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Let's wrap up almost wrap up the following presentations has presentation has been approved for photographers who need to be reminded that clock is always ticking and time stands still for no one guys, you have to have a promotional calendar if you don't have a promotional calendar, listen to this listen to the sound of this thing you're backto walking around with that battery pack you're back to being obsolete you need to be thinking ahead so that you can plan out your year and I'm going to give you a whole bunch of ideas on things that you could be doing and I'm also going to show you vicki toppers calendar again because vicky is created more dates I mentioned yesterday than hallmark has ever thought of for events and you could do it in every possible aspect. Professional photography it doesn't matter whether your children or wedding or family it's laying out some kind of calendar where you've always got something going on. So promotions one o one here my seven ingredients for a grea...

t promotion right off the bat they need to be fun, it has to be something that people really want it's gotta have a strong perceived value, you know every now and then we get something in the mail let's say that's a discount and you're getting five percent off I saw one the other day that's the all you can eat I don't know china buffet in sarasota and you got you got a dollar off with the coupon do any of us go anywhere for a dollar off on anything? I mean a dollar off right now your gas price up here for high test is for sixty nine for for ninety one octane my grandmother my grandmother would cost your grandmother would say the dollar okay out the depression but you'd have to drive her because I can't drive anymore um bz to understand keep them simple I have seen promotions that air so calm plaques that people can't figure them out they need to be easy to administer that's on your end I mean, I had a special offer last year for summer school that if you brought up another student you got x amount back if you bought two you got x amount something else it don't make them complicated make your keeper promotions simple they need to have great publicity potential so in other words has got to be so good that maybe somebody in the local paper or even forget a local paper maybe you're just going to get people talking to each other and sharing the news about it they need to bay partnership friendly are their partners you could bring in that'll help you spread the word so whatever the promo is and cross promoting is a fun thing working with a florist, for example that when you use that florist, you get a discount or not a discount you get something added value from your wedding photographer the wedding photographer could do something to give added value back to the florist being able to cross promote children's photography you could tie them the same way, tying in with the children shoot and a maybe it's a gift certificate or something to a local restaurant that's really popular with kids and last you need to have a target audience for example, if you doing a maternity promotion in bay harbour island, florida, where the average age is eighty five, you're not going to get that might be the height of optimism you're not going to get a lot of new moms out of an audience that's very at the very high end of being senior citizens, you've got to make sure that you've got the right target if you're in an area that has very young demographics and really is a new community and doesn't have a lot of high school seniors it's not the right place to do some kind of probation or something special for seniors if you're doing something with kids, you want to be in a community that has kids this is where I mean it's a simple is online I used to say a trip to the library, but our whole library now is write online we've got access to everything in the world that no library really ever had just by going into google and understanding what the demographics are the community when I look at vicky's pet promotion, she hit him all she had all seven in that it was fun it's got great value it's a free session in five by seven it was easy to understand great pr potential in terms of pets it had partnership promote ability you've got the three partners involved in right there circled and it had a very definite target audience that's why it worked she had now she probably could have missed one or two there and been fine if it had been difficult to administer, then vicki would have as much gray as I do right now you don't want it would only have been hard on her it still could have been a great promotion, so you could miss some of those a little bit, but if you've got all seven, then you get to keep your sanity and you've got a promotion that works. So just remember those those seven points are so important here's just a whole bunch of promotional ideas we just missed the opportunity you would have needed to start promoting I always recommend you start promoting at least thirty days out of whatever you're going to do if you go too far out, people think they have time and they procrastinate if you're too short, they think, well, they don't I don't have time to even think about that anymore. So you had mothers day just in terms of of spring to now events his mother's day prom father's day graduation right off the bat there's your may june seasonality around different themes when people are likely to have pictures taken july fourth starts to pick up vacation traffic then you start getting into back to school we get into the fall and you've got back to school. You've got homecoming halloween thanksgiving, the december holidays so you've got this seasonality and we all know I mean, you see it in terms of of retail spending, you see it in terms of consumer events and