Mastering Metal Songwriting


Mastering Metal Songwriting


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Well hello internet and welcome to creative alive this is mastering metal song writing with a levy on I wanted to let you know that we have just been getting ready so if you were ready to start watching the live broadcast at nine a m I want to thank you for sticking with us we're here coming to you live from seattle on I want to introduce you before we dive into ah before we dive into the content with ale I want to introduce you to the live in studio audience you can always be part of that live in studio audience by visiting creative live backslash front row and today we have aaron uh erin in the house why don't you just quickly tell us maybe uh where we can find you online and uh and then what you play while your instrument I play guitar in a band called seven horns and seven eyes assistance that's we're talking about metal song writing today you can hear some of the stuff I've written you just look at my band otherwise I'ma audio engineer so I produce and mix records so you can check...

out my website it's in visage audio dot com awesome and visage audio correct that's very cool thanks and don welcome how you doing this morning? I'm doing great awesome and we're glad you're here working we work can we find you online ah, my previous bands album you confined on survivalist metal that band camp dot com rockin what's the name of the band were survivalist. Very cool, very cool. Thanks on. So, like I said, you can always be part of the live in studio audience. Just visit creative, live, backslash front row and, uh, todd, good morning, how you doing? And I'm good. How are you? Good. You're going to complain later, right? So you're you're sitting in a sort of a student now you're a pseudo suit student, but you're really just going to shred leo, I'm just hanging out, not a student. He's, a master that's. Awesome. Well, I'm here, I'm here as a guest. I'm going to talk to you about song writing and whatnot. I play in a band called nails. You could find our website at our facebook is facebook dot com slash nails, oxnard. Um, cool.

Class Description

It’s easy for musicians to get so caught up in the latest gear, plugins, and presets, and forget that ultimately, it’s all about the music. Join Eyal Levi and special guests Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter), Todd Jones (Nails, Terror), and John Browne (Monuments) for an in-depth exploration of what it takes to craft great songs.

Eyal will share the tricks of the songwriting trade he’s learned over years of experience as a producer at Audiohammer Studios (The Black Dahlia Murder, August Burns Red, Whitechapel) and guitarist for Century Media/Roadrunner artists Daath. Throughout this two-day course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the three core components of metal/rock songwriting. You’ll learn about basic song structure and riff-writing; melodies, leads, and vocals; and fine-tuning the arrangement to take your song from good to great. Eyal will be joined by special guests -- from musicians to producers and more -- who will empower you to take your songwriting to new heights.