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All right have a general question from smite a from texas can you please elaborate on networking for commercial photographers networking well networking for commercial tars I would start and I would get very involved with your local snp chapter um or epa worked more in cleveland there was a much stronger snp chapter and jean mob sick who is director of s and p has been a good buddy for a long time but start by getting involved in all the programs they do as an example when I did portfolio review in cleveland we had people in almost every possible photo specialty but mostly commercial come to the s and p chapter meeting that night it was done in a great studio in cleveland packed up on amazing commercial studio whose name I can't remember but there's the opportunity to network and work together with those photographers the other thing I would do there's a great line that my buddy scott born is used on your zip code get out and pound the pavement get to meet all the people in your neighb...

orhood I mean it's not I'm starting to sound like like mister rogers now I'm in the in your neighborhood get out no those companies everybody that's around you wherever your businesses located every place that you go to shop if your business is is near home that's fine but you live in some kind of community where there are businesses if your commercial shooter then find out what the commercial needs are off, all the retailers around you get to know if there's some ad agencies around even the smallest of communities there may be somebody that's doing printing, advertising work, get to know them and let them get to know you put together a portfolio that you can send out. That shows some of your work and personally, I happened, I'm I'm old school here. I don't believe when you're asked to send images, I'm fine was sending his disc when you're sending stuff out unsolicited, I worry about whether or not that disk ever gets plugged into the computer, and I'm a huge fan of giving people real photographs to look at putting it in a book, giving them the book, letting him see the images it's much tougher for them to not look at them, especially if the cover if the cover's got some great images or you've got a brochure so I would do though I would on your network, I would have a bunch of portfolio books that you could take around and show the people I would get involved in groups like I started at the beginning, I talked about community involvement about fifty slides ago on quanis rotary exchange club, lions club they do a monthly lunch and get involved, be a member because typically they are members of the retail community, and they're all tied in together. So you want to be a part of that? There are speaker groups and program groups within the community that they're probably more that could babylon, but so just a quick clarification from duke three d a human chain. J snp, could you explain what that is for people who aren't familiar with a s mp? No, that is your separate ones were dancer just happen google s mp and find your local chapter s mp um, is the american society media provides media professionals or media photographer one of the other? I've just been calling it a s simply for so long, and you go with what today is simply originally stand for it's an outstanding group, they are global, they've got chapters all over the place. I would get to know where s and p is meeting in your area, and I would tie back in with with the local chapter and get to know the guys that air there. It's funny, because I just call it a s and p, as do I guess I was not yeah, well and I mentioned is advertising photographers of america I hope I got that one right but it's same thing again we've all called them what they are for so long so I would get to know who they are people has a commercial photographers division you look at shows like w p p I which everybody thinks is a wedding show has lots of commercial programs going I would introduce yourself too if there isn't a chapter in your in your area and you just know other photographers I would get to know some of the other commercial photographers there there speaking of w p p I I wanted to give a little shout out tio w p p I george who is watching and says you're his mentor has learned everything he knows from u s o shout out to george shout out to george he just had to get in jump in now george do we do we want to give I'll be giving out george's home address and phone number later I know he hosts a great party every year in manhattan beach around the fourth of july that you might want to make it too but george shout out to george skip I kinda wanna ask a big overall clarification question oh no go ahead. Okay um this is from a win in reno, nevada and they asked many photographers say that people prefer to hire specialty photographers instead of one size fits all photographers are you suggesting one the one size fits all approach? I know you kind of that's pushing it too much? No, I'm not suggesting that I am suggesting that you've got the expertise to go in other directions so that you're not saying no to a client. I do believe I mean a good example I said it before if you are if you're a wedding photographer, but you're also trying to develop your commercial business somebody from an ad age is he looking for a commercial photographer will be turned off by going to a wedding site. I'm not suggesting that you just got to branch out and become a master mediocrity if they're a lot where there are logical connections is one thing where you can have two sites and separate the two businesses makes a whole lot of sense and if some of these were well for a landing page sends people in two directions that's okay, but I still absolutely believe that you still need to have your core specialty you still have your core business, but if you're and let's use weddings and children job you sink is an outstanding one of the best wedding photographers in the world his second most favorite thing to photograph her children and he did he did the photography for a beautiful book on autism clay blackmore is a wedding and portrait photographer primarily but he happened to do a contract for one of the hotels around park city of absolutely stunning outdoor landscape work. I'm not saying that anybody would now start to think of clay as a landscape photographer, but being able to do that and being able to go in and show that