how many times do we not do that? Could be your email address, I would love to do a shoot with you sometime cold call me now, where would you like to book it? Give me a free dates. I'll email you mine. Oh email you my available dates. I'd love to do that one day let's do it the hardest things to say aren't they? And somebody goes I'd love to do something like that one day and you go your knob for that and then it's kind of like, would you now imagine if I did it and I could offer it to you, but I'm too scared or shall I sound is going to sit here and look over there? You don't have to be like hey, what do you do? Shoot let's book you and I'm going to send you an e mail right now, you know, just talk about it and just make it happen. It's so funny campaign marketing. Okay, this is john remarketing, newborn high school senior families, couples defining their glamour beauty defining their there is john remarketing. I shoot more than one genre, therefore I'm going to create advertising around the genre. I would not say I should families and then show these incredible newborn photos if I did newborn photos and I would say I shoot newborns, I shoot beauty, I shoot families, I would differentiate those three brands within my brand inside my brand and then I would create marketing, promotion and advertising for every single one of them are you're doing that well eight hundred ninety if you are not two hundred eighty eight, which is a good thing two hundred eighty eight people wolf who campaign marketing is when you make something up it's not a genre it's just something you do? How many campaigns can you think up? Because the most incredible thing about photographers is for a creative bunch, you're not spending much time making up cool stuff because I don't see a whole lot of cool new stuff coming out of our industry and the cool thing about me exploding in the industry was I've been around for twenty four years, but if I was like, where have you been? And I was like working, but they're like, why didn't we know about you? And I said because the industry was trying so hard to just be family and winning photographers by the time I came on the market I'm like she's different she looks more commercial but it's for real women like yes, that's exactly what I do so I created a campaign called glen the dress it's when a bride has a really shitty winning photographs and she comes back and doesn't blemish it with her winning dress provided that she store either fitzer or can be stitched into it from behind, there are links that I will go to to photograph a women in her wedding dress and stitching her back into it. It's not a problem for may I don't care if the zipper is short by four inches most woman don't get back into the winning dress and if they do they feel pretty damn good the best time to do it is the senate's they're finished their wedding and then when all of the winnings over what does every single bride hundred one winnings, I've shot every single bride walks interview the photos and I said, how did you feel after the wedding? And they're like kind of depressed like everything I have created designs prepared my body, my hear my skin, my nails, my family, my reception, my details, the lace, the veil, the piece that johnny's mom made me wear, which I hated but I disguised it in a flower in the shoes that the batons that you know, the web sites I trolled the endless talking about my wedding to girlfriends who don't hear and you know all of that gone just like there the next day that's like are you should do a glam shit with your wedding dress that's campaign marketing that's when you make something up, you create advertising around it and then instead of putting it on your facebook page and say, I'm doing a glenn the dress special for seventy five dollars, you instead go and find a woman with a winning dress who maybe had bad photographs four years ago but still wants to wear it you do the most beautiful glamour shoot off here and then you tell that story on your blood then you share that story on facebook with friends you know think about it always is creating a campaign I like watching you know any movies where they're like coming up with marketing ideas and marketing campaigns as like had awake it notice for that how could I get in the media for that? How could I go to my load of local paper and say magritte got ripped off for a wedding shoot her husband broker league on this honeymoon eight months later? I've just done this incredible photoshoot in who winning dress I've called it claimed the dress my name is, you know megan smith and I am a portrait photographer I'm a winning photographer and how do we get noticed for that? How can I share that story? How many people will then want to do a session with may do you get it? Instead of sitting there going? I put out fifty vouchers and I didn't get one phone call. I'm already leagues ahead of you because I'm out looking for a woman with a winning dress. I'm excited about doing it. I'm thinking of all the ways I can create it shear it visually communicated put it on all of my social media do it and it that moment there I'm doing it for free and if you say I can't afford to do that, you can't afford to not do that because sitting at home complaining about it some getting you paid either so get excited about what you can create. Okay health this one I photographed this beautiful wedding she's a beautiful bride she's a girlfriend of mine I love him too beautiful couple love them to bits. I want to photograph her her mom, which I did. I want to photograph her four b school friends because it's all the bridesmaids I want to photograph the groom's sister if there is one the groom's mom, if there is one and I want to do it all and call it the bachelorette party. If you are a wedding photographer and a portrait photographer and you are not offering a glamour shoot bachelorette party, you are missing the opportunity of w income because the women when she educate them and say get this you girls pay for the make up artist and you pay for the cheese and crackers and wine come to my studio and I will photograph you you will leave that night with you here and make up done and you can look at your photographs and if you choose to purchase them I can give you a voucher for one hundred dollars towards a folio each and it's entirely up to you what you buy so the next question that people ask then is what happens if they don't buy anything? Well if you don't educate them and you don't talk to them about the final product, show them the final product show them how great your photographs there and if you don't tell them what you cast there's a good chance they want but if you do all of the above you just gain teen new clients and even if you sell one photograph to each girl you've still made fourteen hundred dollars and they paid for the makeup you've also leveraged tin women in your studio that now own one beautiful photograph that one beautiful photograph goes on tin facebook pages ten tweets ten walls each girl has um mother a partner a husband, a sister a girlfriend and offers full of other girls can you see what what that is but we get so stuck on the what if they don't buy and that means you're not even trying now if you get the teen in you don't educate them they don't buy you shooting is low you can get the team but you can't seal the deal you can't shoot and you can't educate what does that tell you he need to work on your education your own blocks and you're shooting so batten off on the marketing clearly it's a strength because if you can get people in the door in your works crap then clearly you doing something really good in your marketing so you have two choices button off until you're shooting comes up or go and align yourself with somebody who is an incredible shooter that sex