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Bonus Video: Compact Travel Kit

Hey my name's lucas gilman and I'm here to show you what is in my travel kit I got a great little bag here from f stop super lightweight low profile and recently I decided that yes, you could make amazing pictures with cameras that aren't nestler dsr nikon came out with this new cool pics a my new favorite camera shoots raw twenty eight two point millimeter lens you've won eight to two point eight millimeter lens and the fact that she draw allows me to go out and produce content that is on par with what I have the dslr so I don't feel like I'm leaving anything behind and I'm not missing anything so I got this in the bag in addition to this little funny but I always carry a shower cap in the bag because when you're out and you're shooting all this when the rain comes down and you've got this beautiful set up here along with a little tripod little tabletop tripod from man photo here so we've got our set up and all of a sudden you've got this shot set up beautiful sunset in the rain comes...

in well you got a shower cap we're covered in addition to that little addition a ziploc or a white bag to continue shoot throughout the rain just took a little hole in the end with lens through and we continue to produce content because at the end of the day I love taking pictures I love shooting video and I don't want anything to stand away from that so being on location I don't want to always carry my dslr but I want to have good quality stuff so I'm basically taking this though is the rial shoot I'm being hired by a client I'm gonna go out and make the best possible stuff addition to that I also carry three filter kit the three filters I feel like they're important and the great thing about this cool pics say is you can put forty six millimeters filters on it three filter kit I've got a uv hayes filter which is great if you're shooting on the beach because they're spray and everything else you want to wreck the lens a circular polarizer knocked down was I great for that saturate the colors you know, minimize reflections and eleven stop neutral density filter so this three kid this through filter kit here basically allows me to go out and produce a wide aspect of things so I could shoot waterfalls have that water moving and sort of seamless or I could go out and make really pretty scenic shots with a circular polarizer addition of that hand warmers always like to be comfortable in your shooting it gets cold outside I shooting the winner actually a lot of adventure sports in the mountains some always prepared uh addition that always have a lens wipe and you know, you're shooting the sun, sunset shots, flashlight or a headlamp so you can see what you're doing because a lot of things I shoot you can actually go out and shoot basically night shots with this camera has got a three quarter a sensor on it, and you know, you could just basically do anything. You can do it with the dsr. In addition to that, a couple extra batteries and is always extra sandisk memory cards besides this one lens wife here, I also keep an extra one which is sealed up, and I keep them sealed. Because when you're on the beach and all of a sudden it's gets misty and assaulting at sandy this when all of a sudden gets contaminated and you don't want to be robin that grid into the lens. So having a clean one ready well, sort of make or break your chute and allow you to, you know, go out and produce what you want to do. I'm louise skillman, thanks for joining us and hope to see you soon.

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Learn how to break into lifestyle and adventure sports photography from one of today’s best working outdoor photographers. Lucas Gilman — whose lengthy client list includes Red Bull, National Geographic, Patagonia, ESPN, and Maxim — will teach you how to get your first big break in this competitive category. You will learn how to hone your style, build a portfolio, and separate yourself from your competition using technology. Last but not least, Lucas will show you exactly what gear you need to make sure to throw in your bag.


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In every other course you'll hear that you need expensive dSLR system to be a photographer. In this one Lucas demonstrates that it isn't required to spend huge pile of money to achieve good results. He will teach you how to stop taking a fotos, and start making them with your compact camera.