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Touch Automation

Lesson 36 from: Music Production in Logic Pro X: Vocal Mixing Essentials

Tomas George

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Lesson Info

36. Touch Automation

<b>In this lesson, you will learn how to use Touch Automation in Logic Pro.</b>


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Touch Automation

In this video, I'm gonna show you the different automation modes that are available to us in Dodger Pro 10 and how they might be useful to us when mixing. So as you can see here, I've got some automation data for the flying fader of this vocal track. I'm just gonna zoom in a bit here. So lets have a quick listen, rushes past my face and through for the briefest of moments. I feel like I'm flying. OK. So what I want to do is make the word flying here is a little bit louder than it is already. Now, there are different ways I could do that. The most obvious way is that I could just zoom in and just create some nodes around that lyric here and then just pump up the volume just like that. That's probably the easiest way to do it when you're just working in the box. However, you might wanna do that with your hand. So I'm just gonna undo those a couple of times. What I mean by your hand is either with your mouse in real time or with a midi controller that has a fade on it, which will map to t...

he volume. But in order to do that, we need to switch the automation mode that we're currently using. So right now we're currently using read as it says here, that means just read the automation data. But what I'm actually gonna do is switch it to touch. Now, when it's on touch, it reads the data. But if I grab the fader and I move it, it creates new automation data for as long as I hold that fader and then when I let go, it just resumes reading the data that was already there. So I'm gonna do that now and I'm gonna do it for this lyric here. Um What I'm gonna do is I'll let it play through. I'll just grab the fader when I wanna grab it, just push it up a bit and pull it down a bit and then let it go, just gonna give myself a little bit more time at the end here as well. So let's go for it just passed my face and threw me for the briefest of moments. I feel like I'm flying. Great. So what happened there was I was in touch mode and then when the play head got roughly to around here, just grabbed it, pushed it up, pulled it down again. And then as you can see, I let go around here as I slowly brought it down to uh minus one cos I remember that's where it was. And then after I let go, it just reads the automation data after that. OK. So it just goes back to reading what was already there. So let's have a listen to that. Just passed my face and threw for the briefest of moments. I feel like I'm flying. Awesome. I feel really good about that one. That flying lyric just slightly swelled out of the mix there, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve. So that's how we use touch automation in logic pro when mixing. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video.

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