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Wedding Sales Part 2

Lesson 12 from: From Images to Art: Storytelling in Wedding Photography

Jim Garner

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Lesson Info

12. Wedding Sales Part 2

Lesson Info

Wedding Sales Part 2

Talk with initial inquiry right now we ask the right questions get a sense of their budget and stuff from the initial inquiry we asked what tell us about your day we want to know what you're about where getting mary etcetera we could instantly find out if this is the right type of ride for us okay and make adjustments to our steel based upon what we hear from them. Okay, our prices starts where everybody else does right through the pricing structure that's what we say but we're different here's how? Okay, come see us. We want to meet with you all right? Or we just let it if it's not the right client we say really? We started fifty five hundred dollars and if that's right for you really like for you to come in to meet with us and that really that first tier level really weeds out the type of clients a gosh and I have to say I just want to say I love him all I want to photograph them all but we have a different overhead now we must have the right type of people that produce that excuse m...

e that value this art and are willing to spend the money for it because you put a lot of energy and effort into it and we have five there's five of us being employed by this business so the booking meeting professional tactile environment I need you to consider not using coffee shops anymore of usually showing targeted impact. This is stuttering. A visually showing targeted impactful products targeted impactful products like my bay photo metal prints were metal print delivery. Okay, we do that if we show everybody you can get this in so many different features. I love my baby photo products okay there on the wall of targeted. Okay, um listening, engaging, providing the best solution to their ways. You need to stop talking zip it. You need to listen because of you are in charge of the meeting. If you just listen, ask the question it's like a ping pong ball, you just keep throwing it back to them. Well, that's motive. Okay. Telling about your great, perfect listen, stop talking about your services because you're going to be custom proposed you have a great opportunity to do that or get their minds towards the arctic experience the word of the day create okay, the custom proposal portion of this you're going to create based upon questions asked pyre that questions were so important because that will determine how you lay out your custom proposal alright gifts of time and spreads competitive value trust and future sales time and spreads time and spreads or into their minds to it the opportunity for a negotiation revision and more gifts there's plenty of opportunity to make this even better program for you allow us to make that for you okay closure signing of a contract I need fifty percent deposit fifty percent deposit you need in this industry I've learned the hard way okay fifty percent deposit please and because everyone asks if they canceled you keep that deposit you know what we actually never do we don't unless it's like a week prior and boy we've lost a lot of opportunities but we yeah no we if we have an opportunity here is here's how we address it you know we've you cancelled your wedding we understand we're looking for other people to photograph on that day I want you to have that money back and I'm really going to promote that day and I hope we're going to fill that up but often we just wanted teo care people because that person's a referral for the next remember that don't be so firm in this field and I know a lot of us computer prices just like you just tends to push you into that place where you just wanna okay this is my price negotiation is so hard because when you get beat up or the price you have a resentment and that shows in your work doesn't it you know this does not this shows in the love that you have for each other and it turns into this wonderful like yeah you want you would like more of a deal for mate no problem let me give you free time will be a complimentary time oh you want bigger size are I'd love to do that for you no problem because each one of these things I'm giving up provides for me a greater opportunity of sales right additional time equals more spreads we went through that okay so our gift with purchase and signing alan engagement session is complimentary to gift okay opportunity play learn to the style we talked about that selling the experience spirituals style talking about what it's about having them sign onto it continued orient their minds to the art wall space etcetera tell me about your home you're getting your home perfect send me a picture of the wall that we're talking about I will mock up an image on that wall on hey have you considered twenty by thirty pre sales from the engagement shoot okay it's wonderful works every time so accomplishments of a pre wedding cells are a lot okay we found our perfect client we molded our couple to value our time we've been part of their inner circle of trust we've sold an engagement book by giving away engagement session happens almost every time now because you know howto um get them charged about that provide an example of how our style works and develop excitement for the wedding to experience created a mental desire for future art I gained an understanding of who our clients are, how they see themselves and what they value that is sales that is our sales post wedding sells looks like this. So the wedding to happen, additional time experience I'm gonna provide for them maximizing the quantity of stories that we shoot on the day, and this becomes part of your craft or skill that we're going to work on tomorrow in ten minutes, I can create ten spreads in fact, in our transformational toolbox there's a a forty five minute dvd that's we've digitised for you to have a part of this on exactly that. How I can create ten spreads in ten minutes with real clients. At the end of that, we build an album together and photoshopped um, developing relationships that are beyond the bride and groom. Okay, the bridal party, etcetera, uh, photographing guests is the sales opportunity. Then we post all our stuff on smuggling that becomes additional sales initial reveal is so important, initial reveals when they come in and our goal one within one week of returning from their honeymoon. I have the images in a proof book form for them, and I have one hundred one hundred twenty five images from their day on lee, a couple of them retouched. Because I'm only going to photo shopped in the art they see its lodger come in see a slide show we go the best part yet to come hears of simple proof book for you to see take this sawyer images underneath is the number we want you to communicate using this simple form just a few of your favorites we have a plan in place go and fill that hole form out there's on ly slot for twenty or so images