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I mentioned earlier holiday cards and publishing and getting your images out there. Absolutely no photographer should ever use a store bought anything for your stationery, your cards you want to let people know what you do for a living. So this next section, we're really going to focus on some things a little bit with direct mail. It's another one of the spokes on that target. So right off the bat, the following concepts have been approved for photographers who are smart enough to know how to use their own images for their holiday cards and stationery. Here's the challenge. We're gonna look at the whole siri's in these cards right here. As a photographer, you've got an advantage of being able to show your work. You want to do it in a way. That's not in anybody's face. You want to just be easy going? Well, ah, holiday card just becomes the perfect way you're stationary. Thank you notes becomes another way just to remind them who you are. But you can't just send out a card with an image ...

on it. There's a little more that you ought to be doing. And this is one of my favorite sections, so first off, always use your own images. It makes so much more sense if you think about it you want people don't know who you are you only got so much money to advertise you've only got so much money to promote you only got so much time to michael's point earlier about how do you balance it out while being able to put together a great holiday card gives you the ability to go out to literally hundreds if not thousands of people that you want to send it to your list might include every business in the community it might be all your client base so it just gives you the ability to show your work again and when you think about your stationary the holiday card is one piece but then you're stationary think about everything that we do today is online I mean I don't know about you guys but when I have to write something out longhand I misspell I can't I can't even sign my name right anymore now there's somebody out there that's going to go ahead that's because he's an old fart it's hard to write because I'm typing constantly everything I do is on a keyboard so the one I actually have to write a note a hand written note to somebody or hand written letter because I want I want somebody to know that whatever they did is really appreciated with special that hand written note has even mohr impact now it's another way to be able to get people to remember you know who you are and then the last part the last bullet here is now is the time to be planning it especially your holiday cards this is june you could take june and july and figure out all right what I want for my holiday cards pick out an image you might want to use on your stationary or on your business card how do I want my car to look hot on my stationary? Maybe I want to have note cards as well that I can use his thank you notes that I can use his little enclosures with people. Now is the time to be able to do that the note cards you could get in place in a week your holiday cards you drop in the mail sometime you know typically late november into early december makes sense so far so let's let's go let's go look at some. This is my this is like the first couple of holiday cards. This is blue cotton and allison pierce. They are photographers in costa mesa. I have saved their entire collection. I think I'm only missing one here and my slides they not only sent out images now and then of their own work they do ah whole scenario with featuring themselves in their card I'm going to show you two different styles the cards here this one I happen to love because the siri's now both of them are photographers the photographer they work with that does the shots is a good friend this is this is one year then they had the baby now this is funny this is this shows how gullible people are I mean they actually had calls from people upset that they had abused their son I mean, this is all done digitally gang they didn't hang him upside down and his name is fischer so hang fisher off the back of a fishing boat they didn't really do that but the card is terrific. It made us laugh it had a message inside. Um well these might be backwards. This may have been the one before uh now obviously I mean, hopefully everybody also noticed fisher there and not alison in the background and they came with the clown scene that blue became the grinch and fisher is growing up and this one I just thought was spectacular. This is last year's card now here's the part that's very cool and if you look at fisher I mean does he really looks like scrooge they've really done him up to look like a little old man the card was textured what's kind of cool is in the background as the uh was that the ghost of christmas past yeah in the background is fischer's baby sitter is the is the the nanny so they got everybody involved in the card the image is beautiful what the effort they put into them is beautiful and I know that I'm not the only one out there that hangs on to blue in alison's holiday card it's just a great way to remind everybody who they are and then what they did on the back of the card and this is where this is where you really get into you know the bread and butter of holiday cards and stationary blues god's special thanks to resa um at color face start dot com jessica fisher's baby sitter as ghost of christmas no ghost of christmas future and then blues got his email address as you are out just remind everybody how to get in touch with you is it an infomercial absolutely does it give credit to all the people involved in the in the shot? Of course it does and it's great I mean the three shots that they added there off of fisher so there's one and there's three more on the back now if you know blue cotton and allison piers the card couldn't be more genuine. I doubt that when they started doing this they even thought about it is a marketing tool I look at and say god what a great marketing tool but they couldn't be more sincere in their message and where some photographers will screw this message up is to say you know call me for about our update updated discount program or call me about our special packages this month. The only message you need on the back is who you are what you do you don't need any more than that on the back of the card and obviously how to get in touch