things that are going on in your community. I've talked earlier about january, february, march being, you know, slow times for most studios now sherry mentioned that's when she does most of her bookings, but she's not shooting a lot of weddings to get a lot of fun valentine's day is chicago big on valentine's day? No no, what about up here? No ok, they used to find it, at least in my mind it used to be I bet it could be I mean, the the restaurants and bars have a big thing with it, so it's probably an untapped market that's where you close the sale you know, in the restaurants and the bars so they're picking it up on on valentine's day between the couples in the romance I guess that's where the ring said where the ring shows up well and I know in our in our boudoir photography workshops that valentine's day was a big time to do that it would make sense uh you've got an opportunity work with your lab find out from your lab if they've got a new products talk to your lab your lab should be in your network and we just talked about about w h c c now white house they ought to be in your network somebody at the lab can tell you you could you might call them and find out, develop a relationship with the lab and find out all right, you know what kind of what could I use? We're kind of different products. Yeah? What do you sell that? What items can you create that I haven't done before? And you get a good person at white house and they're going to be able to plant all kinds of body is in your, uh, album companies same thing you've got somebody at album epoca they're talking to hundreds of photographers every week they've got ideas that they pick up all the time they've got new products that are coming in all the time new partnership with other bitten businesses in the community we've talked about that you saw two great promotions that vicki talked about and bambi talked about where they brought in other players in the community were several non competing companies this is donald lie bees consumer bundling idea from years ago you've got the ability to get partnerships going cross promote between you now make sense it's so easy we've talked about weddings and all the possibilities pets we've talked about possibilities children they're all kinds of possibilities on the commercial side if you were commercial photographers there possibilities working with printers at agencies with different product companies on last year last year last on the item is new gear or service that you might be providing sherry didn't you just buy a big printer you got a big print of that you've got an opportunity to create a promotion around the new baby in the family and being able to offer something that you haven't offered before on location with with big prints because you've got the ability to do it right there it's another and it also all of these are all become pr releases every one of them is another idea in terms of things you can do for promotion and we're going to go into more of them you want fries with that I mean if we've learned nothing else from mcdonald's and burger king and weaken biggie size are drink and we can get a jumbo fries and weaken by things in packages there are more things again that fall in their hard goods album frames big prints canvas metal prints multiple prints toys for the tech weenies out there with digital frames and ipads being able to give a client a digital frame that's already loaded with all the images from their wedding from their day in the life that's got something that's exciting slide shows novelty items website pages videos calendar's there's so much out there and everybody will you get stopped you know I don't know what to do oh I guess I could do twenty percent off if you come in by five o'clock on saturday everybody's done it already look for things that are different look for things that get partners in the community there's a there's a great story and I actually I actually set him on email and said a doug can I steal that the analogy that use all the time doug boxes a photographer texas his website is doug box dot com will bring it up in a minute I'll talk a little bit more about doug but I heard doug do ah analogy years ago in a presentation that just hit me so hard the issue is how much do you charge for an eight by ten bill what did you just give me a number and indeed twenty nine dollars okay twenty nine dollars for an eight by ten so a customer calls and says how much your eight by ten's your answer is there. Twenty nine dollars. Now, just for a second, let's, change gears and pretend we're all in the bakery business. Client calls customer calls and says how much your cakes well, I don't know what kind of how big a cake. How many people are going to serve any peanut allergies? Are you gonna pick it up? Do we have to put something on the top? Are we putting a photograph on the top, which is a fun kind of thing to see on a now, do you want an ice cream cake? You want she cake? Double layer, boston cream. What flavor do you want? Right. You'd ask all those questions now. The reality is that none of us are in the bakery business. But we know the questions they ask. And yet his photographers, everybody does the same thing. Everybody answers twenty nine, ninety five or whatever their prices for an eight by ten. Why in the world don't we do want fries with that? Well, eight by ten are you are you asking? Can we provided by tens? Do you know we have a special going on now? With the sitting feet here in the studio, is it on location, is there any restoration involved? Did you know that we not only have a pack? We have eight by ten's, but we have a complete package with eight by ten's five by sevens and and a canvas print did you want that as a canvas eight by ten or do you want a medal print there's so many others black and white color? I mean you