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I want to talk about skipped summer school for two minutes it's august fifth to the eighth and it really will only be two minutes we're doing it in chicago because in the last three summers one of the top two requests I got were can you do it more essentially we were doing in las vegas, and while I love doing in las vegas, the idea of doing a more essentially united states makes it accessible to more people, and the second thing we were asked was, could you make it more hands on and more intensive? So we made it more intensive this year, there are two days of hands on shooting where you get to pick two out of seven photographers, and those seven are clay blackmore, michelle selling tano, tony kerbel, jaggi onus, kevin, cambodia, bobby lane and roberto valenzuela. They are amazing photographers, but they're even more amazing as instructors. So you get to pick one of those two the first thing at the top, which I skipped over of which, um carlos, jared and sherry have already had is a web...

site review. I am spending anywhere from in most cases thirty to ninety minutes going through your web sites and you'll see what we're going to do in the next session this afternoon and then part of the day tomorrow we're really going to dissect your websites because your website is your storefront and everybody forgets that hey, this is the only place that anybody might ever see of me that's my store it's my office it's, my studio, it's everything and you you just build it too fast, so we're I'm doing personal website phone calls and website reviews I've done about fifty of them so far, maybe more than we've got platform programs on customer service, networking, branding, creativity joining us for michelle I'm sorry, melissa, the onus will do will open with customer service on sunday night. Um, katherine hall is going to doing a thing on on branding. Scott borns could be doing some things on creativity networking we're going to have our vendors involved that sponsor it in terms of a lunch program, we'll talk a little bit about puff publishing when the crew from the founders a resource magazine um alex orly and adam sherwin, who is there a tech director and now you have to look at his column called ask a geek so it's a great, great column they're going to join us and then we're going to finish on wednesday. I started to say earlier they're more couples working together than ever before because the economy, because one spouse lost their job and said, well, let me help you over here in your photography business it's it's, a challenge vicki to offer has a great line about working with jet that was in a program years ago but working with her husband where she said it's difficult when the shoulder you want to cry on is attached to the neck you want a ring that's it it's a great quote on business tips I mentioned we wrap it up with sal there to catered luncheons is the panel discussion program great savings and there's another shot out for georgia w p p ay because if you come to summer school, you get registration for just seventy five dollars to w p p I, which is roughly a two to three hundred dollars savings depending on where you fall as a member. W p p ideas of non member and w p p I is a great show it still holds a very special place in my heart after working on it for seven years and that skipped summer school all taking place august fifth of the eight in chicago and information which I left off here, which is really stupid of me to do and the I five hundred dot com is the website and we're going to give away a scholarship after this break we are to skip summer school, which, if you're not on london eye is a five hundred dollars value very exciting that is such an impressive I kind of skip and what's so cool is that whereas when you go to w p p ay you're one of sixteen seventeen thousand photographers and you might be in a room with a thousand people seeing some of these folks or two hundred people seeing some of these folks but excuse me, the goal of skip summer school is to have a small intimate small a small intimate setting and there's some I mean jarrod's a good example you've been there you were there last year and you're rooming with levi sim from utah this year um levi, if you've seen him on he was okay and he's been here I realize is just remarkable he's involved in everything I know he heads up the the smug meetings in that area he's done things on blog's on websites he and brian watkins pretty much maintained and help maintain the skipped summer school site from last year. What comes out of skipped summer school and it's really hard without sounding like I'm doing more monster infomercial but there's this community that comes out has nothing whatsoever to do with me it has to do with the attitude of the people involved all right? We have the sheriff in there too let's have these folks three of them are going tio two skipped summer school this year's we're going talk just thirty seconds each about if you have been there or why you're excited to go or why you decided to go you don't say something nice, I'll cancel your room revelation well, I know for myself I was between w p p I and skip summer school I had some stuff going on when w p p I ended up last year so I ended up going to skip summer school didn't know what to expect and you know, for that year the greatest thing to come out of it was a networking and that just keeps cascading tio even today and you know for this year tohave a website review as an added bonus it's just something that he only dream of is a photographer you don't even know where to