with you I think helen nancy does fine art images by helen and then has her her uh u r l and her email address you conclude a phone number here's another one from one of my favorite photographers do you guys know katherine hall move over there. Yeah. Catherine is the one that referred to me. She actually introduced me to somebody wants is the godfather of photography it was a little embarrassing but it's stuck katherine took one of her shots. Katherine is on artist a wedding photographer, a photojournalist, a news commentator on amc. What else? I mean, there are they all jump in there but katherine took one of her images from india and used it on a card and then she went into a little more detail on the back. Katherine hall studios hindu pilgrims in the ganges katherine hall studios her phone number in forward katherine hall dot net and her u r l this is about getting your message out there. This is about making sure that people know who you are and what you do for a living and there isn't a better way that I can think of to do it and it's so soft sell that that I mean it's, in a way, in a way, it's hard sell but it's not offensive at all. You wishing people happy holidays doesn't matter what holiday they celebrate, you're out there with a great message saying, you know, I hope you have a good year, happy new year, whatever your message wants to be now, personally, I love it when people don't put a message on the inside and you do a hand written something. So if you were going to do a card like this, I would put him up in two batches. I would do one batch that has a very specific message, you know, happy holidays, uh, pushing you a happy new year, whatever you want to say and then sign, I would always sign them. I don't. I wouldn't put your pre printed name in there, I would actually take the time, it's not that big a deal. Take the time to actually sign your cards, and that group I would send out, possibly to potential clients, the chamber of commerce, people in the community, other retailers may be other photographers, and then I would do another set that you just had blank inside, that there might be let's, say fifty to seventy five people that in your world that air truly your your inner circle and maybe it's more than that, maybe it's less than that, you know, I love it when everybody says all I've got a lot of friends now. The reality is that all of us on lee have a certain number of friends, those of true friends that take your keys away from you when you shouldn't be driving that there to listen to your your babbling sometimes on whatever it is that's bothering you and that's where it's it's that group and then the maybe the next circle out that you might want to do a handwritten card or maybe it's somebody that's got the potential to be a great client and you've been you've been courting them, trying to get them interested. There it is, it's, a skippy that I've used like eight times already. No professional photographers should ever use store bought cards at holiday time. You need to show you work remind people which do for a living and there's no better way to do it and you can do other I mean, I'm obviously saying you've got to do it now because december and new year's in the end of the year is on its way, but use those cards at other times during the year there's nothing that says you can't pick a totally obscure day and do a fourth of july card a memorial day card if you go on the internet and I believe all you have to do google is three hundred sixty five excuses for a party you'll wind up getting just bizarre dates the things that you just never thought off you know when was the toilet seat invented? I don't know and who did it all those items aaron there and finding him and being creative is all part of being an artist and being a photographer so don't be afraid to send out cards at other times here two examples of notecards michaels is actually on my way on my wall in my office because I like the image so much michael coursen tino is thie image on the right and byron row by winning byron and wendy or in the portland area and just you know they did a block post for me on couples working together which is a very hot topic today there are so many husbands and wives involved in the business together these days and it's not an easy thing to do and byron just sent me a hand written note it was just a nice way to be able to get the message out and I want to go back just for a second more because I'm not this is an original thought here I've started talking about it I don't know I probably started talking about it about ten years ago maybe longer there are a lot of photographers or who are in the marketing to do some great programs and we've all been saying the same thing ah hand written note gets through the noise because nobody expects it and here's here's a great example you went to w p p I and you were able to get twenty minutes half an hour whatever with one of the managers from canon nikon or sony whoever's product you're shooting with and you just wanted to send a note to say thanks now think about they were in the middle of a convention I had an opportunity to talk to thousands of people but you were able to get him for fifteen to thirty minutes you got their business card you just want to send him a note back saying thank you that's all it's just getting through the noise it's just thanks for your time I can promise you they may forget you eventually but they will remember that they got the card and now if the cards got one year images on it you never know when that might just light a spark for another idea going back about oh my god it must be it must be fifteen years ago or so maybe twenty I had a chance to go to a meeting with george fisher who was then the president kodak and in that meeting there were there were three of us george was making himself accessible to the photo community was very cool it he had meetings all day in like twenty thirty minute intervals with three people at a time and I went in with two other people and it was just to talk about what's going on the industry I was there as as president has so glad somebody else was there from another company. I remember dennis reggie being there who was the the photographer with us and just talked about the business and somewhere in there I think it was dennis who said george and need more long hairs you need more guys with ponytails