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Flex Pitch - Vocals

Lesson 4 from: Music Production in Logic Pro X: Vocal Mixing Essentials

Tomas George

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4. Flex Pitch - Vocals

<b>In this lesson, Tomas shows you how you can use the Flex Pitch feature to correct vocal tuning issues when mixing in Logic Pro.</b>
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Flex Pitch - Vocals


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Flex Pitch - Vocals

Hi and welcome to this lecture where we're going to be looking at Flex pitch. So Flex Pitch allows you to tune the vocals in logic pro TEM, it's quite easy to set up. So just hit the Flex button up here and then when it says the Flex type, just choose Flex pitch. So I've actually gone through and pitched the different vocals here. This was a recording and to be honest, I was quite happy with the vocals. She was pretty much singing in tune. I just wanted to tune it a bit more. So I use Flex pitch to do this. So I'm going to show you the vocals without Flex pitch and the vocals with Flex pitch. So this track here is the backing track and this track here is the vocals Vin just like here where she says time it goes a little bit flat. I just wanted to tune this up just so it sounds a bit more professional in the mix. So I'm just going to turn on the Flex pitch here and let's hear it back. You can hear there that the vocals a bit more in tune. We have a few more settings we can do with the v...

ocals. I do want to make the sound quite realistic. I don't want it to sound too robotic. So I'm not really going to adjust the vibrato too much. For example's sake there, let's just drag this vibrato all the way down to 0%. And you can see this line has gone straight and we've got rid of a lot of the vibrato. So let's hear this note where she sings time and let's hear what this sounds like. Now it's a lot flatter. It does work. But to be honest, I prefer it with the vibrato. So I'm just going to drag the vibrato up to 100% again. Finally you to catch your breath. What I've also done as well is I've set this to perfect pitch and to do this, just select all the notes here that you want to do this to and then just right click and go set to perfect pitch. And if we right click again, we can set to original pitch and you can see the notes have changed a bit, but I want this set to perfect pitch and this will make it sound even more in tune. Of course, for Flex Pits, we can drag up to different notes, but I'm just gonna use the original notes if the singer sings the part in well, it should really come up with the correct notes. Otherwise you can go through and correct them. But let's hear this. Now, obviously, I've changed this. It's not gonna sound right. But just so you can hear that I've actually uh Flex pitched this note and just hit commands there to go back to what it was. And if you want to adjust this further, I recommend opening up the track in the editor. So just double click on the track or select the track and click on the editor button up here and then go on to the tab where it says track and then turn on the flex button here. And this allows us to further adjust. I prefer the editor just because we can see the piano notes on the side and we can go through and drag the notes. So we have a few different settings for each note in flex pitch, we have the vibrato, you can have negative or positive values. But if you want this to sound quite natural, I do recommend keeping some vibrato. So I'm gonna put this back to 100% because I'm happy with this take. I just want to tune the instruments a little bit going along. We have a few other ones, we have gain if we want to obviously increase the gain or decrease the gain and you can see the waves corresponds to this as well. So this is really a form of automation. So if you want to go through and automate the vocals, you can do this with the gain here, then we have fine pitch, which is in sense and then going along, we have more fine pitch. And then again, we have pitch drift. This can be useful when going between notes. If you don't want to suddenly jump, you can drift the notes into the next one. And then we have the format shift which readjusts the resonance of the voice. So this is a quick overview of flex pitch. I do recommend pitching vocals, a lot of vocals you hear on the radio or you hear on published tracks will have pitch vocals. If you want to make your song sound quite organic or quite real sounding, I still recommend using flex pitch. Just use it quite subtly and still keep the vibrato. So that's what I did in this track. I just wanted to still make it sound quite organic and real, but I did want to pitch it a little bit more just to improve the certain parts where she didn't quite hit the notes as well as I wanted. Of course, it's very difficult for singers to perfectly sing every note. And using flex pitch is a way we can achieve this in Logic Pro 10. So thank you for watching this lecture all about Flex pitch in Logic Pro 10.

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