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Men's Portrait Photography

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10 Things Men Hate About Being Photographed: 7 - 10

Jeff Rojas

Men's Portrait Photography

Jeff Rojas

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26. 10 Things Men Hate About Being Photographed: 7 - 10

Lesson Info

10 Things Men Hate About Being Photographed: 7 - 10

A lot of guys like oh what aware like we have to do a photo shoot I have to go there I'm not a model I don't know it's where I'm not I got walmart close anybody who doesn't know me in reality I wear a hood e a black leather jacket black shoes and sorry black jeans and black boots ninety percent of the time in my life rarely do you see me in a dress her anymore with boots on like I ride my motorcycle every single day I have my own personal attire and that's okay we'll discuss that momentarily but another quote the way we dress affects the way we think the way we feel the way we act in the way others react to us so being being okay to communicate hey listen this is the way that you're gonna be perceived by war a black motorcycle jacket, a black hoody black jeans and black boots appear how would you perceive may this biker teaching a man's portrait class and not everyone's going to receive a ok same thing like for me I'm covered in tattoos I want people to perceive me that way what am I t...

rying to communicate in my photographs like am I okay with me exuding a certain a certain stereotype about myself you know considering all those things but it goes back into this let them have personal style just tweak it for instance I know john generally where is a handkerchief? I don't like handkerchiefs for myself, but if I said john don't wear handkerchief that's not john style that's not gonna make him feel comfortable he's not going to be okay with that we talked about yesterday style first excuse me style versus fashion or fit versus fashion and the way things were supposed to fit and making them look their best you can give them recommendations you can't change who they are as people that is personal branding that is who they are and we'll talk about men style guides I mean, I'm being very, very serious with I don't I don't have fast that's okay? You know being able to not understand fashion it's a lot of guys problems we don't like we don't get it lots of guys not shop for clothes were very a lot of us I'm going to save most of us a lot of his very functional with what we wear if it's cold it's cold bring something warm, I'm really care with this really careful matches my my my jeans, my boots I really care about fashion time moved from florida to new york because in florida you'd find me and flip flops how many times I go to high school in college, in flip flops, pajamas and like some skater shirt like that's how it went to school as opposed to if I ever did that in new york city people going to think I am street life like I am ah person that lives on the street like that's how they perceive things you just gotta be very careful with personal branding we're going to discuss personal brain now which is who you are and what your identity is I told you guys before if I came up here with a leather jacket you know my hoody how would you guys perceive may like who's this person in front of me as opposed to if I wore suit what do you guys automatically thinking how is my personal my personal attire going to impact the way that people address me what one of my portraying and why that's important you know how does your subject view themselves and hire you trying to portray them I told you guys just before if I see john and I'm like john I wish I would've seen you without that I wish I'd have seen you with a hawaiian shirt instead maybe in shorts and some slippers I started some flip flops you know how that's how you have not how he views himself you know it goes back into the hawaiian shirt thing I told you guys it's probably not it's not okay for larger gasto wordpad interesting guys where is gonna wear pattern shirt then were a pattern trip just fixed the way it fits you know, you want him to look as best as possible that's his personal style, the second you switch that that person feels uncomfortable and the image is going to showcase that alternatively, we discuss sitting some suiting somebody up or putting somebody in a suit that hasn't necessarily been in a suit, and it makes them feel comfortable is great, you know, we talked about stony when you said you wore suit, it changes your perception of yourself, how you your motive yourself, how you went out and you showed emotion towards people had walked in you act as opposed to certain individuals of certain mails aren't comfortable there, like if you put me in a suit not happening, this is awkward. I need to rip off my tie and the blazer put a t shirt on. I'm comfortable that way. It's okay, it's, just what they're comfortable wearing just gauged that based on those questions, the preliminary consulting, they want to feel cool that have and that have us four styles that we have and view of your ships that we have it's a power play, I want you wear this, I'm not wearing that watch you wear this not happening like those considerations that we have you can make. Adjustments to certain things and being okay to explain let's say like we discussed yesterday, the clips that makes people feel were like the first thing you do that to the first person that like this is weird I feel like a pushpin shawn the poor before shop show them the aftershock show show them how it let's say thins them out or makes him look better in that specific outfit maybe if they're skinny and if you'll come uncomfortable about the skinny nous saying listen, look, if we take all the clothing they are making like this giant shirt for this little tiny person, this is great pantomime me if I take this big shirt and I'd go ahead and I fix it wow, this is amazing pantomime thing taking it and folding it and putting a clip on the back, how that fits and how it makes you look structured same thing if you have somebody