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Wrap Up

Lesson 15 from: Mobile Photography: Creating Black & White Images Using Lightroom Mobile

Lisa Carney

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Lesson Info

15. Wrap Up

Lesson Info

Wrap Up

thank you so much for joining me for light room mobile and black and white photography. I hope you learned a lot. We looked at all sorts of interesting ideas, I think, to get you started shooting through profiles, working with presets, working with profiles, actually in light room after you shot, we looked at the color module, the light module versions. My goodness, we covered quite a bit, didn't we? And don't forget about those third party apps, which could be absolutely amazing to add that extra little genesis equal to your images. And above all, have fun. Go out, look for a story. There's amazing stories out there to be had shoot, shoot a lot. Experiment. Use those versions. You can try all sorts of wacky, different setups, and then you know you're not committed to too much. And, um, I have other courses here on Creative Live. If you're interested in more mobile photography and or if you're interested in some Photoshop and, as always, please, please feel free to email me at Lisa at ...

least carney dot com. Remember, it's the wizard, not the wand. Don't get too stuck on what kind of camera or mobile device you're using because it's really about you. Happy shooting my friends

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Ratings and Reviews

Gretchen Shepherd

This is one of the BEST classes on Creative Live, and I have a Creators Pass and have taken tons! As a retired teacher I really appreciated Lisa's teaching style and the clear use of tech aides (circle, highlights etc) to lead me through the steps used on LR mobile. Her clear descriptions make the class easy to follow. I have also used LR mobile for several years and learned at least 3 new things in the first few minutes! In addition Lisa's in-depth knowledge of BNW and how to apply the principles of BNW to color conversions was wonderful. I have shot BNW for years in film and digital and also taught darkroom at the college level (ages ago) and Lisa's teaching and skills rank up there with the best. I learned even more the second time through and will come back to this class frequently and grab any others that Lisa Carney teaches. Highly recommend!

nancy brindisi

I have always loved black and white photography and so many of the other courses I have taken on Creative Live touch on black and white but it is never as in-depth as I would like it so I was very excited to see this course offered in Lisa's mobile series. I love how explains the black and white presets you can shoot pictures through in the LR camera, the profiles and then the presets in post. Her knowledge of light and how color adjustments even on a B&W photo affect how that light is shown is very informative. This course finally gave me more detailed knowledge and inspiration to do so much more with my B&W pictures. Thank you for another great class!

Deanna Gordon

I loved the information, the tips and tricks and the delivery. I cant wait to do some more of her classes.

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