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Mock-up Your Designs to Impress Clients


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Class Introduction

Well, we are going to have so much fun because we're talking about mockups. Okay, and if you don't know what mockups are, I'm going to show you. Mockups make it possible to take a product, a digital product, or a product that doesn't exist yet and to make it look like it does exist. So, that could be a design for a t-shirt, you could mock them up, and put them on a shirt so you can help sell them. That could be anything, it could be apparel, it could be clothing, bedding, like this pillow here. Notebooks, phone cases, and of course, print artwork and framed art. So, it's a really great way to make your work more marketable. As a designer, It's hard to sell your work if you can't show it and you really want to show it. Not just show it but showcase it. And that's what mockups help you do. So, I just have some examples here to share with you. This is a mockup that I made for a typeface. So, sometimes you mock up things that don't really, like when you buy a typeface or font, it doesn't c...

ome in a box, so there's not like a product box packaging design that you can put it in. It doesn't come on a t-shirt. You could use it on a t-shirt but the font itself isn't the shirt. And so, mockups just create the scene or environment that makes it possible to showcase in this case a font or typeface. It can be just a simple piece like this is a canvas bag. So, some mockups are really super simple. They just have a photo and then you just Photoshop your artwork onto it. And so, we'll be doing some of that. And some mockups are more involved. This was a greeting card mockup I made and this has these fun little props. We've got this pencil, and then we have the cast shadows coming off the props, and the drop shadow from the cards. But it's a lot easier if I was going to try to sell this design to a client. It's a lot easier to sell when I can show them this than if I just like send them a jpeg of the design for example. You can make mockups out of nothing. So, some mockups are really involved and have a lot of elaborate props and amazing things. This is the first project we're going to build today. This is just a simple mockup with nothing really but it still looks nice, so we don't have any props or any fancy stuff. And then, we're going to actually create some props. So, believe it or not, this envelope and this pencil, I illustrated them in photoshop, so they don't really exist. I call this exercise, or this project, I call it making something from nothing. That's what this one is. And then, we're going to make even more something from nothing by illustrating this envelope and pencil. So, of course, you can photograph an envelope. But sometimes, maybe, it's like the middle of the night, you have to get this done. You don't have a studio, you don't have an envelope around you to take a picture of, or even some nice daylight to do it with your phone or something. So, what would you do? If you're really on a deadline, you could just illustrate it yourself. So, I'm going to show you how to do that. Then, we're going to do this project here, and I'm going to show you how you take something like type in this case or any art piece and we're going to adjust it with perspective. So, this easel was shot at an angle, and I'm going to show you how you would distort the design piece to work with that. And we're going to be using smart objects to make all of this stuff happen. And this little easel, by the way, was just captured, I actually shot this with my cell phone at the public library last weekend for you guys. So, you'll get this file too with the course. Then, I'm going to show you how to wrap a graphic around something that's curved like a coffee mug. So, we'll be doing that. And then, we're going to mockup a t-shirt, and we will use the displacement map to displace the graphic, so that it folds around any wrinkles or folds that might be on the shirt to create some realism. And then, of course, this is just fun, I added some patterns and some props and fun things to that too. This course will come with a resource guide. I think all my courses almost have a resource guide and as a super exciting bonus, I'm including these, all of these files that you see here will be included, so that you have some stuff to make mockups with. So, I'm going to show you how to make mockups from really nothing. But of course, it is also nice to have something to make mockups with. So, I'm going to give you these files including these props. These t-shirts are my son's t-shirts. I just photographed them, and I'll show you how I did that, so that if you want to, or need to photograph your own things for mockup purposes, I'll show you some really easy ways to do that. And these images up here, I photographed most of those up there. Not the coffee ones, those are from Unsplash. But the other ones, I photographed with my cell phone and just like some random stuff, I picked up at the craft store from like the dollar bin. So, it's kind of amazing what you can pull off when you try. And I'll give you the pencils too, three of them, two real ones, and one illustrated one on the envelope.

Class Description

Graphic designers often make the grave mistake of creating beautiful designs, but showcasing them poorly. In this course, you will learn how to create mockups that bring your designs to life and turn them into valuable marketing tools. 

Khara Plicinic has a unique teach style and playful sense of humor that continue to endear her exponentially growing audience. In her course, she will show you how to create mockups in Photoshop that will both quickly bolster your portfolio and make your work more marketable. 

In this class, you will learn:
  • How to make your work stand out by putting your designs on anything from apparel to packaging 
  • Tips for photo correcting images taken with your phone 
  • How to use existing mockup files in Photoshop 
No previous Photoshop experience required. 

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1


a Creativelive Student

This was a great class for beginners or current designers who want to expand their current skill set. Khara has a great way of breaking things down and is inspiring to watch! Highly recommend!

Hannah Pearce

Great little course for beginners and designers, like myself, who are fairly new to mocking-up designs in situ. Khara explained things clearly and concisely. Enjoyed this course very much - Thank you!

Jim Shaw

This instructor is very engaging and fun as well as very talented. She also is very real in her explanations because she actually does the work not just explains how to do the work. She's someone who everyone would love to just sit with and have a coffee.