you need more contemporary people that kota well, I happen to find a baseball hat with one of those fake ponytails and I sent it to george about a week after I got back and I remember hearing stories about how he wore at home and here's this long ponytail and a baseball hat it just got through the noise and every time from that point on there was no reason for george to remember. May I mean, I know you guys think while president has to blab, but it was a little company in comparison to what kodak was then it was gigantic and castle glad was I was just one of a number of companies but that getting through that noise and a note, I put a little hand written no with it and that had I'm guessing he's probably still got it somewhere that gets you through the noise when you send a thank you note out it's doing two things that showing that you really you really appreciate what they did and thank you, it's thiss means a lot to me, thank you very much, but it's also going ahead, it's reminding them who you are and I'm not saying you're doing it just so you're always remembered, but those to work so well together that you want to go ahead and you want to get that message out there now. Michael course anti knows card michael was in florida visiting his mother she's in orlando. He drove two hours over to where we are in sarasota. I thought he was going to spend a few hours, michael nice sat up until like eleven something that night before he had to drive back just talking about the industry and then from that we want up. He did a loya podcast for me talking about so many photographers that just take their work this far instead of going that far what we're talking about today and everything we're talking about, you guys have to make yourself habit forming that's the whole goal by exceeding client expectations by exceeding every possible thing that they thought was going to happen and making it better making the experience of working with you even better than it wass you're establishing yourself and that's what michael and I were talking about about so many photographers just say all right that's good enough and stop when they could have worked on that image farther when maybe they should have done reshot it all kinds of things could have happened to have made that image better and stronger well, it's the same way with your thank you notes again it's showing a spectacular image don't just pick any in the job every image you ever published and when I say published it's your stationery that's your notecards it's in press releases it's on your website every image you publish has to be a wild print it has to make people go whoa, look at that look at the lighting I want a picture of of my dog looking like that, by the way, that that's just a spectacular shot of bills that that that's the one that needs to be on your home page. So michael went ahead and michael course in chino photography put his logo right in the middle put his is address in there and I want talk about addresses for a minute because fifty percent of the professional photographic community, especially in the portrait social category our part time photographers, some of you have other jobs and doing other things in the hopes that you're going to grow your business someday and become full time that's ok, the market has been fifty percent part time for twenty, thirty years I mean, it's it's a little higher now and more aware of it because of digital photography and everybody's ability to buy the same camera that a professional uses, but part of the market has always been part time, and people will say, well, I don't want people to know my home address. Well, you don't have to give him your home address just give them a way to contact you. So in this case, if michael didn't have a studio or in office or place that he wanted and met with people normally, then he could have easily left off the street address in the city, gone with his phone number in his email address, give people a way to contact you, think about how you feel when you call any company and you get that siri's of defaults. I mean, I'm just curious if you guys is anybody ever yelled at the robot, you're talking to a pre recorded doesn't feel good when you drop the f bomb on a robot there's something it's like it's, therapeutic it's you feel better what I want to know is how many companies record that interaction so they have got switchboard operators that are kind of constantly listening to this barrage but there's so many companies out there, nobody is used to getting a live body there's some great stories in the industry about people calling to get information on from ansel adams on his workshops and and ansel back in those days actually answering his own phone answer your phone be accessible I've had people comment about well, I don't have a separate phone line for my business, so I don't I don't want I don't want them calling on my home phone line because my kids are going to pick up get a separate line for your business there's no reason why with today's phone costs everybody should have their own phone line everybody should have their own email address their own you earl for their website I mean, when when I was when I was a kid back around alexander graham bell's day we had thing called party lines and there are only a handful people even listening now that can identify with what that is, but you pick up the phone and you'd hear somebody else talking you didn't know where they were they might have been next door might have been down the street, but you might have two, three, four families or more sharing the same phone line so you'd have to wait till they were done to use your phone but we don't have that problem anymore so give people a way to access you and most important of all when you do give them away get back to them if they leave a voice mail answer it answer it as quickly as you possibly can and we'll talk about that in just a few minutes his another idea on holiday cards and I actually actually have him here because I want to show you this is from j lawrence goldman jay is in los angeles great photographer primarily wedding an event photography but there isn't anything he can't shoot he's done some beautiful jewelry work and tabletop some commercial work he's had magazine covers with with some of the jewelry magazines and he's just all around great photographer he was also the keyboard player um