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Day 2 Pre-Show

Hello, internet. Good morning and welcome to mastering tio flash with mike folding and cody clinton here on creative live, my name is laurie lobdell, and I will be your host alongside the ever so lovely and mallory mcdonald, how are you? So I'm pumped a day to go to a lot of that's going on today I'm gonna be really fun day, but right now we're going to have about thirteen minutes of pre show so that we can check our audio and video those of you who are already in the chat rooms. If you wouldn't mind letting us know if you can cs and here is and also give a shout out and let us know where you are joining us from. We will be able to call some of your names in just a few minutes and a good morning at mike and cody. How are you guys? Weigh like to hear about lincoln sleeve? Good energy sleep of god nobody's finally got used to west coast. Welcome back. Welcome back. Well, in addition to all of you out there on the internet, we also have an in studio audience from all over. I would love fo...

r you to meet them, get to know them a little bit, maybe check them out online on dsi, their work and what they're up to we're going to start with rene if you could share with us renee your name where you're joining us from how long it took you to get on where we can where we can find you online that would be great good morning everyone my name's renee hopkins and I'm here from sacramento, california it's been an exciting off day yesterday with mike and cody some of the techniques are making sense to me I'm officially the camera girl assistant to my husband ah and he really is loving that t t o um method um some of the things that I really appreciate it using this is you don't have to have the assistant to do this method which is really great for people that are working so low um I think I'll turn it over to my husband now good morning my name is now done yes and she is my wife and no I'm not going to let her off easy she will continue to be my assistant I don't know what the tl yesterday it helped me to get a chance to expand mohr on what I've learned actually I am a disciple of mike and codis for about two years now and they are the reason why I am here so the knowledge that I've been able to acquire yesterday it will definitely help me as I go along with t, t l and over to you mike hi my name's ah michael keogh um here from portland ah you could find me on the web at michael keogh dot com I love that originality yeah it's such a it's such an original name I'm blown everyone's mind as we speak what I learned yesterday I learned to you know make big changes and stuff like that and and go for the gusto of detail and stuff like you know along those lines and uh let's see also learn about roberto well um you're welcome and yeah yeah yesterday was a fun day I'm excited for today my name is rest hendrickson I'm from corvallis montana drove over a couple days ago and pretty excited to be here I'm a part time photographer for about the last ten years and a couple months ago merged my company with my friend heidi started double exposure photography over in montana it's double exposure mt dot com and went to w p p I and learned a little bit about this type of flash photography and so we put it on her bucket list and when this class came open it was was perfect so we came over here I went out last night tried some of the techniques and found that it was pretty easy to get the camera to do what we wanted it to d'oh now we're pretty excited about learning the artistic side to it because it did the flash when we needed the flash but picture still didn't look great yet so now I want to figure out ok what's the next step and how can I start making them look as good as your guys? So that's probably heidi's problem though yeah hi, I'm heidi submitted come from hamilton, montana like you said, we drove over two days ago took eight hours to get here. Um, I did learn a lot yesterday there is a light bulb that collect thank you guys. Um one thing that I think that we I wasn't doing was doing the exposure before the before the flash was on and that it to me right there was a guessing game, so right there that was, you know, that really helped, um, other than that, my our handle on twitter is double exposure m and go on, say hi to us and here you go. Good morning, my name is christina roupoli. You confined me on b hansa www dot be hance dot net slash c roupoli, I'm from woodinville, so it's a pretty short drive to get here. Thankfully on dh yesterday shooting was just amazing. I don't have a lot of experience with much of any flash photography or anything, so getting the chance to shoot with mike and cody and they're way made a whole lot of sense just very easy, incredibly incredibly easy. Also. Thanks. You guys. So, like, what was it like for you to shoot for him with mike and cody and have their cut coaching yesterday? Ah, it was great. It was a little nerve racking. I won't lie. You know, when somebody pushes you to go do something but it's, just like when you you might as well just go both feet in and try whatever and don't be afraid to look stupid now, because it's better than looking stupid in front of your client. So, yeah, it was a lot of funds. Really exciting. That's. Awesome. Some of the people on the chat rooms right now are joining in and also letting you guys know what they learned alongside with you. And doreen says that after seeing a bunch of instructors talk about the techniques of under exposed the background and add a flash finally understand how to do it. So so glad you got it. And c m j from magnolia, texas when I got from yesterday with so many options that have opened up for me and it's so simple. Thanks, you guys. So a lot of your audience around the world is learning there, listening and practicing already, so we love that you guys are already doing this at home. And even more is coming in lola and says, I link that it's ok and not unprofessional tease eighty mode, underland said it is still a guessing game. The goal should be less chipping never heard of that, but I'll have to label it. Do you guys know what chipping means? Looking on the back of your camera? I didn't know that expressing my ignorance on live broadcasting and they have everything that that was the term just get looking back of the screen and then missing the moment of what was actually happening and looking at your life you can go popular looking like that you can what would you rather say, chipping or like a blood back in your life? It's kind of a negative connotation to chipping a lot of things? Well, you don't want a chimp in looking like the camera, but I tell people don't be afraid to look like a camera I mean it's, no different it's a graphical representation, a light like that, it gives you a number, your lcd turns those numbers into an image and you can actually see it so there's no difference in you're walking up and play with light meter for five minutes are staring back your camera five minutes or both you can do the same effect with the ngo level of your client's good point well, what was it like for you guys to be teaching here on creating live it's, a totally different format from what you're used to? Because you guys like we were talking before the show started this morning and you say that you're very hands on with your students, like all your student get to shoot in your of your class is way, ever even snapping image when we teach in our four five day workshops, because I really believe this is something like yesterday we went over the science it's not gonna change. And exactly as you said today is when we would start rebooting that brian, and actually started at that muscle memory, and for us, we know that. So we wanted to get our students out there very similar what we did yesterday afternoon, and they continue to shoot, we challenge them and challenge them. And again, if you felt we want you to fail, because then you're going to learn howto get through that failure because that's gonna happen in real life situation, and you want a panic. So we really just we love pushing them to the limit and seeing them struggle at first. And then by the end of the workshop, they get the images not only captured images, but getting wonderful images, and it really empowers you to continue that the education process so that was a little different for us and then of course, just the whole structure of creative live, which is wonderful, it's just I'm such a fly by the night top guy when I teach and it's it's very organic, so every one of our workshops is different opinion all the questions and stuff, so I love with all the questions came in because that that made me feel comfortable because it allowed us to kind of answer that and we know that we're helping out other people, so I really enjoyed the question part. They're learning from you everywhere. These are already, you know, giving you shout outs. We love maiken cody like a bigger fan club. Now we'll never really be like excuse me a virtual version of your classes. I suggested last night that there at the end of yesterday's class for you all to try the teal method at home and then come back with your questions if you didn't have a chance to do that indefinitely, join along today and practice firsthand what might conclude here doing. You could bring your creative live along with you on your iphone or ipad, or just bring your laptop into your yard, shooting your house or something, but let us know what you're up teo and let us know what questions you have and we'll try and pass them along. And I said yesterday and today you know my little in my phone died on the way home back to the hotel but I sat and answered everyone that asked us questions on our twitter account and facebook account I actually answered all this quest this well last night so we had a bunch of those that's amazing that you're so cool that's awesome I know in today I was going to be really fun day too because we're going to be asking a lot from the internet out there about what you guys think as we're shooting so be like five challenges and it's going really really fun super super stoked so speaking of the internet and the chat rooms I think we're going to go in and give you guys a couple of shout outs here so you guys know how many people are joining from around the world we have walter's joining from the netherlands and also rob jin is joining from the netherlands and the connie is timing and from brussels belgium welcome and rick cross is joining us from ontario hello neighbor red pixel is also from ontario and marie freeman is in been an e r is joining in from woodinville washington so she's probably just right down the street from us right here and on ana is joining in from singapore we have a z kite flyer from phoenix arizona as well adriana from venezuela a c m eighty three from arizona on someone from the bahamas welcome glad you're with us your picture is no way to have a friend named dave it's dio and wait just have everybody from around the world a lot of people in the u s air joining in I think a lot of your fans alabama, texas, singapore again so we can go and leboeuf yesterday I quoted her but she said she had some that she really wanted to take you both home it was like I still want to take them home way we're getting a little operative all right and one of our regulars is in the chat room and from dubai is joining in and again in the bahamas just chimed in into a different chat room as well. So awesome and we have uh I'm chatting about plaid I just got in here so I missed part of the conversation but I feel like they're chatting about whether plot is your brand do you guys decide to make clad inside when I go to like target by cheap shirts your cozy it's like we have fifty seven dollars this is like probably nine way considered matching you guys today but we thought it might give the cameras a little like we do looking like a lot probably everybody wouldn't know who was talking all right well with that everybody it is nine o'clock here in woodinville, washington where we are at the hollywood's schoolhouse on location with mike and cody. And it is time for us to get started with day two of the final day of mastering tl flash with mike fulton and cody clinton. This is your first time joining us here. It create alive or if you are regular and don't miss one of our courses, just want to say, welcome and thank you for being here.

