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Day 2 Wrap-Up

I want to thank you so so much for being here I can't tell you how much it means to us it's it's ah it's a great honor to be here we were surprised that we were asked to be on creative love not once but twice for two classes and again our facebook and twitters open please ask questions um our workshop side all that good stuff we will help with answer any questions any way we can you don't have to buy our products were not trying to push him we have them if you want him but either way we want you to help learn photography so please let us know we'll help you out any way we can so thank you thank you guys so much for all your energy and passion and delivering just so much powerful information and sharing with all of us here on creative lives I want to also thank our model kind of what you are wonderful thank you so much for sweating it out with us this afternoon. Thanks. We expect really good and our other model earlier are ten are runners she her name was kendra are dancers from the mor...

ning warren and jenna they were so wonderful you guys made them look beautiful and kika our model from yesterday who's also a part of our creative live team here thanks for models I think you guys out there all of the internet for joining in. You are the reason we are here. And we don't ever forget that students thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for traveling so far and being a part of this experience. And cody and mike, it has just been such a pleasure to get to know you and so much fun. We never got juggling out of cody, but there's still a couple more minutes. We're gonna hold on video. Thank you so much from the entire creative life family around the world. Please join me and one last creative live global applause. All right, so tomorrow you guys are back nine a m pacific time. We're not letting you go back to texas just yet. We have you here for two more days for high volume photography, master the business model. People can enroll right now. Correct? All right. And what can they expect from that class than it is? You know, a lot of people, it's. Kind of funny. When we first got the wedding photography, that was kind of the step child, so to say, they treated us bad. Oh, you're just a wedding photographer, there's, no art and weddings, and then his digital came out. Everybody realized there was a lot of hard weddings where the ones that were doing it already knew that and that's kind of way volume is a lot of people don't expect art in volume and there's a lot of heart in volume, not only the art of the business, but also wants very much like this. Once you learn the tl system, then you become the artist. Once you learn the work flow volume, then you become the artist. The great thing about a volume is it's a money making machine so anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world, everybody wants a school fortunate everybody wants little johnny's baseball photos everybody wants a little mom, my baby's first day care photo and there's so much money to be made in volume that you're just letting go. Even in the slow town up north of winners of slow time down south of summers of motown during that time, they're still doing volume, they're still doing soccer leagues are still doing little leagues, they're still doing dance schools, they're still doing all this stuff and we're going to really talk about how to get the jobs get excited on the job, and then the big part just taken the fear out of volume and I think that's the key when we got into it. It was scary, our first job was twenty, five hundred kids and we didn't have a clue how to do it. We're gonna talk about that we're going to talk about how we got through it and then complete workflow we're actually gonna be photographing you guys and that's going to be fun, so we get to make fun of you. I get to run my fingers through hair threw a couple people that I know that's in creative live that I'm looking forward and you know who it is, and so we're going to actually create a whole workflow as a volume day photography job, photo day, but using creative lives are students or is our clients were happy to be your guinea pigs that were so excited for this week? She said something I think would be great fun. I'm sure, like the internet will have great suggestions over the next tio mom's, a big farm glasses that implanting on bringing I'm currently so more people that give us ideas on what to do to you, we're going to have to do it when we write shot rooms blow it up now, yeah, all right, you guys, I can't let you go without letting you know what the fans they're saying I have, one person says controlling flash has always been my biggest bugaboo I just wanted to say that word I can't tell you how much is forces help me many, thanks to mike and cody, as well as the creative lab crew sharon bachelor says thank you, creative life for having such wonderful artists as mike and cody as well as many others on your show. I am learning more from watching and listening in these seminars in the past month than I ever learned from college class. Thank you, thank you, thank you wish I could sit and watch every day, but got to pay the bills and what I am learning, I think I will make that even easier. Handsome. Um, these guys have been so amazing, and what they're bringing you is she mentions college. I believe her name sharon meant syrian mention the costs are going to college and how it wasn't as beneficial as these courses. This courses ninety nine dollars for two days of content, and if you are getting this much information, it's such a deal compared tio college kind of time. It takes the books that requires everything, and we know that you all are getting so much information that you will increase your your ability as a photographer and as a result, increase your sales and increase your effectiveness in your business so these guys are amazing, there is solid off camera as they are on they're amazing to learn from its worth your time. If you missed any of it by this course, and have all of it at your fingertips, as well as the boehner bonus materials on two pds it mike and could he have created for your use? And as supplemental material sits, we're going to college class, plus getting the books for free. Hello essay, said it's, ninety nine dollars. But if you buy it now, during the live event, you can have all of that for seventy nine dollars. So we are wrapping up, but scroll done to that green button that buy button and have all of this, and you are a little educational tool box. We're so glad you joined us today, and we're excited to see you guys along with making cody back here tomorrow at nine a. M pacific standard time for high volume photography. Thank you so much, and that's a raft.

Class Description

Through-the-lens flash (TTL) is a powerful tool for every successful photographer — but it’s also an intimidating system if you don’t know how to use it correctly. Join creativeLIVE for a two-day workshop on simple, effective ways for using TTL and off camera flash to create studio lighting in any environment.

Veteran photographers Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton will teach you what TTL is, how a wireless flash works, and walk you through a wide variety of flash techniques. After two days of hands-on instruction, you’ll understand the science of metered light, how to troubleshoot both manual and TTL metering, and the basic concepts of “flash placement.”

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to elevate your on-location photography skills, transforming every location into a studio.


On the Mark Photography

[From intermediate hobbiest with moderate number of paid shoots]. I took the class because I knew nothing more about flash photography than slapping the flash on top of the camera, turning it on, and taking my chances. I could not have purchased a better class. Mike and Cody covered so much in such a clear way and with such great examples. Especially helpful are the shooting sessions where they work through the lighting situations, incorporating what is possible to do and what the client might want. I so appreciate their willingness to share what they do and how they do it. I now know some direction to take and what I need to acquire minimally to apply this to my work. Thank you!


Great experience and partially because of toned down Mike. I heard very few utterance of the word “idiot”. It is apparent that Mike loves to talk and is in a habit of repeating same thing again and again but I did see a better Mike and much useful content, all credit goes to you sir. Finally, a suggestion let Code talk when he holds the fort. He being behind the camera should get a chance to describe his vision. All in all very useful course and well executed. Thanks Mike & Code.