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YouTube Channel Critique 3

Now I'm going to take a look at who I love this this is my hot seats slide pretty fancy, huh? Who so in the hot seat section, we're going to sort of take the strategy, see how folks were doing with it and we're going to look at some websites thank you for switching over the websites, and we're going to take a look and we'll take chat feedback as well as long as it's, nice and positive and constructive, but we're going to do is kind of dissect a few videos from friends in the audience and other places and kind of just get a sense uh, how they're doing what they might be be able to do to improve it. So this is going to be kind of very interactive and there's no wrong answers that's really just meant to be all right. You've got a video on youtube, that's, great let's see how you're approaching your youtube channel and how those videos are looking so that we can maybe make them better and maybe get more views, so we're going to start with data who's, a member of our audience and because in...

exorably long last name, so but that's awesome and you also go by the the monk I the monkey do the monkey dude so so that's good I mean, you could in your youtube channel you could put your name and then technical the monk dude. And this is good, I think for I don't know what your home page looks like, but I think for your custom banner, um, you might wanna have something that ties into your home page as well, because it looks like a photo of you, but it didn't, uh, chopped off your head. So that's not good. So but other than that, you have videos on here, which is awesome. That's. Good. Great start. Anybody else have any comments? Just about the overall first impression home page. Uh, well, I think he's just saying the trailer so that we have introduced them to his whole channel and maybe give him a tour of the different playlist. Good call. Yep. So you can add data. You can have a channel trailer that's like a welcome video for your youtube page. And do you want to pick its particular view? Uh, it pic facebook traded to the second one. It's nice and short. You this one? Yeah. Okay. All right. So we're going to play that video for folks. Be serious off feeling that you're in the infinite can transform her ah. So I will be talking about this idea of like leader and how to connect with the source ofthe creativity system within our cells through meditation practice primarily no, I bring in speakers all the time for facebook through the meditation at program one of our employees resource group's daughter is by far the most charismatic like he is engage people in a way that I haven't seen before so I would hide I like the simplicity it brings the system off the ages he brings out the best off of meditation and other practices in a way that including an engineer or a marketer you understand actually that meditation at the end which still just gave me the shivers thinking about it first of all I think you're a tough audience were all technologists so to get people that calm in that space of time that was pretty amazing you know no that's a great way excellent let's get some feedback on that I have to say first fault was great the length is good it gives a sense of what you do the music ties it all together so those are just a couple of first impressions but I want to throw it back to you guys and you think I will start with boxing? I might start with some of the testimonials in the beginning or just put it put a few in the front in the few in the back of the video because it made it especially like if you're targeting the technology body and the lady who said you know we're a tough crowd where the technology yeah you know, employees et cetera just going to say that yeah, that just the after math of what you did was so impressive you know, especially when it comes you tell that was totally live and from the heart and there was no set up they're right so is very natural yeah exactly uh jay, I just think the optimization so facebook talk trailer doesn't tell me anything good point yet so you can go back into your youtube account and adam more descriptive title if you like uh maybe it's you know, like a calming the facebook crowd or meditation for technology out of the service? Yeah, folks, techies and a lot of times what I like to do in the titles is, you know, like if you had the monk dude, I had like the video guy you know, you want to try and get those keywords into the title as well if it is largely not forcing it again, you can go on your description you do have the you are all here so that's good, but you khun use more that real estate you can have, you know again facebook, twitter especially since you're talking about facebook, you could put your facebook lincoln there but some folks sharing some some thoughts for data we have a good day who says I like the dissolves between his clips and the musical background we had than e true said I felt the video had a slow start the crowd shot is great is social proof and maybe the shot could have been b roll for the testimonials so have the audio from the testimonials playing over the shots of the crowds that is my thought let's see and then we've got some on his on his general can handle if you want to go back to that, we can look at that we have ah let's see data was saying a couple different people were saying the banner doesn't really work for him, so definitely something tio tio improve, nyala says I think you should put his videos and playlists and have a trailer uh love the video right now though the one that was playing earlier excellent now that's something that risk you might like to know, so I had a professional camera crew coming to film that it's great, you know, go, I've got good footage, they're making a professional demo video from him but that's not really and I wanted something quick so I went into apple had a one hour