Newborns: Props and Posing

Lesson 10/11 - Live Shoot: Newborn With Props Bird Nest


Newborns: Props and Posing


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Live Shoot: Newborn With Props Bird Nest

I say we do the nest this is fun and you should keep the case saying this you want to wrap him because I think I want baby girl in the next yeah I think it's a break because this is grace but I think I think it'll look really well let me think about this no hank definitely gets a break we're definitely doing girl baby girl langley but maybe we do the over why don't we do this one if john can get rid of that let's do the over so grateful right white just white fluff with the white with the world yeah this is from this's from devoted nous this hat this is I don't know I found it at joan's this I found that amazon yeah I'm sorry I should really be getting a cut from they should really be creative live sponsor well it's a planter from I bought it for new york and because I'm going to new york so often that I just started buying triplicate of everything and yeah this is just a piece of linen not even linen it's just a scrap so but this is important because this is empty okay so what's impor...

tant is what's going inside of there because it's a hard surface we want baby to be comfortable where is baby langley she out somewhere so we'll need her happy and sleepy and justin a diaper so what we'll do is we'll pad the bottom so usually yeah yeah we'll just take a light material first of all just kind of pad the bottom we don't want the baby skin ever you know touching this wood for sure yeah, you know, what we need is we need bean bags and we can take a little flush you know that other cream fluff we brought that was way khun so that in their scrap pieces like we goto ella and we go in the five dollars scrap in and we get scrap pieces all the time this was not a five dollars scrap piece from l a wasn't I don't know where it came from but whatever. So this is just for show just for fluff now she's going to have a bean bag because she's gonna be leaning like this okay, so I don't want her leaning on the hardwood for sure I want something so this little one to that one yeah, that could go right there or the other one. This one we used yeah where's the bar now that was too big. Fallon yeah, yeah, that one could go like this or we could even get the position er and then this is for the pretty factor and so you know, you just want to have things ready layers and then if we go vertical will not give me more in depth and then I may want it without the for so many times I'll do it maybe on a blank wood with the fur and if she's doing great, I'll say let me take the fur out and try it bear no what let's try there yeah, because I don't know I'm sorry we'll bring it back and then we made do with the fur just depending upon how good she is and now is we don't have the fur we can just be have the depth and blurt out this I think it's just going to go over so then what? What I would do is mom, come in because this is something that I would often dio if they're in mom's arms did she notice it all? Okay, good if they're in mom's arms, what I'll do is I'll say let me just dress her in your for a second now when you're tying around the neck, I want to go over something the easiest way to make sure that you're you don't obviously want to strangle the baby you don't want anything too tight is if you put your finger in there and you ty and you ty it to your finger and that gives separation between the baby and the thing you're trying o you want to help me killing lee, thanks for helping so see what I mean where there's like a finger in here and then I'm just keep switching fingers so that when I'm tying it it's not going to tire on her neck just a hungry wait okay, so here's the thing what's langley doing right now she stepped out well if I would keep him on set because I'm going to try this with her but if she still needs to eat this is what I would do in my studio I would rather have them fully fed than continually trying things and then you're just fighting it just stopping the you know what, mom? She might need another boob or another answer to obviously here we have that luxury but even in a my studio or in the home I would say you know what? She still needs to eat what's I'd rather take five minutes to feed more than an hour fighting with her um so we're going to try it and if she wants to feed we'll just go and do langley and enough so you're going to stay holding her and then where's dad let's bring your finger over you're just your finger oh, wow. Big time after you clean up your daughter lotsa yeah chuck I just want to clean my hands, got on there and got in there okay, so this is a good time yeah, right, very good maybe they're ronnie mack photography would like to know how do you know what colors and props art in and trending and how do you develop your own friends? Brilliant question on you need to pay attention to the world around you number one of what's trending when I say that I'm out shopping every week I'm out shopping every week it's like go to the grocery store swing by bed bath and beyond you know go to drop the kids off at school swing by ross I am definitely very aware of what's trending by a couple of ways number one I subscribe to all of the magazines that are related to my clientele so even though I don't have newborns anymore I still get baby magazines I still get parenting magazines I still look at all of the magazines that are targeting my client for decorating nurseries I look at what's trending I look on pinterest I love looking at catalogs I still get pottery barn baby catalogue my house I get pottery barn kids catalog to my house there was another story that I love that I get their catalog a land of nod is also another one I subscribe and I pick up catalogues and I love