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A Picture's Value and Final Wrap-Up

This is really what's. What? Where it all meets the road. This is off of a kitchen magnet. I don't know who said it. Um life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass it's about learning to dance in the rain we have been involved in and I said it yesterday. I'll say it again today. The perfect storm over the last few years as photographers is the photo industry. We got hit with the economy, we got hit with technology that we're trying to keep up with, the tragedy in the earthquake and the tsunami, and the horrible things that happened in japan affected all of the japanese manufacturers, and that made a horrible mess for our industry last year, not to mention I mean, just a tragedy of the personal loss and the lives, because we've all felt the same way as you watch some of those videos, then in the back of my mind, I think, wow, if it wasn't for the photographers and the videographers and the film crews that did that, we would never understand how big the tragedy really was and it's so...

cool that we're part of an industry that can capture not just the good times and the really incredible times, but those horrible, awful tragedies and violations of human rights and tragedies and people's lives that help keep us understanding that we're all part of you know of that human spirit so I'm not no I want to share a video with you of that kind of hits home on the topic of of quality on the importance of your images um couple is an older couple um they're both in their eighties um she now has alzheimer's and it's just an interesting it's a very short video thanks to cantrell portrait if we can show that it takes my breath away just one puts a smile on my face kill the woman makes me feel so general run contend with sand you're the one who makes my world go way you are my field goal my wild roads you are my only u u um I read right starless night you my riding one you way you're the one keys thiss ah general sends a shiver down was you're the one who makes my soul complete stay as you stay in my heart you are my field goal my wild rose you are my only hold you my red stars night you my rising way dead lay me down to see fear your body soft and sweet no battery has just because does a lot to field a melting people julie only ah you are my field goals my rose you are my only you so the reason I threw that in there um and the reason I also had the walk away because it gets to me those are my parents, every photographer you guys air I mentioned before you guys of the magicians, you guys are the ones that take those moments in time at this point now and I'm not looking for any kind of sympathy because every family has their challenges, but dad is going to be ninety in october mom is eighty five, eighty well, there you go eighty seven, eighty five whatever doesn't matter alzheimer's changes everything at the time that was done, it was starting, but to have those memories and the other piece here that's so important is that everybody photographs on the I want to do the young family there's a huge market out there of senior citizens of an opportunity there off older clients I love these images I didn't know that this was being put together a slide show and saw it for the first time that's something I can't remember where bambi was presenting and how did his part of her program might have been might have been last year. It was the last year's summer school and that's the first time I saw it, but it's the best argument that I can come up with to remind everybody you never know what's going to happen to those images there's so many photographers that have stories about taking a photograph of somebody and then they were killed in a car accident. Something happened to them or their home burned down and they lost all their photographs but the only thing left where the files that that photographer had of their family there's so many things that happen in our lives please don't compromise on quality exceed customer expectations never do ah half ass job on anybody's portrait session make it your best possible work every time my parents have been married will have been married sixty five years the end of this month those images make me cry every time I watch him they make my family cry every time we watch him. But it's a good experience it's room it's it's being able to remember those moments when we weren't dealing with some of the challenges we have now. And another interesting thing is that one of the most fun things to do with my mother at this point right now is to be able to look at old pictures taken by photographers from when she was a kid and that's one of the tragic things about alzheimer's in the way that it affects the brain cells. And you know all the short term stuff is gone and next goes a few more years and then a few more years but she can look at her album and probably give us every name of every sorority sister from college going back, you know, sixty years ago. So the bottom line is I wanted to finish with that because it makes such a good point on what you guys do is photographers that's my email address, I asked it the creative live audience, not crash my email box, but I do believe in what you guys do so much, and I'm here to give back. I'm here to help when you've got a question, if I can answer and I will if not, I've got an incredible network after my over forty years that you guys hit, like ten times in the photo industry. So I want to thank the five of you for sitting there and putting up with me for two days and you two in the whole creative life team. Thank you. This has been an amazing experience. Well, thank you, skip. I just got the chills and that video was incredible. Thank you for sharing that let's. Everybody, please give skip cohen a huge round of applause. He has not only shared his forty years, you let me teo. Forty one years of business marketing experience in the photography industry, but also your heart. I mean, sharing that so thank you and global round of applause, please, thank you, thank you.

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