look for that kind of thing so and I'm just looking for the knowledge that we get to glean from these people cool thank you. I actually learned about skips comer school from bandy's uh workshop of a couple months ago and I googled you learned as much as I could about it and I said I have to go there because I'm starting off I'm getting my bearings as you can say. So what a great opportunity to get a jump start on in my career by attending and I think I picked michelle and tony, so I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say and leap frogging across other newbies who aren't able to attend just to explain when carlos says he's he's picked them everybody gets to pick two photographers for their hands on shooting day one on monday one on tuesday we will not allow any more than twenty people per instructor that's the number because if you go over twenty you just don't get the same experience this way you not only get to know the twenty people that are in your class you also get to know the photographer better I chose to usually every year I choose one big convention to go to it's generally the last five years I went to the w p p I so I wanted to try something different and that's when I had found your skipped summer school, so it was my first time going last year my favorite part about it was the one on one with the instructors thie learning sessions seeing how they actually get to shoot rather than just listening to them talk um and actually one of my my best things I took away was the networking and learning from other photographers that were there as well as well as how is they're running their business and and all the the good things that they're doing, you're doing something this year that I wish more people would do, how many people, how many bringing I loved it so much last year that I'm bringing my entire staff of eight this year now, I'm not saying everybody's got to go out and bring their staff of aid, but the reality is that on any workshop, not just this thing that I've got going on, not just skipped summer school, but on anything you go to if you have somebody working for you, think about how much they're going to get motivated to be exposed to the same programs that you get to go to. So when you get to that point where you're the boss and you've got a staff there, think about things that you can do to help keep them excited because what's going to happen is that sherri's seven or eight people are all going to get to meet other photographers they're all going to get to hear. The challenge is that somebody else can say something that share has been telling them all along, and it'll and I'll hit them, it'll hit home and the excitement and that networking experience, it just all becomes kind of a cool thing, so that's something that you want to do for everything you do. Also, I would highly recommend whether your spouse is involved in your business or not. The only way your spouse could know why sometimes you come home and want to kick the dog at night is if they also understand what it is you do for a living. Take him with you to some of these great shows and conventions so they could meet other photographers and just understand your business better and perhaps meet other spouses various endorsements that's right that's amazing and bring all eight that's really cool thank you guys for sharing that s o we are going to take a fifteen minute break we're going to break a little bit early today because we have a very special call skype call coming up next with vicki talker and skip mentioned earlier she's going to talk about her pet photography program and how successful that wass and we're also going to talk a little bit about her marketing because she is the queen of marketing in terms of some of the promotion she's done so I'm really enjoying this I'm really enjoying this workshop I think that must be why you're still sitting here. I appreciate that thank you I think I'll do another session e I just think there's a lot of kind of new school tarver's who think it's all about websites on facebook I'm kind of maybe one of those people and uh this is a whole world that is awesome so this workshops only seventy nine dollars for all this information and I'm glad that I'm going to be owning it so that I can go back in um learn all of this stuff in depth so I really appreciate it thank you your thoughts about that, I want no, no, no, no, thank you, but but it's all about people. It's, the only business that's, truly rocket science is if you build rockets, we're not building rockets here. This is a people service oriented business. If you treat your clients good, your clients will remember that it's. This is customer service one o one, and it's just gotten lost. The website is critical. You're networking is critical. Your social media to be involved in it is critical to getting the word out, but you still have to have. You know you still have to have your heart in it. If your heart isn't in your work, then you can't create images that tug it. People's hearts.

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You know how to focus your camera, NOW focus your business. Professional photographers today have greater marketing capabilities and reach than at any time in the history of photography, but a winning strategy has to be aligned across all aspects of your business.

Skip Cohen will take you through a complete analysis of your business and give you tools for growth. Skip will focus on the art of a successful website, developing PR campaigns, planning your promotional calendar, networking, branding and time management, just to name a few.