you guys anybody at w p p I you heard the band all right so he was he was the keyboard player in the band with gerry g onus and tony and robert hughes and it was just a great crowd but j went ahead and sent this out as a holiday gift to me along with other clients and what he took wass uh what do we got there? Uh three, six, seven cards actually they're eight there must be one I didn't feature he just put a hand written note on the inside we'll put that over there, and then he provided envelopes and and the cards themselves. The work is beautiful and one of the things that he that he did it's kind of neat because the insert in the card had all that information on it here. In fact, you guys can take a closer look. Is that because the quality of the cards really nice? He sent it it's a holiday gift to me with the cards. I probably would have used him already if I hadn't wanted to save them for my marketing program. He's done it to clients and friends. I don't know how many he sent out. I probably should have asked him. Want to talked about using this for my program? He patched it together with envelopes. So everything is there. So he's showing his image and on the back of each card he's got his logo in the url it's just it's. Just perfect. He's got everything there now to take it a step further. He went ahead and he's got that hand written note. Nothing, nothing fancy and what he said. Just a nice message. Jay is a good guy. I hope all is well wishing you and your family the best holiday simple, but the other things he did and that's why they're circled there look at the buzzwords here because when we get into your websites, probably because it's could be after lunch go into what start getting into websites. We're going to talk about key buzzwords all those words and adjectives that you know would have learned if you hadn't cut english class and that's, not necessarily the five u that's three quarters of the people listening custom printed j might have printed them himself, but they are custom printed there, not just printed cards. Eight custom printed, limited edition two thousand eleven now I can promise you of jason's out cards this year, and I and I'm lucky enough to be on his list. I'm going to save that with the first siri's I love this idea. Limited edition two thousand eleven cards he didn't just send out hey here, my cards for this year limited edition I mean it's so key we used to fight over mary ellen marks. I think she still sends him out. Mary ellen mark would send hassle, bled a holiday card and it was nothing more than a five by five print on really heavy stock paper. She addressed him on the back and put a stamp. Or maybe she put him in an envelope. Sometimes we used to fight over these things here's, one of the most famous photographers in the world, and she sent us a card I want at least two out of the twelve years I was there because I still have them I don't know who got the other years but she sent out her own images and signed them now art notecards he's not just saying cards hand signed by j lawrence goldman hand signed he's an artist he's not just sending you prince his hand signing them job using great wedding photographer and I wrote a book with jo ellan that came out about a year and a half ago two years ago when joe does a preview with his clients when they come in to look at their proofs and joe is in los angeles he's got this big beautiful sixteen by twenty print he's picked one of his favorite prince and he signs it and he's got it framed and hanging on the wall when they come into view their proofs now the idea of doing it is terrific and it's an extra something that a client would never expect but the fact that he hand signs it is the key again it's like get let's get out of this internet world just for a little bit hand signs that any hand signs it because he's an artist and that's what I love about about chase card here all of those cards I mean think about it j sat down one evening he's got the tv going and he's watching something and he's just he's just signing cards so it took him a couple hours to put all these together it's such a great idea to be able to approach promote you work and to do it in a way that is totally classy now you guys are all going to your own cards this year right? Right if you're not I will I will hunt you down and come down and just beat the crap out of him except for carlos is bigger than I am then I'll have to send somebody so let's look at another one now this is what I love about this is how well the business card ties in with their brochure classic kids is a studio on montana in santa monica montana is this wonderful little street that you walk up and down and count the celebrities even though I always get their names wrong but that's monday montana is just it's a wonderful little street one of the things they could do in california that you could never do in seattle is they have a mailbox right? They're attached to the wall with free take one cards and what what lauren and her crew have done is put the cards out there the business cards are in the box and another box are there they're postcard flyer and what I loved about this and if you go to classic kids photography dot com you'll also see continuity into their website you'll see the same look and feel all the way through this is brilliant marketing but it's also brilliant not just because of the execution but the work is terrific the business card image is terrific there isn't a mother or grandmother on planet earth that isn't gonna look at that and say, oh god, we got to get pictures taken of the kids so they've tied together classic kids has taken their images together the quality of their work which is outstanding and they put that together in a card and there's the take one card which I'm assuming they also used for mailing their business card absolutely stands out and shows you exactly you know exactly what they do for a living you know exactly who they are, how good they are where they are there's the address there's the phone number there's the website and hip shots for kids now another thing they did on the website that I love they promote their client base in their galleries as tiny, small, medium, large and furry I think that was it or maybe that maybe it was extra large but it was it was newborns, toddlers, older kids, teenagers, seniors and pets and it was just it's just beautiful it's