it marketing learn how to shoot like them give them your marketing skills separate yourself within a year and you both win okay so what I was saying about my girlfriend christie in um new york is hottest this makes me feel circle christy is a children's photographer she uh doesn't really like a job that much and she hangs out with five of us and we all have successful photography careers and she is unemployed photographer which means she gets a wage she turns up at nine she does to shoot today she re touches them and she goes which by the way is how I did my face twelve years my first twelve years in the studio get paid go hime four hundred bucks a week take never got anywhere never saved anything never made any money but a lot less stress, you know and I got to become a good photographer and a good re toucher didn't become a good business person, but that doesn't matter. We've always talked with kristi about this because out of all of us big powered business owners that she hangs out with she's the only employee and the only one that really seemed to have no motivation to grow her business grow who wealth we all talked about it and she said I'm just not that motivated it just doesn't really interest me and I said, how can you not be motivated about creating more being mohr you know, learning maura and it's like that too I am she does a job, so if you want to be a photographer and you want that job, you're that person you just wanna go and do a job go you can do that there's a lot of people out there that would employ you you'd be quite surprised and so he she was doing her job and she said, you know, whenever I photographed dogs and families I always spend more time doing the family shoot I was like, really? She said I wish I could just photographed dogs doesn't why don't you? Well, there's, no money in it is there uh oh, okay so it gets to the end she's working through her career and she doesn't hate it she simply doesn't love it she's not flourishing financially so she's not growing anything and she's not terribly excited about a day and in her young years she used to be in any so those people ring her up and they go we have this opportunity going live in new york the kids are grown up you know the team like nineteen would you come and live with us for a year and just look after the kids after school for a couple hours and she gets paid to do this so she said fine I'm obviously not in love with my career so we start talking and she's like you know what I've always dreamed of doing and I was like yeah photographing dogs so she bought the earl dogs in the city like six in the city right fantastics he's living in new york city and now I've watched this metamorphosis because the skill that was not that motivated about a job is like I see to it when we're at dinner and I think you need a business card something really unique something that you could walk up to people in the street in new york talk about the dogs new yorkers love talking about the dogs and you can give them a business card the knicks day she emailed me a picture of the design she descent to move just like that is there a motivated personals like you just designed and seemed in a way and show that yeah I think she did it so fast you forgot to put an email on twitter handle on it so she had to redo it but the best part is when you love something when you choose a genre when you know that you want to do it I said to her you have the ultimate opportunity now she said in what way I said you live in a city that's dog friendly these dogs everywhere this also dog photographers everywhere but she's not looking at the other photographers she's looking at the dogs on the street because she's so excited by it she's not looking at what she's not getting she's looking at what she is I said every single day I get up in the morning and spend two or three hours building your business you know the office side and I'll sit in then at lunchtime before you can pick up the kids go and walk for two hours catch a subway go to a different part of the city explore it in every time you see somebody with a cute dog stop and give him your business card what is the likelihood that she's going to do that one hundred percent she's already doing it and I can't believe this pool I know this person she's not just someone I'm consulting she's my friend and I'd be walking long in new york, and she'd be like photographing the cause. She's bought the twitter handle for instagram dogs in the city and people like over my dog and it's incredible. You can connect marketing, teo, anything you want, provided you find your power, your strength in it that you love it, that something you actively want, teo but I no longer see blocks around, putting yourself out the I only see blocks around, not look at this. The first thing she did when she got to new york was aligned herself with the humane society. And when it did a free shit with them to save the dog to save a dog that was three years old that had been abandoned. So she gets two things out of that she gets to help that dog and sheer an amazing story. And those are the two things that her her highest values should save a dog over human any day. And she got to save this dog, photograph this dog and blogged about it. And she met this pug in the street and the and, um and photographed him just this week. And I just it is the most beautiful show, right, and this is leroy. And she tells a story about leroy and what he likes and what he doesn't like in his little quirky things and she's listed that on her blogged and it's beautiful because that's exactly what it's meant to be it's meant to be everything I'm patient about everything I value in my business my marketing, my promotion and everything I want to attract and that it should be so easy to attract people to do it if you were in that space so I guess the question we have to ask yourself is what if we aren't in that space? What if we fall out of that space? How do we get it back? How do we get the love back and the passion back and how do we revive it when we feel like we can't and how do we know if we're on the right track? You know that because you want to do it um and how do we change the energy around it which is a really, really big one when we come back we're going to go we've still got more questions we've got printed material okay, so we just did pds we've got cards have got vouchers we've got brochures, we've got video, we've got chaudhry's rials, we've got youtube we've got them you know, we still haven't even looked at your website yet and we still haven't looked at your photography and your service

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a Creativelive Student

A huge thanks to Sue for all the information you have given on this workshop. Your enthusiasm and passion is infectious and I only wish it could be bottled. To have the opportunity to watch for FREE is amazing, thank you CreativeLIVE. You can take notes during the live feed and pay nothing if you so choose, you will still be allowed to keep your notes. However I must also point out that for the price, the amount of information given out makes this even at the full price $79 a very cost effective business investment. There must be plenty of things Sue mentioned that we could all be putting in to effect whilst we wait Patiently for the Templates!


Love her energy. Loving the lessons and the down to earth manner in which she teaches. Sue Bryce and CreativeLive, you are inspiring me to move forward w/ my passion. Thank you

Nicole Gramlich

Sue Bryce is always a win for me. She speaks to not only your skills, but your heart. There are many times I can't believe that someone is willing to give so much. Excellent course, just like the others of her's that I've taken.

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