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We're going to touch on galleries very briefly. You've all got great images in your galleries. I want to make a couple of points here within each gallery you wanna have ten to twenty great images per category? I don't believe you need a lot. This is like the window at tiffany's they don't show you everything in their inventory they just show you one or two pieces you don't need to see everything. I'm named the topics what they are calling like you see it it's a wedding it's the reception it's the engagement you can break it out a little bit but every now and then somebody goes just overboard and a wedding is a wedding is a wedding don't give people too many categories this is almost what I was really on we had getting ready to the church anticipation the ceremony first kissed details the reception first dance cutting the cake and then you get to point where who cares and you're forcing your clients to go in and out of galleries everybody knows how our wedding plays out, so just give th...

em the basics they'll figure it out. They know this is the reception tell the story like you want to tell it, show the details if you're doing engagement work I think engagement is perfect sometimes for separate category a lot of time because it's a different it's become such a unique part of the business and the real advantage of doing engagement session has nothing to do with additional business in all honesty it's you is the photographer getting to know the client it's developing that trust on the wedding day? Hey, look it's sherry hi, sherry and obviously you know we love the images also, you can use those images in the guest book you can use them for invites you can use them with a client for circle the date so you've got a lot of other products you can put out there so everybody knows the events that a wedding I would only break it out in the wreath probably three categories engagement, weddings and reception um I would have a variety there show what you can do shil colors so black and white show detail show that the pose shots show the the candids thean formals there is some logical connections to when you look at your galleries babies, children, family weddings, babies, children, cars, cycles, boats, lifestyle when you have your galleries on your website, all of those fit when you decide to show different specialties and this goes back to me suggesting you they have two different sites or you send him in two different ways where it breaks down weddings don't work with sports and seniors so well seniors a little bit maybe, but not as well babies kids, commercial tabletop families architecture cars and wedding sports and events boudoir sports and seniors doesn't work it's a different target audience that's going to be interested in architecture commercial tabletop versus baby kids and babies kids and families it might be dead it might be a buyer and might be a a product manager within this particular company you really need it you need to remember who your client is and that's what we've said over and over again and I've said it before on ad agency looking to hire a tabletop shooter for product shots of let's say food or canned goods or spark plugs is not going to be interested in that photographer if they think that photographer is really a wedding photographer and that's why I'm saying separate those two parts of your business as much as you can't making sense bill the issue that I really had here you've got a whole bunch of great images but your first too pet galleries air locked least that's what I'm assuming the padlock meant yeah so your top and bottom are locked I would definitely I understand why you lie you have to lock things up um I'm not sure I understand why you need to do it on pets as much as children family but I would just keep your eye would take stuff that's locked up and for client proofing on lee and I would give that a separate place on your site so these galleries that air locked the are they our client proofing galleries? Would you recommend they be on a separate pages? I would do him on a separate page and I would have client proofing great. Did you have in fact a few who else has it? You've got client client proofing so it becomes exclusive for the client it's not mixed in with the people that you want to show stuff too. When I got into the shots of sig well, I love and you and I were talking about it before I understand that it's not the perfect shot that you do have the collar is still on the dog. But this is that line about expression trump's perfection and the expression on six face to me that's the that's, your leading shot you might tweak a little bit in photo shop and just bring down the highlights a little bit. But that shot belongs to me. That expression is that that's your home page shot. Now that could be the lead in. And now you're going tohave ten other pictures that rotate through another on other pets that you photographed because it's I mean it's just got it's just got great impact this one I tied in I really only brought it in for one reason there's something called big guy little eye and I even had some fun, and I even have copies for all of you of the first book that I did with don blair, which we he used me and because everybody's got one eye that's slightly bigger than the other and just to make your image better and their stories about photographs that they did with with nixon with george bush sr their images that were done at the time where people had the big guy close just to the camera, so I got I figured, you know what? I've got copies of the book, we just reproduced it recently, so I got copies for the five you guys and I threw that in just it's, the on ly how to technical piece that I will that I will even share with anybody because I'm not talking about how to stuff I'm talking about how you make your image is stronger. I mean, she's she's very pretty I would just work on the shot and because you don't have any depth yet and this is this is strictly you just getting started on this new on the new site and you're changing itm or you just need more depth in terms of what you show people, um, maternity attorney needs a lot of maternity, so if maternity is going to be part of what you want to do, then I absolutely believe you've got to come up with ten to a dozen different