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Modeling 101

Yoanna House, Matthew Jordan Smith

Modeling 101

Yoanna House, Matthew Jordan Smith

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  Class Trailer
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1 Day 1 Pre-Show Banter Duration:03:23
2 Workshop Overview Duration:12:57
3 Yoanna's Story Duration:09:11
4 Mandatory Lessons Duration:27:15
5 Role of the Model Duration:15:23
6 Ways to Get Discovered Duration:15:23
7 Polaroids Duration:10:45
8 Signing with an Agency Duration:48:31
11 Afternoon Q&A Duration:20:21
12 Casting Calls Duration:35:35
13 Walking the Runway Duration:25:51
14 General Q&A Duration:08:18
15 Day 1 Wrap-Up Duration:03:08
  Class Trailer
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1 Day 2 Pre-Show Banter Duration:02:23
2 All About Test Shooting Duration:42:24
3 Preparing to Test Duration:25:57
4 Morning Q&A Duration:17:06
5 A Professional Model on Set Duration:13:10
7 Natural and Posed Modeling Duration:25:05
8 Shoot: Lingerie Duration:48:21
9 Lingerie Shoot Q&A Duration:12:10
10 Learning from Mistakes Duration:19:04
11 Lingerie Image Review Duration:06:17
12 Final Runway Practice Duration:17:49
13 Day 2 Wrap-Up Duration:01:23

Class Description

Yoanna House (winner of America's Next Top Model season 2) is coming to creativeLIVE to teach you all about the modeling industry! This is the inside playbook of the modeling industry! What does it take to be a model? How do you get into modeling and become a model? How should you prepare for your first photo shoot? How do you find an agent? How to stay healthy and how to take care of your skin? During this 2-day workshop, fashion model Yoanna House shares her own experience and teaches the skills needed in various types of modeling: runway, commercial, high fashion, and more.

Photographers: interested in learning how to find and work with models? This course has some great techniques for you, as well as a rare interview with an agency booker who has insider information for you! Also check out the related Working with Models workshop with Matthew Jordan Smith!


a Creativelive Student

Tbh, this course should be mandatory viewing for all new models. A very insightful review of how it is to be a model, what is expected, what you can expect, how the industry works, what kind of modelling there is, how to deal with different types of photographers, catwalk, etc. Everything they should know but often need to learn the hard way. All masterfully presented by Yoanna House and Matthew Jordan Smith. Henrik "Imaginara" Bengtsson Sweden