listen I'm movie came home and put that either in half an hour you do that so easy I mean, I had that I had the content of the media and everything, but it was actually amazingly easy. Yeah, and I think it's also now you're a musician and that's your music. So I think that be good to know. I don't know exactly how you leave that in, but crazy is that you? Yeah, that's great. And the music does tie it all together and you can see how it evokes a certain emotion. So yeah, tied that knot very well. This'll work, shop your way. Have denise who says, I learnt from the training that you should name the video, something that people will be searching for, like a problem or struggle, that your video will solve a couple other people agreed with that. So definitely the title. As we've said, so little work on that's the case on all your videos and the other thing again, you want to make you a video is really easy to find so you could do that, and you can curate them with those playlists so you could take a look at the videos that you have and start tio organized them into playlist, right? And the custom thumbnails would be great, yeah, yeah, it's hard to, because if it's just going to pick this thumbnail now here's this guy that's giving a testimonial which is great but we don't know that that's not you. So if I just saw that as a thumbnail I might be a little bit lost. Tony, I just want to reiterate the nature adding the month dude or something like that because I look at the spelling of your last name. That is obviously how lou found your channel and I don't think anyone's going to easily find it that way. Gentle here way get out of the month, teo great. You do have you your links here in the van? I thought of my current websites my old one still works, but it's yeah, absolutely haven't touched this rages. Okay, let me see if there's anything else before we move on here. Cash productions who suggests you do post a link to itunes or spotify recon by the song on the video so in that kind of final, maybe credit and we got a smart chat group here they're smart people, these guys I love you guys that schooling me on this is a pretty good year of theirs. The the bio in the about section and you know, over fifty thousand views all told that's not too shabby so great, so let's look at another one unless anybody else has any final comments or thoughts on that so thumbnails had one more saying you need to rearrange the home page of your playlist is at the top yeah because right now it's got these other videos, which is great, but they're just obviously videos that you looked at e I can't get to it from here without going to my channel but you asked if there's a way to add a key word to all your videos and yes, there we quickly looked at that place where you going to edit the videos and if you do the drop down, um it'll show you a place where you can add a keyword to all of your videos so if I said actions if I picked this one and I did actions more actions even more actions you khun ad keywords in here yep tags so you could bulk add a tag or key word to all of your videos if you wanted to that's really helpful because you don't want to go backto maybe don't want to go back to a video from six months ago, but you can change that you can adjust your titles and all that kind of good stuff makes sense. All right, cool um let's move on then and look at john, who was with us on day one and he's got a channel that is all about health care and he does a google hangout called health jams so we'll take a quick look at this well, look, obviously we're not gonna watch the owl hung video because what he's doing is he's taking his google hangouts and his hour long videos and putting them on to youtube which if they're on hangouts they'll go to youtube automatically, which is great so some of these obviously much older oh there's me um but I'll let me see what he has I think for this for a second one this is probably just his youtube in chou what? So again youtube allows you to create a, um a quick three second open that you can add to all of your videos so john obviously did that with three second one and you know, like I say we're obviously not gonna want teo help nice animation at the beginning as well and it's a hangout so you'll see him pop on the hang up and honestly, I think twelve seconds is too long, you know? And now it goes again for some reason so if you just go into here he's interviewing people he's doing his own hangouts stuff try to keep like secret in their little skrill e nothing you know on I get to share that with you so that you can use that in your business and that's really clearly that's a google hangout and that's a lot of what his page is made up of but anyone have any initial comments on john's youtube page let's start with the overall channel here I think he could use the welcome video too because you have no one's gonna watch a forty minute video yeah just to figure out we're about yeah good point let me see if I do the unsubscribe if he has that so here like here's where I can if I subscribed to the video I'm going to see what to watch next if I'm not a subscriber I would see a channel taylor but I don't believe he has one because I just unsubscribed and I got the same thing so it's really, really important to have that channel trailer be something that you want to represent your brand and not necessarily like okay, well here's my latest video his my hour long hang out because like dre says nobody's gonna watch along hang up a pretty good job with the banner because it represents his website as well and he has his links here's a lot of links here actually to the website so I can click on that and go back to his website and again, the other thing that he's doing is he's tying in all these colors as you can see making it all into great and I'm gonna go to his videos page and see what's going on with that so he's got a playlist that, uh hangouts that