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So let's, just switch gears for a minute and just talk about all the tools that are out there. I'm not going to talk about everything and direct mail, but they're literally is everything you've got flyers you khun dio I used to have a slide in this program that you showed what I think of flyers every now and then I meet somebody that thinks because they print all their information on colored paper it suddenly has the same impact as a four five color photograph. I don't believe in flyers to get your mint message out flyers or just a piece of paper with information if you want to include it with your brochure or your business flyer or pam obscuring that flyer your business pamphlet that's fine, but flyers by themselves don't do anything they're just it's just a piece of paper you've got postcards I'm a big fan of folders another way to go folios are not as much they're certainly not as popular anymore. Um where people used to print I used to get him and has a blood all the time with a fi...

ve by five print on the cover and you'd open it up and there'd be a message or something more information inside brochures khun go for six eight panel they could be accordion type pieces you guys have all seen them that there foldout where I like brochures like that is when you double up and work with a partner so for example, you take a on a panel piece which is going before on one side for on the other it's going accordion down and you've got your work and the florist and maybe it's, the bakery in town and you're targeting wedding clients or maybe your children's photographer and you're tying in with the children's clothing store you've got some of your images of kids, you've got something from the children's clothing store and maybe you're gonna tie in with? I don't know, but it could be is it could be as crazy as a dentist in town that specializes in kids I like longer, bigger cards could it gives you a chance to show more work. There's a great one that I have at home that I didn't bring. It probably should have from nick vidro's who's, one of the greatest commercial photographers in the world in kansas city and nick does the whole thing, but everyone in his images are entertaining. You want to look at these images you want a leaves you wanting more, it does exceed expectations. Booklets are great. A lot of the labs now offer the ubilla offer you the ability to do small booklets almost like small albums, your holiday cards and stationary we've already talked about your business cards, posters and advertising those are all places that that could go out in a in a mailing. Now, the interesting part of the mailing, and I know that there a lot of people that are lecturing on marketing that don't agree with me on this, I still believe that direct mail buying a list and sending it out to people snail mail in their mailbox, I still believe it's got life in it. I think it's still got lots of life, not by itself. If it's, the only thing you're ever doing is showing up people's mail box. I don't believe that that has that much life is not me. Is there anybody here who hasn't had a bed bath and beyond, twenty percent off on one item or two items? And now even bed, bath and beyond is gone? You could get it on your cell phone so that you can get the discount at the register if you forgot to bring the card with you. I mean, we've all had that we just take him for granted, they get tossed out. Macy's does these mailings that I get constantly great store, but I don't need all the mailings, so just doing mailings by themselves isn't enough, you need a mix, remember the spokes on that target all the way around, you need the email notification you want to be in the newspaper? You want to be in their mailbox, you want to be you want them to know who you are? You've got to hit them over and over again and kind of weave a web awry now them so that when they think about needing a photograph top of mind awareness, your name is right there at the top of their heads. So here, two cards that I happen to love, one of them is very special to me now that actually they're both very special. But jean martin passed away at a very young age about for five years ago great photographer specialized in doing mrs musicians. We actually used one of his images years ago on the cover range finder passed away unexpectedly, and I miss him and I'd see him once a year at every show. And it was if we ended the conversation with a comma and it would just take off wherever we were going. This was a card. I don't remember this a five by seven or six by nine oversized card, and the other one is from a very, very good friend. Another one, joe alario who's over in albany, new york, and joe and his son j p r both in the business together and I watched j p grew up in the business, and I was really proud of them this year. He's like a nephew, he had eight hundred people standing room only at his program a w p p I but they would send out these cards. They put him up in batches so that you'd have three or four different cards and they'd send it out. You know, here they are, their wedding photographers reserve your space never ever staged with their email address, and they go out his postcard oversize card. Great way to get the message out there. Great way to be able to show your work and create a little bit of excitement for people and it's just a nice nice that and it's a little different than just showing, you know, one big image or several images on a postcard. Now these would be used. This is all on the category of to me, direct mail promoting you could have something on the back that had information about a special sitting that you've got coming up or come see our new albums or we've expanded our business, we've hired for new photographers, you could do it share it was something like that with, you know, a whole new staff for a new direction, new photographers you've hired see now all your staff is going oh my god are we being replaced what do you mean why did you say whole new stamp keep your message simple it just cracks me up photographers your artists you should know that a picture is worth a thousand words and when you keep when you when you just drone on and you make this you know you did this beautiful postcard and then you had something printed on the back but your real message wass you know you're expanding your business let's say to include to include children's photography but instead of letting people know that you spent too much time talking about how you've just hired six new photographers and you've expanded your studio remember what your message really is and just to make that point I worked my butt