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Master Work (From Home) / Life Balance

Lesson 9 of 10

Maintaining Distant Relationships

Amy Schmittauer Landino

Master Work (From Home) / Life Balance

Amy Schmittauer Landino

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9. Maintaining Distant Relationships
Just because you’re away from your home base doesn’t mean you can’t have strong relationships with those you work with. We will discuss tips on how to manage this.

Lesson Info

Maintaining Distant Relationships

remote work can truly be a challenge for those of us who thrive off of human interaction. Even if you're an introvert, which is actually a classification, I would give myself believe it or not, you can really start to see your work suffer when you do not have the ability to connect and collaborate with others according to the Harvard business review. Remote workers consistently report feelings of isolation and getting left out. This may have a lot to do with the people you work with, but increasing our expectations of others is the very last thing on the list of things to do that is helpful in going after the life that you want in this lesson. I want to share some ideas for how you can maintain the relationships in your life, both personally and professionally. So you don't feel that that isolation is holding you back from doing your best work. Let's start with digital meetups. Does one need more zoom meetings on their calendar? It's arguable, right, But when we're talking about being ...

able to connect with people and still build those relationships without the barriers of commuting and being right next to each other. It really is so effective. And maybe if those appointments were on your calendar and they were truly for something you were really looking forward to, we would feel less sad than it is yet another conference call on the computer. Try to see past the fact that you may not be able to get together in person and enjoy the fact that you still get to have this moment together and that this is just because you want to enjoy each other's company. Maybe when you think about the brakes that your scheduling now into your life so that they are very intentional. You make the time to take at least want to break a week to meet with somebody you've been wanting to get to know better or one of your co workers that you never get to see any more in real life, or somebody that you've never even met, finally getting an opportunity to have that introduction. Do you think you don't have the time will consider all of that commute time or water cooler time or the conversation went on too long in the hallways time as where you are able to get this moment into your life since all that stuff is maybe not happening anymore. Now, we can make better use of that time if you've got to exercise and you've got to take a break and you've got to have human connection, why not do it all at one time? And schedule walking meetings? Walking, Getting outside is a great way to not only connect with people but to brainstorm by actually moving your body and getting the ideas flowing, be the person who takes the initiative to say, hey, let's have a meeting, but let's make it a walking meeting. So it's actually something that everybody can look forward to because we're getting away from our typical hamster wheel and we are connecting in real life, this may not even be with a co worker, this could be with your best friend, just an opportunity to get that time together by making it a multi beneficial event. My next tip is that if there is not a headquarters for your company where you might be able to go in and work sometimes, then you might want to consider joining a coworking community. Even if you don't interact with the people around you all the time, just having that energy might be what needs to fuel you depending on your personality type and how human interaction plays a role in your work. It may give you the opportunity to even have a really designated and private space, but also give you the opportunity for the more serendipitous run into you have a conversation moments that can happen in the hallways of the other offices. Another idea is to join a social club. If you feel like you just can't get outside of yourself, it's too hard. Maybe you're a solo preneurs and you just don't have any co workers to connect with and you feel like you're just on this island, maybe you should join a book club and even if you can't get together in real life, have those digital book club opportunities to connect with other people on a call. Another idea is just to schedule a happy hour, just like any other company might have a typical group of people who decided to do that afterwards just to connect. We're not gonna do that all the time because we need to make the best and the most of the time that we have and always going to happy hour is not going to be the way to do that. But when it comes to intentionally connecting with people, so you don't go crazy in your work from home life, that could be a great idea. If you can't connect in real life, you can still have a little happy hour on your zoom call. I know because I've done it before. Another great idea is that we can take advantage of the fact that lots of events are going to an online format now. So even if they can't do events in real life anymore or they're choosing to do fewer of them, we can now take the opportunity to connect with that content where we wouldn't have been able to before without travel or without taking time off by engaging in those online events start to look for the concepts and the ideas and the themes that are interesting to you, even if it's not anything to do with your work, maybe it's something that you are just interested in as a passion or a hobby. How can you attend an online event? Get to know the people who are engaging that event as well and really build relationships from that. The biggest thing here is please don't let work ruin your life. It's something that we are very, very good at just hungering down and being productive and cranking out the results and boom, boom boom boom and look at how much we can do and then we forget about the people in our lives and we forget to connect with those who are even the closest to us always remember. It's not just about self care, it's not just about taking breaks, it is about having those meaningful connections and making all of this really cool stuff that we get to do in our work and in our life count for something. Don't underestimate the power of human connection. Pay attention to the people in your life when it is time to do so and allow that to refuel you as you go back into doing your best work. And now that you have so many tools at your disposal to be able to strike that work from home life balance. We need to talk about what it means to do your best work.

Class Description


  • Apply Amy Landino’s Good Morning, Good Life method to start each day on your terms and set the tone for a productive lifestyle.
  • Set up effective working environments in your home that help you stay focused on your work.
  • Increase and control your output of tasks with the time blocking method.
  • Overcome mental blocks and distractions that stem from working in your home.
  • Get back the time you want for life’s moments that bring you joy and balance your livelihood.


Have your work conditions changed? Do they look similar to your home conditions? The modern-day workplace is changing and although the advantages of reducing your commute time are many, the new struggles are still very real. How can you draw the line between work and home when it’s just too easy for them to blend together? It’s challenging, but it’s absolutely possible.

If you want to stop feeling like you’re aimlessly navigating each day in a reactive state, struggling to see the line between your personal and professional worlds, this course can help you find your way. As the World’s #1 Productive Lifestyle Coach, Amy Landino helps high performing individuals with the daily challenges of balancing workloads with life goals.

This class will help you:

  • Rethink morning routines and how powerful they can be for your daily mindset and design the perfect one for your lifestyle.
  • Discover practical tips for turning a to-do list into an actual plan of action.
  • Planning with the time blocking method, including maximizing the power of task batching.
  • Increase self-confidence in setting boundaries with the people in your life so that you can be at your best no matter what you’re doing.

Amy will help eliminate the self-doubt that sets in from falling behind with actionable, effective strategies that make productivity approachable. You don’t need to have a particular circumstance to be a high-performer. In this class, you’ll notice how powerfully simple a plan can be that still allows for life as it happens.


  • People who find it challenging to see where work starts and ends in their home office setting
  • Those who feel they are working harder than necessary to get the tasks of their daily life completed
  • Anyone who has struggled to make time for the people and things they love because of the expanding time their work seems to take

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This class was a game changer for me. I have officially set up my complete calendar blocking system according to Amy's tips and what works best for me (which she preaches and I LOVE that, since no two people are the same)! This masterclass gave me the motivation I needed by helping me look inside myself and turn insight into "just do it" action. I have been on a journey this year to strive for more and now I can say I am truly on the path to living the life I want and live out my passion and purpose in this world. So grateful. Thank you Amy!!

Michelle Agonafer

This is a great two hours to spend in your day to make the MOST of the other 22. Invest in this class. I really appreciate Amy's well organized, well thought out and helpful strategies. Her gift is communication and she makes productivity accessible to everyone. Thanks for the class!

Marie-Pierre Mayoux

A super pleasant presentation, full of pieces of advice that I start to emplement with success. Thank you ! Pinky power rules !