Mobile Filmmaking with IK Multimedia and FiLMiC Pro

Lesson 5/9 - Lenses and Apps to work with FiLMiC Pro


Mobile Filmmaking with IK Multimedia and FiLMiC Pro


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Lenses and Apps to work with FiLMiC Pro

The missing secret sauce. This is the little six prototype of the Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter. Jonathan's got the 5S, which is the fully machined, beautiful metal snap-on mount for the 5S. It's made by a company called Moondog Labs. It stretches your image to take full advantage of the sensor and then we de-squeeze it, so you get this wonderful aspect ratio 240 to 1. Does a lot of unique things, and one of them is the sun flares throughout this film, which take place on a long afternoon on Christmas Eve, and the sun itself becomes practically a character in the movie as you see it slowly fading as the day wears on, Ultimately, that combined with the color grading gave the movie it's name, Tangerine. You were saying that you were interested in shooting. Yeah, I mean I think that the anamorphic process has been around for a long time, and it was, I'm not gonna belabor the background to it, but it is a look that is synonymous with kind of big budget Hollywood film. The flares, the w...

ay the lights kind of streak across your lens is a really beautiful thing, and it is really hard to get that look with anamorphic lenses, Cooke. Anamorphic lenses are 30 thousand dollars? Like really expensive for one lens, so to be able to have this adapter by Moondog Labs is pretty awesome to be able to just click it right on your iPhone and get that look right out of the box. I'm excited for it for sure. I feel a little bit foolish, because we should have had you talk about the optics, because you've built optics before, and understand the whole process infinitely better than I. If you want to know more about it, email this guy and he'll give you the minutae. We're about to go to break. We're gonna run through a couple quick slides of some of our favorite apps. Pre-production favorites. Shot Lister, Storyboard Composer, that's Jonathan's app, I'm gonna give you a little demo of that while he's setting up the lighting in the next scene, and then Shot Pro. I like to think of Shot Pro as almost more of a shot designer type app. We could take this room, do want a couch in here, or do we want a love seat? I don't know, let's try a love seat, no, let's put a table in. It's good for building something from nothing. Jonathan's app is extraordinarily good at how do we want to cover this scene, we've got two actors, do I want to do a dolly shot? Should I do a pan? What if I dolly in? Oh, wait no, maybe we'll start in on a close-up and then dolly back. You can create the entire cinema language of a scene in minutes. In fact, if we can get a nice over-the-shoulder shot in the next segment, we'll do that. You can then director to cinematographer, talk back and fourth and be like, "No, no, no I think actually we want to do this" and boom, 20 seconds later you've got the change. Shot Lister, great way of taking your script, importing it into an app, and then keeping record all the way through of which shots you've got, what the duration is. Fantastic apps. Post-production favorites. iMovie you probably know, won't go into that too long. Just giving you a little straddle at the far end of the spectrum. If you want something super easy if editing at all intimidates you, try Clips. You just drag top to bottom, what's the first clip I want, what's the last clip I want, where do I want it in between? Play, you don't like it, you just rearrange them. It's a very easy, delightful way to edit, kind of playful way to edit. Yeah, actually, our buddy Taz Goldstein first tipped me off to that, I was like, (chuckles) If you want to learn more about really, really awesome apps for production and pre-production, check out It's a gentleman named Taz Goldstein, he's assembled and put so much work into this like tome of work Bible. Yeah it's the bible of really of mobile apps for filmmaking and you should definitely check it out on the break or if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask us. Yeah, probably the price of the book will save you the purchase price of what app that you're, Can you get the book on Amazon? I'm guessing, Go down and check it out. And then Pinnacle Studio if you want something at the very high end of it, Pinnacle Studio does some interesting stuff for Euro, people who need to export in 25 frames per second which is something iMovie can't do. Okay last slide before break. Three great little filter, color grading and effects options, VideoGrade, let's you do about 10 different image manipulation features including adjusting just the levels in the shadows or the highlight, a great way to do detailed adjustments of your shot. Chromic is very simple nice, beautiful interface and good looks. And then TiltShift Video, you could probably talk about the actual process but it's a great way to mimic shallow depth of field and isolate the user eye on a particular part of the shot. Yeah, very cool.

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In the last few years, mobile tools for filmmakers, musicians and creators have become more powerful, useful and more widely adopted. IK Multimedia has developed a range of products that are affordable and effective when paired with market leading filmmaking tools like FiLMiC Pro.

In Mobile Filmmaking with IK Multimedia and FiLMiC Pro, Neill Barham, the founder of Cinegenix and FiLMiC Pro, and noted cinematographer, Jonathan Houser will show how to use their mobile app with the IK Multimedia's iRig PRO and iRig Mic Field to get incredible shots and capture pristine audio that will fool anyone into thinking you have the budget of a hollywood film.

Listen to special guest filmmakers Sean Baker and Chris Bergoch talk about how they used iPhones and FiLMiC Pro to make their Sundance hit Tangerine, which was acquired by Magnolia Pictures and will be released theatrically this July. See the trailer here.

Both the iRig PRO and FiLMiC Pro were recently featured in an Apple iPad commercial with Martin Scorsese and are becoming more widely used as professional tools for filmmakers. Learn how to use them to get the breathtaking shots you want. See commercial here.