kinds of maternity shots that show, you know howto light them how do you how to do a maternity shot and promise me you won't do another shot of dad with his ear to mom's belly listening to the kid I mean it's it's been done it's out there it's been done in one hundred thousand times already but doing really beautiful tasteful maternity is a challenge and if that's what you want to do it's fine, but you need to have the depth on the website and then you went to another and I'm not trying to pick on you here you've got you went to another spot and you've got one landscape shot this is where you might wanna have you're going to take him in a separate direction and if that's the way you're going to want to go in everybody's got to think through the same thing when you show images on your site. How much of your businesses that image going to represent now if you're saying we'll skip, I'm really trying to develop I want to do ten percent pets ten percent people and eighty percent I want to be you find our landscape beauty, whatever you know, the natural settings, the areas around here, the mountain tops, whatever then that changes and that becomes your primary gallery just remember who your audience is that's looking at it now, there's also a section that I highly recommend called personal projects and personal projects are really important everybody and you know, you should always have a personal project. Everybody needs one personal project. Personal projects are about you sharing that so much, sharing you keeping that passion alive, usually personal projects or something. You're interested in it's something that you want to build, its something that maybe you're hoping that some day is going to be a your first gallery opening and your first show, so that becomes really important. So having personal projects out there might not even be on your website, it might be separate. I saw you pick up that mike, it might be just something that you want to keep doing because it helps you stay focused. There's a great story about john sexton, who is one of the finest landscape photographers in the world, and john started out as a wedding photographer, and he told me this story about how he was working for this firm wedding photographer to become a wedding photographer, and he got a notice once about and I think it was in june about this workshop with this guy named ansel adams, and he asked his boss for three weeks off to go to the workshop. Now I may have embellished it slightly, but john's boss at that point said, you really need to go do that because you weren't you're not cut out for this now john actually went on to become one of ansel's assistance and it's kind of a cool story, but your personal projects help you keep your dreams alive so you may be photographing underclass kids all day every day right now, but you've got this dream that someday you're going to do nothing but pat at and that's what you really want and you're going to do all you're gonna do all I don't know just nothing but big dogs know little dogs just big dogs or you're only do the little dogs that's okay to have that dream just remember that your day job what's ever paying the bills is what you're shooting now to build your business and by personal projects you can keep those dreams alive so we're going to wrap up today with one big major question every time you do every time you pick an image for your gallery, ask one question. If this was the on ly image, I could show what I hire myself if the answer's uh no anybody could get this shot, then you pull it it doesn't go into your gallery and I'm willing to bet and I'm hoping that everybody watching now when we go off the air runs through their web sites and starts looking at their galleries because if you've got a shot in there that uncle harry could get, then why should people hire you? Uncle harry's got the same gear let's bring on gold, arian and he's not going to cost me anything and I don't care that we don't like him he's got good gear, it's not in the gear it's in you guys it's in your eyeballs it's in your heart, it's in your creativity so always ask if this is the onley image I could sell could show is it good enough that man it's so good I might even hire me well, that's it you want you want to take one or two questions because I think we're just about down to the wire so free skippy to end with that's a good I was skipping it was purely accidental that it fit in where we we're in the fantastic. Well, we are just about out of time if we have one more question from anyone in the audience or I will tryto find a good one, I'm just that was a great ending. Um we'll find a bad one, I don't maybe a band one um okay, how about how many images do you suggest for a gallery and is a gallery different than a portfolio? I don't believe the gallery is different than a portfolio I I look at the word portfolio is being something that's more known in the commercial side of the world. So when you're showing you you go to an ad agency you're gonna bring your portfolio you show a commercial client your portfolio I think the words galleries, gallery and portfolio in portfolios getting interchange today to me eh portrayed social photographer and wedding people children family is typically showing galleries and your portfolio is more about who you are in your skill set that you would show more of a commercial client in terms of the number everybody disagrees. I think my slide before was twelve to twenty or ten to twenty images in each category. I love the fact that jerry g owner shows an entire album in his wedding section, but I don't think as for most photographers, you need to have that much depth now if you're if you're a professional commercial photographer and you've done different kinds of product food um car shots big little fashion work I think you do need to show a little bit more in that category but if for example you were children's photographer it's the same way with with classic kids this morning they probably have if I had to guess it's probably about ten images in each category and it did go tiny small, medium large you know, furry. And it was a great way to be ableto. To show the range. You don't need to bury them in lots of pictures. But you do need to make sure every single image is outstanding.

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