shorter clipping their pants up, making them look a little taller, showing them the before and after photos that's extremely impactful where they don't okay, whatever. I wear a bunch of clips you discuss that yesterday, the second of clips in the back like, oh, I feel good, I'm ready to take a photo makes him wanna pose you're considering those things when I was as people for branding purposes for clients or what they're looking for the way that you could do the same thing is asked for five to seven. Seven images as a reference. What they're looking for, not not just weddings, but if you have a client was hired you to do something. What inspires them? What then? Looking at the the five to seven consecutive photos and figure out okay, what does this person specifically like about this specific image? Are they looking for lighting? Are they looking for clothing? Is our people were styled? Are they more relaxed? What's happening those images and it definitely impacts the way you see everything across the board. Let's next is gonna be funny. Photos are for girls. How many of you have heard that the photos are for women? I know that's not happening. Why is image important? Honestly, why do we put so much emphasis? Why you guys even photographers. First of all, if you don't hear for art's sake, why are you taking photographs? It's for it's? Obviously for financial reasons. But at the same token, why do people hire you at that point? Get memories with us? What other reasons are we looking at? Personal branding for corporate clients why are they taking those images for weddings? Why're you getting hired to take memories, but also because they want to show the skinniest day they've ever had in their lives to look his best that's possible, right? That's generally, if they want to look skinny and best is, they usually can in the business world can't discuss business first I'm business before anything else in my life, like I try to make things as easy as possible and try to make as much return on investment as possible. It's always my thought process so forty five percent of employers said they were they were using social networks to screen job candidates. The images that people have of themselves can make a break them getting a job, which you think about that, like, honestly, what would look better you in a corporate shot? If you're trying to find a job or corporate style photo or beautiful high resolution photo or selfish, what looks better in regards to what your employees going? Look at that look at the high resolution photos and it looks a little more primitive. Popper again, we talked about styling before they're looking for a job and whatever reason, they hard if they're looking for a job, by the way. And they hired you and they don't have that's a different story and if they were trying to find a job in hiring you to take their corporate shot, they're trying to get you to photograph from that way and they're not willing to style themselves to look appropriate they're not doing the job then you can say it listen, look, do you know that most employers and start looking your images like it's a truly impactful that you or important that you sit there you take images to show that you're capable of doing this because they going perceive you in a certain way fifty percent of higher imagine manager said that they qualify that qualified unattractive candidates are likely to have a harder time landing a job that's the truth that's not a made up live that's literally what people are expecting um ranking of importance this is the sad part experience number one confidence them or to a parent's number three education fourth, when people were trying to find a job even above education bash was agree master degree ph d if you don't look good, you're not getting a job that's what people are perceived or perceiving so how much impact we have his photographers on people's lives when it comes to livelihood it's extremely important for us to make people look their best like it's it's a tough job the dating world how many of us is going to sound finding tender, even tender things like that? You want to look your best and photos? You don't want to be that creepy dude in the corner, you know you don't right bathroom selfie, whatever it is, people are like not happening, that guy has a creeper as opposed to if you took a shot and you have, like, an awesome guy look like a bunch of fun and you look like a motive and you look happy people are more attracted, teo wanting to speak to you and communicate with you, so if you guys have single men or you guys have men that want to look better about themselves, even on social media, I would also try something about just personal perception of themselves like, hey, dude, your friends are going to see you and they're going to be envious because you look good and they don't and you lost the much away or, you know, you look this where what can you do to fulfill their personal desires again? The nuances, a photo perception, how we're seeing ourselves versus the world like, what are we looking at versus ourselves? How can we make people feel and look better about them? So selves lorenzo, you're gonna like the last part of what happens if they just don't like taking photos? It's reality that's the honest truth there are people out there that they're not I'm not taking a photo either scared it's happening because it's dub more stupid or whatever it is selling your client how do you sell them to take a photograph what do you need to do to sell him that's the hard sell that would be number ten that's the hard sell on trying to get a client to do something they I don't want to do like that's that's the last thing I want to do in the world so what I do is I use the tactics that most larger marketing companies use which is a or one maslow's hierarchy gets familiar with that everyone here maslow's hierarchy dick takes a couple things we start with a basic psychological physiological needs which is breathing food water sex sleep everything that we have in basic core essential needs way don't want it's not needs versus wanted actual