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Let's start with the obvious everybody knows that I have sleeves that go all the way down and I can't stand would be like sitting here in a tux today let's get comfortable uh right off the bat I want to make sure everybody knows that there are seven that I need to remember which camera to look at right off the bat we're going to make sure that I want you understand there's some certain certain things that I am not going to cover today I'm not going to get into teo ecm there's a ton of places that you could get help out there and a lot of people more qualified on that than I am I'm not going to talk about google plus very much uh I'm just getting to know it myself. I'm primarily active in facebook and twitter that I used most the time as well as just some good old fashioned basics also in terms of cloud and google plus and stumbled upon there was a great program just a week ago with lindsay adler, who did a great job in a one day program on social media that's where if you're looking to...

start to get more help, that would be a great video to pick up and start to expand your library so you know what you're doing with those but that's not my expertise what is my expertise? Is jude just good old solid basic common sense marketing and we've just we've lost it our lives have gotten busy were actively trying to build a website and in the middle of building a website you forget little things is simple is spell check just the basics now it's not going to be quite that basic but we're going to talk about over the next two days there are eight different segments in the program I'm looking can and make sure that I get a right there eight there eight different segments we're going to cover and one of the things that I love to remind everybody and this applies to any convention that you go to how many how many people out there raise your hand I always love to see how many people on the other side of the world raise their hand just now how many people saw city slickers there was a great scene with jack palance is curly where he says to billy crystal the streak is secret to life is just one thing and billy says well what's the one thing and he says well that's for you to find out it's the same when you tend to workshop people sit there and they take notes like crazy so fast and spend so much time taking notes that a lot of times they miss the point that the speaker is saying so whether it's my workshop or any workshop you go to your really just looking for one piece of low hanging fruit one thing that's easy to implement that you can take from the workshop and go back and start to work on it right away and what I'm suggesting to you guys is just look for that one thing you can watch the videos later one thing that you pull out of each section today that you could take back and say all right, this is an easy one I can go ahead and do this it's easy to implement I understand it and that's the thing you want to take back and get out of each program and that applies to anybody's workshop that you go to because there's so much packed into every program these days especially because of social media because of the tools we've got his presenters now there's just a ton of information out there that you can you can put into one program so a net on that no and I'm looking I have do have little notes here um let's talk about my background I want to take five minutes and give you my background because right off the bat it shows where my marketing came from uh going off graduating high school going off to college I was every parent's nightmare I convinced my parents that if I if I had my own apartment I would study more that was too much too much noise in the dorm on dh they bought it I convinced them that if I had a car I'd come home more often I went to school in southern ohio or at least that's where he started in southern high fight a car so now I've got now I've convinced them bye bye the start of my sophomore year I've got a new apartment off campus I've got a car that I'm paying a local motel ten bucks a month too hide behind the motel because you weren't allowed to have cars there's my mom there's marketing that's marketing and sales at its best now my college experience was absolutely at its worst I mean I was absolutely too young too immature had no idea what I wanted to be doing in life and went off to school to basically make a mess of it and eventually they said all right good bye now in nineteenth oh my god in nineteen seventy time magazine had a picture of college grad of a college grad pumping gas on the cover and I remember that so well I was asked to leave school went to work at polaroid polaroid at that time had oh I don't know twenty one twenty two thousand people worldwide it was fortune five hundred it was one of the major companies in the united states and certainly in new england I fell in love with a combination of business and the company and somewhere in their image ing started to play a role now had been active in high school in the local paper in the yearbook I had worked at the local newspaper when they used to have to do the old engravings on a on a cylinder that was just so archaic when you think about technology today that career polaroid was seventeen incredible years starting it to eighty nine an hour with all the bottles that I could wash in a in a lab wearing a little white lab coat and a pocket protector and a slide rule which most people today most kids that they don't even know what a slide rule is but I was doing experiments in a research lab this is before osha so I come home at night and I blow my nose if it came out red blue or yellow you knew what color dies we were working on and it was just a crazy time polaroid was so aggressive there was so much excitement going on sx seventy got introduced and I just enjoyed growing up in the company I got a cold call one day from a headhunter who said at that point I was photo especially dealer manager which is how I got to know a lot of camera shops the united states and I got a call from somebody who said hey skip we'd like to know if you know of anybody that might be interested in being president of a small camera company and I went to hang up on I'm thinking it was my brother in law clowning around I do a lot of practical jokes there a lot of I o use out there that I don't sleep at night because some day some of these friends are going to get back at me oh and I went to hang up the phone as this guy is screaming no no no this is legitimate, you know and here's my name well, the job was president has supplied yusa which was based in new jersey gave my resignation to polaroid obviously took the job with house of glad and that's the point where I really look at my start on the professional side of photography that was eighty seven I was there for twelve years when two guys came in and convince me that I should be part of the internet they were launching a company called photo alec dot com it was a great idea unfortunately it didn't survive and when the dot com stop dot com economy imploded so did photo alley and that's where my relationship came in with range finder publishing going from my hasselblad days to photo alley for a couple of years on dh then to range finder publishing came into range finders president arrange finder magazine and p p p I we later launched after capture and that was an incredible seven years and that's probably where I met a lot of you because that window with w p p I and range finder was really critical in terms of me getting to know more photographers b'more involved in different aspects of the industry and do a lot of the things that I love doing today. Three years ago in the worst economy certainly in my lifetime I made the decision that it was time to go. I want to do my own thing and I started marketing essentials international which really is just an umbrella for me to be able to stand under and do all the things that I love doing best we launch skipped summer school the akron photo siri's was a fundraising program where I convinced a number of very good friends including matthew jordan smith at akron was the hub of the universe and he needed to do a workshop in akron. I'm sorry matthew akram was great we did a lot of great programs we raised ten thousand dollars for akron children's hospital and that project moved when last fall I made a decision that my folks air in there late eighties and my dad's going to be ninety there's some health issues and I really wanted to be closer to family and shell and I packed up ohio and moved to sarasota, florida which is where I am now. The cool thing is that thanks to the internet thanks the computer I could be anywhere doesn't matter. I mean, I talked to all five of you in the last two weeks, probably between telephone internet. We're going to look at websites. In fact, I want to just do a big thank you to these five live audience members today because they're not only here to get a better understanding of marketing, but they're really here to help me, because we're going to use examples from their websites, your web sites and there's some of your images here on the walls to really make a point about some of the things that are great that you're doing and some of the things that you can do better. We're going to talk about networking. We're going to talk about even direct mail, which still has a little bit of life in it if you do it the right way. So on that note questions when she agree that talking your parents into a car, an apartment is I mean, that is my that's great marketing.

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You know how to focus your camera, NOW focus your business. Professional photographers today have greater marketing capabilities and reach than at any time in the history of photography, but a winning strategy has to be aligned across all aspects of your business.

Skip Cohen will take you through a complete analysis of your business and give you tools for growth. Skip will focus on the art of a successful website, developing PR campaigns, planning your promotional calendar, networking, branding and time management, just to name a few.