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Next Level Webinars with Omar Zenhom 3

Let me do a quick intro for oma and you know we kind of met sort of through creative live basically he was in the audience for michael ports thing and and checked out his web site and realized, wow, this guy really knows what he's doing when it comes to webinars and lead a bit of his bio here has been an educator entrepreneur for over a decade he's the co founder of the revolutionary online business training program one hundred dollars n ba and the hit itunes podcast one hundred dollars mba show he's got a ton of experience in doing web in oz he's got two best selling books on the topic and he will tell you with his expertise how to take weapon owes to the next level and show you one of the very cool software out there that you could help you do weaponize called webinar ninja so I'm really thrilled that he can join us because when it comes to weaponize this guy knows this stuff way better than I do so I thought hey, if we're gonna talk weaponize let's talkto omar's enema and we'll see ...

if he's on with us there you thank you thank you creative y thanks for being here awesome thank you so much I'm really excited to be here with you guys you know like you said, lou you know I've been doing women are for a very long time I had a tremendous amount of success. I've been able to write two bestselling books and also create a software on using webinars and then help people use weapon ours in that way, you know, and everybody's talking about weapon are so much these days. I heard you guys talked about whether it was the last couple of days in the class as well as, you know, just seeing everyone around, you know, everybody in their cats doing weather knockers, right? And there's been a reason why, you know, the first reason why I want to talk about is it's a really great way to build trust online. And I talk about trust a lot in my courses in webinars in general, because the only may anybody finds anything from you is if they trust you. Yeah, there has to be some level of trust, and this is especially important online because people are still kind of skeptical, buying things online a little bit. Is this a real person, you know, and webinars really cuts right through that because it's a live interaction, which is great. Another reason why I love webinars or why you should be using webinars is that it builds a targeted audience and email list, you know, you hear a lot of people saying, you know, you're listening. Critical to building your business but what I love about its target, you get people that are interested in what you're actually offering on get buyers, which I found is incredible. Third one, which is dear to my heart because I was an educator and teacher trainer for over a decade, is that webinars are great for teaching, and teaching is a new way of selling now, you know, if you can convey that, you know what you're talking about your credible you haven't you're an authority in this market and whatever your market is, you know webinars instantly gives you that authority and that's what I love about webinar so much and obviously, you know, webinars are great for converting, you know what? There's cover better than anything else, you know? We have sales pages, I have a sale space, I have sales videos, you know, I've written videos on my block I mean, I've had videos of my block have written on my blog's I have a hit podcast, but nothing converts like webinars because there's interaction because there's people that can ask questions and there's a way for people to interact with you and I love that, and I love to share some of the things I've learned along the way with today's audience has everybody, what does everybody think that I feel like that? Okay, so I want to talk about ways to use webinars not just for selling right. You can use weapons for content creation like what lou talked about today about you, khun invite people on a summit or an interview and it could be a live event, and then you can take that content and put it on your block or put on your website or sell it later on if you want, as a recording what's great about is that never using google hangout saves ensure youtube, you can download it and then you can do really fancy editing you want if you want to or not, you know you could do what you like and it's the right way to create content. I also love webinars is so awesome and I love to do this is to get to know your audience and to get to know what your audience audiences needs are, you know, a lot of time people struggle. I don't know what to sell, what to create, what my business is a great way to do this is so open a live webinar and just say, hey, I'm here to help you out get you give you feedback on your ideas, answer your questions. And I'm gonna be on today or tomorrow and you could just blast it on social media or your email list and you can hear from them they can complain to you that can say I'm struggling with this and you can just take down notes and be like this is like you're a little r and d lab where you say okay, I'm hearing this a lot I need to solve this problem for my audience and that's my next product so a lot of a struggle with that and you can really use webinars to create amazing products you know, people buy because they told you that I'm dying for something to solve this problem so that's what I love using weapons in that way and of course but you mentioned you can use webinars as a product itself, right? You can use it as a mastermind you can use it as a coaching program, brute coaching or individual coaching so andi, we talked about sales, but a lot of people are getting into ads now especially facebook ads. You know gary vaynerchuk stalked by facebook as a lot of these days and dark posts and and I found in my own experience that you're gonna drive traffic from paid traffic like facebook ads, google adwords, even banner ads they convert well on a webinar because say, for example I'm driving traffic from the facebook add to my sales page for example I really have a very limited amount of control or a lot of lim amount of engagement with my audience because they're going to read my sales copy and maybe watch my video and then maybe they're you know, kind