needs that we have as human beings to live and to survive photography isn't one of those unfortunately right it's not food it's not water we can't do any of those things so what's the next step safety security of the body employment resource is morality family health property that's directly above basic course and a course central fundamental needs before any sexual intimacy friendship or family is security of body like security of self in safety how can we manipulate that personal desire to sell a climb and this is the business aspect of things is being comfortable being able to do that the kadi sit and say you know what you look good you look healthy it'll make you look a little you know, little younger and per se how can you use those core fundamental needs wants and desires to sell that client believe it or not the last on the list is self actualization self esteem is before that meeting how we think about other people in their perception of us but our self actualization is finding the last part being how we see ourselves and being the best version of ourselves is last so even if you try to appeal to that specific aspect safety is outsell your client or try to sell your client before self actualization actual ation actualization is ever gonna happen so again what can I do to say? You know what? You look younger you look better you look radiant like those are the things that you want to sell your client that goes back to what we're looking at for marketing look at marketing companies and looking the way that campaigns are starting to do things what are they doing to market to specific lines specific demographics they're generally if they don't have even like sleepy's if you guys ever seen sleepy's what are they doing? They're like life is better with sleepy's they're trying to say well if you don't have sleep eze you're not living a good life like that they're talking about life in general you can't live with this rest this is the most important thing that you could never do which is part of what physiological it's sleep they're trying to say without sleep it's not a good life they can do that photography really can't do that but start analyzing the way that marketing companies doing that consider their unique needs why are they hiring you to take these photos? I can't say that enough thinking about that's the first thing why are you taking me why you asked me to take these photos are you a groom? You know therefore I have to take a photo of you at your wedding how can I say? Well, listen, look, your wife's gonna be mad if you don't let me take a photo of you and it's like halfway decent and she's gonna kill me and it's your fault like that, you can kind of play the blame game that way, but that's a heart cell you're basically saying, listen, look, I don't care what happens, you're taking a photo and we're gonna make the best of it. We're gonna make the best of the worst of this kind of thing like that's, how I would market that specific person logical versus emotional needs needs versus wants, I can't say that enough do you need to do this? Do you want to do this? Okay going back to the whole wedding thing there's no want there with your wife you need to do this I don't care what you want to do like this isn't there's no choice this is absolutely goingto happen and you better better make the best of it by all means because if you don't make the best of it we're all gonna die appealing to their aspirations that's the last on the list but that actually influence is quite a few people you know what are they looking to do with themselves who do they want to be in a couple of years you know what are they trying to showcase? Is it a fitness model that wants to go ahead and be the the athlete of the year what's happening how can you sell that client see if you had somebody come up to you see you know what? Lorenzo? I want to hire you to take my portrait and I there's a fitness competition I want to do and you know I'm thinking I want to do these things with my life but I need to need somewhere to start and you like it cool it's gonna be three grand so work with me they're like happening how do you say how do you put a premium value? What you're trying to sell that client to say listen look your dreams and aspirations are nothing without these images I don't care what you want to do without you working specifically with me on this specific subject and be able to manipulate how that person perceives themselves and what their needs wants and desires are you can sell them that way but you need to focus on their aspirations like sell them on what they wanted to this is car salesmanship bythe number five your underside we're not here for anything more than take photos of people for the best themselves what you guys have heard me say for the last two days is people want to look their best of themselves they want to be skinny or they want to be better looking they want to be bigger, they want to be something okay? You're on their side without your help without your expertise would help your editing process without all those things they're nothing right? So you need to put all those things together everything that we learned between editing between lining between everything that that's there that we discussed making sure that you make people look the best of themselves regardless of what they feel like they look like making them, turning them the back of that cameron for them to smile knowing that you're on their side that's what's important with working with men, women it doesn't matter and with that you have a special surprise for you guys so being the best version of yourself I did a little did a little preliminary work before we got here and we did uh did a quick session with one our creative live members our staff members and we did a quick thing in sweats and somebody was comfortable and it came in handy like okay, I'm comfortable I'm here to work and we had a preliminary meeting and I don't know just thie creative live gnomes slash mike do you guys have our preliminary image at all carry jim do we have a new image of him full length