convert which is one of his products he's got his healthcare discussion so he doesn't put a good job grouping and curating his videos on the other thing here is that like well if it was if he has a video up on youtube that he's just putting their because he's doing a promo or something for a webinar that he doesn't necessarily want to have people view he could make this unlisted so it wouldn't show up here it's still on youtube it still hosted but it's unlisted so you know that wouldn't necessarily show up hey stop it buys john schumacher here along with my partner michael blum welcome and thanks for checking out the live hangouts success system here on our page and we're really excited to put this camp on so it's like a promo for boot camp which is great but you probably want to make it private so people can find it or if it is for public consumption then have a much more descriptive title and take advantage of that description because when google hangouts upload your video to youtube they don't really give you a description and tags you're going to go back in and and add those yourself on the other problem with using a generic word like boot camp is on your related videos you're gonna get a lot of other things that a boot camps that have nothing to do with what you're doing camps but I love you back coming in here let's see uh well my first one actually this is just from me personally on that page that banner with his two faces on either side and it's really awkward to mei foo late I'm not sure he's the one on the left is that like his kind of ion that's everywhere on the pain that's like men like on facebook you know no matter what you do with your banner your photo yeah he's going to pop up on that so you should integrate that into the banner so that it's not repetitive exactly so know that it's going to be there so you don't need the face on the right hand side you can use that for other yeah, that was the one that jumped out at me personally to put the you know, maybe in this case because we know and you don't even think about this when you're uploading your banner but your pictures already going to be there that youtube's gonna provide so maybe you put your you big logo here on the right hand side instead of your picture can you make that thumbnail bigger or no this one yeah no, this is the standard that that's the one that youtube provides ru you uploaded right, right. Okay, it takes your google plus photo actually so tied to google plus got it plus anything else way had a honeycomb design who said for john that he'd probably unlisted the hangouts that convert intro yes because I mean that's good to have and you you can tag it onto your videos but you don't necessarily have to have it in your group of videos um because it's just you know, just taking up space tony I'm curious to know people's opinions on the logo's on the videos themselves because I think about you know how they would show up in the related videos string or something like that and I get like when I look at it when I look at all the videos there I go okay, well if if I'm that target market I know exactly which ones don't want to look at, so I see there's an advantage to that, but then when when you're looking at him or oven organic search, I don't know that I'd be too inspired if I saw a whole bunch of those coming up in the list just with the same logo and I my thought is not being an expert, but my thought is that seeing a human face is typically more appealing so to me that these that I don't know if he purposely captured these oh, it was just the luck of google hangouts but where you can see the guests and I was a guest recently that's more compelling there this logo and you know, at one point I think he had it looked at this page and it was all the logo because he's got that in the introduction and and that doesn't make any distinction between video and video b and okay and the intro like we said, that intro seems really long like I think you could get away with five second in tow gotta have a comment. Yeah, when designing book covers and cd colors generally that advice is that the most attractive thing to the eye because you got to stand out in the page of maybe thirty from the hills uh most attractive thing to the eye is the eye barely human eyes or hoppsy your eyes or whatever but eyes but you know, john's going toe did a great job because he's got a lot of video's up there he's got two hundred thousand cumulative views which is awesome and it's got all is, uh help a little of social media icons, so yeah, overall really, really good. I think this is a few tweaks you can make to to make those videos pop a little bit more, especially since so many of them are sort of just the logo shot like when you come down here it's like wow that's that's a lot of those um and you know that the titles not too bad get seen on google ceo made easy too too bad draw anything else you want to add on that? Yeah, I just think the biggest thing is is creating that branded look between the thumbnails and on I think he would be served much better like you mentioned toe have either his space or the guest on with an overlay of a really quick summer of it and honestly for me and that maybe this is just it's he's not really on the corporate space and that banner is so corporate may I just think he would be better served to humanize the brand a little bit more yeah, I mean it's health care so it's kind of like that does really probably speak to that industry a little bit more but I really think he would be better served tio infuse himself more into its branding excellent. Yeah you guys met at me? Yeah, yeah yeah it just doesn't feel like it matches him I don't want some of that awesome personality and yeah, exactly great thank you before I pop open we have one more sidney you met sydney yesterday and we saw her video earlier. So this is what happens if you don't upload a custom thumbnail