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Skype Call: Matthew Jordan Smith

We're going to do us skype cole with matthew jordan smith about his new site oh we're excited to have matthew back a few doing smith in the house I love it when technology works I love that you believe it whoa great t shirt doing good t shirt did you did you buy that early this morning just to be able to wear it today? You know, every time I go to new york my first stop is that you know I see the and they sell these t shirts this I always getting one in different colors I c p in new york well, matthew one of the things that I really want to do this morning you've got a brand new website and I even made a note here some questions that I wanted to make sure that I asked you uh so if we can go we're going we're going to switch off your visual and just go to the website for second at the top of the list when you built your new website what was on your wish list? Why were why did you decide to do a new website my oldest junkie and slow and confusing and just too many famed for the site and ...

I want to be simple, clean quick my clients know by this time not just my classmate in the world period now no one has time so they want jump on your site soon many hire you and go so I once was very clean the point and uh and beautiful the same time can we call in can we bring up his matthews website that looks great um in terms of your website matthew one of the things and you and I have talked about this already so I know the answer but I know you wanted to have a website that was really really um clean played to your clients can you talk for a minute about the profile of your clients whose whose typically coming into your web site there are people in the arts there at their art directors there are buyers they're amazing editors fashion editors, beauty editors people in the commercial realm advertisers and editorial magazines those my clients ok, now we're counting on do we need to talk to our creative live listeners now it's and asked them to please not go into the site so we don't crash it like we did on you yesterday I just had that thought yeah so let's go over to the creative live audience out there let's please don't go into mathews site right now so that we don't crash it on him while we're trying to talk to him about it in the process of building the site and let's click to let's go to your work page thanks collin up crashed oh wow already okay so do we normally get it back shortly that's a good question I know you were back I think we're back all right, we're back nineteen I'm going to ask one more time everybody please don't go into mathews site right now while we're trying to show it to you colin, can you mouse over those three I I love what the way this was designed, matthew because it really shows who you are. It ties back into the topic. It makes it easy for your clients to find but in terms ofthe of when you were building the site talk a little bit about how often you communicated with the developer well, it is a daily process actually. The designer charles chung creo soda it was amazing he first kind of interviewed me to find out what I want to have in a site he asked me sites that I liked my clients were like, who typically goes to the site so I gave him that that description of my client and then he put to get a spence very simple clean show me the designs and actually really right away he hit it on the head. It was it was perfect the reason that I want you to talk about that because I want to remind uh, everybody watching right now being involved in your website it's so often that I hear photographers talk about uh I hired somebody to build a new site and they they put the specs out of what they want then they walk away from it you can't do that it can't you've got to stay involved it's just it's it's like my analogy yesterday about if you were building a house if you were building the studio of your dreams you'd be there every single day to check the house you want to see exactly what the contractors did? Well, it was no different and what was very cool about this is the crew it it's smug mon pro absolutely stayed in touch with matthew on every single step of the way so that he could look at each component in fact let's go to your about paige because that's one of the great I I love the way they did you're about page now this is different then you need to remember matthew's background now this is different than the kind of about page that I was talking about for most photographers yesterday because it really goes into who matthew is his background it's ok that it's in third person in fact it's really in this case I think it's very effective to be in third person but also look at the way the about peace drops in on every one of these pages and we go to the contact page now matthew on every one of your pages you tie back in with essentially showing more work absolutely and because they're hiring me on to be constantly aware of the image is so they can hire any more can we go back up to work for a second now and then go over to just click on any one of those that's your favorite matthew that we could open I guess you go off thea any world first I want everybody to notice the simplicity here we're not it's remember matthew's target audience we talked about it yesterday it's it's lookbook and go they're coming in they're looking for a photographer to possibly do a an ad campaign to do a specific project and it's literally show the work give them a wide variety of work again matthews background is is commercial fashion and beauty doesn't mean that there aren't other things that he shoots but being able to show a good cross section of all of his work what kind of feedback have you gotten so far from your clients? Oh right away I get feedback it's funny because you