just out of curiosity now there's a total of twenty images if they can get that by the time I finish this so we can show before and after its natural light and it's on my it's actually on my cf card on here so if they can run it and see if they can get that last image it's the last day shot that we did early in the morning thank you your portrait session we've wrapped up everything that we did throughout the last two days I've talked about styling of talk about lighting and talk about people about posing jim you guys remember jim good old jim jim can you walk over here with mei please introduce yourself thank you sir right good good that's good good to be back so what's the difference between you today and you the yesterday so you know, I was a little bit dressed down it was a sunday afternoon so it's football it's working out it's coming into the office you know get ready for your workshop so little different well, different little unshaven you know, on the facial money and my hair was not as nice as it usually is coughed as it usually is um no makeup you know so okay so I'm gonna take every bit of a conversation that we had earlier and I want to take all those things the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna look at jim jim I love you we're gonna go ahead and style you we drank you look his best we feasibly can't so what's the first thing I'm gonna do if you guys don't answer this question just to see what you're gonna do what am I what do I have in my hand over here you guys I know that for help nip in talking first thing when do styling his his pants a little baggy jeff you ever ask your models teo get something tailored before they come to do a shoot with you spend how much it costs tailers air very expensive for certain people you know, so generally clipping is a less expensive yes absolutely who's that yeah yeah this's before you want to talk about that at all job you know what I want to say it's football that's gonna matter way back so we talked about pan left in length and weigh things they're supposed to fit in regards to the break at the bottom of the pants it should fit about once tailoring let's see I'm did instead of digital tailoring I'm gonna go ahead and just clipped this way on the things we can do in this way so somebody took a photo of me on twitter you know who you are of me doing this yesterday and I was very inappropriate looking my hands were disappearing we'll just say that next thing eels way learn about his cuffs wei have too little a client's they're still want to thank you sir I sincerely appreciate it awesome quarter inches that right quarter inch I have been reading esquire and see their esquire you've been reading the style guide which everyone it is little both little both I love that you provided that with purchase to that style god you know why when I first moved here I hear that's a new york city just like I said I used to work for you she looked like that without the hat like that's what happens which is awesome because I was comfortable it's not always the most professional way that we want to look right yeah perfect I swear if anybody decides to take a photo of this online and look it inappropriate again I will find you go find you that was funny. I don't think aunt would like to meet the two of us in the dark especially right now you look very snazzy. Okay, you can turn to the side for two seconds, okay can turn towards the back. Yeah, how much difference that we start plugging away and trying to make things fit? What? We have a lot quite a bit. Can you turn backwards for me and you can move freely it's not if it pops off we'll fix it. We'll fix it quickly. Next thing ties making sure they're nice and straight your mike is it love me, mike being mike and the mic itself okay, as were cleaning things out again post processing I don't want to spend too much time on fixing lint and fixing pieces and fixing shoulders and what we're trying to do. Okay, perfect to me. Favorite turning forty five degrees towards that light I like the robotic robotic like no, you gotta move you still robot move it this way. Thank you. Raise that light. Okay, I like this. I like where this is going. Awesome. Perfect. First thing I'm doing styling second thing I'm doing making sure that every single aspect of the image looks okay I'm looking at his face shape looking everything that we have here I already know that I want a reflector in the shop before anything else can I have you moved towards light just a tiny bit you're gonna walk like a robot specifically close to those clips, huh? Can you give me a little bit of separation from your legs? Yeah just like that perfect just shoulder width apart I like how awkward do me a favor move over tiny bit towards that back when even more twenty four one of five I think that's what we did for that one there. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Oh, thank you. You guys are amazing john, can I ask you for a favor and you walk over here with me? I'm gonna take a quick photo one show you guys where it looks right now we're gonna pull this back, okay? I'm gonna ask you to move the clips in a way that I don't have to see them in camera perfect. Perfect. If you can come over here on dh move that towards the back so again it's going to be a perception? I don't feel like retouching listen, I wanted to look good out of camera. What am I trying to photograph so little by little connections got better right off the bat we had before, right? Just standing there making it and look their best awesome that works for may so if you could do me a favor and if we could bring a reflector from the right hand side so jim storytelling okay jim, I love the way that you look however your little stoic from it can you keep your arms close to your sides? Relax, it's. Just the two of us. Nobody else is here. Nothing else is happening. We're totally fine. Try not to look like a serial killer. Okay, see, it'd last for everybody go that perfect awesome shoulder of the right. Start your left shoulder towards me. A tiny bit perfect. She not from a awesome perfect one more