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Refine, Reinvent and Thrive

Lesson 35 from: From Images to Art: Storytelling in Wedding Photography

Jim Garner

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Lesson Info

35. Refine, Reinvent and Thrive

Lesson Info

Refine, Reinvent and Thrive

Now for step ten start over a refinery invented and thrive you've got to start the whole process over again but don't be overwhelmed by it because it's the really cool part I'm in this right now I'm reinventing as we speak this is definitely it season two and here's our quote walt disney and his volatile business of ours we can ill afford to rest on our laurels even to pause in retrospect times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim consist constantly focused on the future, so what you're doing right now is not done it's not always needs refinement and you always need to look forward but it's it's really fun when you have the security of a good business and team behind you it's really fun so let's talk about this you tweak your craft to constant effort to refine, tweak and approve your craft always strived to group personally creatively and professionally you're never done learning thankyou for creative live right thank you providing such an awesome opportunity to d...

o this on our easy easy rusher at your desktop day after day after day. So larry showed example of how I'm refining I'ma do a quick click through of adrian orion and show you a wedding I shot years ago and how I would change things now I love everything about this experiential wedding just walking through real quick and show you what what now I've learned to change things out so there's the opening spread this is their seen center it's fun to share this with you now, since you know all the terms for all the different types of spreads and story techniques that we're going to use. So this sets the scene where in del mar love bears is the hotel there it is here's the bride getting ready hear details obviously this is going to be a gold fame we used gold walls. We use a gold share for the elements to see the remember how we did that? You guys know my tricks now, don't you? Okay, there's the shot I shared with you how I shoot that yesterday could angle bride into the window light chin up, click eighty five millimeter one too for a negative depth of field stretch over the dress you have a background and very beautiful isolated image introduced the players left diminishes the girls no one seen each other thiss client hasn't seen they haven't seen bridegroom have not seen each other, but they did choose to because they saw bridal party girls on the left fun, playful moment how do we get the expression we separate them and brought them back to back together give them a reason for being there click have some fun now they haven't seen each other but I shot them with the concept of putting these images together separately on different sides of the page pre thought this this's the first glance she comes out she sees a huge hug big expression moment notice each image is unique from the next and each has a purpose now here's where I believe the theme of black is not appropriate and it distracts from their emotional moment they had together probably would change that out now and here describes where they're at they are by the sea on a moody moody day negative space rusty eyes my wild spread every three to five spreads right okay now we separate there's the bride there's the groom this is against a piece of texture was the theme of this spread it was just a piece of artwork on the wall okay separately together flip the images so they're looking back each other in a hugging moment and what am I doing now motion posey we separate them she spends her dress hurry hug hug come hug hug the bride loving moment that represents them with that moment not how I portrayed them or decide to portray them I use expression time for awhile spread it again it's been three to five right so utilize the sky to create that texture that's kind of the golden texture that's a theme in the book and a reflection shot now this is a composite that was inspired by the real reflection I did see there I took I flip them and I put them back in all the places where I saw the reflection that was half assed powerful half his powerful was but when I was doing that you definitely see reflection I lay texture over the top lower the passage e of that duplicated image and it looks perfect just like it wass but even better. Okay, by the way, the client never knew that something do I clients deserve that now I believe they do at least for mine and this is my personal style so I know people out there will disagree maybe composite tree is not not the thing you want to do but every once in a while it's okay, so now we're introducing the players they carry in the groom the bride and groom they a little dancing moment and we get the expression as a result of that motion and movement and look now let's go for a walk look at this expression actually beautiful. All right, you saw me do this yesterday and then we're going toe motion frame into the next scene head size is significantly different what makes it okay? Remember it's gotta be the same unless intentionally different and here we go I really simple group shot and a transition filmstrip both the girls go and then the guys go how much fun is this? How about, uh, unexpected location coming up here shot the girls separately from the guys they're starting to get goofy and fun energy is derived from the group next shot unexpected oh, we celebrate individual personality girls against the red guys against the blue tommy do that unexpected location oh, sorry lovely moment single image while spread it was necessary because looks coming up next a very busy busy spread with blown out highlights etcetera but this is my unexpected location. Hey, guys, we got a second experiential we had two hours right now let me buy a glass of champagne while the group is having champagne I take the bride and groom we do a stylized moment energies ratchet is way high on dh remains there for the shot. Okay, now we're into storytelling of the ceremony there's the bride and the groom. We're sorry that dad walking the bride down that I ran behind the groom's you could see him in the moment expression their ceremony I love this the kiss and then they walked on. I look at her expression look at their beautiful moment captured in their face and then this is celebration moment the kids throw something in the air I robbed this from the reception put it right there to say yeah, they're married and then a big hug on the right which was one of those grabs with your camera you just kind of reach out click you get captured that moment real quick what is this called cross