very clever and again there isn't a single image on the site that isn't a keeper or least all the ones that I looked at they're not putting up any images that air that any client would ever go no, I don't know I don't like I don't think I don't think they're very good now they're also doing a lot of black and white we'll talk about it later and I keep saying that I hate like the fact that I keep saying it but when you talk about we talk about your web sites you need to bring black and white into your galleries you need to show different kinds of work to show your skill set to show yourself as an artist you don't have to show a color you don't have to show all black and white you don't have to get overly cheesy on your use of filters remember with filters sometimes less is more there's a there's a great line that I love I mean if you if you've got a bad image that was just a bad image then let it go and take another one there's a great expression that I love that'll probably offend somebody but you can't buff a turd if it's bad it's bad so stop trying to fix it and just add more and more in when what you really should do maybe you need to reshoot it may be it's an image that you just don't use on your website maybe it's an image that the client just wasn't happy with and and you were ableto clean it up so I got off track just a little bit, but it's all under that same category if your skill set is not standing and your client when they look at your website, your images, your notecards, your holiday cards, if they don't scream, I'm a professional. If they look at that card and they say uncle harry could do that for me, then you're missing the boat. You're missing that opportunity to really show off your work and that's what I love about classic kids and lauren and what they've done and it's a good time to talk about business cards, too, and then I think they will take a couple questions. Give people information on your card, there's no such thing as too much information, unfortunately, this card right here now this is the way so many photographers have their cards, they just give the all they gave me was a website and a name. If you're in the segment of the business where you are expecting phone calls, where you want to get the phone to ring, give them a phone, give them an email address and we'll talk about the same thing when we look at your contact pages uh, when, when you five guys are under the microscope, all boy there's no such thing as too much information let them know who you are again if you work out of your home and you don't want people give people your home address that's ok that's not a bad thing but give them a way to contact you give them a way to talk to should take some questions let's, take some questions question from one of our regulars in the chat room bananas do you think it's ok for photographers who may not be so established to use the kind of language like hand signed and limited edition on cards? Or would it appear like you were blowing your own trumpet? So no, I think it's okay to use providing you've got a reason to hand sign it if it's a crappy image and let's go let's go that direction first, if the quality of the images in there and you're trying to say hey it's hand signed ok, fine, it doesn't have the same impact if the image is outstanding and it really tugs of people's hearts and it's really a stunning image, then you have every right to be proud of it, so I would I have no issue with it what's what's my class think fake it till you make it your fake achievement because I've got a great fake it till you make it card tony core bell and I were doing a workshop in in tucson and he introduced me to a student his that showed me their business card and on the business card and this kid couldn't have been more than between let's say twenty five and twenty eight years old. It said I was mixed up the city's now it doesn't really matter. Los angeles, new york, paris and I sat there when it's unbelievable. How did you get how do you get to have places to your offices in those three locations? He said, no, but I want to go there someday, you know, as photographers, everybody everybody forgets did you can take your skill set anywhere you go, you throw everything into a into a camera bag or a case, you'll go anywhere. Is there any of you that wouldn't go anywhere? One of your clients ask for if they weren't paying the cost you do, you do on location, work, you do destination weddings, doo doo destination weddings outside chicago do you go like all the way to des moines? Are bermuda all right? There's a good one? Sherry's qualified now to put bermuda on her card, so yeah, I don't I don't know that it if if the image is yours because I've read some horrible things lately on people that have stolen images from other photographers providing the image is yours and you really did created and you are the artist there was nothing wrong and being proud of that image and signing it ok next question we have a couple people asking this in terms of the type of imagery and so mary peterson from greenville south carolina says should be used fine art or favorite images of clients on our hard it holiday cards and that boot would more ass says skip this is great info for thank you cards what kind of images work best a picture of me the photographer or my work with the exception of blue cotton and allison pierce and who also angela carson and steve from detroit do it they do their own image of them on the card bob and don davis and chicago do their whole family kevin cambodia and claire do their family they also do one of their staff I think it depends on who you are and where you are in your career and who you're sending it to there's some images that it absolutely makes sense to do your family and the way your position it if you're sending out for example a thousand cards in the community to retailers to companies with business you wantto a choir who you want to you want to work for them you want to do you want to do the head shots let's say for all the salesman at the local waters auto ship somewhere in town I would use one of your own images and I would make it an image that's relevant to the topic so if you're sending everything out to the jaguar dealer in town then I would do some great tar car shots or something that related to the same interest as your holiday card now my costume or because you're going