of going toe you know just check it out a little bit and then bounce out a lot of people are just hovering on the back son you know this isn't the catch their attention really quickly around and they're on to something else made it back to facebook right but what weapon are zoos that people get on on a weapon administration page is the landing page you know learn more about this after the date of questions and answer to get a lower bottles out you know and it's very simple just your name and email address there's no wandering around is just okay and then they get your weapon are and you have a chance to really get to know them and he had a chance to really sell your product and answer questions and this converts a whole lot better and it's a lot mohr worth your advertising dollars and just driving traffic to a sales patient and this is just out of my own experience of experiences the colleagues of experiences that people have used the software that we've created so we really kind of I studied the weapon our market for a bit of time right now and I really find that you know, it's it's still emerging, people experimenting, a lot of things, so there's, a lot of opportunity for people benefit to grow, so I really want to talk about something really important right now, something that has been true to me so often when I do webinars paid, um, non paid webinars, ones that are just, you know, building you know, my audience, and I call these my five golden rules to effectively running webinars you guys wanna hear these five golden rules? All right, awesome. So these five golden rules, I want you to kind of like jonathan down because I want you have on your computer, I have them on my computer, and every time I run a weapon, aren't these are true and tried, and I have to follow every time, so rule number one is it's about the audience it's, not about you. Make sure when you're running your webinar that you're living as much value to your audience, make sure that they've come and they get what you advertise, if you tell him I'm not teaching this, or help them with their spirituality, or help them with their cat grooming or whatever it is, right? I want to make sure that I'm delivering on my promise, no one wants to hear you beating on your chest and saying, I won with money with my business or whatever you know that can get old really quick and he would really want to know how you can help what is in it for me you know so make sure you focus on your lines it's so ruler one again it's about the audience all right rule number two give him a quick win I love this technique make sure that you give them something they can implement right away so even right on the webinar or right after the weapon what this does is that it builds instant credibility and instant trust you want to get a quick when really quick so they say okay this person knows that they're talking about their own authority they've given me something and it's useful it's not just hot air so rule number one it's about the audience rule number two you know quick win rule number three interaction and engagement is key the whole reason why webinars are effective is that there's engagement that there's interactivity you know and it's it's like a live you know classroom just like creative live it's right so it's really important that you used something that I call the input output method now this is a method that I taught thousands of teachers in my course of my experience I talk business owners and it's a really good method to make sure people are actually getting and comprehending what you're offering on your webinar so for example if I were to do this method to you right now you know, I would say I can ask you what are the first three golden rules to running effectively effective what webinars you would tell me you know where number one is the audience to give him a quick win and then three is anybody want to say engaged grey awesome interaction engagement so that is unexamined all of making sure using the input output methods so they're not just sitting idly and there on the web in our software that can put in the chat you know, so people feel like there's something going on and things kind of like, you know, get buried in the soil people are actually they saturday in the information so they understand exactly what's going on before you move on rule before live lebon ours are like live performances and personally I feel like when I'm about to do a weapon I like tio do a rehearsal to rehearse with the camera off not that I don't know the material I know this material inside and out it's just I need to make sure that I have ah no effective delivery of the material your delivery needs to be sharp so make sure that you you have a few rehearsals on your belt maybe do it two times or something before you do the weapon on this also includes a tech rehearsal so whatever you're using for your webinars, make sure you've gone through it a couple times maybe you want to do it with a friend you know your neighbor you know, this google hangouts or whatever or whatever software using so make sure you do a tech rehearsal I mean we did take rehearsal with creative alive a couple days ago I mean man deep got on you know we will hang out too much everything's fine band with the school so make sure you you do a rehearsal tech wise as well as your material. Lastly, rule number five is great webinars have a structure, so make sure you have a plan in your webinar or a lesson plan so to speak make sure you have segments make sure you convey this to your audience make sure you let them know that you're going to be taking questions but you know there is a time for that so people don't feel like, hey, I asked the question they've been answer me what's going on here they're just ignoring me you know make sure that is structured so people know you're not just winging it but you're a pro that you cared enough to have a structure for this webinar so guys, once again my five golden rules that I use every time is one I remind myself it's about the audience teo I give him a quick win so they I know that I have given something it's useful three for rule number three is interaction and engagement is key ruling before his live webinars are like live performances so rehearsals