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Mastering TTL Flash


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Day 1 Wrap-Up

So much goodness that you guys have shared today. Thank you so much, there's. Everybody there's so many great questions. People are going out right now and trying this literally thing is that they're actually implementing this right now you're gonna buy us a drink, e big stick that in fact, even cooler there, like all around the world. So this is midnight for some people think s so much for sharing all of your knowledge with the entire world here. It's just phenomenal. Thank you, guys. So our in studio audience, you guys have been phenomenal. And christina and mike, you guys were great. It is so scary. One being on camera to shooting in front of people three shooting in front of your peers and she was just waiting. And you guys did great. And some of you guys are nikon shooters. And you should be in on a camera on a canon camera. So bravo, hats off to you. Thank you so much for being brave on the very first day. We really appreciate it. Thank you. All out there in the internet for join...

us. You guys are the reason we are here. And we just so appreciate you, so please join me right now and giving cody and like a global creative level class thief. Well, we have more coming to tomorrow at nine a m pacific standard time with mastering tcl flash what do we have to look forward to tomorrow? Election? We're going to start now that we've learned there went over the science that's not going to change, and we kind of started blending stuff, and this is the first production of application tomorrow is all about the application, really putting this to use, hopefully pushing the limits, showing its weakness is showing its strength really showing you that we're not perfect, that we make mistakes and we can work around it and how to do it. We should have great weather, some excited however long we've had this plan of like, oh, great since yeah, we're not gonna have anyone but man it's, like the whole week is perfect, so we're excited about it. Unfortunately, I'm going to get for us other boys, we'll be like the hottest day on record tomorrow, so it's gonna be great to see all you local people get really, really hot ready? We're going to be happy and having a great time with the weather won't effective. Well, glad we could bring the sunshine for just for you, d'oh, it's going to be a good day, we're really gonna have a lot of applications, really like said from both inside and outside as a matter of the high school seniors if you shoot a wedding shoot children somethingto marsh and really really help you understand and see how this method can really help you in your business and I would recommend all of you out there tio if you haven't tried it already try it tonight and and troubleshoot tomorrow so come with your questions tomorrow and ask my concluded based on your practical application of what you've learned today I know a lot of as we've said a lot of you are really enjoying this class and getting so much out of it be three barbee says not a question but I just have to say love learning from mike in cody thanks for bringing them in aa and a stand would fifty eight says I'm needed creative live and I'm so glad I tuned in today I'm a longtime hobbyist wanting to take things to the next level and these guys are making me feel like I can so good and you actually can absolutely that's just do it anybody can promise that yeah let's just spot on the nose of everything that mike and cody has been teaching here today like from hobbyists to people who are just intermediate photographers people who are advanced photographers and just kind of looking at there sir speechless completely different you don't have to be on manual all the time you can make t t l and manual you can do that indoors and outdoors you can still use your speed lights on a high shutter speed outdoors it's absolutely phenomenal all the things that they're showing us and teaching us that you can actually practice and use this moment in your career where ever stage you are at you can do this at home right now and so if that I want to let you guys know that were just absolutely thrilled, the way creative live works is that we were able to bring this education to today for you, avery and we're so happy to reach a huge global audience and the way we work is that if you know that you want to purchase this course and have any time access to it, those of you who are able to purchase that purchase it make it able to have it available to everybody else who cannot. So if you know that this class is right for you, grab it right now for seventy nine dollars that is the live event price, and you'll receive all two days of this course material for you at your fingertips any time you're going to mike and cody with you all the dive all right way that we will see you all right back here at nine a, m pacific standard time, same time, same channel and we'll see you tomorrow

Class Description

Through-the-lens flash (TTL) is a powerful tool for every successful photographer — but it’s also an intimidating system if you don’t know how to use it correctly. Join creativeLIVE for a two-day workshop on simple, effective ways for using TTL and off camera flash to create studio lighting in any environment.

Veteran photographers Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton will teach you what TTL is, how a wireless flash works, and walk you through a wide variety of flash techniques. After two days of hands-on instruction, you’ll understand the science of metered light, how to troubleshoot both manual and TTL metering, and the basic concepts of “flash placement.”

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to elevate your on-location photography skills, transforming every location into a studio.


On the Mark Photography

[From intermediate hobbiest with moderate number of paid shoots]. I took the class because I knew nothing more about flash photography than slapping the flash on top of the camera, turning it on, and taking my chances. I could not have purchased a better class. Mike and Cody covered so much in such a clear way and with such great examples. Especially helpful are the shooting sessions where they work through the lighting situations, incorporating what is possible to do and what the client might want. I so appreciate their willingness to share what they do and how they do it. I now know some direction to take and what I need to acquire minimally to apply this to my work. Thank you!


Great experience and partially because of toned down Mike. I heard very few utterance of the word “idiot”. It is apparent that Mike loves to talk and is in a habit of repeating same thing again and again but I did see a better Mike and much useful content, all credit goes to you sir. Finally, a suggestion let Code talk when he holds the fort. He being behind the camera should get a chance to describe his vision. All in all very useful course and well executed. Thanks Mike & Code.