to you're going to print another set of cards but I would make it more relevant and I would try and keep it relevant to who you are in your skill set so if for example you got one really great boy damn lucky son shot of an eagle that was coming across and it was a sunset you've got that one shot to everyone you ever got but you're primarily a wedding photographer then I would make sure that those two irrelevant I wouldn't use that on your holiday card that's and again remember something in fact remember something with everything I say and um carlos jared and sherry already heard this I'm probably right on most of things that I'm suggesting but you have to go with your heart is a photographer so if you're not comfortable with something I'm saying oh no I really don't want to do it that way that don't do it that way that's okay I'm giving you suggestions that I had that have a proven track record that I've seen work over and over again and it's just good basics so the kind of image you use on a card now with thank you notes thank you know it's a good example because you can you might want to do four five different sets of thank you notes that show all kinds of different image is kind of like jay's jay could easily use all of those cards of hiss that were in my gift pack as individual cards if he wanted. So just make him relevant to your skill set. Thanks. Take one more. Uh, tx doc had asked in regards to the business card that you just showed. Is it ok to show the web site to direct clients there where they can use a contact form with that help screen out phone calls about info that can be found on the website? Okay, thank you. What was who said that in that is tx doc. Okay, so tx doc, thank you for asking that question because you I couldn't give me a better lead in what difference does it make if they do call you with questions that they found on your website? We're in business photography, especially photography is service related. You're in a business where people need to get to know who you are, you are the product now, it's true, you're providing an album, you're providing a video, you're providing photographs but getting to know you is all part of it and when you get that call and I have an example, here we go again later in my presentation of being able to give that kind of feedback, why wouldn't you want the call? Why wouldn't you want every full on the planet to call you? Because they didn't understand something that was clearly spelled out in your website, but you suddenly had the ability to make contact and show your personality. So from my perspective, I want to take the call I'm not a big fan of contact forms, mostly because most people don't believe they're ever going to get an answer. I have a handful of photographers that are on my calendar that will remain nameless, who I've written to over the last year using their contact form and never heard back from now it's not necessarily their fault, but they've used somebody else's system, for example, for their contact form and maybe their system wasn't working the way it should that day, and it just went into cyberspace in the black hole disappeared. So from my perspective, you need to have a contact form on your website it's a good idea to still have it, but as far as I'm concerned, let them calling you want the calls if they actually kept your business card long enough to remember to call you to ask a question even though it could have been found on the website given one stop shopping because when you talk to them you might find out other questions they might be asking you how much your rate by tens and they really met do you come on location for my would you come to my house for a sitting to do on location where you don't know what they're really asking so I would take every opportunity I can tow actually talk to a customer every customer, every potential client you can physically touch who are right there that can hear your voice that can see you meet you is a plus that's what you're after skip that actually happened to me my contact for was going to the wrong you know address because I haven't gotten any e mails from anyone that's that I'll scratch you off the list because that was going to talk to you about that okay did you have one more question and we're gonna go I think we can keep going okay another example some great slides now kate kate on lee has a website address but kate works here a creative life but she's also a photographer and what I love about these cards kate I have a handful here I can I can hand you guys just to take a look at kate, went ahead and printed them in different sizes she's got two cards and each each image real contemporary fine art look, and they're really in line with who kate is as an artist, and I write it's also responsible for a lot of e mails to me saying, I need this. Kate is an artist, there's no doubt when you look at that card, kate is an artist and having a couple of having different cards great way to be able to show your work, it's just another way to remind people who you are now there's some cards if you look at my card totally boring, it's got my am for my logo, but my my work, what I do is educational its marketing, its consulting it's it fits with what my business background is. You guys are all artists, so whether you use images on your card or you do a car that's got a fine art look, or you do an accordion or fold out card, give people information on who you are. Remember also in your images, kate selection of images has been really good on the card you don't want to show, for example, the sunset in the grand canyon, which is this big on a card that's this. So remember, when you're picking your images out for your cards that use images that makes sense, that show is much of whatever it is you're trying to photograph

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You know how to focus your camera, NOW focus your business. Professional photographers today have greater marketing capabilities and reach than at any time in the history of photography, but a winning strategy has to be aligned across all aspects of your business.

Skip Cohen will take you through a complete analysis of your business and give you tools for growth. Skip will focus on the art of a successful website, developing PR campaigns, planning your promotional calendar, networking, branding and time management, just to name a few.