can go on we could probably come up with twenty five qualifiers right now so that when somebody called and said how much weight by tens we don't just give him the answer, we go ahead and we take that do you want fries with that approach and find out what they're really asking because they could be asking a dozen other questions that nuts not just about selling an eight by ten is an image we took or you're gonna like you want us to photograph? Do you have the file? Is a digital? Is it an old print and you've got the negative and you're asking do we provide it? Well, I mean how much your eight by ten's don't just give them one answer and there's a great analogy that's part of doug boxes piece that I heard tony core values years ago and I'm going to steal that one too tony talked about your standing on main street of disney and you say to somebody from disney what time's the electric light parade and they'll say that's at nine o'clock and, you know, a really great place to stand it's right over there by the little old apothecary shop, they don't just give you one answer. They give you a whole bunch of things, they give you more information than you're really asking for, so they really can go ahead and qualify them, or and you can give them more. So whether it's, mcdonald's, you want fries or disney giving more information, I just I love doug's analogy on this because none of us are in the bakery business, and yet we know the questions to ask. So it's doug box, why even put the all the w's in which we don't even bother to do anymore? I must have. It must have been having a tough day. Doug box stuck box dot com there's dug down on the right with his foot up on the table. I loved to pick on him because he's from texas and if you guys have ever noticed, you never see a texan alone. There are only several texans together, that's just part of being texas, but doug has got some great information there and hangs out with a whole bunch of great photographers, so they've got a great in fact there's another opportunity that should it out on my list is the texas school phenomenal program one of the largest schools in the country with some of the greatest photographers for a week or so every year very cool and that's texas texas a photographic workshops dot dot com I think there is so thank you doug so other products you can sell um actually we went through this already this is a slide that just got moved over here we had it we had it in here earlier um just a few minutes ago and then I also had it in some of south things sorry about that let's take another look at calendars and laying out the promotional cal because that's where we're headed this is vicky's from two thousand four this is vicky's from two thousand twelve which will go to in a second but in terms of what vicki was doing at the time it's remarkable she had two key dates in january called snow fairies and all dressed up february was yee ha me and my pet and the champ second through the twelfth of march children formals and shabby chic grandparent's special funny faces week april best friends baseball dreams may little flyers she actually had the little leather the little leather flyer helmets and the goggles and the leather jackets to make him look like like biplane pilots once upon a time in the garden little heroes and chanted fairies me and my pet brought back again in june I mean all those dates just already it's it's one of the best promotional counters I've ever seen it's I mean she thought of more dates there and the whole idea is that this was actually part of a four panel piece that opened up a long ways and accordion doubt and she had on each page with something different and it was actually part of their holiday card wishing you happy two thousand three she had a section in there with a coupon for seniors down in the bottom remember our continuous specials baby's birthday expressions hand colored funny faces if you plan on more than one session in the next two years, check out the v I p card special on our website think about a frequent buyer club I think bambi's is called the mud puddle club vicky had the v I p the issue is especially with children it's perfect the mohr and you photograph the more you're photographed by my studio the bigger the discounts align yourself with clients everybody for mayor with image boxes you are you've got you've got a beautiful box mostly album companies have them and in there is our several matted prince it's a great selling tool I would give every bride and groom one of those as a gift empty with nothing but the mats and on the back of each man I would have a discount a coupon so I keep saying discount I'd have a promotional offer that reminds them come in on your first anniversary for a sitting here's something that's going to give you something special when the first babies born here's something with I don't know first communion first day of school here's something that relates to first christmas first holiday season first hanukkah whatever it ties back in so they've got this box there and over the next you've got let's say you've got three to five years of different events that you're going to put in there and these things they're coming up and then you've also got the ability to remind them check your image box and remember that this year is your first anniversary don't forget to call me and schedule a city and then tie that all in together with more promotions then vicky went ahead here's this year's and this is on her website ties in two twos spring special vintage feels dog days of summer she's got coming up in june don't forget the four legged members of your family this ten minutes studio sessions so she's already set the expectations do not come in expecting a two hour session with your pop it's a ten minute session it includes one five by seven give print