you get displaying space which is not the worst thing in the world but you've got all this real estate, so why not use it right? So this is the if you just have a generic, you know, just put up my web page. I didn't customize the banner that's, what you could end up with, you're gonna have your photo and you're, you know, blank real estate here. So obviously, she can do lots with that. And then if I want to find one on one of these short ones and take a look at it, this one seems pretty recent. So sorry to put you on the spot, sydney. But we'll take a quick break heart you're smart marketing mentor and as we head into back to school season, I wanted to share a quick tip with you on revamping your marketing for the fall. A lot of small business owners make the mistake of approaching their working in silence females over here and my blogging strategies over there and whatever I'm doing with social media somewhere back there but for best results, you actually want to integrate everything you're doing into a consistent system that allows you to gather leads and stay in touch and nurture those leaves to convert those books clients and increase your income. So when I suggest that you do is everything that you're doing to market your business, whether you're doing live events, whether webinars, whether you're blogging when using social media, what all of those strategies your number one goal should be to get people on your team out because the people on your list you nurture them and build strong, profitable relationship. So you want to gather all of your context one database that collects those contacts from these various marketing methodology that you might be using you and start looking at what you're content with your things with what you're offering in what you're selling integrated everything that you're feeling to market is your webinar strategy feeding into your are you using social media not just to let mike followers but to build your subscribers? Are you getting people to subscribe to comment on your blood and then staying in touch with start looking at your marketing and a more integrated way, you'll build deeper, stronger relationship with your audience and ultimately you're going to able to serve them more effectively and increase revenue in your that's your check for this week playlist so you can see the the challenges of shooting outdoors in a windy city. I thought that would've been a good video for I'm said, they create heart and hurricane luis approaching. I'm going to stay out here as long as I can, but it's getting pretty win. So, you know, that's the content was great, really good content and really good advice. But, you know, it's neat breeding outside upside does present challenges, and it was funny e true says great information in the video, but the setting seems that I think I was kind of expecting a travel talk. Yeah, and almost maybe too much information information overload, green fire herbs that I noticed a lot of people talk fast like that in their videos. Do you think that's a good thing to do? Uh, no, I mean, I would keep the video's short, you know, confine it to maybe one quick tip and, um, you know, talking fast. There's a difference between getting a lot of information out and talking fast and pausing for emphasis and all that cool stuff we learned and michael ports performance creative live course but yeah I think you can slow down a little bit make sure that the persons absorbing it's like you know this information like the back your head and just want to get out there and I'm guilty of this too but it's like okay, this is the first time people are hearing this so make sure they can hear it the location yeah I mean I'm not sure if it was just if it was referenced if it was tied to the tip in some way like you know I met this beautiful location and that reminds me of this blob of law um well I mean my fall back to school around but it's still she had a school I don't know so that's the thing it's like you got a you know like your location is part of the video and so think about that also there's a lot of um it's a nice view but there's a lot of what they call headroom in this video so you might want to send to it a bit on dh again the wind is the killer so I think adding she's first of all talking about often so be good to put on annotation that allows them to subscriber often and also I think for tip videos. It's, great to really put that graphic on there and just got that space because she did use the third's horizontally. So she's got open space that might not make it. Even that head room feels so big if she put up the text of the tip on the screen. I should talked about it. Yeah, um, she is doing playlist, which is good on go back to the main channel. Obviously want to add a banner that's, an easy fix and again channel channel trailer. That seems to be a common thing that that's an easy fix that allows you to really kind of put your brand out there, front and center. So take advantage of that real estate. Is it the same? What would be your advice for? For those of us that are doing services than we do? Sort of consider ourselves the brand in the way that we want to humanize them. We want to put our faces and associate that with it for channel names. Because a lot of people say you should be putting that reel brand's name on there on others say that you should put your name and sort of just like you say. Said about the logo's an umbrella it under any services and products and programs that you offer though in my case I do lube or tone video marketing it's got my name and get what I do sydney craig heart should probably add small what wasn't small business marketing you know, something that kind of says who she serves what she does in the title you know it's okay to have data the monk dude that's totally fine easy to change easy to fix so yeah, I mean, people I would search for her under her name because I