client a portfolio of stunning images helped him get the job and it's about having the skill set you still need to have a court you still need to have a category that you're really good at. You guys have had bam beyond you've had matthew jordan smith on botham could shoot anything now they have their favorites that they like to shoot the most and that might be what they're known for, but there are also you look at some of their work and is it look at some of matthew's images is a fine art? Is that portraiture? Is it commercial fashion cosmetic industry work? Or is it people portraiture, business head shots? Is that editorial? Because all these photographers the ones that we tend to admire the most tend to be the most diverse in terms of what their skill set is. And speaking of matthew jordan smith and bambi, we're talking with both of them tomorrow, right? We have to skype calls tomorrow sweet matthew talking about his new website that was built by smugmug pro and bambi talking about a community charity event that she did recently called woman building on that topic we have some because a lot of folks were asking about whether they should have two different websites if they were, say, a travel photographer and a portrait photographer, and then also not just the website, but m larson in is asking two streams, did you also have take that further to your social media? So to facebook pages to twitter handles? If you're really really diverse topics, this is where I'd love to have a phone line where I could can I phone a friend on that one? Do I have to answer it? There's so much that I am sharing that relates to personal opinion and personal experience that I've seen. I still believe that if your two categories are really wide apart, so much so that your client is going to be totally different. The client looking for you to put together a travel brochure is a totally different client from somebody who wants you work eight hours and cover their way the daughter's wedding, they're different clients. I still believe that having two websites is the smartest way to go. Now when you start to get into splitting facebook, I think you need to be careful, and I think you want to do the same thing, I think you want to do the same thing on your tweets, streams on ben, there are the times, it depends on how you're using them. So it's it's a hard question? It depends on the individual, but I still think most defective that you have to ask yourself when you're trying to decide is what my clients looking for, right? Because you're one set of clients might be on twitter and not on facebook, and then you can tailor to those two different audiences. So that's great who's, your audience, who's your aunt who's your audience, and I hope they're having tell him to tweet back if that gave them the answer if it didn't happen, right? I don't know what I can do except stay awake tonight wondering how I should have answered it better. That's awesome. Okay, she we asked a couple more questions. Yeah. Okay. Question from hey jude in the chat room. He's from southwest ohio talking about being a senior photographer. Seniors in high school who lives. Nobody lives in southwest ohio. You know, I grew up before he's offended. I grew up or she I grew up in a while so it's, you know, how did you go? Northeast corner painesville, ohio. No way. Ever heard of van work no here's the thing about ohio. So any town? Yeah all right, so what's the question so the question is about senior photographers who would you hook up with if you're trying to be a senior photographer? Who would you market with a senior if you're trying to get into senior partner, I'd go, I'd look at limo companies thanks to mothers against drunk driving as parents, everybody is smarter today than they were when I was a kid um your kids are being pushed to rent a limo you don't want your kids driving themselves to the prom. I mean, every year prom homecoming I would look for things that access that group of kids so I would go to the tuck shop. I would look at whoever in your community sells formal gowns. I would look at the florist I would also the senior market is a little different because a lot of times you get involved directly with the school system. Sometimes today it's becoming it seems to becoming mohr freelance I mean, one of the things that I'm not sure he was the first to do it or not. But I know larry peters is in ohio and is a great senior photographers in some stunning work and larry I remember talking to him about ambassadors and he that he'd have ambassadors that that he would photograph that he build their part falling on and they would become his essentially spokespeople tomorrow we're actually going to talk about pricing great and sell is one of the few photographers out there that is doing just some outrageous things in terms of talking about business. He's my closing he's my closing program this year at skipped summer school. Great great great business head and great to talk about the senior business. Yeah? When is he coming? He's coming july sixth through eighth way. Just announced it and we have six open spots for our studio. Make your videos. Those video? Yeah, I went and saw him and do his senior tour when he was here in seattle. John cornyn, cello and I went and just phenomenal shoot dis al just as he is a businessman and selling tools shoot to sell and one of the biggest secrets. And you can see it once you meet sal. You know this happens. Sal is just fun. Yes. So you know that there's no, senior if you think about it a kid who's a senior, their experience with a professional photographer, same with the young bride. This may be the first experience they've ever had with a professional photographer. If you make it a great experience and if they have fun and they get the pictures they want and if you get these natural expressions and you're not getting cheesy smiles that you know, on lee on lee, the great grandmother wants to see if they're really having an experience and that's. Part of I think, who sell is because cell is about. You just know his clients have fun with him, and it doesn't matter whether it's wedding, seniors, whatever business he's photographing that client is going to have a fun time and walk away with a good experience. Yeah, definitely about the experience. Yeah, cool. We're excited, so circle days and get your videos in for cell to pick from.

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