really important and five is great webinars have a structure so lou I wantto give as much information as I can to be honest I'm really passionate about this andi I want to take a few moments I just talk a little about women are ninja which is a solution we've come up with so a little back story about weapon our ninja I was you know I was struggling with you know using all these different software's I've tried them all I was using google hangout is an ad hoc solution I was not happy with it so I just created an in house solution of software that uses google hangouts to run my webinars effectively and I started using the software with my audience with my webinars I was doing in my office is like what are you using this is really cool I really like it and I said well it's just something I created you know for myself like well I want it can you sell it to me so I was like okay great so we decided to start you know, selling it we went into beta we started to no test it and now we're on version too and we called it weapon our ninja because we wanted to make things very simple, very easy for use as well as you know, very customizable. So you can quote unquote be a ninja with webinars so brian from creative live invited me to speak to because he heard about it and thought it would be, you know, useful resource for people if they would like to use it so creative like team if you want to roll a demo video that I prepare for you guys want to take a look it in action take a look weapon in asian action so let's let's take that. Thank you. Hey there, everybody and welcome to webinar ninja in this video, I'm gonna show you how webinar ninja can help you create successful, effective webinars. I'm gonna give you the grand tour, so to speak and show you behind the scenes how you can set up a webinar so easily with weapon our ninja so firstly, what is webinar? Ninja women are ninja is a wordpress plugging a software that you install on your website right off the bat. That is significant because you own the software. You're not paying a company month in and month out to use their software service you install of an orange on your website and you own it oflife webinar nature uses google hangouts technology to make sure that you could support large and robust webinars the first thing I want to show you is the experience of a user that is registering for your webinar and then I'm gonna pull back the current and show you in the back and what it looks like. This set one up for yourself. This is a webinar registration page that I created with women are ninja. Now remember, this is a software this installed on your website, which means people will be coming to your website to view your webinar instead of some external site so you're branding remains the same, and people are not confused about where to go for the webinar. This is just one of the clean designs that we have for women are ninjas registration pages. These pages have proven to convert extremely well to ensure that people actually register for a webinar when they hit your registration page. There are great features like embedding a welcome video as well as having the ability to customize the colors on this page so I can customize anything here I could change this color that color the colors of the font. I can add photos right here to match my own branding. So for example, in this demo webinar podcasting with sound thought I wanted to make sure that the branding and the colors of sound plot as well as my own branding was integrated, so I was able to customize that on the page and I'll show you later on in the back and how that is done so once somebody puts in their name and their email address, they're sent to a thank you paige that's also custom made for your webinar this is a thank you paige on women are dangerous so gives him all the information for the weapon our and gives them the link to the live weapon armed when it's time to go but also these convene an ad to calendar buttons so the registrant can just add it to the calendar immediately so they could be reminded again I can invent a video here to thank them. And down here is a special feature exclusive toe webinar ninja, which allows your webinar to go viral. This feature allows you to offer a free gift to those who share your webinar on social media. So once they share on social media, it unlocks a free gift that you offer them pretty cool. So let's, take a look at what a live webinar page looks like. So once it's time for the live webinar and they go to the live webinar paige it's gonna look like this so the live webinar video be up here all the weapon, our information's right here and our simple q and a feature here where people can ask questions directly is right here again, we have social media shares up here so we could share the weapon our water on it so they invite other bills adjoin so as you could see, you could run a professional webinar on your websites and no one has to go to any external websites or install any external software. It's nice and easy for you and for them. What if a registrant for your webinar goes to the live webinar before it's time to go live? What are they seem? Well, you'll see a convenient countdown right on this page. You know how much time is left before the weapon our goes live now this demo evan are scheduled for december first, so we got fifty one days to go, and if they're not signed up for the weapon our yet, they can just hit the register for webinar bunt down here and I'll take him to the registration page. All right, guys, it's! Time for me to go behind the scenes and show you how easy it is to create a webinar in the admin panel of women are ninja so here in the dashboard of weapon are ninja inside my wordpress website. All I have to do is hit, create new weapon are so here I'm given a choice to create a new live webinar, or I can create a new evergreen webinar, which means I can have it on auto pilot and have a recording video playing so people can register on their own and they can go and attend the weapon are automatically. Or I can clone any of my past webinars before war. I can import a campaign that I've saved before externally but let's, just create a new live webinar let's, call this woman our cat grooming made easy on the host of that weapon