for fifty dollars and one thirty pound bag of food to donate two taps which I'm assuming um is the uh animal humane society splits bless but can you say it splish splash christmas in september great idea get a head start when I picked the name and we decided on skipped summer school and I don't know if I'll ever get around to doing it or not, but we thought how fun would it be to do skip summer school in the middle of february in some godforsaken city that's buried in snow do it in these coast where it's cold and it's ugly and let's do let's do summer school have some fun with it get people thinking now I mean this is going to get vicki thinking about get a head start on the holidays. This twenty minute studio session includes twenty four holiday cars and one facebook image four hundred seventy five dollars it's already put together a package in the warehouse old sake st nick tying in with I'm getting unique portrait with santa this ten minute studio session includes one five by seven give print for fifty dollars and a new unwrapped toy you've got to bring the toys for tykes I mean she's tying it with the charity she's got a discount on a package it includes you're sitting fee and she suddenly got a promotion and she's got a calendar there of all those events, so you've got to think about promotions my recommendation is start out with one major promotion each quarter and if you really are ready to go yet, then don't worry about it set up one of the first half one second half the point is that you've got at least two events that you're going to have in place that you're going to be planning on doing remember your seven ingredients if you can hit all seven then you've got a good shot at a winner and don't use don't use your own head to decide if you really hit all seven get your spouse get a partner get a friend get another photographer you work with get your next door neighbor get somebody else to look at and say what do you think if I hit all seven is this program does this sound is fun is like if it does I don't know how many times I've said that she was just look all right no no that side is there's a great story about about dean collins saying that his wife told about linda would say to dean you know all right this is outfit make my butt look fat he said no you're but his fat yeah it's like bone ok so much for honesty ask somebody else get somebody outside your business or in your business that isn't as close to it as you are taking answer remember the seasonality remember there is logical seasonality there's certain times of the year that it's really tough to do much of anything it's hard to do certain things like in the middle of summer with certain groups because I mean, kids might be off school, but mom and dad don't necessarily want to take the time a lot of people are going on vacation don't book a promo on on the holiday fourth of july is not a good day to run a promo when everybody's gone or doing things more don't don't nail it on the holiday pay attention to seasonality give yourself time to plan, build, promote, execute most important of all, give you time to follow up I'm going to talk about following up in a second, but follow up once you've done the program, then sit down and figure out I was a good that I really make any money was it was a hectic what really socked? What do I need to change to make this easier to understand? Because I just worked my ass off and I only had two people show up and I promoted it and I look at what the ingredients are that maybe didn't fit together. Maybe it was like oil and water in one aspect and you just didn't see it do fill in pro man promo is between the big ones, so if you had quarterly pro mose and I'm going to go to a list of ideas on fill ins, then look for fill ins that kind of taking the down time, so you're not going up and down like this but you're leaving it out, maybe going down a little bit, but you're back up again, so you've got a promo, you come down a little bit, but you've got something going on. It could be a simple is just doing an open house, and if it's not an open house in your studio, because you don't have a studio and maybe it's an open house to show your work, and you've got a restaurant that you're going to work with, or you're gonna have a hospitality suite in a local hotel someplace that people recognize is a great place to go, and they're gonna look at your work and be able to talk to you. Uh, if a promo doesn't work, don't let it throw you off. Not everything is going to be on a you're not going to get one hundred percent out of every single promo you do, you'll have some pro mose that will god, I can't believe I did that, and you'll have some that you're going to sit there going, oh man, what did I do? Just learn from your mistakes, there's a great line from bill gates about mistakes, upset contact customers are the most that we're the most valuable to microsoft, because they had a chance to learn from those people, so an angry customer, a customer that's upset yes, it's a bad thing short term that could be a really good thing long term, it could be something that you learn from it totally helps you change your policies or your program or your pricing don't forget about frequent buyer programs. I did it already, so now you're going to say, and I can say it again, this is what happens after two days of teaching because you're sitting there going that I say that already? No, I don't think I did. I put it on a slide two weeks ago, a month ago, I did ok, so remember frequent flyer program remember to do things that have continuity that keep bringing people back it's just like the diversity we talked about phil in pro most I mentioned an open house and exhibit do a community contest, you are the local photog offer you could do a contest in your community and come up with a prize and