off to get on top of a building in philadelphia years ago to photograph a marathon because I had family members that were down there now the shot was done with a hasselblad five o three c w I don't work for them and more I'm giving the infomercial five hundred millimeter lens now the five hundred is about that long the two x mu tar took it to a thousand thank god it was a bright, sunny day you could just about shoot x rays with that from fifty feet away I'm on top of a building I did six shots or eight shots of the crowd and twenty years later I still haven't been able to find them in there now this is only this is only half of the image so I've got these images my message is lost I can't find my family in those shots they're gone somewhere there in there but I have never been able to find him it's like it's like it's like doing where's waldo with your kids here's another thought on writing copy this is this is courtesy of my buddy dan stein hard it epps in the other day it's a really cold winter day wife calls the husband says honey windows frozen he responds to support someone marna water on it it'll open she says wow now the computer's really screwed up remember I were playing off the word windows michael you with us? You've got it I thought was funny you didn't even you don't even chuckled europe is a quiet chuckle though you don't help I can get here remember I'm losing my web geneti when you're writing things out take the time to read it out loud think about whether or not did he really say what I wanted to say the wife is talking about the computers froze she's not talking about the front window next to the next to the door and it's just fun thinking about it because we all do it we all say things and communication is everybody's biggest challenge so when you're thinking about copy, think through what you're trying to say have somebody else read it, read it out loud have somebody else read it again, then asked the big question will everybody understand what I was really trying to say? Did it come out right? He will remain nameless for now but there is a photographer who every time you send something out I have to call him and I find like ten typos and words and sentences that just go off somewhere it's not a matter of misspelling it's a matter of he's just working too much he's doing too many different things he got interrupted in the middle of writing something and he forgot what he was saying he finished the sense and got it out there and then to add to it the next time he had to do the same mailing, he went back and cut and pasted the same copy. So now he duplicated the same mistake a second time and it just goes on and on and on and they feed themselves so just again read it out loud take the time did it did I really say what I want to say? Was I talking about windows on the computer being frozen? Or was I talking about the front window being frozen in june in seattle because it didn't drop down to freezing last night let's talk about using lists this is from a company called list service direct dot com I have talked to them I have not used them my own for mailing if you put the word lists into google you will get thousands of companies in the list business they have a great example here off how to use a list listen if if you were in a contactless service direct let's assume you're a children's photographer I'm sorry let's assume you're anything else and you're branching out into children's photography or you're looking for more clients for the children's business right off the bat you've obviously got prenatal in new bursts there's a category in both categories ones got three million in it one's got a million four see no wrinkles see no wrinkles are women over the age of forty trying to slow down the aging process odds I there are kids involved my mother blamed me for every single wrinkle she ever gone she was probably right and then affluent retirees affluent retirees just get for gotten all the time affluent retirees there isn't a grandmother on the planet who doesn't complain about not having up to date images of her grandchildren everybody my own grandmother when I was a kid used to sign her letters lovingly graham one thirty eight a one cedar road cleveland ohio you don't think that was my clue that I hadn't written to her in a long time and I get these letters a za camper it's like oh I mean here I am it's like sixty years later so and I'm remembering that's not sixty and now I am aging myself it's fifty years later anyway and I still remember her address and she passed away twenty years ago affluent retirees they all need photographs of their families here's another list this just relates to using this list for cause related marketing I'm not even going to bother to point it out but depending on what your your favorite charity is you confined lists out there for any category if you want just people that are left handed I just want to talk a left handed photographers that live in one zip code in pennsylvania you can find it on the internet use the internet use google search for this stuff in this case you've got here donors um almost two and a half million names and addresses they have on people that air into the green theme on saving planet earth you'll find animal welfare donors there you go, bill a million seven people that donate to animal welfare so it's just another way to expand that list so that when you're printing a card and you're trying to say ok, we're not going to send a postcard I'm going to send it to it gives you one more chance here's another one that I just pulled off the internet student list dot com same thing again they've got addresses email addresses of students and that's probably a good place to stop and grab some questions let's go back to the issues let's go back to kate slides okay, so I wanted to ask I myself from a wedding portrait photographer I'd love to do the idea of sending out blank cards to my clients that they can write in send out you know? And then I have my artwork on the front of him does it cause brand confusion for me to include landscape or more fine arts stuff being that that's not my focus for say, but it's a little my for them? I don't think it does its long I know you're saying you're going include some of their images in the card or you just going to send your image is out because they're two different ways to go with this one is to produce cards for your client with their images from their event and another one is include your images on blank cards. I'll definitely do the images for holiday cards for those clients that made those cards but I'm thinking more I want to touch my other clients so I just they maybe didn't have a recent