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Newborns: Props and Posing


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Class Introduction

The first segment is going to be about family posing with newborns. I wanted it to look like we were in somebody's home because I've been in a studio for eleven years. I got a studio when I was pregnant with my middle child, olivia who's, eleven now and before that, I was just slapping my schlepping my stuff around like everybody else would and, you know, an hour, hour and a half packing all of your stuff in the car, I used to pack everything back, traps, lights, every single single outside, I could think of props, and one day I'll never forget. When I had a studio, I had been shooting in the studio for a really long time, and then people started requesting home sessions, and so I still would kind of go back to that same thing back to schlepping my stuff. So even though I had a studio now, if somebody wanted a home session, I would still spend a good hour and a half packing all my stuff, and I had even more because that was the studio. Well, I remember that one day a client called for ...

home session, and this is paulie, about five years ago now, and I said, I'm not going to pack anything, I'm not gonna pack the lights, I'm not gonna pack the backgrounds I'm just not going to do it and tiffany we handles most of my booking I asked her to ask the kind of the head natural light and she asked the client and you know you asked someone and they're like yeah we do like right now and then you go in and there's not enough light so I was like I mean ask her where that we knows what's the best time in the day when they walk into their house what room just like that everybody has that one room in the house that just lights up with naturally and what time in the day is that does that light happened because really it's a newborn right? So it's twenty four seven it really doesn't have to be at a certain time of the day unlike if you're working with a toddler you know you don't want to shoot during nap time okay? So fast forward the story I just brought minimal pops we asked the client picked two or three colors and we'll pick a couple of different setups one of the things we've done today is we've kind of showed you different set up I already set up and this is much like how I carry my business now and I'm going to just spend a couple minutes going over it we created little set ups you can see that these work ordinating pieces that go with this item we picked another item his gorgeous nest on dh we'll go over where all these things air from later but we picked coordinating outfits okay what would this work with now if I was going to a client's home I would know if it's a boy or a girl right so I would automatically way towards the colors that go with a boy or a girl well here we have two boys and two girls and when we get to the props segment I'm not sure which yet I'm going to do use with what prop so we did pick some girl elements but then we also know that we can have a boy in here too so if I was going to a kinds home we would say what are the colors of the nursery and if it's a first child we know the nursery's already set up right second child maybe third child doesn't even have a room so we usually ask the client if they don't have a nursery set up what are the colors that you're tending teo gravitate towards with your baby give us two or three colors and so right now the colors that are in or creams pinks, silver's graze obviously the brown tones so what I would do with the studio is I would create little things like this for packing when I would put them together and the same with this and when I travel and go to the client's home what I would do is so like you conceive this, so underneath here we have this white basket and this is a potential outfit for this basket. See how it's all coordinating, but then this is a totally different looking, totally different setup. So at my studio, what I would do if I was going to a client's home, I would create three different things, and I have a technique for doing that. I say in on over and I like to do things in threes, you're going to see what imposing I'd like to transition in threes. I'm a three girl, so what does that mean in on and over? What that means is you could have the baby in something, you could have the baby on something, and you can have the baby over something over meaning they're leaning like this on their tummy and it's over. And so a basket like this can also have multiple purposes. If you're short on space, this baby could be inside and I could shoot over, you know, or it could be over it. Okay, so if the baby was in, I would be shooting like this, or if the baby is on their tummy looming over, I would be shooting in my belly, and we're going to show all of that to you in the props segment, but I just wanted to explain why it looks like we have all of these things here and why I wanted to focus on this type of look for today's segment we don't have a lot of time, but when I wanted to stress wass, if you're a photographer that only works in natural light or you don't have a studio, you don't have to stress too much. People say, why do I shoot at the home if I already have a studio? Because I'm a photographer and I don't want to ever be limited by the fact that I have a studio, my rent is going to get paid regardless, whether I shoot in somebody's home or whether I should in my studio, I actually have a very big asian clientele than many asian cultures, and a lot of other cultures can't leave their home for six weeks. And so what happens is he'll call and ask if I can go to their home, and if I wanted to say stuck in my studio, I would be turning away that business.

Class Description

Newborn photography is a rich experience for both photographers and new parents. In Newborns: Props and Posing, Ana Brandt will share some of her creative insights for capturing that magic with the propping and posing techniques she uses in her own successful newborn and family photography studio.

In this class Ana Brandt will share ideas for incorporating unique props into your sessions. She’ll also share tips for making your own and ensuring you are using your props safely and beautifully. You’ll also learn about posing with newborns, including different ways to help parents get comfortable in front of the camera while holding and posing with their newest bundle of joy.