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Mobile Workflow in Adobe Lightroom

Lesson 3 of 9

iPhone and iPad Review

Jared Platt

Mobile Workflow in Adobe Lightroom

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

3. iPhone and iPad Review

Lesson Info

iPhone and iPad Review

Now that we have our back up in our in our box, we want to access the images in it and we're gonna do that through our IPad. And the way we do it is the first thing. Like I said, it has its own WiFi system. So it's actually projecting its own WiFi, and I need to then log into that WiFi. So I go to my settings and I'm gonna click on the WiFi panel, and I've already connected to the nahr box. But instead of using one of these myriad of wife eyes that are in the area, I just simply click on the NAR box Uh, WiFi. So mine are boxes named NAR box JP for Jared Platt. And so that's the When I click on when you first get it, the NAR boxes going to just say nar box on it and you have to log into the NAR box, and it has like a ah, basic password, and then you can go in and change all of that. So once I'm logged in to the nahr box WiFi, I'm going to go to what's called the safe. Keep app safe. Keep app is the first way that you can connect to your in our box and see the images inside it so you can...

see inside of my browser. It's basically just a It's just ah, browser like a file browser, and I can click on the NAR box SSDI, and I can see that they're in the Nahr box right here. There are several files, those files or different days. So it takes all the images and puts them into files or folders based on the day that they were shot. And so I'm gonna look in here and see what is what's in these folders. So I just kind of look in here and let's see what there's a bunch of family portrait's that I took at one point and then this folder is Let's see what this folder is. Ah, this is the one I just imported. So the this folder here on 12 2019 12 30 is the set of images that I was particularly looking for those of the ones that came from this camera and I want to review those. So in here is where you move all of your files around. You can do anything you want here, you can delete folders. You can move folders you can copy, or you can actually back things up. You can make a copy of him. If you plug in that secondary hard drive here, you would go to this file browser and tell it I want to make a copy of what's here, too here. And you could just choose a folder and do it. So that's how you would do that. But what we want to do now that you've seen the browser, uh, I want to go to the select app and inside the selects up, it'll pull up the same browser, but now it's it's going to be based on selections. And so I'm gonna come in here to this select sap, and I'm gonna click on the NAR box, click on this folder, and I'm gonna go into here and I'm gonna select all of these images, and I'm gonna open what we call a work space. So a workspace basically is. It's preparing all of the previews for these files so that we can quickly look through them. I could also, instead of instead of preparing a workspace. So let's just ah cancel out of that. I could actually look at each image on their own, but you see how it has to build them every time it's building. Okay, it's fast enough. But if I select them all and I open a work space, it's going to prepare those previews so that I can do a much faster job at looking at the images. So now, instead of looking at the images and, you know, slowly advancing through them, I can simply say, Okay, I like this image. I'm going to star it. And then I'm gonna go to the next image in the next image, and I'm just touching the edges. So if I want to go back, I touch the left edge of the screen. If I want to go forward, I touched the right edge of the screen. And if I like the image, I give it a star rating, and I just keep moving through the images. I like that one, and I can always go back and look down at the grid and just kind of scroll through so I can see what my images were looking like. Okay, let's take a look at these. I like that one. I took a lot of images of the same thing. Kind of trying to get the depth of field right. And a guy like that one. Well, it's girl back down because I know that the bottom of the shoot, I was really getting some interesting stuff, right? Like this one here, I think. Okay, that's a good one. Okay, so now I have selected some images. Once I've selected those images, I need to go and save them. You can see up in the top right hand corner that there's a yellow button, and it says, Save all when you hit, save on in our box. What's gonna happen is it's going to save all of the data those stars into the files themselves. So there will be little X and P files right next to the files. So I'm going to save all so I'm gonna write existing sidecar right to existing sidecar files. There we go. So now all the stars are written into the files, which means that if I come back into the NAR box later, those stars will be available and shown to me. But also if I import them into light room, those stars will be available. So all the work that I just did which is still sitting on this NAR box. So the stars air here with the photos. They're not actually on the IPad. Eso When I bring the images into light room, those stars will come with it. Um, so I still have saved all the bulk of my information here, and I haven't actually added anything to the IPad, which means my IPad could be a very small uh, It can have a very small drive size. It's flash memory could be very small. And I can still have all of this space a terabyte worth of space to save my photos on as I