don't like something you want to hear from them if they like it you'll hear from them so right away so it was a site launched I get a lot of feedback from from clients from friends who are very honest until matthew behaviour oh asylum so they changed it like when you took me a long time ago but is great I got a lot of great positive feedback and still getting that key back. Plus, you finally got me to shut up and stop beating on you to change your website, because there's, just shutting me up had to have been worth it in terms of your blawg because I talked about when we go to matthew's blogged for a second, I talked about blocks yesterday as a great way to be able to show other things that you're doing and really open up your heart. Talk about who you are. Can you share some things in terms off of your block? I mean, you've been you've had the block out there for what, two years now? Yeah, longer use than I think almost two years. Ok. And in terms of your blawg, how often would you would you say you step away from, you know your your main core business and open up on other things that you like to do and shoot? No all the time, my blow? I talk in my business as well. I'm usually talking about my personal projects, which are always happening. I talk about my philosophy, about philosophy on photography. I talk about how I feel about, you know, projects and how you how you go about them together, go behind the scenes and talk about a job and what led to making that work. And that's where a block really comes in and showing your diversity in terms of other other aspects it's kind of off the topic of blogging but one of the things that I talked about yesterday was building relationships with your client and I'm like a little kid that wants his grandfather is uncle somebody to tell the same story again would you do mind sharing the aretha franklin story because it really shows the way to build a relationship? Well, I have I have a lot of aretha franklin stories actually talked about the original one, the original well, I was I've been shooting aretha for a while and as very comfortable being around her so really loves hearing her own music she loves hearing her music so we walked us to you know what we have I have all the music playing, we're having a great time and I'm showing her in a beauty men some very close to her at the time and everybody the rule is affected by her music it's you know, filling the room. So the studio and I read the start singing as I'm shooting her, so we'll all get this free concert of her singing her her classic music and I'm like two feet away from her young you're saying to me basically and I don't announce like three four you favors, so I start seeing alone with her she starts abruptly and says jordan because jordan says jordan baby don't say I think with so many of your clients and so many of the stories that you've told over the years part of of and in fact you said this recently on a thie video with the vanessa shoot of turner daughter that I have on photo resource hub running right now from pro photo you talked about if you make it fun for the client it just reinforces that relationship and you get these great images and natural expressions and and that's a key they all have you know every one of these clients has had fun in terms of working with you how many how many referrals would you say some of your top clients have created for you in other business oh uh I have a career grease off my referrals and I mean that I start shooting in uh wow the mid to early eight of nineties and I mean like in ninety four I photograph ernest williams for the first time and we've been working together ever since literally and she's easily referred ten clients too we have been clients for ten years or more that's all from one person and that happens over and over and over again I wouldn't have I wouldn't have a career so we're not award for referring for other jobs so when it swims refers me oprah refers me with the fragment refers to me and getting back to the anything with aretha franklin and that relationship so he had a slave ship where he had were very comfortable around each other. So one morning, like six in the morning my phone rings and I think the phone and aretha like it since the morning saturday and she says jordan, I'm having promised our says, well, please two names you like like this really, really because you asked me what I feel and uh if you get very comfortable parts, they trust it's very foreign to them there and things that relationship it works, but that left I think, are we losing the signal we're losing way lost part of that? But the real point is the best advertising program you can have for your business is to make yourself habit forming and that's one of the things exceeding client expectations. I've spent an awful lot of time hanging out with matthew. Matthew is just a good guy he is the same way in talking to us and sharing right now is he is with every client would you in that part of the secret I have no other way to be there look, photography, I want to be who I am all the time not very blessed to make a living doing what I know and if you love what you're doing and this is what I said numerous times yesterday if your heart's in what you're doing, then you can create images that really pulling people's hearts it all works out together so true this is this is your chance I want to do a quick infomercial you've got you've got some outrageously terrific inexpensive videos they were in your store on the technique of photography and I'm not like I'm not doing anything on technique I refer to myself as being able to take great pictures of big things that don't move but you've got you've got that help in all of your videos where do people go to find out more of everything that you're working on? Everything that's