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Master Mobile Photography Bootcamp

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Class Introduction

Lisa Carney

Master Mobile Photography Bootcamp

Lisa Carney

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1. Class Introduction
Mobile photography re-imagined. Redefine what it means to shoot with your device. Embrace the intimacy.

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Hi. Welcome to mastering mobile photography. Using the IPhone light through Mobile. Another third party apse. My name is Lisa Carney. I am a photographer, avid light room user and retouch er you can find me on be hints or instagram LinkedIn the usual places. This class is all about capturing and editing on the go. And when I say on the go, I really mean from anywhere on the go and this class is gonna be about really bumping up your mobile photography, your skills and your image quality. So who's this class Good for this class? If you're a beginner, you're new to mobile photography. This is going to show you equipment and APS to get started. I need to be honest here. There's gonna be some parts of this class. If you're a beginner, they're gonna be a bit advanced. But the great thing about this platform is you can come back anytime and re watch it. And as your skills grow, get more out of the class. Now, if you already like what you've been creating on your IPhone or your mobile device, ...

this is definitely gonna dive into processing and editing to really improve your skills and your ability to realize your vision. And if you're a professional or really quite skilled, I am certain this boot camp is gonna up your game in terms, your speed and your agility. So what kind of photography are we talking about? Look, this is good for all sorts of genres. Editorial work. You can use it for landscape photography. You can use it for macro photography. I'm very into macro photography on the IPhone. I think it's pretty exciting. And pets? You could do all sorts of scenarios and styles using pets. Portraiture. There's a wealth of things you could do with portraiture, especially in the editing and the lighting on this boot camp class travel photography. So how are we gonna look at this? So mobile photography for this particular boot camp? What we're gonna do is we're gonna look at equipment, and when I talk about equipment, I'm not talking about big purchases. I'm really talking about small accessories that you can add that will really up your game. We're going to spend a good time talking about camera capture, and what I mean is how you actually get the image into this device so Even though you're using the same lens on the device, the camera application you use will make a huge difference. And then the bulk of the class is going to be about processing. And what I mean by processing is I mean, editing. So I really think of light room as a darkroom in your hand. And so we're gonna investigate the best ways of using that tool. And in addition to processing, we're gonna be looking at third party apse, which could get you some pretty amazing effects. So I want to let you know that from my particular style of teaching, if you know me on creative life is I do not do prescriptive classes. And what I mean by that is I am not going to be spending a lot of time trying to show you how I get my looks. What I'm going to spend a lot of time is is really teaching you what's inside this device and how you can utilize this to get your looks. Now, I'm certainly going to show you how I do my editing, but the bulk of the class is going to explain the mechanics of this now a really good friend of mine gave me a great analogy, he said. It's kind of like a recipe. If you have a recipe, sure, you could make that cake again and again and again. But what if you want to experiment and do your own work or your own creation? So I think of light room and mobile photography in this genre. I want to teach you the ingredients and how the process works so you can make your own creations. So here's another really big portion of my course, and what's important to me is that it's the wizard. It's not the wand. And what do I mean by that? I mean, it's not the latest and greatest device, you know. Are you on the IPhone? 12. Are you on IPhone seven? Are you shooting a galaxy or android phone? A pixel phone? It doesn't matter. What matters is your vision and what you're trying to create. So I'm gonna work on doing that with you. And why do I like mobile photography so much? I have to tell you, for me, the phone has or this mobile device has become so invisible that it kind of removed any barrier that I find between me and my subjects. And for me again, this is a personal taste. When I'm shooting with an SLR camera, it seems so big and so intrusive for my style of shooting. And that's why I really love my photography. Yeah, let us talk about fidelity of the imagery. I think this is really important. It's kind of like discussing the elephant in the corner. Sure, sloop cameras have much better Christmas and fidelity in the capture that you get. So even though the file size might be the same, you can have a 35 megabyte file off a mobile device or off in SLR DSLR camera. But the lens quality via DSLR camera and the sensor is bigger, so the quality is better. However, what are you using this for? I will tell you, the majority of work that people are shooting now is for social or some kind of screen resolution. So the IPhone is certainly good enough for that. And in addition, look, I print my work by 40 and hang it up, and it completely holds up so well. I DSLR camera has a better fidelity. Perhaps the mobile device has enough for you and I'm going to tell you technology changes. I really think these devices are getting better and better and better. And I don't think it's gonna be too long till, frankly, DSLR might be obsolete. Who knows? But remember, it's the wizard. It's not the wand. I have a friend of mine from Art Center. He gave me a great compliment. He was saying how? He said, I took great photos with the plastic camera. You know, I have shot with four by five medium format, 35 millimeter and yes, a plastic toy camera. So it's not the wand, it's the wizard.

Class Description


  • Use professional insider tips and tricks to make your images stand out.
  • Get the most out of the device you have.
  • Learn about and set up camera various 3rd party camera apps.
  • Process and edit your images to fit your vision.
  • Adjust color and tone, even vertical and horizontal lines, add lighting and special effects.


If you're new to the idea of using your mobile device for serious work, join us for an introduction to the potential of mobile cameras. No matter your skill level, you'll discover new perspectives on how to make serious photography with a mobile device. After taking this bootcamp class you will be up to date on the best equipment, tools, and apps for shooting, enhancing and editing your photos.

If you love capturing, processing and sharing images with your mobile device, this class is guaranteed to up your game. In this class, you will discover and learn how to use some of today's most powerful photography apps to correct, enhance and transform your photos. Take the ordinary to extraordinary. Make day turn into night. Adjust color and tone, even vertical and horizontal lines add lighting, texture and special effects to your images using 3rd party apps like Lightroom Mobile.


  • Anyone who wants to explore the potential of mobile cameras.
  • Photographers wanting to learn more about mobile processing and editing.


Lightroom Mobile (V 6.2.0)
iPhone 12
A variety of 3rd party apps for iPhone, iPad


Lisa Carney is a high-end retoucher who has spent over two decades working with the most dynamic players in the print, motion picture, and television industries. Art Center trained photographer, (Grad ’92). Lisa remains a prolific photographer, most recently showing MoVID Manhattan 2019.

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I LOVED this class sooo much! Lisa did an amazing job of supplying a large amount of information balanced with a pace and teaching style so it wasn't overwhelming and so FUN to learn! Lisa helped me unlock so much potential in my device I didn't know was there. Everyone can learn from this class! Lisa is fun and real and you feel like you can connect with her. I am having so much fun with photos and have taken my images up a level with the education Lisa provided. TAKE HER CLASS, you will be so happy you did!!

Amy Vaughn

Lisa, your classes are wonderful and inspiring. Even though I already have a fancy DSLR, I love experimenting with mobile photography and have just been getting into using Lightroom a lot on my mobile devices. There were many cool ideas in this course that I wasn't aware of. I'd highly recommend it to others interested interested in creative mobile photography. Thank you so much for providing the slides as a pdf download - they are thorough, well organized and easy to reference when it isn't convenient to open a video file.

Thomas Hübinger

This course is a step-by-step guide on how to create better, more impressive photos with Adobe Lightroom. In her charming and unique way, the lecturer explains the content in an easy-to-understand way so that people like me who have never used Adobe Lightroom before can achieve very good results. The course is rounded off by a very extensive and detailed workbook. Thanks to the lecturer for this wonderful course!