portrait session, so I just want to send him a batch of cards that I don't think I don't I don't think it does after lunch we're going to go to jonathan can list this site at some point and you'll see where he's actually taken a landing page where he's got his wedding family work going one way and commercial work going the other which is like the only time that I really like a landing page he's almost treating it like two different sites so you get the work separate I don't think if the images awhile print and it's a beautiful print and you're sending them stationery that they can use there's nothing I don't see anything wrong with that it's just the opinion as long as it's a wild print all right, I have a question from rising phoenix in arizona what's the best way to distribute brochures versus business cards oh wow well I happened to pick up classic kids because it happened to be outside their studio they had some stunning images in the front window and as I was walking down montana when I lived in california happen to see the image and it was right there as a take with um I happen to like I haven't liked things you do, they're targeted, I can't stand it for example, we all go to the trade shows and conventions and somebody's they're handing your stuff is you're coming through and odds are it might be of interest to your odds are you going to throw it away? So I like finding ways that you really get it into people's hands on business cards you know, if it was a potential client, I would send it with a note with one of your note cards that said would love to talk to him or happen to notice that you guys just, you know, rebuild your house it looks terrific, I think in person is some of the best way possible I think every time you go to everything everyone you guys, when you guys to go toe any convention, you should always have some of your images that you can leave with a potential vendor I mean, let's assume that you shooting everything, um with cannon and you talk to the cannon rep and you've got a card maybe or several cards that shows some of your images and their stunning well, you want to put that in front of them, and I also think that it works just as well to send it to him after the fact because there's so much noise, everybody does the same thing. You come home from the convention, you throw everything in your briefcase and a year from now, you know, in my wallet I'll find a little note that I'm supposed to call somebody and something cause I forgot, so I think if you could put it, give it to them in person and make sense, I think direct mail works a lot on that case, providing you're being relevant but I also think, I mean, he was one of my favorite ideas for photographers, and I don't know if anybody's ever taken it up or not, uh, doctor's office doctors and notorious for horrible images hanging on the walls if they're if they're a neurosurgeon and at the high end and very skilled, they'll have a beautiful ansel adams poster of half dome if they're an internist, they'll have a bunch of stuff that they sent their assistant out. I don't know target kmart and just bought art to hang on the walls. Well, what would happen if a cz a photographer you went in, especially a pediatrician? I've been saying this one for years, so it's I start to sound like a magazine article, read yourself going to your pediatrician and say, I want to photograph you doing things with kids getting an x ray, for example, for a little kid who doesn't know that an x ray doesn't hurt is scary do some pictures with the kids that are on ly being hung in the lobby, you're obviously going to need to always get a model release and be careful with that, but now you're going to tell the story about who the doctors patients are, maybe you're also going to put some of the images over on a on a on a shelf for on a coffee table of of other people that you've taken you're gonna have some and then on the coffee table in the corner you're going to have a stack your business cards you guys have had bambi cantrell on before and start twice in starbucks in walnut creek for a long time bambi decorated starbucks and had her business cards on the counter. Uh mary lou in sarasota has all her prints over at the what's it called coconut mango grove restaurant helen nancy in detroit has got her images in a restaurant and all those locations she has her brochures out so it's soft cell but it's like subliminal man on the old saturday and saturday night live you're getting that message out there but you're not in their face and you're just showing their your work very cool let's see here the time probably for one more. Okay, making an easy one. Okay, make it an easy one. Okay. Um c js photo asked what do you think about brochures printed to look like an eight or so page magazine? I like them if you really have enough toe look like in a page magazine, there are a lot of times when I see a brochure there's a point where if it gets the big everybody here, you guys all know that if you get an email that's that long, you're gonna read it later if it's two paragraphs three paragraphs your reader right there, you'll take care of it you'll get on with your life it's the same with the brochure now if that brochure shows your skill set shows something different that that same target audience is going to be interested in, then it's not a bad idea it could look interesting, it could be really exceptional. One of the things that I see is the problem, and I saw this at I did portfolio review in cleveland and there was a photographer who had the most incredible work in every category and in the same book he was showing clients, interiors, people, kids, weddings might have been in there all the work was outstanding, but it's a different target audience if you're working in an ad agency and you're looking for somebody to shoot architectural shots for you for a upcoming product ad, you're doing let's say, for a lumber company or something, you have no interest if you click on that site and you see wedding images, odds are that that that account exactly isn't even going to go any further there, not even a look at the rest of the work unless it's been a reference from somebody that said, wait, we have to look at this guy's work and I use guy men, women it's not meant to be it's like I shooting commercial work. So when you put that brochure together, it just depends on what's in it. If the first two pages our wedding, and then you wanted to show that you're great is the car shooter, and you do tabletop work and you do aerial work and you do architectural. Your message is going to get lost and it's complete waste of time.

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