time. Okay? And just give me a tiny bit of fashion attitude. What do you think about do me? Favorite bring that elbow back ever so slightly perfect. Just like that. Awesome. Give me a little bit attitude in those eyes and shit out for may. Okay, less crazy eyes perfect face towards me. Awesome! Just like that. Chin up a tiny bit awesome and relax. Put your put your right hand in your pocket. Just feel comfortable that you left perfect chest towards me. A tiny bit more perfect just like that. Awesome. Well, more time she not for may. Awesome. And if you don't, I figured I saw that after the second perfect awesome okay, handy side just flat at your side on your left hand, they're just keep it and graze it just a little tiny bit more depth there you go perfect bringing back a tiny bit more just relax fingers awesome perfect and you don't have to smile if you don't want to smell you just they stole it let's see perfect and give me a half smile how about that? How about this just like me this way awesome just like that little less for a brow little more smiles with the eyes little tired banks they're perfect jim one more time smiles with the eyes that see perfect awesome let's see what that image looks like before and after so far jim looks better when I don't actually tell him what to do yep that's the way we get here I can see that last image with jim before so far someone lights up thank you gnomes there wasn't before can I see the after a little different here's what we'll do with him in the background do me a favor and we'll move him towards the background I don't have my spider house holster go towards the back of a tiny bit more awesome cropping the tiny bit awesome bring that inside right there from a awesome perfect great and your favorite shoulder towards me a tiny bit more awesome bring that shoulder back ever so slightly perfect perfect and relax your face that's funny face perfect after you do the clip thank you I just heard he looks good I'll tell you thank you let's hope so ceo in a former life in this life perfect awesome perfect can I see that last image I love johnson thank you miss adler rough I'm a ceo in this life he's a boss awesome I like that last photo let's see let's see the before and after two seconds okay can we bring back some of the shadows I love john's little hand it'll never be perfect spring maximo shadows form a suite I'm gonna take you going to give you this for two seconds the only thing I'm gonna wind up doing so we talked about retouching before just quickly while I have him in camera a little dark in this area if I needed to just fix this in a pinch awesome let's see this for two seconds can I see the before photo after you look sexy I don't know what that word means but I'm gonna use it I love it I got to take this photograph look how he looks like a ceo he looks like a boss we'll go with that like a house so we're gonna do some very quick thank you's to the folks who make these workshops happened first of all you've got a few folks that you help you out so if you want talk about them they're great absolutely so I want to thank wescott was well a spider eyes well silver like in an emoto so he's so here's how they contributed let's got sampling our silver lake backgrounds if you get so this over like backgrounds actually love textures is my background you got to see a lot of that in my fashion editorials and emoto for putting my introduction video together making sure that I have everything presentable in spite of holster because I cannot leave my camera everywhere I used to like leave it everywhere and I've had it drop had assistants drop my cameras now just keep it on may keep to my side it's very expensive mistakes tohave so if you have the availability just invest in one of those can't thank you enough I want to say thanks to a couple of our partners here creative loved the limelight who provides the lighting in studio b they're amazing and also to add drama you've seen any gear that you want to purchase or things that you need you go ahead and check them out at a rama dot com thank you to our partners big thank you to the creative live audience both you guys at home and the group here in the studio you guys are awesome you've been great with your questions and your thoughts obviously the people at home you make this happen you make creative live possible by your purchases and by your support here during the live events so thank you for being you and for being invested in yourself and in the idea of education in general, self directed education taking control of what you are. Thank you very much. Big. Thank you. To the creative life crew. Of course, the folks who make this happen behind the scenes huge, huge thanks to everybody. Awesome people. And also just really, really good at what they do. Thank you very much. Big. Thank you. Of course, to derek and michael are models who were amazing. I'm gonna throw in an extra shadow also to stony and to lorenzo for jumping up and being a part of it as weli hands were great. Always fun to work with wonderful people. Big. Thank you to a special little friend, miss lindsay adler. You guys may have seen her walking around she's obviously been a big support behind the scenes. Thank you, lindsay, for being you. And of course, the biggest things of all go to this guy right here, mr jeff rohaas again, this is something. This is a subject matter that we haven't really talked about a lot here, but you just have been killing it. And you put so much work into making this be something that is applicable to so many different types of people, two different types of photography and just two encouraging people to recognize that men deserve good pictures of themselves, too. Men wanted men needed, and we really appreciate all the work that you've done to help elevate that side of the industry. Thank you for being you is only one last. Thank you, I have, yes, mr john, corner, cello, she's, fantastic. John, john, john is an amazing part of great alive, and we've taken for granted sometimes, so you got rid of it. That was a good golf, really, thank you for being thankful.

