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Master Mobile Photography Bootcamp

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Post Production:Editing/Processing

Lisa Carney

Master Mobile Photography Bootcamp

Lisa Carney

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7. Post Production:Editing/Processing
What is possible.Discover the darkroom in your hand.

Lesson Info

Post Production:Editing/Processing

this next section quite possibly is my favorite post production. So this is the dark room in your hand that really all the magic happens here. I think once you have your image captured, you know what lens you're using. You know what camera app you're using? This is where the real work begins. I think so. We're gonna look at Light Room Mobile as a primary source of editing. I call it editing or processing interchangeably. And also we're gonna look at third party apse, which oh, my magic can happen in there. However, there is a caveat here with these third party APS. Sometimes they don't survive the marketplace. So try to have multiple versions of different party applications you can rely on to get the looks. And when I'm talking about editing, what am I talking about? I'm talking about taking a lovely lake shot and turning it into a dramatic NYT ish dark black and white, um, all with light room mobile. All while you're standing on the shore of the lake. I'm talking about the ability to ...

make multiple versions of a single image. So, for example, this image was exposed for the highlights. So the shadows are very dark, and I played around with taking out all the color except for the orange or putting a kind of greenish patina to a very Matt looking image. All this on your phone with light room mobile Really easy. I'm very much a big fan of doing day for night photography, and what I mean by that is, I don't like to travel at night that much alone. I get a little nervous, so I will shoot in the daytime and then convert the image using light room mobile and or some extra third party APS to make nighttime images. Oh, in your hand. It's amazing. The dark room that's available and what I'm really thrilled about, especially with like the mobile, is the variety of different looks you could get. You could get many, many different versions and play around so you could do kind of Ah, this the center one looks more like a book cover illustration to me, where the blacks have been flattened down quite a bit to your kind of standard black and white again kind of a day for night looking feel. There's all different colors and textures and tones you can add similar looking shots so you could do a standard black and white. You can dio more of a do a tone. The color grading in light room mobile is pretty amazing to taking your image into a program called mixtures and adding textures and light leaks to it. You can go from an image similar to this like a beautiful, foggy fall day at the lake, and create something soft and warm and painterly to it again, all on the phone or on your IPad. Some people like to travel with both. They like the flexibility of being going to Photoshop if you need thio as well. So again, another fall foggy morning, same time I shot that last one and then a more painterly, warm, slightly magenta vibe, all in light room mobile and the versions. I really, really want to stress the capacity you have to do multiple multiple versions and keep them all attached when you're working in light room. Mobile light through mobile is non destructive, which means you can at any moment go back and forth from any from the original to these different versions and keep adding or subtracting and never degrading your image. Look at the possibilities. It's pretty amazing. Cuba. So I like I said, I love Cuba and I ditched the 35 millimeter pretty quickly, and this particular image was shot through light room mobile and then process slightly in light room. And then third party app of flares were added after the fact. So I'm trying to give you some ideas of what to look for. This is really a survey boot camp, and what that means is Aiken touch a bit on all of this. But you know, I don't know your style of photography or what you're looking to create, So I'm trying to really open up the product for you to see what's possible. So again, Jack in the forest, maybe Jack Dark and moody, maybe Jack colorized all sorts of options available. So while we're going through these elements and sections, please keep this in mind. These are the camp possibilities. So, as I've said before, I love doing macro photography, and Aiken taken image captured through captured through light room mobile using a moment macro lens and then create a nice black and white image crop. It get more detail out of it, we'll be going over much of this again with the macro photography. Um, shooting for the exposing for the highlights or shadow details is something we've talked about before, and when you take it into your dark room, as I like to call it on your phone, you can really bring out the critters or the details. You can have some fun. What if you take a pretty standard portrait shot studio and then make it look like an illustration in seconds on your phone? And any more clients are appreciating having a variety of looks that you can give them. You give them a straight studio shot, give a black and white shot, and then you give a illustration look to see what they're how they're promoting themselves, especially on social. You can. I want to be really clear here with light room mobile, and the whole mobile world is, I like to call it. You can take your images, do most of the work in light room mobile and then drop it into Photoshop on your IPad and quickly drop in a new background easily. There's all sorts of antique ing or textures you can apply and again, I'm trying to expand your your thoughts of what you can dio, and you could make something look quite painterly. This is all done on the original capture light room mobile process in light room and then taken into a third party app to add the painterly textures on top of it. So let's start diving in into post production.

Class Description


  • Use professional insider tips and tricks to make your images stand out.
  • Get the most out of the device you have.
  • Learn about and set up camera various 3rd party camera apps.
  • Process and edit your images to fit your vision.
  • Adjust color and tone, even vertical and horizontal lines, add lighting and special effects.


If you're new to the idea of using your mobile device for serious work, join us for an introduction to the potential of mobile cameras. No matter your skill level, you'll discover new perspectives on how to make serious photography with a mobile device. After taking this bootcamp class you will be up to date on the best equipment, tools, and apps for shooting, enhancing and editing your photos.

If you love capturing, processing and sharing images with your mobile device, this class is guaranteed to up your game. In this class, you will discover and learn how to use some of today's most powerful photography apps to correct, enhance and transform your photos. Take the ordinary to extraordinary. Make day turn into night. Adjust color and tone, even vertical and horizontal lines add lighting, texture and special effects to your images using 3rd party apps like Lightroom Mobile.


  • Anyone who wants to explore the potential of mobile cameras.
  • Photographers wanting to learn more about mobile processing and editing.


Lightroom Mobile (V 6.2.0)
iPhone 12
A variety of 3rd party apps for iPhone, iPad


Lisa Carney is a high-end retoucher who has spent over two decades working with the most dynamic players in the print, motion picture, and television industries. Art Center trained photographer, (Grad ’92). Lisa remains a prolific photographer, most recently showing MoVID Manhattan 2019.

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I LOVED this class sooo much! Lisa did an amazing job of supplying a large amount of information balanced with a pace and teaching style so it wasn't overwhelming and so FUN to learn! Lisa helped me unlock so much potential in my device I didn't know was there. Everyone can learn from this class! Lisa is fun and real and you feel like you can connect with her. I am having so much fun with photos and have taken my images up a level with the education Lisa provided. TAKE HER CLASS, you will be so happy you did!!

Amy Vaughn

Lisa, your classes are wonderful and inspiring. Even though I already have a fancy DSLR, I love experimenting with mobile photography and have just been getting into using Lightroom a lot on my mobile devices. There were many cool ideas in this course that I wasn't aware of. I'd highly recommend it to others interested interested in creative mobile photography. Thank you so much for providing the slides as a pdf download - they are thorough, well organized and easy to reference when it isn't convenient to open a video file.

Thomas Hübinger

This course is a step-by-step guide on how to create better, more impressive photos with Adobe Lightroom. In her charming and unique way, the lecturer explains the content in an easy-to-understand way so that people like me who have never used Adobe Lightroom before can achieve very good results. The course is rounded off by a very extensive and detailed workbook. Thanks to the lecturer for this wonderful course!