we see don't don't worry if there's not a lot of slots they're just used those slots please because we have a plan in place we're going to do that and work flow okay so they come in they see this light should get mostly charged uh proof book is so awesome because it provides an opportunity to sell prince custom we call it digital digitally mastered images it's art for their walls aren't for five by sevens eight by tens etcetera all the way up those air digitally mastered files in the back of the proof book is a or order form and everything during the process of creating their album which is this point onward fifty percent off all prints on that order form okay just instilled urgency not my friend jerry yang has taught me this one and it works you and still urgency in selling prince you are going to see print orders in fact that is not online is such a bonus we all think hey we get to view the images online it's such a bonus they like his online world actually hand holding a proof book is pretty darn special hand holding all the images of your hand I mean think about the family members think about the grandma's in the group do they want to go in and log on and create a log in profile and go into online viewing gallery and pick some favorite images and it takes images out of context so the proof book we're going to find in sales is a very powerful tool okay I'm to keep going they will take questions so smug my we put online gallery as well and a subtle additional spread up cell and um double volume books hey remember that double volume books hey we just can't fit it on we'll book how do you feel about this and then I could go sky's the limit I do it the second volume ii make thirty additional spreads for you at basically my cost and doing that boys that working out it works really well designed period during the design period of additional gifts and experience conversation on the phone it's really coming together hey I just can't I just retouch this image for the album I just wanted to send it to you I know it's lo rez and everything but we can work on that later if you want to have his wall art okay bye overdesigned subtly additional communication create urgency and print orders okay um print orders print orders preneurs they come from the proof book on of communication hey remember you're coming in to see your album after album up until you the point where we agree upon the album spreads everything's fifty percent off remember bringing order forms big big big big increase in sales because of that heightened emotional experience uppsala spreads this is the album reveal parent books we always sell parent books now it's just an awesome all ugo in the software the order it we send it to italy you you go click one for your first copy and then oh click second copy oh my gosh I just did with one click of the mouse I just made x amount let's do another one click there the second parent copy it is so fun once you get the art right once you're out there and it works for all family members I used to have to make a different album for each and every o the mom on this side only wants these pictures on this and now we've refined the art enough that includes everybody's dream photos but certainly I have no problem custom designing a second one for the parent at my cost hourly to do those changes and we are fifty dollars per hour retouch read refined fi and I think that's a really fair price okay well are wall art world we're going to get into cells award in a second but show showing what you want really works who said this ten times today and this is another example this is the engagement remember we give this away engagement shoot and this is how we sell the product visually showing this this is actually a picture of it at the wedding um people are signing it you could see the uh he's the brochures there's some artwork I see that artwork on there right now that would be the theme of their book later I take that scan it adapted subtle suddenly going to be the theme of their tire wedding to album but this is their engagement shooting all signed up and pretty and look at all the additional negative space these air really easy to design I could design him in two three hours okay, I'll show you more than engagement book later uh three techniques hard sell soft sell and smart so okay first let's do soft sell okay, this is what most picture shooters are most picture for tire first uh with this philosophy you are in essence saying, hey, you pick me for this service if you like to have any additional art no problem I could I could do that for you as well it's a soft so you know actually helping them, you know, actually helping them find what they need or want so I create if I were to do an album and they picked on middle packages twenty five spreads okay I'm gonna do exactly twenty five spreads I'm gonna be done with that and I'm gonna be excited I'm done with that if I'm a soft sell person doesn't I don't have the clients spend maurits a very hands off it's very easy and it fits kind of the creative mind that can't shift the brain and understanding the sale style so majority of stars that there are soft sellers they just don't realize it maybe they do hard so hard sell is what I did with member that huge book I showed you earlier that was my first hard sell technique and it went famously well for us who was wonderful hey sorry I doubled amount of spreads sorry made a mistake the prices x okay we'll take it first album ever since then now people be like what I have to pay what for that but why did you do this the cut syndrome have you ever heard of the cut syndrome that's when like yeah I know you made twenty additional double page spreads oh, man okay we'll cut this one we'll cut that won't cut that then what do you selling a storybook with a million holes in it and they just go it's crap anyways now let's cut him all okay now it back down to twenty five spreads which we originally ordered has anyone ever had that happen? It's happened to us so that's what led into this sales process? This smart cell which I use now the entire process so aren't the minds okay? Process focuses on the experience and trust okay, it offer special initial spreads throughout the process hey, I'm really going I have to put this spread in your book. I mean, it is my gift to you okay? My cost and doing that is within the first twenty five spreads twelve dollars and then it drops off significantly after that. So in the larger books it could be like four bucks I think it's under three dollars a page for the young books it's very inexpensive yet their minds are oriented to two hundred fifty dollars, so what an incredible gift to just be alone, you know, I'm gonna throw this one in for you, okay? It gives you the opportunity to negotiate hay, you know, sorry. I went crazy. Uh was shooting it was my fault. Sorry, I you know, I want to make sure I'm not going beyond your budget. How do you feel? She would just go for the story and I'll work with you. She would just add a few spreads, you know, more likely or