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Gain Staging Software Tracks

Lesson 16 from: Music Production in Logic Pro X: Vocal Mixing Essentials

Tomas George

Gain Staging Software Tracks

Lesson 16 from: Music Production in Logic Pro X: Vocal Mixing Essentials

Tomas George

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16. Gain Staging Software Tracks

<b>In this lesson, you will learn how to practice gain staging for Software Tracks when mixing in Logic Pro.</b>


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Lesson Info

Gain Staging Software Tracks

In this video, I'm gonna show you how to gain stage software instrument tracks. So here I have a project from Thomas which comprises mostly of software instrument tracks. So again, we're gonna look at the levels, investigate what we might need to change so that I can continue mixing from here. So first of all, I'm gonna open up the mixer. Now on this one, Thomas has already got pre FOM metering on. However, if he didn't, I would control click or right, click on the control bar, customized control bar on display, enable pre F metering here. And now we have the pre F of metering button, like I said, Thomas already had it on, but that's what it would look like with it off or with it on there. OK? So let's have a look at the levels. OK? So a few of them are quite hot. This one is the loudest where the peak value is the highest at 0. which is a B full scale, which is an ideal. So let's have a look at what that channel actually looks like. OK? So it's a sampler and there's lots of processing...

after it now, I don't want to affect Thomas is processing. So I'm going to load a game stage after it by going to utility gain and stereo. So I'm gonna turn this down by minus 12.1. So I just double click on here minus 12 point one. There we go. So that should be at peak level of minus 12 now, so I'm just gonna click on here and then see how it comes out. As I played a slightly different section of the song, the peak level is a bit different, but it's low enough at this point, it's gonna turn it down ever so slightly more. Ok. That's perfectly fine. So now I've gainst staged that track and if I wanted to gainst stage all of the other tracks in a way that preserves thomas' relative levels between all of the instruments, I just hold the option key or the alt key, click and hold and drag the same gain stage, which applies the same negative gain amount to all of the tracks so that they all well in the green, very healthy level, but it doesn't change the mix that Thomas already had if I was starting the mix from scratch. However, I wouldn't worry about copying all of them. I would just identify the ones that need turning down and turn those down, bring all of the faders down from there and start my balance mix from there. So that's how we gain sage software. Instrument tracks in logic pro see you in the next video.

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