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Thank you so much so everyone thank you everyone out there who joined us today thank you to the audience who joined us here a big thank you to our models hannah bethany and shaun you guys did amazing and of course the biggest thank you of all to mr tony korbel this has been an amazing day so I'd like to give one more big round of applause for tony yeah yeah, very awesome tony do not sell yourself short you are not nothing and I am genuinely and off of you thanks you so your keynote every from the first two minutes of this class like fifteen minutes I had written myself three emails with good from from your keynote so thank you I genuinely had just an amazing day so thank you and I want to thank you from the internet because they are also feeling the same way. Goli mom ninety five says tony is amazing cannot believe I can work with my diffuser in this bright light especially here in south florida I will have a ball next weekend. Thank you, tallis. My daughter's in south florida. I know ...

what she's dealing with tough right? And chrissy says tony teaches this light stuff in such a way that I get it I've heard all this before but he has simplified it so and I'm I will second that it's just brilliant thank you thank you yeah, I agree tony, if you've been watching today tony's style has been amazing that's what I love to watch is that he does he simplifies it, he makes it make sense so that you can remember in those moments where you're in the pinch and you need to remember something you're going to remember diffuser overhead you're going to remember some track flight on that side to create that contrast what tony said in his final story that's what we do is as professional photographers we go out and we saw problems, problems happen, the real world happens and we have to be able to roll with it and we have to be able to do it so that on ly that executive who knows photography knows that there was ever a problem at all everyone else, he said. There were fifteen people there only one person said anything the other fourteen walked out knowing that a professional had done his job. If you want to be able to do your job too, you need to know your tools. You need to know the gear that you have and you need to know the options you have at your disposal, so this course today gave you many, many tools to use if you'd like to be able to refer back to those instructional materials you can do so by purchasing the course costs seventy nine dollars if you buy it before the end of the this lighting tool kit week just tomorrow, then you can get it for fifty nine dollars and if you want to have even more tools in your bag, you khun by this whole lighting tool kit week covering studio light, speed lights, natural light, everything from the introductory all the way up to the creative craziness that we're going to get up to tomorrow, a check you can get all of that for two hundred ninety five dollars, or if you buy it before the end of this week, get that additional additional discount and get it for one, ninety nine it's an amazing offer, I'm really glad that we're able to bring it to you, so go ahead and make that purchase if this is something that you are going to want to refer to and be able to have in your bag. So that is it for tony core bell, but we hope that you'll join us tomorrow for the final day of the lighting tool kit siri's with mr chuck ireland, who is going to be teaching us to hack our light tomorrow is going to be a creative, as he says crazy fun day, so we hope you'll join us nine a m tomorrow, pacific time, same place here on creative live we'll see you then have a good night, everybody

Class Description

Natural Light Control is part of our special week-long event Lighting Toolkit.

Join award-winning photographer Tony Corbell for an in-depth exploration of how light works and how it can be controlled to create dramatic images.

After decades of shooting prominent figures — including three presidents — on location, Tony has developed a set of tools that will help you shoot confidently in any setting. Many photographers test light as they work; Tony’s methods will allow you to understand and plan light before you even begin.

Tony will guide you through the basics of light quality, quantity, and direction. Tony’s unique methods will resonate with amateurs, seasoned professionals, and everyone in between.


Dave Humphries

Tony keeps it simple and gives good examples, although occasionally I had to pause the video to study them well enough - because the editor was keeping the timing overly tight in a few places. In some cases it would also have been nice to have two shots side by side for comparison, but Tony was great.