maybe the prizes that they're going to get a a session, they're going to get a free portrait session, maybe the prizes or even better, maybe you're going to cope. You're going to co promote with a local vendor in town and you're not only going to get a sitting with you is the photographer, but they're also going to get, I don't know a mother's day bouquet they're going to get dinner for two at something they're going to get a variety of things look for opportunities to cross promote because you're helping them, you're getting the word out on what they're doing, they're going to get the word on what you're doing and suddenly you've got that partnership playing for you. Um ah community, I'm sorry. Career day at the middle school. I talked about that yesterday. There isn't a school on the planet that hasn't lost some piece of what they thought they were entitled to in the community. Taxes, taxes don't pass and schools don't get the support going in and doing a community day, doing a career day rather in your local middle school. Even elementary school kids go home and talk about it. Hey, mom, you know that scary guy? Carlos? Well, he changed his picture on his site and he came in your name gets out there. I mean, if we've learned nothing else from watching television, those the toys r us every one of those toy commercials that that starts right around september plants the seed for every kid that they want that the g I joe, they want the avenger hero, kid, whatever they want, all those products and toys r us starts planting the seed early because the kids are going to talk to mom and dad go in and do a career talk to your school system about coming in doing a career day with the kids maybe why you're there, you're going to do something with the kids that's going to be fun with with I don't know call it fun with photo shop, you're going to do some enhancements, you're going, you're gonna show them some some of the really basic, not that really high tech ones that making money, but you can show them some of the basic tricks and photo shop I mean there's so many things that you could do that would be entertaining that would get kids to think about. Wow, maybe I want to be a photographer now they go home that night and hayman, this guy carlos came in today and he took this great picture of all of us, and and then he switched all of our heads. He did something, I mean, making entertaining make it fun for them. Um, and then the cross promoting we've talked about that. You guys asked before about other promotions because I'm still laughing, trying to picture jared carlos walking into a bridal son behind. Hi, we're kimberly, what do you think a dress with I mean, you know, absolutely be like bulls in a china shop, but what about the local harley dealership? What about a sports car dealership here? What about the we've all been in the supermarket we've been in the car dealership where the salesman of the month has this pathetic cracked essex seventy picture I'm really dating myself that's in a frame under plexi that's over by the general manager's office on the wall what about offering a portrait sitting to everybody that buys the new bmw whatever to everybody that orders a new corvette what about photographing all the salesman in the local chevy dealer the top salesman are featured and you're doing they're portrayed in the front seat of the vet but there is no back seat um I had one once there was no backseat ah ah boat company you guys right here in seattle you've got him in chicago you've got a lot of people that you've got a good strong boat business you've got the yachting business, you've got sailboats you've got an opportunity to photograph people on their boats you've got the opportunity to do a day in the life shoot of a boat because there's some incredible images that you can get of of ropes and fittings and things that are on a sailboat that air on a yacht there's a lot of pride involved being able to get that photograph of somebody that's about to buy a new yacht a speedboat let's go do I mean doesn't matter just something as small as a jet ski can be a really neat thing to photograph. It can also be a very cool thing to be out on the water doing this shot. That could be a lot of fun. Uh, bridal salon worker, the bridal salon on a photo day you've got new bride's coming in, they've got an appointment coming, and I'm not just talking about bambi's idea, but it's an opportunity to photograph future brides in some of the gowns that they're going to try on, and that could be a very cool thing photographing the mother of the bride, tying in with a tuck shop with the groom, the animal shelter, doing a promo together with a veterinarian, doing a promo together with a pediatrician, doing a promo together with a dentist and kids, an orthodontist that gets the kid gets their braces off for the first time. You want to be there with the camera for that first for that first portrait, working together with the dentist, you can create that now, not everybody is going to say yes and a lot of companies they're going to go now. We don't want to do that that's okay? Don't give up on it and keep trying with other promotions because there's so many different opportunities out there. Most important of all, when you do everything, analyze it and recover if it was bad. You got to recover and get your mind set right? If it was really good really good then you're gonna be exhausted take the time before you go on to the next one, analyze it, sit down and do it I can't tell you how many times after w p p I we would regroup for a day and we go through what worked and didn't what didn't work and sometimes we drag it out because sometimes there were things that happened that was so painful you guys never saw it, but we saw it I mean, I remember booking a program for somebody and I put him