are don't miss out, guys, this is a great weapon on cat grooming. And I could put the day for that weapon are nice and easy. Take it for the save the twenty fourth of october. I set the time for six p m in the evening and my time zone pacific standard. I can also I have a pretty euro. I can dictate what the euro could be. I could just say cat rooming and just it create new weapon are boom my weapon art has been created all afternoon. I just set up a few things to make sure my webinars all ready to go. But here in the main dashboard I have a lot of great information here. I have the live link of the weapon or if I want to give it out, I have all these great stats where I can view how many people view the registration page thank you page the countdown pays a webinar page the replay page I have all these great stats handy right here in the dashboard the first thing is I want to choose my first design template or lay out we have three layouts have to remember all of these lamps are customizing we could change colors you can change the text you can add video you can move videoing at photos you could do a whole bunch of stuff took make it yours to make it your brandon your webinar so I'm gonna go ahead and just save this one and now I want to set up my registration paid in my registration page settings I got a whole bunch of different settings that I can use my sales copy my opt in headline I can make it a paid webinar if I'd like and set that up so people pay before they actually attend like integrate my auto responders so people can be added to my list and I use in my auto responder to remind people about the webinar there are tons of settings here where you can customize your registration page same thing with the thank you paid you go here and just customized we do like you want to add the sharon unlocked gift feature you can add video in the thank you paige you also can customize a live weapon our page same thing with the replay page of the webinar customise that we have some extra setting sail for all u tech gurus if you want to add some css or customized things on your weapon are there are a lot of settings that you can change and customize, but we've also made it very simple for you to create professional looking webinar very quickly if you notice there's a bunny or called life causal life console is kind of like the green room or where I work as the producer of this webinar so if I click this life consul bun they'll take me and tell me exactly how many of our only live webinar how many restaurants I have if it's a paid webinar how many people have bought how many questions are active, how many total questions and with just one bun I could connect my google account and set up my google hangout instantly and I could just take that in bed code and put it into my webinar and that way you don't have to go in and leave weapon on angel you could do everything within the software you can add an on air message so if you want to do a special offer any time you could put a message here, turn it on turn it off which can link to a sales page or whatever you'd like to do guys are so many great future who having our ninja I can't cover them all in this video, but we've done we've created a place for you to learn all about it and that's the weapon our ninja dojo in the dojo, we have video tutorials for youto watch to get started really quickly how to install and activate your software and how to do everything we just talked about today we also include a special bonus that we think is a very important is a full training course and e book on teaching and presenting and selling on your webinar this is to ensure that when you're on camera, you're at your best so my partner and a cold bottle dino and I both have thirteen years of teaching and education experience, and we wanted to pass that on in this course, making sure that you're teaching, presenting and selling the right way on video so you can convert your attendees into customers. This is all included in your weapon our ninja purchase now, in addition to all of that, you're going to get unlimited email support updates for life and a thirty day money back. I dont want to make sure that you're happy with webinar ninja thank you so much for watching this demo of weapon are ninja were excited to help you create amazing webinars cool guys oh, thank you so much thank you guys and I wantto allow some time for questions anybody have any questions about running webinars teaching selling what? Arnage itself cat grooming whatever you get time took great. Thank you so much. I think you look teo, get a quick clarification for the folks online. We've got some people who use uh blogging platforms other than wordpress square space we believe stuff like that does webinar ninja work with those? Okay, so weapon on asia is a wordpress plugin, so a lot of our users that use it are ninja that have sights on square sees what we advise him to do is to just have a wordpress site with a share you're hosting for four dollars a month and just install a site wordpress plug in right on the site and it's just you can use the plug in and use the webinar platform just for webinar so you could have a sight separate and then run your webinars on like say for example, your site is cat grooming dot com and that websites on squarespace youjust do karaoke rooms dot com backslash webinars on that site where you install your weapon, your your work site on you can sell weapon our ninja on and just run your webinars on there it's still going to be very inexpensive because you're gonna be spending you know for hosting for five dollars a month at the most but and then you could just run your rubbers as many times as you want with software I think so many questions curious because I have a girlfriend that's really into webinars I'd love to share this information with her so that means that you could just do the weapon are right there right I mean at home or wherever you are right I mean whatever you have your computer you can do a webinar and you can do as many as you want for as long as you want for that price yeah exactly so you don't have you know some some of the sources have monthly fees or yearly fees what we've tried to do is we create a solution because google hangout is the video portion