to go to the bookstore and pick up things for things that are training now you know my husband is a writer and a management consultant and this guy calm research and development he is always, always, always reading are researching he's on flipboard he's on all the different things because he's constantly having to know what's in tune for his business, and I'm constantly taking cues from him like, yeah, you need to be aware of what's trending in your business. I need to be aware of what's trending in my business, so we're big book people we'd love to take our kids to bookstores, get magazine and pick up things that give us inspiration. I definitely scour pinterest I'm a big pinchers fan. I like to scour and see what's going on the web. I'll browse news feeds, but most importantly, if you go to the places that cater to your client, you know, even just bed, bath and beyond. I was going getting my son new bedding, and I go over to the baby area. I'm just kind of looking at the colors and things that are going so that's really important, you got to be in tune, you can't be a hermit shooting in a closet, you've got to be out there seeing what's going on it's the same thing. If you were working in the fashion world, you need to know what's trending as far as your own personal style, that's fascinating because to me, it's, constantly evolving you know, my style is very different than when I was twenty you know, I went through madonna phase when I was twelve, you know, it's, your constantly changing, evolving and being in this business fifteen years I look up from my earlier work and I'm like away god, I hated it because I've changed so much. I tell people, look at how you dress and what your home is like, I know some very colorful photographers that have very colorful sets and excuse you. Well, then I know some photographers and designers that have very colorful sets, their clothing is always colorful, they always have the jewellery and everything's, like coordinated down of the red shoes, and if you look at their photography is very similar. My clothing I have, like three colors in my closet. They're like black grey and brown with a little bit of cream in there, and I I love color but simple stated color, so when I'm shopping, you know, I I'm a big, big texture person, so I think you always have to do a little quiz on yourself of what is your personality? What do you like? I love texture and I like tonal range is, but I'm not a bright colored girl, I don't you'll never see chevron stripes of my images if you're looking for shriver chevron goto another baby photographer you're not going to see big bright stripes do I love seeing those images I love them are actually kind of get a little jealous when they see like a baby in a basket with chevron don't you it's like you but I would never shoot it and if I shout at you goanna that's not you because there's been a couple things I've shot in typical you and the clients will bring things and I'll be like that's cute but it's not quite me so I'll shoot it for them and then I'll pull out things that I like and so go ahead you try feeding it and getting hanged because we're getting short on time so we're going way have like three more things to do we're going to try and get through them pretty quickly I'm going to do a raft way going to be out here you're going to rap um so this next soas faras your style it's going to be an evolving art it's like your website it will be constantly evolving okay, so this underneath here is from devoted nw it's this whole big gray of fluff of wonderfulness and this is from michael's arts and crafts okay, so I just laid this on here but now what's gonna happen his baby's going to be in there so we're going to need something underneath here right so way are using this for the white no, not for the way basket because that's baby girl now we can use we can just mix it up look, what if we maybe this in here and love all that I still think we mean that maybe the position or needs to go and are you going to shooting? Why don't you pull the great floor underneath this or yes, yes great photo popped floors and backdrops something that great florida thank you. I would have totally forgot I'm actually going tio do a quick raft we're going to get the floor out we're going to wrap him he's gonna be in could be the lightning quick when I have something like this to know that I'm going to get it rapping just I don't know it just never goes out of style rap and then just unwrap if you have to you know people who say I want the naked I want to make it I want the naked okay well, you may not be able to start with the naked so maybe wrap and then unwrap that's cuter okay, all right kidney pie you know people always worried the style question comes up all the time you see it with websites where people are you know I don't do website till I get my logo till I get my colors right till I get this done I never thought about that, you know it's like having children I wanted a baby I got pregnant and discussion I didn't just talk about you know, I with websites I was a web designer in my twenties and so I had a website day one I never stopped to say, well, I'm going to wait on my website till I get my work to be the way that I wanted to look and my logo has changed a few times you're allowed to change and evolve you're an artist and if you look at any artist in any genre, they've all changed as they've matured and so it's okay and if you hate your style, then you need to go out and find your style and the best way to do it is to look at other people's work and find out what you like and when you like, when you look at someone's work and you like it, ask yourself why you like it is that the colors? Is it the setting? You know I have a perfect example. I had a client come in for a pregnancy session and I ask we ask clients to create pin boards