in a room that sat three hundred because he didn't do a very good program and I didn't think he would be very good, but he was sponsored he needed to be there. He had a good enough message that I thought three hundred people would show up and five hundred people showed up and I had two hundred people ready to hang me and now I'm supposed to go in and analyze that that was really a good thing because the next year we changed it and every single program was in a room that sad five hundred or more and then we started getting better at it and better at it letting people know how many seats there were, so analyze your programs don't just let them happen and then walk away think what worked think what didn't work and then implemented in the next programme? Do I take some questions and then we're going to switch to one thing different than we're going to wrap it up? Absolutely a couple questions one from hanging engine in who asked is approaching business clients much different from consumers and then imagine also asked you give us some ideas on how to do the whole promotion thing with commercial clients um yeah, I think on some of these and they are as the day goes on um let's take the first one is there a difference in the way you promote to business clients first consumers definitely business clients at least in my mind and all the businesses that have been involved in have a different seasonality there's a very logical consumer seasonality that we know about when consumers in a buying mood when their events with a business client it's more related to the introduction of new products it's related to the timing within the industry if for example well let's take let's take the electronics world cs is in january better yet let's take let's stay with photography this year is fokina photo keane is in september in germany every two years it's the world's largest photo show most of the manufacturers introduced new ideas somewhere around fokina everybody started to realize that there's so much noise during fokina that maybe it makes sense to introduce a little earlier or introduce even after photo kina but there's seasonality sort of involves so there's a there's, a mind set of a certain time of year that things work differently. I think you can create some your own seasonality by reviewing what the business needs if you look at an annual report, for example, and you see that they haven't, they haven't done one for two thousand eleven right now, and we're already halfway through two thousand twelve that creates an opportunity, I think, a business client and michael, I don't know if you'd agree or not because you do a lot of business videos. I think a business client requires more research where a consumer yeah, would you agree a consumers more general that we all kind of? No, because we're consumers, too. Um, I find that if the business owner you know, when we're all different, but if they know their business and their up on their marketing than they can rattle off all the key points about their business, choose us because we're better. This is why I'm passionate about my business, all that if they aren't up on it or they want they're better looking employees to talk about the business, then it could be a disaster because they're like, oh, yeah, they're thinking about the morning breakfast and you know when you have to try to edit that together which can be about me so I would you need to do you definitely need to do more research on who your client is in terms of business in terms of just coming up with some commercial promotions you need to remember who your target is and in my mind the promotional tool for that is getting images out your promotion might be doing a mailing it's not really discounting there aren't a lot of things I mean they're interested for example somebody that wants product shots wants x number of images of their particular products so it's I think in my mind it's a little tougher to do discounts also you're working in the corporate world where you're working with budgets and purchase orders and r f p s that are going to give you the specs hopefully on what it is they want you to shoot so to me the kinds of promotions you'd want to go after our mailings that let people know that you are in town that you're available I would do email things I would do things on your website that show your work I might do some things on the consumer side that that you become a sponsor of which might relate to products and things that relate to kids and family events and contests and things like that and I could probably give you much better answer if I had time to really think it through that's great and that's how a hard one to do on the cuff off whatever on the run. All right, so another question is from mary of costa rica, and her question is in terms of time, how long is the ideal for a promotion toe last? And also, where do we draw the line between a wow, that's, a good deal and desperate attempt to lure clients? Wow. Well, you have to decide on what looks like desperation usually what looks like desperation is when you have a contest and it didn't work well, see, extend the date we all do it. We've all done it extended day sometimes because you really good did get started late most of time, you're extending things because it really didn't work it while you got two more weeks left. So you want to stay away from that kind of approach? But the other thing is in terms of the timing, I believe in relatively short promotions every single time I've done something that's too far out, it just I lose momentum. I'll give you a great example. We bought ansel adams cadillac years ago as a fundraiser and the deal I'm sorry wasn't scandal activists gear that had been returned to us, so we put it out for auction. We had all of ansel adams gear that rod dresser had returned rod