walking why are we doing that? We're moving into the reception here it is scene setting or I mean uh detail shots cake cutting and I had to get there adrian and ryan um um etched into the water there through a special gobo light and look at this fireworks pretty cool huh? I love weddings like this and this is the neighbours fireworks it wasn't belonging to the wedding so we made a half a I don't get out here fast like like like well we got it so they're closing spread okay little tweaks I would have made throughout that I didn't get to critique it much because I just wanted to share it from the lessons that we've learned here so it's all hopefully coming together um these people are still our friends to their experience continues so even when you feel superior to think positively and you're going to fail along the way that certain things you might you might miss communicate with a client have them upset you have to learn something always think what did I learn not gonna benefit for making mistakes so dreams and goals you gotta visualize plan execute write that one down visualize plan execute in any place in life visualize plan execute tell continue work continue learning workshops, seminars and don't forget about this wonderful opportunity. Creative life has to offer hard work always pays off, never give up. Learn from your mistakes. Inspiration. Just know your inspiration and your competition and know your brand. You gotta lead by example to be an industry leader. Create community pass on your talent to others is my joy. At this point in my life I love sharing this workshop with you guys. It feels really great to help left the bar and it's all of our responsibilities. If you gain something from this workshop, I would strongly encourage you to pay it forward. Well, bring more people to creative live, create your own personal community, have coffee once a month with other photographers, do not undercut them, lift and raise the bar together. Share your experience and wisdom and pay it forward. Your job. I love doing this. I do one on one mentorships you no one the one one business to one. Jim and katarina actually it's a team thing. Our team will take on this to season process. Usually it's a two year commitment, teo each other. And if you're all interested in that personally, I recommend that you take a look at our website and fill out a form you have to be right place in your business and if it's time for you to really make this change, you're ready to go for it. Go to go buddha dot com for its last mentorships, it included with the oneto one mentorship what's so that means that we follow you and work with you through these hurdles over a two year period. You get all of our products want one on one personal workshop, hold hold six hours to eight hours together, defining what your goals are. We cordially update for two years we see we're out push you and challenge you to move into the next location. Make sure on these ten steps and you're pushing through impossibly getting these ten steps completed inappropriate time you get all of our education materials because that's part of it and it's at globo dot com go to the mentorships tab and you see guzman's were you heard from them and they're part of this transformation. They've been doing this to us for a year and a half and they're making it and that's what we want this workshop is exactly um what we would do in that mentorship but the mentorships of one on one personal and this is designed for all of you to really push you into this but I want this can act in the same way a personal mentorship if you guys take this home own this on this workshop and refer back to it refer back to it as you're reaching a certain stage of the ten step process so this is my moment of called action with you all okay this is my moment where I say are you guys ready? Are you guys ready to do this and I want to hear from my studio audience yeah baby we're going to do this yeah you ready? Oh so it's doable I've proven to you that it will make and bless your life in ways that you can't imagine you're going to increase your workflow at the same time you're going increase your earning potential by three times what you're currently making it's going to give you quality of life that you couldn't expect it'll set you free to explore other ideas and other business opportunities and build a team oh my gosh help the economy of hiring people is well share what you do pass it on toe others and you know life is a beautiful thing when you get to a place that all it takes for you to say yes I'm not going to go this this way I'm gonna go this way and you walk. Just take the road map with you. They keep know and understand. There are some hurdles along the way, but again everything's in place to get you through that so that you guys can thrive. All right, so I want to bring up one thing. And that is, um I'm able now to be a commercial photographer again because I am have the flexibility and our schedule from our wedding work. There's no way. I could have really been a commercial photographer once again. I love the opportunity someday to share with you. Once you've reached your ten step, they were talking about reinvention and moving forward to talk about other opportunities. Diversify. You know, our headshot business that I shared with you the beginning. The program is one great way for us to have additional income that we can do during the week. So down the road, maybe that would be a good course for us to do together. That would be to talk about diversifying our business. How it khun sit have simple processes in place to make additional revenue. So I hope you come back and do that someday.

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Ester Knowlen Photography

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the bits on how to create a wow shot without stressing about getting it/catching it by chance. So SPOT on!! A little bit of planning, a little bit of vision, and great ideas/recipe for amazing "wow" shots that are prompted and genuine (unique just like the people we shoot), rather than stressed over and chased. :) Amazing video!! :) Thanks Jim Garner!!

222 N 43rd Pl

This is such an amazing course. It is my first purchase that I have made with Creative Live and I couldn't be more pleased. Jim shared so much information and so many insights. It's great to be able to watch the segments over, picking up something new every time. Taking volumes of notes! I am starting to implement Jim's approach to photography—storytelling. I am just starting out in wedding photography and am so excited to have found this gem tutorial! I would highly recommend this to any photographer who wants to take their work from photographs to art.

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