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Natural Light Control


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Thanks + Credits

I want to take a moment tio thank everyone who has been involved in making this workshop happened as you all know there's a a lot that goes into making these these live events happen and we are so grateful to everyone first first group that we've got the is our sponsors do you want to take a moment to talk about? Well of course white house I'll stop talking about it because I'm gushing now westcott I've worked with for years great maker of great products on think think it's funny that you have think think up there if you'll notice my roller bag that we've been carrying all day is a new thing think back the new international version to andi it's the most durable bag I've had it now a year and a half and it's it's it looks like it's brandon there's not a scuff mark on and I've been traveling around the world for a year and a half with it so it's a it's really a great bag yeah that's it that's it right over there their bodies now modeling that that is my international to aunt it's really ...

I mean literally gone around the world it was in dubai it's been in london this year it's been everywhere so that's a great bag fantastic yes we are very grateful to all the sponsors and we would ask you at home tio let them know if you appreciate what they've done for creative life say thankyou them via social media, facebook, twitter and just support them check out their products. We don't bring on people who we don't believe in and use ourselves. So check out those guys. Thank you again to them. We would also like to thank soon as the slide advances. Hui will thank the creative live audience thie audience out there is, of course, the people who we are, we wouldn't be here without you guys. So we are really grateful for everything. You do a cz you watch as you participate as you chime in with your questions and your thoughts we are so grateful to the support that you give allows us to bring in people like mr korbel here. We also want to thank the live audience who came here to join us this whole week. Many of them have been here the whole week, and we appreciate them making that choice. So we would like to thank them for sure. The creative life crew. We would definitely like to give you a thank you to the crew, especially mr alex walsh would like, give him a very special thank you and a very special no thank you to kellen, just getting that that was an in joke. We love you very big, thank you to everyone who behind the scenes, who makes this happen. Obviously, we have a lot of fun. We enjoy it, and we work hard, so it's, a good environment to be working in. But, of course, we wouldn't have anyone to work with if we didn't have mr tony core bell, so I'd like to give a big, worldwide round of applause. Thank you to mr tony cor, but thank you, thank you very much. People have commented all day about your teaching style about your breadth of knowledge, and we really appreciate your billing, willing to bring it here and share it with the world.

Class Description

Natural Light Control is part of our special week-long event Lighting Toolkit.

Join award-winning photographer Tony Corbell for an in-depth exploration of how light works and how it can be controlled to create dramatic images.

After decades of shooting prominent figures — including three presidents — on location, Tony has developed a set of tools that will help you shoot confidently in any setting. Many photographers test light as they work; Tony’s methods will allow you to understand and plan light before you even begin.

Tony will guide you through the basics of light quality, quantity, and direction. Tony’s unique methods will resonate with amateurs, seasoned professionals, and everyone in between.


Dave Humphries

Tony keeps it simple and gives good examples, although occasionally I had to pause the video to study them well enough - because the editor was keeping the timing overly tight in a few places. In some cases it would also have been nice to have two shots side by side for comparison, but Tony was great.