what we do is you know this is the setup so people can register so you have a marketing campaign you have the restoration patient thank you paid the whole system so what we want to do is make it is cost effective as cheap as possible you creator webinars in advance you could do ever being whether north is a lot of people do where they want to go on vacation but they want to keep on marketing you know they take a recorded webinar they've done before or a you know pre recorded video they use it as a weapon our people can register they watched a webinar on dh then you know they khun you can do it a one time offer on recorded with art where you can put it at a certain time and it shows up on your page so it's really flexible and you can create as many as you like question what's the unlimited personal these I didn't quite understand that between the two versions, so we have two licenses we have one is a single personal site licence, so if you have one site let's say, for example, cat grooming dot com that's your sight you own that domain, andi, you don't have any other domains and you don't plan to buy any other domains and that's your only domain then you may want to go with a single site licence if maybe the later down the line you have another domain that you want install this the software on that you personally owned say, for example, you start another business called you know we'll go for our climbing and that's something you own along with cat grooming dot com but you don't want to buy the software again so you can buy the unlimited personal site licensed install weapon on angel on several sites that you personally own there's not a developers license, which means you can install on clients or sell it out to a client, so this is unlimited two sites that you own or one site that you are excellent thanks to go back briefly to one of your five rules there that we talked about earlier. What do you mean by rule number two? Give them something right away. Are you referring to something like that? The beginning of a webinar give audience three tips, for example, should this quick wind be at the beginning or the end of the webinar? I think in the beginning is best for the quick win. And can you give some other examples of quick winds? Sure. So a quick win is is something that you can teach them that they can implement right away really quick. Eso say, for example, you say to them safer than I do a webinar on sales copy and I say to them guys, the rule number one in your headlines and sales copy is make sure that you you explain the pain the audience is having. So say, for example, I was a silly example, but let's, go back to camp rooming, right? So maybe the biggest pain for people have cats is that they had harold over their clothes and they look ridiculous in an interview or whatever it is, right? So you want to explain the pain that the audience is going through? So I would give them a quick win by saying when you go home today or when you get on your website after this weapon all right now it's like it's like a tutorial. Now go ahead and look at your opening headline of your sail stage is explaining the pain the audience is having and then after that are you explaining how you're going to solve that pain and people are like, wow, that's a good win. I like that I can implement that right away that will change and affect my business right now and immediately people say you're teaching something for me that's useful only way they know it's useful is that they actually tried out and he's tried on their own business and they realize okay, um I should pay attention to this person. Great, excellent other questions? Yeah, we definitely have a plenty more excellent let's. See steve scott with women are ninja. Can you switch between live and pre recorded webinar content on a live broadcast? Well, what you could do is you can switch from they were you could use the utilities of google hangout so well, google hangouts does is that you can load up a video on youtube and then you can qu youtube video at any time you want during the hangout so just whatever that pre reported that you have you could save it on youtube, you can make it unlisted or s o it's, not searchable. And then you can just get that youtube video in the middle of your weapon are and to say, hey, guys, watch this video for the next ten minutes. Come back, switch back to yourself so it's definitely doable, and you could do it through your hangouts. Uh, somewhere sounds good rate other questions, huh? Tony, do you suggest having more than one person on the webinar, for instance, tohave even if they're not on the screen, someone to support you in checking, um, the chat messages and questions and things like that. How do you usually handle that that's a great question on we actually got a lot of feedback when we're creating the software because people like you don't have somebody to feel my question, so we have two options with weapon our ninja. We have won something called a simple q and a system which solves this problem. What it does is that people can submit questions and you can feel these questions in your life counselor, you can take a look all the questions in order you could get him off that they've been answered and ones that are not answered, you actually can email them directly answer to them later, ron on dh or we have the option where you can embed a chat software a chat you know program for your pay wherever you like to do and at that point you know, people just chatting and get to know each other and people are asking questions to the chat it is helpful to have somebody to feel those questions because you want to make sure people understand that you're doing this in this process regardless if you're using the cuny system with our ninja or if you are using the chat software the chat feature I would definitely address to the audience in the beginning were going to be taking your questions at the end or in the middle or you know, in this segment of the webinar s o please keep on asking questions and we will get to them a soon as you can or whenever you a lot to it. So that's kind of the technique that people use on webinars if not using women are now just two and a system then I would definitely have somebody before when I was