know her but somebody else might know her a smart, simple marketing and they may want to search for that term or even even I would do, uh marketing for small business because if someone's looking for anything in marketing I don't know I don't have it makes a different and this you know, I mean, this is a pretty good title um but, you know, maybe not quite specific enough, so but yes, she's on the right track and ah, lots of easy fixes that looks pretty cool. Tony has accomplished a really quick question for people that do want to shoot outside can you get a pop filter or something like that feel level ear toa protect from the wind? Yeah that's a recommendation windscreen a pop filter and I think I think what was happening there is I don't think she had a laugh like I think they were probably shooting it with a on iphone or a flip camera something at that so the wind was really coming in your hearing more of the wind on the camera than her and I think even if she had a laugh like a lot of that could have been reduced actually I think they do use the flip cams she was telling me yesterday, right till those some good examples, the good news is you know, you're on youtube and you've taken that big step and you're putting yourself out there so that's great all this other stuff is kind of cosmetic and relatively easy to fix its like saying okay, I'm going to buy this fixer upper but fortunately only have to paint it and put in new carpet and that's that's all you need so I think at that point we'll see if there's any other comments from the chat off your emotions if you don't mind yeah, do we have a couple minutes for some time? Yeah, we could perfect. All right, so this is one that I think donna can maybe, uh, sympathize with a little bit here we've got somebody who says and somebody else would afford is, well, what if your name is hard to pronounce and always misspelled it's an issue when you're trying to brand yourself is your name just we talked a little bit about it, but just maybe go into a little bit more that's a good question I mean you can either go and sort of have ah moniker like the monk dude that's a lot easier to remember and search for or what I do I mean my last name's not that complicated, but I bought lube or tone dot com lubar tone dot com loop bertone and seriously and I have all of those redirect to lube or tone dot com because people always mis spell my last name so it's like ok, even if you search lubar tone, you're still going to end up back at my website so you can buy a few misspellings of your name if you're fortunate enough to do that for ten bucks a year on go daddy whatever that's a that's pretty easy so we'll use some kind of a monica that people would know you for it's great on then another one that multiple people for how do you handle the name of your youtube account? If you have different niches that you address for example jewelry, painting, different arts and crafts that you want separate entities for, you recommend creating multiple accounts and having them all separate or is there a way to do it all within the same I would do it all within the same again like ray said look at an umbrella brand and then maybe have a playlist for jewelry a playlist for you know, whatever other niche within the niche because it's kind of complicated and a pain to do separate youtube channels you have to have a separate gmail account it's almost like you have to create a whole new identity I get uh you have any questions in here? Uh say nineteen, seventy seven and a couple other people I've been kind of confusing conflicted about this is when we're talking about earlier about personalities and all that said I love being silly and goofy and I'm also an actor so my friend and I have been doing totally fun silly videos but I wasn't sure if that helps my yoga teacher image can I integrate all those things in tow? One yeah, I think you can I mean, like I say a lot of times I was afraid like if I do this goofy costume video and a corporate company wants to hire me to do the video marketing strategy is that, you know, screw up the first of all it's like well, if they're that corporate and stiff I don't want to work with him anyway they're not my ideal client so it's like you know what this is? This is who I am this is part of who I am the folks who are attracted to that probably my best clients and the folks who aren't probably are not s o I think what I did was well, I started out doing the goofy stuff, but the yoga person may want to start out with a siri's of tips that you know, maybe not quite as goofy, but, you know, building build that into the personality as you build the brand, I think you could get away with both fine it's like, you know, this is you are who you are like that let's see green fire herbs. I have a few long videos on my youtube channel siri's is called the herbal primer each video can easily be sliced and diced. I plan on starting additional video siri's how do I slice and dice and just keep everything together? Should these shorts be grouped with the video they came from? So if you're going to take one really long video and cut it up into manageable bits, teo put up individually should you put those on a playlist together? You put them separately what you think about that? I would put them in a playlist together it's kind of personal preference, but the idea is that you want to make it easy for people to find those videos and you want to make it easy for people who might be searching for that subject. To find those videos and then say, oh, great, that was good. I think I'll go on to the next one and the playlist so nice, because, as you noticed at the end of sydney's video, the next videos that's playing automatically when you have a playlist. So, yeah, I love play this because they keep the person on the channel and automatically feeds them to the next video.

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