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Your Website: Contact Pages

So let's go to contact pages you do this real fast there's carlos, you need a phone number, phone number and email address I would absolutely just give people a way to contact you and again you're in great company because I'm guessing that ninety percent of professional photographers out there have a contact page template who's template? Is that because I know that's not you that's not your picture that's the template that came with the website. Okay, um I would I would switch out that photo and put you in there um or grow mustache so that it looks like you but same thing again to give people give people a phone number. This is about being making yourself is accessible as you can and I absolutely believe in what I said yesterday there's no such thing as too much contact information. I understand on any photographer that works out of their home and you don't put your home address that's fine, give them a phone number and give them an email address and just add that his jared's I only ha...

d one question I am absolutely fine with with my testimonial quote there on dh it's true at the time and it's still true but it's a little out of context and you just need to be careful that anybody's quote that you put up there if you're going to use testimonials just check and get a release from them to make sure it's ok, I'm fine totally fine with it totally and totally agree and at the time when I said you this is the best selection of work I've seen yet that's true but it's a little out of context because they were there's so many sites and different photographers that I'm saying but it's fine just always make sure that you've got a release michael saying the same thing you need I would go for a phone number, but you're also looking I think it doing a lot of things differently with your site if you want to go after the the photographic market and sherry gets the a on this one because everything is there the addresses of those both studios yeah, you might you might want to put is one your main studio and won a secondary. You might want to put something on the address at the top that above each addresses that just shows, you know, e studio, west studio or something just to call them something. So people understand what the two dresses are, but you've got all the information that you got. You've got your, uh your email address you got your phone number, you've got the ability that they can put in information um it's just it's all there you cut yourself with the camera one of the things I want to remind everybody is be choices. Be careful with your choice of fonts, there's a slide that I wanted to use here and I don't have the rights to use it, so I'm not using it, but photographers loved their fonz. I don't know why you guys love fun so much, but just use fonts that air readable. I've had some websites that I've been on that I can't I can't read what's on there also be careful with reverse type think about your clients, your clients most of them are going to print out there's going to be somewhere in your website there's going to be a page of information that you might want to have them print? This could be that one message you want, and you're hoping they'll reprinted and keep it and as the reference, think about what happens to them when they printed on their forty nine fifty nine dollars printer and you've got a black page with reverse type, and they wind up getting this soggy piece of paper that comes out uh, it you need to have whatever that pages you need to have make it printer friendly and have a page, it might be your contact information, it might be a schedule, it might be event you have coming up. Do you want encourage them to download and print it? So just remember that when you go with reverse type and also when you go with reverse type, I was on one site where the the background color is black and the type who was kind of a dark blue it's really tough to read it's almost impossible and even even with my glad my reading glasses on and blowing it up and changing the magnifying the view on my monitor, I couldn't read it. So remember to think about your colors just don't get too artsy fartsy when you're designing all your contact information and those pages that you might want to have people print proof read everything you write we talked about it yesterday read it out loud have somebody else read it, michael, I'm going embarrass you. I'll apologize and buy you a beer later I promise a big beer, any beer you want, you and my mother both probably. Okay, um right in the middle of michael he's got, um eventually michael, he earned a degrees you were doing what we all do your busy you're working, it looked fine. I can't tell you how many times in fact, every single post I do every morning I read out loud to sheila and then even then I find mistakes that spell check doesn't catch because I had the right where I had the right word but it's spelling raw it's been spelled wrong I'm using the wrong word actually what's that called a hunting him never mind we'll move on and check your side every day this is actually part of a website I want to show you actually before I show you the well here's what happened? I was looking for a particular website um I was working in boston on dh I was trying to look I was looking through websites of photographers in the boston area because I wanted to see I'd gone to the florist and the florist had vendors there and I wanted to go from being able to talk that night at a workshop I was doing and actually show photographers that we're working together and bundling and call across promoting with the florist I found one that I really liked I clicked on their website and this is what happened and it stayed that way until after I came back from lunch it never loaded so my recommendation to everybody is to check your website every morning if you've got multiple friends and people that are involved in some aspect of your business I spoke at a convention about two years ago where it was the I p I convention and somebody said to me that they've got five people in their company and every day everybody has the responsibility to check a different web page you may think everything is working fine. It's. Sort of like you opened the store that morning and nobody came in all day. And then you realize you never. You never unlocked the front door, or you never turned the open sign from closed toe open it's, really basic. And your website is no different. It's, your storefront.

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