move around. So I also shot with another, um, another camera. It was a Panasonic, the new S one, which actually is really quite a good camera. So I select all those. I'm gonna open that as a work space, and I'm just gonna kind of scroll through those and see if there's any in there that I want to select as well. So it's preparing that workspace, and as soon as it prepares the workspace, we'll scroll through it will check a couple images once we've got some images again, we have to save all that to the files themselves. So I'm scrolling through here. There. This is what I was looking for. So that's a really interesting old cacs. I love old dead cactuses. So I'm gonna give that one a three star and then I'm looking for there's a couple images where I've got some nice old ah choices and let's do that one. And then we're going to go back, and I'm gonna look for a few more. There Will did this on here. All right, so this is gonna be the last selection that I make. And remember, Um, you can always go back through all of the images later once you get home. But what you're doing right now is let's say you're looking for an image that you want to share out on social media or you want to send it to your family. This is how you're doing this? You're finding images. Remember? Everything safe here, all of the images. I'm gonna save all of that information back to the files. And then once I'm done with that, I'm ready to change tactics when we're in a work space. Before we leave that work space, we need to take the selections that we've made and we need to send them out to their own file. And the reason we're doing this is so that we can pull in our favor images and work on them and play on them in our IPad and actually put them inside her IPad and still keep all of the rest of the images that we haven't selected back here in the nahr box. So we're just going to bring in the ones we want. Now, if you have plenty of space on your ipad, then just bring them all in. No big deal. But if you don't have a lot of space on your IPad or you want to keep your space on your phone free because you could just travel around with these two things with an IPad are I mean with an IPhone and an R box, and you could you could do the same thing on your on your phone. But if you want to save space, keep the bulk of your photos on the NAR box and then you're just gonna bring in the ones you've selected. Those are the ones going to actually bring in the full raw file in to light room on your IPad. Okay, so the way we do this is inside the workspace. We're going to go into the select option, which is over on the right hand side. And then we're going to go into the sort by on the left hand side and where a sort by rating. So then, once we've sorted by rating weaken See, here's the one star rating. Here's the two star rating and I'm selecting him. Here's the three star rating. Okay, so I've got my ratings, and now I'm going to export those images, and I'm just gonna hit export, and it's going to ask me where I want to send them. So I'm gonna say I want to send ah, these images two and I click. I'm choosing the SSD car, the NAR box, and then I'm choosing our box here. And then I'm choosing the actual date of the event here. But now I'm going to create a new folder, and that new folder is going to be called select Done. So now I have a folder called selects and I need to choose that folder. And then this is where I want to save all those photos. So I hit save, and now it's exporting those photos into that folder. So now if I go into the NAR box itself So I exit the workspace and I go back here, there's a selects folder and there are three select images right there. Those are the ones that I want to bring in. And I have to do the same thing in the CR three. So from the from the the US, our camera. So I'm gonna select all of these. I'm going to go back into that workspace. I probably should have done that while I was in the workspace, but I'm just gonna open up that workspace and I'm going to select and I'm going to choose by rating. There's the ratings. So I'm just going to say I want and and by the way, let's say you chose a whole bunch of images. So if you're in that situation, then you just say If you just click the one star the actual star itself. If you click that it selects all of the images that are in that category. So I'm gonna click that one click the two stars and I'm gonna click five star images and I'm an export. Those again. I'm in on Lee new X source files. I'm gonna go into the NAR box and I'm going to go into that into the folder and into the selects and hit save here. Okay, So now I have with both of my cameras, I have pulled all of that imagery into one folder called Selects. So now it's a smaller set of images that I can pull in. And the great thing is that now, once I've got my images inside again, I've got my images backed up in our box. But I've got my selects inside a very specific folder on the NAR box. Now I can go in the light room and inside of light room. I want to import my images into light room so that I can see them and play with them and edit them because the full raw files going to come from here into my light room here. So I will actually have a full 30 megapixel file inside of light room here

Class Description


  • Import to Lightroom on your iPad
  • Use your iPad with Cloud backup
  • Streamline your backup process during travel by using Lightroom between devices
  • Remove images from the Cloud to maintain adequate space


Lightroom Mobile 5.2, Lightroom Classic 9.2 (lesson 7 and 9) , Lightroom Desktop 3.2 (lesson 8) 

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