Class Description

Through-the-lens flash (TTL) is a powerful tool for every successful photographer — but it’s also an intimidating system if you don’t know how to use it correctly. Join creativeLIVE for a two-day workshop on simple, effective ways for using TTL and off camera flash to create studio lighting in any environment.

Veteran photographers Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton will teach you what TTL is, how a wireless flash works, and walk you through a wide variety of flash techniques. After two days of hands-on instruction, you’ll understand the science of metered light, how to troubleshoot both manual and TTL metering, and the basic concepts of “flash placement.”

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to elevate your on-location photography skills, transforming every location into a studio.


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[From intermediate hobbiest with moderate number of paid shoots]. I took the class because I knew nothing more about flash photography than slapping the flash on top of the camera, turning it on, and taking my chances. I could not have purchased a better class. Mike and Cody covered so much in such a clear way and with such great examples. Especially helpful are the shooting sessions where they work through the lighting situations, incorporating what is possible to do and what the client might want. I so appreciate their willingness to share what they do and how they do it. I now know some direction to take and what I need to acquire minimally to apply this to my work. Thank you!


Great experience and partially because of toned down Mike. I heard very few utterance of the word “idiot”. It is apparent that Mike loves to talk and is in a habit of repeating same thing again and again but I did see a better Mike and much useful content, all credit goes to you sir. Finally, a suggestion let Code talk when he holds the fort. He being behind the camera should get a chance to describe his vision. All in all very useful course and well executed. Thanks Mike & Code.