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Mobile Recording with IK Multimedia

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Creating Tracks in SampleTank with IG88

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Mobile Recording with IK Multimedia

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8. Creating Tracks in SampleTank with IG88


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Creating Tracks in SampleTank with IG88

I'm excited to bring up brandon clark from I g eighty eight really quick intro about brandon that's really cool just to let you know he's an awesome artists based out of here in seattle great producer he also plays with shit priests and a number of other people in town on deal actually playing at this year's decibel festival, which is an awesome elektronik festival put on by sean horton here in seattle every year along with that creative live is actually co producing the decibel festival conference this year s so we're really excited to partner with both of them there's just some incredible people here in seattle that air doing some amazing things, so I'm excited to welcome me up brandon and he's going to sort of walk through building a track with sample tank alive in there take it away brandon shows what you got uh made a few instruments set him up uh actually on the bus just kind of doing a little bit of sound design and saved him miss patches and then uh so I don't really have to lo...

ok at my phone too much right now, aiken and almost everything with my rig if I could get a little more volume yeah, beautiful weii trained just record that pad loop right now on public transportation in front of bunch of strangers probably think something's wrong with me yeah that's awesome duet with you really quick and just kind of show us some of the some of the samples that you build up and what what you're using there yeah, so after I'm done with um each track it just hit x there and kind of get rid of it so I don't really have to commit to too much there, so get where two weeks track oh, so the first one is just on a typical sign uh I had that I made here can actually go over to the keys right here and, uh you could see it's called juicy pad uh that's very sensual. Uh I can actually see all the different parameters of it uh really wanted just a longer attack coming into it and then let the reverb sort of carried about that I wanted it to be short enough to where I can assed kind of stabs soaking, getting sort of a general idea an arrangement of what I wanted to build the drums around so I could keep that going and there's tried different drum a bunch of different drum patterns and I'm gonna get home I kind of already have the sketch laid out for you and then the next one that I have is just kind of their stock hip hop kid I just sort of move some of the samples around a little bit um has a nice building compressor on it, which is obviously cranked because a full of hip hop and I want the drums to touch you in the face. Uhm yes, I have that really responsive pads and it's it's nice that it's just powered by the by the iphone on then I just he just kind of a manipulated roads ish type sound cut off, pulling off some of the high end dipped out some of the low because I wanted to just be a little sparkle on top of things. And then, um, some little zaps, a transposed him up a bunch made him really short, like I d m so I like much of scary hats if I'm making something really quanta ized and, uh, elektronik ish? Yes. Oh, I haven't just every other starting with a lot of element going to drums, going to another melodic element and then some hats, so I kind of know what I'm in for is I'm skipping through, but it's just sort of the way that my brain works, kicks on this side, snares extra snare and then had to belong through here and maybe some crash through there so with muscle memory already kind of know where things are going to be pleased. Very cool so what you've created those and you start looping and creating each of the loops that you're putting on top of each other you're switching with control on the upper right hand corner. Yeah, ok, so how do you know which ones coming next? And then with some of the hats I was I was panning using the top knob just because when you hit record it's recording the placement of each panel is going through. So since the rhythms already held down with the core drums, I could kind of use one hand to die a winsome some hats linlin on the other hand thanks ma round and then goto reverb channeled the end here thief three nice verbs to choose from you could sort of dial in the room a little bit with the time and then that was just sort of ah, random tempo that I decided to do it at eighty six, but I'm sure you'll get an entirely different sort of jam if I could change that cool you want to maybe make one more another we've seen kind of how the other banks are set up and yeah, don't you do one more building more trying it let's do that let's go temple of it go probably dio halftime over here and just to mention how incredible this is, this is entirely running off of his iphone for right yeah dented iphone density for you made these passions on the bus on the way over and he's ready to play set right now build something so the the tools are pretty incredible so have just using this up top is a transport so it does a couple of ah pre rolls and then you're good to go sort of hard to hear the metrodome in the room but from lifetime it's uh so question how much do you use kwan ization all on some of the stuff when you're laying it down for the sake of this demonstration I used it entirely um but if I wanted just usually amusing this to get a pattern down there they don't want to forget so don't have to like people it's in my head for the walk on what you said the colonization that like it makes its potential new tempo sometimes I'll go double time with the tempo and then do you sixteen notes or thirty second just so I can get quicker intervals in between but if I'm usually if I'm just trying to get a pattern down and turn the corporatization off got you especially if I won't like it j d list like loose they're totally were groove oriented yeah yeah exactly that's awesome and then if I uh if I kind of get a pattern that I really like and I won't have to read programming I could export it out through here imported into abel ten and then kind of slice that up and have my pattern already laid out then just replaced the drum sounds with ones that I've made that's awesome cool cia and again like the future be able to like create something on the fly you're sitting on the bus you just want to knock out beat that you're thinking of really quick and you can export it send it to yourself you get home and dump it in ableto and you have that be ready you didn't lose it you didn't forget it that's the whole idea behind this so supercool was anything else you want to show us brandon? Uh no, I think I'm good. Yeah, one of the cool things too is if you see even if you have a small screen like an iphone you can program the hiring pads to pretty much do everything for you it's bus powered so you don't have to bring a battery or plug it in you can sit there and just use the pads entirely in your phones running running everything in the background it's a super cool cool wait a second I think so yeah well I think that we are good here as well really want to say thank you again to brennan for joining us? Where can people find your work online? Um I g eight dot net has everything but definitely on soundcloud slash idea um, also the producer for sure, priests. And you can find us on soundcloud and ship, restock on this well and come hug me. You know what, that's what I'm gonna do this in a minute. I want to say, thanks again. Thank you, zack. In your final words, I was just saying about brandon real quick, both like again priests, right, or playing in desperate fess alicia. So definitely come check them out and check. Stay tuned for more information because we're bringing the decibel festival conference from creative live right here in seattle will be bring unity and producing it, which would be awesome talent.

Class Description

Mobile recording tools are more powerful and more affordable than ever. Musicians, producers, and engineers use iOS and Android DAWs, guitar amps and drum production platforms both live on stage and in the studio.

The dream of having a recording studio in your pocket wherever you go is finally becoming a reality. IK Multimedia has released a number of products that allow music creators to play and record wherever they are.

In Mobile Recording with IK Multimedia, you’ll learn how to use Amplitube 4 for iOS with IK’s iRig Pro to record and play guitar through 26 different amplifiers and cabinets.

I Declare War guitarist, John Winters will demo the app and build a track using the new Super-looper feature. You’ll also learn how to program beats with SampleTank for iPad and IK’s iRig Pads. Electronic artist, IG88 will show you how to produce a track live with Sampletank.

You’ll also see first hand how Audiobus has created a world of possibilities by allowing third-party apps to route audio between them, turning your iPad or iPhone into a complete mobile studio. 



great wish they used the BlueBoard nice unit.