available? Well besides the log and my web site if you go into my store which is photography help store dot com you can find a list of videos that will help you become a better photographer dealing from sheen fashion or learning lighting or learning complicated lighting it's all there in the store and they use your name today skip I'll give them fifteen percent off of anything in the stove did we catch that? Yeah, we cut that sounds a cool one, so using using the word skip as the code fifteen percent off anything is group matthew store that's fabulous matthew and that's just today way said only great today on lee and maybe we should say out loud again the name of that of the the girl for the store which I have right here in case people couldn't hear that or is there a link to it from your web site as well your main website there's a link on the block today okay great and that's photography help store dot com correct all right cool thank you matthew matthew thank you. We do have a couple of questions oh, I think this is great. We've got some questions like I love the way these get relayed I know from the city and the questions are technology we have a question hi matthew how's it going ah sam cox from level in colorado would like to know um matthews website is one of the spokes in his marketing wheel how important a spoke is it for him compared to say, the other parts of the wheel the other is this in reference to my target and those spokes or you're just talking about in general probably probably all right. So matthew in terms of one of the things that I want things that I talked about um yesterday where the where the spokes in the wheel in terms of the target of trying to hit a consumer where you've got everything from advertising to publicity to social media to direct mail your website is a piece of it how important do you feel your website is in terms of managing and running your business in comparison to those other things that you also have to keep doing it's an essential part of the wheel it is it's the base of the wheel today clients go there first and it's their first view of your work is seeing that website before I meet you meet your agent call anybody they first go on your web site is essential that you have a beautiful clean website um could you just explain again the structure of your site with smugmug is it does it's is it a word press above this mud mind no, this is a well I can answer this is a customized right. This is this is a custom ization site which is part of what we're giving giving away today which is a year smugmug pro and a customization site right parade so this was yeah, roughly what was the time from the time you had your first conversation with somebody from smug mark to the time the site went live roughly what was the time table actually pretty fast. Probably happen faster if I had not been doing other assignments because as I was flying here and there when jobs and trying to design so at the same time with the design team smoke mom put me in touch with their designer charles chung we're afraid of soda and they designed the site and it was just done in a very beautiful way but it was constant communication all the time I get sometimes three e mails a day tell me about what they were doing and did not have to go through. Look at it, make comments. They were constantly in contact with me. And that was incredible for me. So I just wanted to also shout out your designer. His name is charles chung at creative soda. Is that correct? Right, like slow mo cool. So creative soda dot com. Beautiful, beautiful sight. Matthew, have another question from you from creative images. When are you coming back to creative live? Hopefully. Very soon. When talks now, about a date. Should I say that they had, or two way women I waited but working on, we're working on that, and it would be very soon. Why did you choose to not explicitly feature your fashion work? Uh uh. Most of my work comes from the beauty world, so I came to look to that audience. Fashion is changing constantly, but a majority of my work over my career, most of my income has come from the beauty world. Hair care skin king. I have ah, appliance. Now the skincare hair care world. Well, pardon me for cosmetic haircare boxes and those they off two years, which means they paid every two years the usage of that part. There's jobs I've done years ago absolutely in eighty four and it's a beautiful thing so looking him breaking down to what's the biggest return it's it's the beauty work so let me work is great what actually is great, but in my rear its beauty work that's most of mine and I love that workers well okay, thank you hey, I think we're going to say thank you let you go back to whatever you were going to do today but let's, revel let's, wrap it up with with your tag line and if you want to add anything to the tag line on every single post and everything you write, it is always dream big. As a matter of fact, today that's exactly what we're doing. I'm working on a personal project and I'm going to leave here right now and pack up my gear and go a location and work together on this project and I'm doing this project the entire summer, but I love personal projects is the best thing for you stating my blog's talking more about the personal project and hope you all get to see it by the end of the year? That's great well, I love the tagline always dreamed big because we all get caught up in and our dreams sometimes get overshadowed by reality and we would let go, or your dreams. Your heart just evaporates, and you can't stay focus the same way as if you hang onto those dreams. Matthew, thank you for doing this today was they catch up to you, but it is everybody. There is three audience. Thanks, matthew, thank you, but no, thank you.

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