not, we're gonna hear how yeah, we started to remodel our kitchen, we you have a little budget. How about we do a few extra spreads? Okay, I'm told you work with you tell you what I'm gonna make seven additional album spreads for you seven or eight okay? And then you could pick your three three or four that you'd like to have. How does that sound? Perfect that's really fair. Well darn it you get the design done. I made ten extra spreads or eleven. Twelve okay? And that I did it against my fault. Tell you what, why don't you buy five and I'll throw in additional five. So did you see how I have a lot of likes me? Why did he want you by six? And I throw in for or whatever. Won't you buy two one two by two and a throwing the rest? I can afford to do that just to spreads and then the daily of going awesome. I'm leaving the winner of that I living happy because he took care of me smart sales always making them the the winner. So here's the post wedding sales process but this is just a preview into workflow. Okay, shoot wedding proof book with order fifty percent off. Okay, initial slide show five image tenant urges retouched digitally mastered hundred mb or just out of the box um out of the out of the camera with a note in the beginning that slide show said the best is yet to come these images have not been majority these have not been digitally mastered but don't worry it's just initial slide show we want you to see some of your photos the best is yet to come the proof book then we get and images or twelve up I'm going to show you the actual proof book tomorrow or in workflow their small if you don't even need to retouch it remember I came from the film mary you can't do any retouching so that a lot of people are out there going how can you let anybody see your image is when they're not retouching well my friends I can't wait to show you workflow I cannot wait to save you what amounts to months and months of retouched time by swapping into retouching in your albums it's gonna be fun tomorrow stuff so there is they receive a form of very important form okay this is what I'm talking about earlier in the day communication is paramount to the style it's not you're not adding a lot you're not adding a lot to your workflow you just need to have in fact we've already made these documents for you if you'd like to have each and every one of them just adapt them for your own studio and that's in the transformational toolbox enough on that we've got to do this sale stuff you received the design roof on this design rules formers hey remember you hired me to tell these to create these types of albums the following characteristics will be seen an album that I produced for you it's not a picture book in the storybook three five minutes for spread they'll be single image breads it's set on and on and on sign away and then you don't have yu when yu showing their album they won't go hand that negative space key out a hundred more pictures that's how you avoid it by communicating and have him sign off you discuss additional spreads, etcetera we have your favorite sheet, they make a favorites. I've talked about that in the toolbox the favorites are only five lines they're only allowed to communicate with us say six you know a total of twenty images ok that keeps us in control it also keeps them it also keeps them most importantly understanding that you've got something in mind for them and they should trust you. Okay receive the favorite follow up excitement print reminder hey get you you're going to come see you soon don't forget to get your order forms that are in the back of that proof book filled out if you want that fifty percent off discount teaser images hey, just along the way we're going to send you a couple prints designed the book design it with extra spreads slide show of those additional spreads get them emotionally charged have them fill out another document that's in the toolbox the feeling the feeling chart you're not going to communicate if you like or dislike an album spread you asked them on a scale of one to five how they feel when they view that spread it's going to be a workflow but if it's three, four and five or four and five whatever you want you agree that we're keeping the book the ones and twos perhaps three's we're goingto threes and maybe wanted to we're going to remove from the book gives you an opportunity to push things up into the zone where they keep it it's sales increasing size the book without actually talking like or dislike it's feeling level no one's feelings get hurt in that right I feel the fallen away about this it's a five good you keep it I feel it's a two actually never seen it two, maybe three hey get the proof book if we put a different image right there how about this image of a two two, five five if I put that in that closing position is that become a four or five to see what I just did sold them on that spread okay purchasing commitment happens then are you ready to go? We need you to sign away no that's not true not right there changes form so we get a person committing how's this feel about you guys comfortable with this price range these additional spreads we offer them an opportunity to make changes so we give them another form that's in the transformational toolbox this form says, hey, you're allowed to changes it was it spells little you're allowed to revisions to your album for every spread that we have you can change it a single image and of course we're going to work with you but we don't want them to redesign the book so we set parameters we don't want a brand new album like starting from nothing so we set parameters before we send them off teo share the changes we want okay web approval sign up form are too graphic studio baby photo and how I learned up cell so guys, we're going to the up sell portion a little bit more tomorrow but I first want to review what we've covered coming a lot today so I was going too fast and I thought the sales section would be lean on material but I bet you we have some questions so let's do a quick review we've honestly evaluate ourselves today how we covered a lot really covered a lot we've embraced the art focus philosophy a lot of us still listening right now they're embracing it, they're going for it find her creative inspiration and we identify a unique style number four to find your goals. Number five. We've unleashed the prophet.

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This is such an amazing course. It is my first purchase that I have made with Creative Live and I couldn't be more pleased. Jim shared so much information and so many insights. It's great to be able to watch the segments over, picking up something new every time. Taking volumes of notes! I am starting to implement Jim's approach to photography—storytelling. I am just starting out in wedding photography and am so excited to have found this gem tutorial! I would highly recommend this to any photographer who wants to take their work from photographs to art.

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