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Mastering Metal Songwriting


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13 Wrap-Up

So we're going to do one section that's going to be like hardcore just exercises to break out of this stuff like we've done like a lot of conceptual stuff and honestly I think that writing is more more about concept than then exercises anyway so that's how it goes but anyways we're going toe do maybe about an hour that just like you have this problem just try this um yeah this probably can't think where to go next to give this a shot five easy solutions to hit song way are going teo hang out with john brown from monuments for a couple segments and uh basically the whole idea behind that is we're going to dissect his progressive style basically show that the songs are still written exactly like anybody else's they're just no tear but for people who play progressive music and think they need a right eighteen million parts or in a show that they're wrong a little over easy keys and then we have pat coming into yeah that's a surprise I've got a dude from the pop world who writes profession...

ally in pop skyping in teo talk for a little while about how similar pop is toe all this so that's awesome to be pretty action packed action packed adventure well you heard it from a ll thank you so much for today man it was awesome thank you ryan for being here and teo the other live in studio members. If you ever do want to be part of the live in studio audience here, you could do that by visiting creative, live back, slash, front row and there's all the information in there that you need thio actually show up and be part of the live course, so I really want to thank metal underground for sitting there song submissions that we could critique today that was really cool. To get to hear some up and coming musicians get some tips from seasoned pros that's pretty neat opportunity as well. People are loving the course to mark zero, says all jokes aside, this pretty insightful into the mind of a way well respected producer. Oh, my gosh, I'm enjoying this so much. I need a course like this every single week, so the reality eyes every single week, you should probably use them, some writing and this's all right, every single week, you heard it mark zero that's, that's out nails tip to you.

Class Description

It’s easy for musicians to get so caught up in the latest gear, plugins, and presets, and forget that ultimately, it’s all about the music. Join Eyal Levi and special guests Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter), Todd Jones (Nails, Terror), and John Browne (Monuments) for an in-depth exploration of what it takes to craft great songs.

Eyal will share the tricks of the songwriting trade he’s learned over years of experience as a producer at Audiohammer Studios (The Black Dahlia Murder, August Burns Red, Whitechapel) and guitarist for Century Media/Roadrunner artists Daath. Throughout this two-day course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the three core components of metal/rock songwriting. You’ll learn about basic song structure and riff-writing; melodies, leads, and vocals; and fine-tuning the arrangement to take your song from good to great. Eyal will be joined by special guests -- from musicians to producers and more -- who will empower you to take your songwriting to new heights.