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Compression with Flex Pitch

Lesson 29 from: Music Production in Logic Pro X: Vocal Mixing Essentials

Tomas George

Compression with Flex Pitch

Lesson 29 from: Music Production in Logic Pro X: Vocal Mixing Essentials

Tomas George

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Lesson Info

29. Compression with Flex Pitch

<b>In this lesson, you will learn how to manage variances in the volume of a vocal recording using Flex Pitch in Logic Pro.</b>
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Lesson Info

Compression with Flex Pitch

Hi in this video, I'm gonna show you how you can use flex pitch to manually adjust the volume of each note on a vocal performance. Now, you might do this before you compress because it's kind of a manual form of compression, but you might also do this whilst you're using the compressor as well so that you are working the signal going into the compressor and kind of helping the compressor that you're using. Now on this track, Thomas already had a compressor set up. So I'm not going to change that. But what I do want to do is just slightly adjust the loudness of some of the notes which are just poking out ever so much just to help the compressor and just generally help the vocals sit in a mix. So let's have a listen. OK. So this note here is a bit louder than the others and the compression is helping, but the compression kind of needs my help just to bring it down a little bit so the compressor can focus on the more smaller differences in dynamics. So what I'm actually gonna do is come o...

ver to the flex button here. OK? And then switch this from monophonic to flex pitch. So flex pitch is actually logic's means of tuning the vocals. So you can just change the key that the vocal sang. So you can change the pitch at the vocals at any given moment. But that's not what we're going to use it for in this video, we're actually gonna use it for taming the dynamics of the performance. So what I'm gonna do first is I'm actually gonna open the take folder and just so I know which take, I want to turn down. So it's take three and now I'm gonna turn on flex mode up here. So take three is the one that I want to change and I'll just make sure that this is switched to flex pitch. Cos if you've been doing flex time, morph, it's the first time that you've opened this, it'll probably be on one of the flex times. You switch over to flex pitch, let it analyze the file and then you'll find here that it maps the notes that he sang over the different pitches. So as you can see the vertical axis has white keys and black keys, you can probably see that there. So if I wanted to change the pitch that he sang on this one, I can just drag it up and down. But that's not what I'm doing today. I just want to turn down the volume of this note here and when it finds a note and you hover over it, you get these six little nodes around the notes and one of them is gain. OK? So I'm just gonna click and hold on that, pull it down and you can see the little blue wave from behind it is now getting a bit smaller, just kind of representing an adjustment in loudness there. OK? So I've turned that down. So let's have a listen to it now, I'm just gonna zoom out a little bit. OK? So I definitely overdid it. So I'm gonna pull it up again by a couple of DB. Not bad. This note here needs to be a bit louder. So I'm just gonna hover over that, pull the very bottom left hand node of that note and turn it up by a couple, turn that one up a bit great. So I've manually if you like compress the vocals and when I say compress the vocals, I've kind of tamed the dynamics, made the dynamics a bit more consistent. I've turned up some notes that were a bit too quiet and I've turned down one that was just a bit too loud. You can use this completely in place of compression sometimes or you can use it with compression. But it's important to note that the adjustments that you make here happen before any of the plugins that you have in your signal chain. So if you are using a lot of compression and then you go and adjust the volume of the notes. You might change the way the compressor behaves, which might be what you want if the compressor needs a bit of help. But just know that if you make a big change, it will change the way the compressor behaves. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video.

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