at hawking it without the software we created, I have my partner nicole she was sitting next to me fielding questions and I was like, this has gotta stop I can't keep doing this because it's like it takes a two man show sometimes do that, so um I hope that helps thank you anything for the chat? Yeah. I mean, we can we can keep going as you have anything else that you wanted. Teo, I didn't wantto go ahead. I wanted to ask in the five points you mentioned that your weapon I should have structure. Do you have a kind of ah shorthand? Or is there you know, in order that you put things in a typical webinar? Yeah, definitely. I definitely the beginning of the weapon are I want to make sure that people understand what they're going to get out of it. Or why should they care? Yes, there, like everybody is inherently selfish. People want to know what is in it for me, you know, like, why should I spend my hour an hour's a long time? Think about it. You could have eleven are with, you know we spoke about before. Like, what if you don't have two or three people on a webinar, right? Even if it's two or three people imagine you're, you've gathered three people at a coffee shop and talk about whatever you're offering attention of free people. That's a big deal, you know it's it's live there sitting at home or in a coffee shop waiting to hear from you, so I my first thing in my structure is to make sure they understand this is what you gonna learn today this is what I do for you here's my promise today you're going to know how to do this you're gonna walk away and understand this and first look it's our attention signal it makes them understand that you care about them that you actually want to give him something and it's not all about guys first don't talk about my bank account thank eyes just like people just that's got old really quick I mean that was kind of a style you know, five or six years ago online and people just like, you know that's wonderful unless they're goingto make me apart on the bank account that it's not worthy it's not it's not worth my time so make sure you address where you're gonna be teaching how you going to do it? I didn't try to go in and given that when very early in on then I go in and have a built up structure so basically I like to teach something and then asked them to kind of tell me what they've learned asked questions and then I move on and build upon that on dh then I also do a summary at the end I sell could say this is what we learned one, two, three, four on dh I like to do q and a in two different sections maybe twenty or thirty minutes in and then at the end so I can feel questions and when I do the two sections but does that a lot of people have questions and they they get they get answered just because of the content that you've been teaching throughout so you khun skip questions people would say ok ever you've addressed it already it's fine you know so that's kind of my structure I'd like to wrap up again with a summary this is what we've learned today on dh then if I'm selling on the webinar I don't really sell I just say hey guys, if you liked what you learned today you found it of value that I think you be interested in this product that I have that cost this much no upfront about it I'm not sure I make money you know this is what I do but I'm also about giving back and I want to make sure that you know that you benefit from it if you took what I learned today and you like it and that's good enough fine but if you want to take it to the next level here something I have to offer for you here it is I usually have a special offer for the weapon our itself just like you guys have a special offer right now for today on what our ninjas so I want to make sure people that want to take action have incentive to take action right away so I usually use special offer for that day there's a special offering and get a discount or ah bonus and that's usually my structure for the weather great, thank you rule, etc david says question for omar given that women are not just sits on a website, how easy it is it for two businesses to partner and organize a joint venture webinar it's very easy actually because again the video portion of lebanon ours is is handled by google hangouts is what you're going to do is when you start your google hangout on the top right hand a top you know middle section there's a little man with a plus sign and that guy will if you click that you can share a link to have somebody joined you on the video. So right now somebody want to join me I would give him that link and they would come and join me on video so there'll be two people who could have up to ten people with google hangouts and then the people that are watching your attendees restaurants we'll we'll see those two people but that guests will be like in the green room that people that will be discussing with you, you know, answering questions with you so it's very easy to do that right thank you tastic uh maybe one more fairly simple one is the weapon are recorded and where is the media stored and can I download it afterwards yes definitely so every weapon our that is run with google ghouls now become this huge monster that owns everything right on makes our life easy really so you know every google has a google plus account and is connected to youtube account so when you record a webinar it automatically saves through youtube account which you can download the mp for file later on if you want to later on edit it if you want to do whatever you want you could do that or you could just grab the embed code off that youtube video which is just like any other youtube video and embedded in your website or embedded in whatever you do in a membership site if you're selling that weapon are later on so it's very easy all right I want to say a huge thank you tell omar for being here for sharing the information with very now can you tell people once again where to find you online if they wantto follow what you're doing if you want to learn more about what we do at one hundred dollars nba is one hundred and b that's one zero zero n ba dot net uh you could learn anything about what you need to know about me there too as well. Fantastic thank you again

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