Class Description

Learn the art of posing men in Men's Portrait Photography. Jeff Rojas will show you how to direct men so they look natural, masculine, and confident in front of the camera.

In this class you'll learn posing, lighting, shooting, and editing techniques that will compliment all shapes and sizes of men. Jeff will demonstrate your options for lighting men for portraits, fashion, and commercial images.

You’ll learn the 10 main reasons men don't feel comfortable having their picture take and how to make them feel at ease in front of the camera – which will lead to better, more natural images. Jeff will teach:

  • How to help men pick proper attire
  • Flattering male features
  • Workflow and retouching

Don’t let men’s portrait photography intimidate you. Learn the skills you need to get bold, flattering shots of your male subjects every time.


caroline ross

I watched this class for free and am saving up to buy it. First of all confirmed! Sigma lens are nothing to be ashamed of and since I love my one main lens, Sigma I immediately felt a rapport. Then listening to the fascinating insights about men and their feelings when confronted by a lens and...what to do with folks who have shaved heads or a little large. Some of the tips were great! Adding a decoration on suit front like a flower or handkerchief, and how to get the suits looking FIT! and well, I plunged into man world and it was a super education. By day two I was amazed by Jeff's generosity. Basically all his experience, all his favorite lighting techniques and painstaking attention to detail. I would have to watch Day two zillions of times to actually be able to absorb all the scenarios and effects. Im going to buy some suit clips Jeff and clip a bunch of suits in back and front to gorgeous my male subjects out. Thank you again for a wonderful, wonderful class.

Lee Crow

I've taken a lot of photography training in the last couple of years. Jeff is outstanding. I didn't realize that this content would have such an impact on me. The lighting sections were the best I've seen and the psychological impact of us men having good photos is a wonderful subject to bring to light. The class is great. Jeff is great. CL is great.


this course was worth every penny. Full of practical information and excellent demonstrations. Jeff needs to quit with the crotch comments though was like ...really AGAIN? why are you so obsessed with saying crotch crotch crotch good God. Apart from THAT (which I think was just silly nerves) I really do recommend this class. Jeff is actually very very good. I admire his work. Thanks Jeff I learned a lot!!