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Master Work (From Home) / Life Balance

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The Challenges of Working From Home

Amy Schmittauer Landino

Master Work (From Home) / Life Balance

Amy Schmittauer Landino

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1. The Challenges of Working From Home
What you can expect from Amy Landino’s instruction of this class.

Lesson Info

The Challenges of Working From Home

Good morning, Good life Creative Live. You know the modern day workplace is changing even before the year 2020. The U. S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 4.7 million people that's 3.4% of the U. S. Workforce were already working remotely. And we know that number is only increasing today. I'm thinking because you're here that you can relate. Maybe this is a new shift in your life and you're trying to get used to what it looks like to be productive while working from home. Or maybe it's something that's always been the case for you. But you're improving on where and how you spend your time. Are you one of those work from home people who have co workers around you? But those co workers were not actually hired by the company. You know the ones running around expecting quite a bit of your attention during the work day. Or maybe you're one of the work from home people that is totally alone and still trying to get used to that distracted by the sounds that you u...

se to fill the space to make it feel a little bit less lonely regardless of your individual circumstances. It can be very difficult to actually enjoy the benefits that we get from being able to leverage a work from home situation even with all of the time that we seem to get back from not having a commute, things don't get done as efficiently because of the blur that happens between work and life. Well, I would like to help with that. My name is Amy Landino. I am the host of the award winning Youtube series, Amy Tv where I help people go after the life they want. You can think of me as your productive lifestyle coach because I am truly here to help you find your full time freedom. My latest book is called Good Morning Good Life Five Simple habits to master your mornings and upgrade your life. I truly believe how you start the day is indicative of the value you place on your time at any moment of the day and we're gonna unpack more of that later. So why should you listen to me When it comes to finding your work from home life balance? In 2009? I discovered my passion. It was very exciting because I never realized I could be passionate about work ever. The challenge was that I was passionate about work that wasn't actually my full time job. I was trying to navigate showing up for my work in public policy while also making time for my passion in digital media. That passion quickly became a paid skill and then I was side hustling. I started taking on clients in my little marketing practice. The only time I had to give that side hustle where the hours I wasn't working at my full time job monday through friday, 9 to 5 were already accounted for. So that left mornings, evenings and weekends. Now I was a young, single woman, no Children, just me and my dog lucy, so it was easier for me at the time to give those extra moments of my life away to more work and I really wanted to because it was work I was so excited about and in doing so, I excelled at optimizing little pockets of time scheduling what I needed to do and getting it done in the minimal spaces of time I had available. I learned to be extremely efficient to see the results that I wanted, I guess while I was building a resume toward my social media marketing practice, I was also building an arsenal of tools for being insanely productive. It didn't take long for me to leave my full time job and take those same practices with me as I began my full time entrepreneurial adventure working from home, which has now been my productive lifestyle For more than 10 years. So much of my experience has been accidental truly, I was just falling into things because of how excited I was about what I was working on. But the most important thing that happened in that time, everything that I learned, everything that I worked towards, everything I had to try to balance was what I learned about the value of my time. When I could no longer unknown that the moments passing were a non renewable resource. It moved me. I want you to feel moved in that same way, not just to be able to show up and be more efficient and productive in your work from home life, but also in the other moments of your life. The good news is that you already have the most important thing that you need because the power of your own choice is already yours. It may not feel like that's the case all the time, But it truly is. You are 100 in control of what you decide to do at any moment. My goal is for you to be able to own that and that you not only be able to count all of the things that you do and have done for others. But what you have done to move your own life in the direction you wanted to go in, here's what you can expect from this class on work from home life balance, remove reactivity and promote pro activity. We're going to talk about so many ways that you can do this in your work and in your life. I want you to rethink the power of your morning routine and how that's going to play a role in your productivity, increase your focus with an effective setup because where you get things done is very critical as well. We're going to increase your output with better task management and overcome the mental blocks and distractions at home. But most importantly we're going to get more time back in your life as we go along for each lesson. Please look for the downloadable worksheets and resources that we make available to you to make this process easier for you to customize to your own experience. I don't know what your work from home life is like. I don't know all the nuances. I do know that we tend to all have a lot of the same problems. We need to work at them in our own individual ways. So please use those options for your advantage to planning and going after the life you want. Let's get started.

Class Description


  • Apply Amy Landino’s Good Morning, Good Life method to start each day on your terms and set the tone for a productive lifestyle.
  • Set up effective working environments in your home that help you stay focused on your work.
  • Increase and control your output of tasks with the time blocking method.
  • Overcome mental blocks and distractions that stem from working in your home.
  • Get back the time you want for life’s moments that bring you joy and balance your livelihood.


Have your work conditions changed? Do they look similar to your home conditions? The modern-day workplace is changing and although the advantages of reducing your commute time are many, the new struggles are still very real. How can you draw the line between work and home when it’s just too easy for them to blend together? It’s challenging, but it’s absolutely possible.

If you want to stop feeling like you’re aimlessly navigating each day in a reactive state, struggling to see the line between your personal and professional worlds, this course can help you find your way. As the World’s #1 Productive Lifestyle Coach, Amy Landino helps high performing individuals with the daily challenges of balancing workloads with life goals.

This class will help you:

  • Rethink morning routines and how powerful they can be for your daily mindset and design the perfect one for your lifestyle.
  • Discover practical tips for turning a to-do list into an actual plan of action.
  • Planning with the time blocking method, including maximizing the power of task batching.
  • Increase self-confidence in setting boundaries with the people in your life so that you can be at your best no matter what you’re doing.

Amy will help eliminate the self-doubt that sets in from falling behind with actionable, effective strategies that make productivity approachable. You don’t need to have a particular circumstance to be a high-performer. In this class, you’ll notice how powerfully simple a plan can be that still allows for life as it happens.


  • People who find it challenging to see where work starts and ends in their home office setting
  • Those who feel they are working harder than necessary to get the tasks of their daily life completed
  • Anyone who has struggled to make time for the people and things they love because of the expanding time their work seems to take

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This class was a game changer for me. I have officially set up my complete calendar blocking system according to Amy's tips and what works best for me (which she preaches and I LOVE that, since no two people are the same)! This masterclass gave me the motivation I needed by helping me look inside myself and turn insight into "just do it" action. I have been on a journey this year to strive for more and now I can say I am truly on the path to living the life I want and live out my passion and purpose in this world. So grateful. Thank you Amy!!

Michelle Agonafer

This is a great two hours to spend in your day to make the MOST of the other 22. Invest in this class. I really appreciate Amy's well organized, well thought out and helpful strategies. Her gift is communication and she makes productivity accessible to everyone. Thanks for the class!

Marie-Pierre Mayoux

A super pleasant presentation, full of pieces of advice that I start to emplement with success. Thank you ! Pinky power rules !