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BONUS: What Not to Name Your Website

The following presentation has been approved for photographers who with the very least who are at the very least as matures I am the's shit is really rated r o this is my last section be careful when you choose a name for your website makes sense everybody thinks their names fit together let me give you one that I don't have in a slide that I was reminded about this morning matthew jordan smith his original web site there was all about the matthew jordan smith experience so his u r l was m j s e x p well, the only thing you saw when you looked at it was m j sex p you see the word sex it stands out in bold letters and it doesn't matter how you do it now he didn't see it is a problem a web developer he was working with didn't see it it's a problem but it just it didn't hit home so these are some of the better ones this is a company that makes elektronik ce it certainly looks like swiss bitch to me this is mp three's hits dot com this is a whole list of downloadable mp three music mp thre...

e's hits I don't see mp three's hits it's therapist dot com not the rapist I just it's it's what it's were you here the laughing in the background this becomes a section now that's like outtakes it's therapist dot com it's not the rapist this one I love if you don't know what to get your whore you goto hartwell no it's who represents dot com now who represents? If you wanted, for example, to get somebody like brad pitt to your kid's birthday party you can find out who reps for brad pitt going to this site but it's not whore presence I mean what to oh my god! What do you get her? You get her? I don't know. You get a something to sit on when she's working the street corners so she doesn't get varicose veins before it's? I don't know. What do you get? What? Uh so it's not horror presence. This is experts exchange it's not expert sex change and a lot of these were run in the huffington post a while back I've seen him in e mails every one of these air ria websites that you can go look at and they've done their best to change the logo and move it around. I used to love one that was out there there was go, there was go tahoe dot com which when you looked at it would look like it said got a hole and that fits so well with your presence so is to to go together and then they changed it. Now I think it's go tahoe north but now to me what I see from the old side has still got a whole north so and this was the all time greatest it's not a working site I know everybody is going to go to and it's going to crash and that's fine, I don't know why anybody created it if anybody ever finds out that can tell me the company's name is pen island position themselves as a boutique place for pens and I don't see penn island I really have a hard time with this one there's this delay here's what happens everybody we're sitting here and this goes up on the screen and then there's like a five min the delay where the wave kind of hits the back of the room there on the other side of the wall here so it's pen island and they also had this very indignant statement about we've received complaints from people about, you know, obscene e mails and we would never subscribed to that and they even have a thing that says your pen is our business doesn't look like your pen is our business but you can go look at it yourself or somebody ever figures out wants to tell me why it even exists ah a long time ago I brought I found it and had it on my in my program and somebody said what's not even a working site well, that's. Okay, somebody tell me why. It's there somebody give me the history on penn island dot net.

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