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Mobile Workflow in Adobe Lightroom

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Class Introduction: Backup at the Camera

Jared Platt

Mobile Workflow in Adobe Lightroom

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction: Backup at the Camera

Lesson Info

Class Introduction: Backup at the Camera

I travel is a photographer a lot, and I love traveling and I love taking photographs. But you know, what I don't love about traveling as a photographer is all the gear that I end up having to take. And in in the beginning, if I wanted to make sure that my photos were very secure and that I had copies made and I could look at the photos, I had to bring a laptop with me and had to bring computer peripheries, and I had to bring cards and extra disk drives to back things up on, and it was very complicated and it gets very heavy. I mean, the camera gear itself is heavy enough, but then add to it a computer and hard drives and peripherals and card readers and all that. It just gets so much, and I end up carrying too much gear. And so, with the advent of new technology that has drastically changed. And now I can go out on the road with three things three things, and I will have a very easy time of viewing my images backing my images up, all the while only having a very small backpack of gear.

So let me kind of introduce you to these things that I'm using now when I'm traveling. And so if you're a traveling photographer, either professional or you're just out there taking pictures and having fun, these air some tools that if you have these tools, your system, your the amount of gear that you're traveling with will minimize, and you'll be able to actually do a better job backing up your images and being able to review them. Work on them and not waste any time because all of the work that you'll do will also show up at home in your computer system when you get there. So let me introduce you to this. So I have a camera here. This is the E OS are so it's actually quite small. The body itself, the lenses fairly substantial still, but it's lighter s Oh, I like this is a travel camera. The one thing I don't like about the U. S. Are is that it only has one card in it, and the most important thing when I'm shooting professionally is to be backed up. So I really actually prefer my five d mark four, which has two cards in it. And when I am shooting two cards, I shoot the same image full raw, toe, both cards. So the CF card and the SD card both have the same file on them, so I'm instantly backed up. That is the absolute best way to back up when you're traveling or when you're shooting in general because of card goes bad, the other one's gonna be your backup. And if both cards air good and none of them ago bad, which is very rare. But if you if both of them are good and everything's fine on the cards soon as you finish shooting, if you just simply separate the two cards, put one in a safe at the hotel and keep the other one on your person in your bag. Then, even if your bag gets stolen, you still have a back up at the hotel. Um, and if the hotel burns down, chances are you also didn't get mugged. And so, like, you're pretty well backed up, so I prefer shooting with a camera with two cards in it. That's the ultimate backup system, but this is a really great camera. Enjoy shooting with it I like the experience of it and it only has one card. So it becomes Mawr important for me to have a backup when I only have one card, but it's also important to have a backup when I have two cards.

Class Description


  • Import to Lightroom on your iPad
  • Use your iPad with Cloud backup
  • Streamline your backup process during travel by using Lightroom between devices
  • Remove images from the Cloud to maintain adequate space


Lightroom Mobile 5.2, Lightroom Classic 9.2 (lesson 7 and 9) , Lightroom Desktop 3.2 (lesson 8) 

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