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Lesson 14 from: Mobile Photography: Creating Black & White Images Using Lightroom Mobile

Lisa Carney

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14. Sample Emulation Edit

Emulating an Anne Brigman photographic style
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Sample Emulation Edit

I'd like to use this photo to emulate one of my favorite photographers from the early 19 hundreds and Brigman. So while our subject matter is very different, what I'm looking to do is emulate the photographic style. So what is it? It's a soft, not much in focus warm tone, monochromatic print. So let's see how we can do that. So the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to go ahead and make it that kind of color. So I'm going to go to the color module, click on black and white and then click on the color grading and I'm going to Let's start with the shadows and make the shadows kind of warm. Let's see. Yeah, I think I like that one. For now. I'm going to then go to the highlights and do the same thing. Make it kind of warm. And I want to remind you light room is nondestructive. I can keep going back and forth to this till I'm really happy. So for right now, I'm going to say this is okay Now, the other thing about her image quality is that it's kind of out of focus, So I'm going to go to...

the effects panel, and I'm gonna take the clarity down, which is gonna soften down those highlights. Do you see how soft and smoky those get Now, Now, as I look at this, this is not quite what I'm looking for, but I'm getting close. I'm going to Let's say I want that sky to be a little darker. Pardon me? Lighter. So I'm gonna go back to the color palette. And you remember the colour mix we talk about. When you're in a black and white image, you get luminosity. Well, I can go to the pizza pie, click on the center and go Great. What color is that sky? Okay, that sky is bluish. I'm gonna I'm on luminous. And if I pull up, it's going to lighten the luminous because my phone is at the top. I have to click again and do it again to get it as light as I can. All right, I'm really digging that right now. So what I'd like to do is go back to pizza pie, Say okay and hit. Done. Now I'm going to go back to the effects and give it a vignette because her work tends to have a bit of a vignette to it, and I'm going to click on the midpoint and I'm click on the feather. In fact, on the midpoint, I think I'm gonna bring it in a little bit. Now I know I just lightened that sky and the vignette darkened it. But had I had the combination, it would have been too much. But remember, they have that highlight button. So if I click on the highlight for the vignette, it's gonna lighten the vignette where the highlight is just a little trick. So I feel like I'm digging where this is heading. But I want that church to be a little darker. So I'm gonna go to the selective edits and I'm gonna paint with the paintbrush on the selective edits. And I'm gonna paint this kind of foreground area, maybe add a little more here. The mask on the selective edit is editable. I love saying that word. All right, I'm gonna go to the lights and I'm gonna take the highlights back down, and I'm actually gonna take the exposure down a little bit, just a little bit, and then I'm gonna check out what the shadows do light shadows, darker shadows. I think I like the darker shadows. So so far I'm kind of digging this. But you know what? It's not quite as out of focus as I'd like or as soft and I've already hit the maximum. So what I think I'm gonna do is take the selective edit and click on the radio and click and drag out and make a big selection. And I want to call your attention to the detail Slider in the selective edits. When I'm here, I can take the sharpness down. So do you see how that softening it up? Yeah, I think that's what I like. So now it's got a kind of soft feel and I can go back to the selective edits and see what I have. I have that big out of focusing. I've got the smoky thing, You know, that smoky area. I think I want to the darker tone. I think I'm gonna erase out a little bit. So I'm gonna erase that out. Just a hair and let's see what we get. I may or may not like this. I don't know, but let's see. Yeah, I think I like that. If I didn't like it, I just hit the reverse on the top and it will undo that selection now. What I could also do on the Eraser is I can click on the feather and feather it a bit more, which will make get a lighter selection. And now I can click back in and do a bit lighter. Let's see if I like that. Yeah, I do like that. So I kind of dig this. That's all before and after, and it just I find it's really helpful to look at the artist's work while you're doing the work you are editing. Now I know mine's not as soft as hers, but I kind of dig it.

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Gretchen Shepherd

This is one of the BEST classes on Creative Live, and I have a Creators Pass and have taken tons! As a retired teacher I really appreciated Lisa's teaching style and the clear use of tech aides (circle, highlights etc) to lead me through the steps used on LR mobile. Her clear descriptions make the class easy to follow. I have also used LR mobile for several years and learned at least 3 new things in the first few minutes! In addition Lisa's in-depth knowledge of BNW and how to apply the principles of BNW to color conversions was wonderful. I have shot BNW for years in film and digital and also taught darkroom at the college level (ages ago) and Lisa's teaching and skills rank up there with the best. I learned even more the second time through and will come back to this class frequently and grab any others that Lisa Carney teaches. Highly recommend!

nancy brindisi

I have always loved black and white photography and so many of the other courses I have taken on Creative Live touch on black and white but it is never as in-depth as I would like it so I was very excited to see this course offered in Lisa's mobile series. I love how explains the black and white presets you can shoot pictures through in the LR camera, the profiles and then the presets in post. Her knowledge of light and how color adjustments even on a B&W photo affect how that light is shown is very informative. This course finally gave me more detailed knowledge and inspiration to do so much more with my B&W pictures. Thank you for another great class!

Deanna Gordon

I loved the information, the tips and tricks and the delivery. I cant wait to do some more of her classes.

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