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Low internet good morning welcome to natural light control with tony core bell here on creative live part of the lighting toolkit siri's eh? Five day siri's all about like my name is russ andy's this is jim contention and we are going to be your host today I'm really excited to be here with the gym you need to rest so two guys on creative lives we've only loving that this might be a creative life first two dudes hosting together it's going to be an exciting we're actually hosting the next to their today and tomorrow we super psyched get used to us I'm really excited for tony's class you know they say if you can shoot a natural light you can shoot in any light so strip safe for what you could bring to the table absolutely me too we're going to do about ten minutes of pre show here we're going to check the audio and video as we as we test those levels and make sure that everything's working well so jump in the chat room and let us know if you can see us and hear us and also you know let ...

us know where you're coming from we have a worldwide audience and we want to hear from you guys we have not only you but we also have our in studio audience here with us today so let's introduce you guys and please tell us who you are and how you where you hail from and what you do and where we can find you on the internet and lee, we're going to start with you good morning I'm li ten ivo I am a local real estate photographer you can find me on the web l ten photography dot com that's lt n and the same on facebook on dh I am just really excited to have another day of lighting specialties in my tool kit so excited to see what tony's going to show us today hello, I'm sarah anderson I'm thrilled to be back here it day for learning all about light yeah seeing the light esso I do ah allot of people photography, weddings, families, children and an assortment of other things I actually come from a small town in a way on the windward coast homolka and you can find me at sara anderson, hawaii dot com and sara anderson hawaii on facebook on duh thanks thanks a lot hi, I'm julie, I'm from southern oregon I'm mostly a portrait photographer do a little bit of sports for a local newspaper you can find me at j chase photography art dot com or on facebook j chase photography hello, I'm brett tolson on the senior forensic photographer for the seattle police department photograph crime scenes and evidence as part of the job, but I also photograph let's say images for our website for publications, recruiting posters and images that go out to our community and I'm here creative live because I'm trying to learn the latest and greatest techniques and lighting and and the foundations of it as well so that I can provide better images to the community and to the department if you want to see some of my images like that, you can look at www dot five hundred p x dot com backslash drop box with a b x d rop b x eight zero two four and you can reach me at at seattle big show thank you I love that I love the variety that we've got here we've also got a number of people joining us online so jim let's go ahead and get to know them who's joining us on the internet we got some over regulars out there today so abby lynn is out there and steven is out there. We've got let's see dio india good morning from delhi we've got shock lin from harlem, georgia we got indy jones, I think has been here all week from vancouver, canada. We've got gold us from germany. I mean, it just keeps going fran vega from sydney, we got let's. See, we got troy, texas here. Hey, troy howdy. We got mike from massachusetts and we got leko wolf from sacramento, california sorry if I butchered those names you guys you know how it is up here let's see perez from puerto rico we got lady j good morning. Everyone from marysville, washington right in our backyard. Great to have you guys out there today love it special high to friend she has been a student here. She used to volunteer here at creative live so, friend we miss you too, holmes, australia we would love to get to know one of our audience members in particular. Now we've had most of our audience has been able to come here all week, but one of them we haven't gotten to know yet. So julie bringing my come on up now, julie was very nervous didn't want to, you know, necessarily get up in front of everybody, so we're going to make this very nice and easy. Julie, tell me a little bit about your interest in photography how did that get started? And where did you what's your what's, your passionate photography? Well, I started out as a soccer mom with a camera and for years, years probably eight years doing that and then it does progress to will you do my senior pictures and then I started charging people and now I charge more thanks sue on and now I really loved importance it's it's fun to take pictures of somebody and have them tell you my gosh look like that right that's fantastic and you said you work with local newspaper to do sports? Yes when I turned some pictures into them for yearbook they went to my website and saw some of the sports stuff that I was shooting for the yearbook at another school and they asked me if I would do some further paper. Fantastic excellent. And so is this your full time gig? No. Okay, do you want it to be? Yes. Alright, well, we're going to get that. We're going to make sure that you have the tools necessary to do that. Julie, thank you for joining us for a little bit. Thank you, jim. Who else is joining us on the net? Let's, let's. Check and see how they're doing and let us know what you're excited about today. What is the what is your problem with natural light that you wantto have tony help you with. Okay, so we got new delhi matt from michigan. We've got al salon from malaysia, but see, we've got hi all from good davey g david oh, welcome to special shadow to rain scott first time here, good afternoon from scotland so that's that's fantastic! Welcome to creative live you're in for a really big treat today all right, we got d a photo one o one here in rainy nebraska. Sorry about that. We have sunshine here in seattle, so we're really psyched for doing some natural like shooting and actually having some light let's. See, we got we got neto from st louis. We got em snap mary from illinois. We got a horizon photo from bremen, germany. And we got coke, houston from tejas. We've got ali bridge from good morning from massachusetts. Todd from new mexico. We've got greetings from north carolina just really all over the world. It's fantastic. So I'll tell you this, this is actually the day that I'm most looking forward to this week because, oddly enough, natural light is what scares me the most personally. As a photographer, I've never been comfortable just not being in complete control the light. And so this is one of those days that I'm really looking forward to get a lot personally, and it really is exciting that we actually have son out. So thank you to whoever put in a word with the weather to get us the sun. This is wonderful.

Class Description

Natural Light Control is part of our special week-long event Lighting Toolkit.

Join award-winning photographer Tony Corbell for an in-depth exploration of how light works and how it can be controlled to create dramatic images.

After decades of shooting prominent figures — including three presidents — on location, Tony has developed a set of tools that will help you shoot confidently in any setting. Many photographers test light as they work; Tony’s methods will allow you to understand and plan light before you even begin.

Tony will guide you through the basics of light quality, quantity, and direction. Tony’s unique methods will resonate with amateurs, seasoned professionals, and everyone in between.


Dave Humphries

Tony keeps it simple and gives good examples, although occasionally I had to pause the video to study them well enough - because the editor was keeping the timing overly tight in a few places. In some cases it would also have been nice to have two shots side by side for comparison, but Tony was great.