had been answers. Assistant ansel passed away, victor hasselblad died and here's, this whole case of hassa black gear, that answer had used for many years that have been on consignment. It's returned to us, and we decide to auction it for charity. I put the date out, I figured it would take me a year to raise enough money to make it worth it to sell. What I didn't count on was a week after it came in don imus, the radio disc jockey, came out to the office because that don was was a house account and would come out with his driver would drive him out of new york city, and he'd look at new gear that he might want from hasselblad and don came out, and I happened to have shown him answers gear, and I says, this cooler what and he's looking at? And he said, this is like finding babe ruth's bat. So don goes ahead, and the next morning, don announces live on the air that he's putting in his own bid of one hundred thousand dollars for ansel's camera gear. Well, I've got a date out there that's a year out, now that I've got a way to sell it, and I got a call about two weeks later from the president of the company that I guess like I shouldn't say because it's a very well known company who was a collector and he wanted ansel's he wanted to buy it and he offered me two hundred thousand if I could guarantee it was going to be hiss now this was all the money was going to charity it wasn't coming back to hassle glad it was all going to the elizabeth glaser pediatric aids what is elizabeth glaser pediatric aids association? I can remember what their name is they were based in santa monica time and a portion of it was going for going to the center for creative photography in tucson that ansell started so I turned it down and by the time the content the the bidding ended a year later my two hundred thousand dollars buyer had no interest anymore and it was it was gone he had changed his mind he had other things going on and he didn't want to spend the money if you make a window to wide on your promotions, people won't act fast enough and you lose the opportunity so in my mind any promotion depending on what it is it's typically thirty days to let people know about it and no more than that depending on who they are and what you're doing and then a relatively short window that you can take advantage of it it's a couple of weeks it's three weeks you don't want to do any of these promotions that we had up here for vicki were all typically three day events okay? And speaking of ansel adams just for good luck I do travel with his car keys which was another promotion we did it has to bledsoe these air ansel adams car keys to his seventy seven cadillac and I am a better photographer I understand his own system just by holding these can you show those two people he kind of like that's so cool so it looks like they're so were my um well this trunk into ignition so no one's not his house you know, I didn't get his housekeeper and we actually bought the car from one of the board members of the center for creative photography in tucson and he got home that night and is the chairman of the board at the time wanted tio his wife wanted to hang him for buying ansel seventy seven cadillac so I bought it with hassle bloods money and we turned around and again it went to charity. It was bought by costa hotels at the time who managed the carmel highlands in and they brought the car back to carmel which was kind of cool because the car was being brought back to its roots and last I heard it was in yosemite and was being used for dignitaries to right around it. So answers cadillac kind of amazing medical any of the questions there because then I'm gonna might switch over in a minute. All right? Um, there were a couple questions regarding promotions and a promotional calendar. Well, I'll just read them. D s u k asked if you are a part time photographer with no studio, how should you go about approaching a promotional calendar? And then karen lynn photography asked if you don't have a studio, what are some thoughts with promotions thinking ok, is the cool thing? Fifty percent of the portrait social category are part time photographers that probably don't have studios part of this group right here. You guys don't all have studios just because you don't have a studio doesn't mean you can't put together promotion and have a location and have something special going on. If you don't have a studio, then a great product for you is any kind of day in the life portrait session, depending on which especially is so there are opportunities there to bring things together. You can still cross promote with a florist with a restaurant with a limo company with a music company don't get hung up on the fact that you don't have a studio, you still have your skill set. Now, again, this goes back to few skill set isn't any good forgetting you're not going to promote which of anything, but if you've got the skill set, you're going to produce quality images doesn't matter if you don't have a studio. Yeah, it's easier for vicky to offer because she's got a studio and she's doing all these things in the studio, but you could just as easily do something on a day in the park, you could do something with a partnership and in a toy store, I have a special program. You could do a thing in a baby store, you could do something and you could work on boudoir, uh, maternity to boudoir in a maternity shot. You could work on boudoir in the right kind of shot kind of a stretch, but not a stretch, so that would just share he's saying yeah would work. There are gyms and workout clubs that do boudoir sessions in their locker rooms with local photographer siri is right there. Boudoir sessions in spas in jim's it's greatly, all kinds of opportunities don't get hung up on not having a studio.

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