for inspiration or look at our pinterest page I'm fine with that so she comes in and all her pin boards are natural outside backlit pregnancy images and she's in for a studio session and I was like oh, do you like backlight pregnancy? Which is? Oh, I love them. She showed me her engagement pictures back late outside. Well, how come you're in here for a studio session? Well, I don't know. I mean, I mentioned the tiffany that I liked outside, but I don't know. I just came in the studio it's that you're not gonna be happy in the studio. We're going to get studio photos. You're not gonna like it, so let's, go out, socket on. So we did. We went outside, we rescheduled our session and went outside and did back with images. And so I tell photographers, pick up magazines, look at things that you like and break him down. Ask yourself why you like them. Is that the color? Is it inside? Is the outside is a natural light. The backlit there's gotta be something I could look around the room and say who's outside, I like and why I like it and then go out and buy something similar. It's not copying you want toe. Apply your own style to it that you want to draw inspiration. Notice I'm just holding him in one arm and patting him. I'm not going to put him down if I know he's not settled, I want wrapped, cozy, secure. He seems good. We're going to get him in, definitely need something under. I do not let go of a baby until I know that how I'm letting go, they're going to be safe. You're so when I do this, I'm going to say, you know what you think, he's going to need something under his neck? Are you guys feeling, are you excited that you're here? And you're learning something today, I kind of feel like we're not. Are we learning it's hard when you're on this show? Because I never know unless you tell me first. Yeah, yeah, and I'm fixing, I'm tucking his leg in the rat more because I don't want to look at it after and go, we should would've tucked his leg wish I wouldn't do this. I wish you wouldn't do that. Stop saying that and just fix it it's better to take an extra minute to fix than to regret it later. When you're turning always very, very gentle, if you feel like the head is going side to side, we could put something in, and I really love that I think I want that hadn't had on but let's just do a quick shot and then so she's putting a little thing underneath there and then we'll put the hat on I think he needs one on each side and this would be pretty quick in my studio this would be I'm going to get the whole thing shoot it perfected get a hat on, get ahead off change the position I'm not going to do it with him but I probably stripped him down naked in here wrinkle that's buddy me right there this is fun, right? We could do this all day I mean there's so many questions that's why I was like, we need like thirty days of something I just feel like there's so many little nuances and so many questions that come up all the time um but I think what I want to stress with this segment we're using props I want you to be safe and not feel like you have to do with alone are you going to go get help now? Okay, speaking of help to you in the early days help right now I'm good. I'm just kidding in the early days, you know when you're in a tough situation do you ever do the parents ever help out ever ever assist yes, yes absolutely who many a times absolutely not that there's anything wrong with it I mean you can have parents help you but I'm just saying maybe sometimes they don't want to help because they're exhausted and they've just had a baby they just don't want to help those chords my way can it's gonna have on me he's really perfect this is bugging me for here before yeah we'll fix it and this and take liquefy and you pop it out make it round but people sat I get things around I try to get him pretty round way we could do a little little magic when we're done okay so I know we're out of time so I don't think we'll be able to do her on that on this we won't um in norway will be able to do rocking horse but that's okay, we could do like this yeah, we'll just have to look mac so any last questions way have a ton of last okay moving on that's just the way fire me great water gripe water. Yeah. Ok. What about great warner tell us about it. What is it? It is from mother's market and it is now it is from mother's market and it is ginger and fennel and it's a gas reliever for newborns. Great. Thank you. Um what's the oldest that you prefer to photograph a newborn I mean that's really pretty by the way that big one way contrived everything while we're talking I mean, we tell clients anywhere from seven to ten days. But I've had a to six weeks, and technically, you know, a newborn is considered a newborn for six weeks. So, you know, we don't turn anybody away. And if they come to me, it's, six weeks since I haven't had a newborn session, we'll say we're probably not going to get all of those tiny, curled up baby poses. But we'll do the best that we can. But my favorite ages. Ten days.

Class Description

Newborn photography is a rich experience for both photographers and new parents. In Newborns: Props and Posing, Ana Brandt will share some of her creative insights for capturing that magic with the propping and posing techniques she uses in her own successful newborn and family photography studio.

In this class Ana Brandt will share ideas for incorporating unique props into your sessions. She’ll also share tips for making your own and ensuring you are using your props safely and beautifully. You’ll also learn about posing with newborns, including different ways to help parents get comfortable in front of the camera while holding and posing with their newest bundle of joy.


Leigh Rogers

I really liked this course. As someone new to newborn photography, I learned so much valuable information such as using Aquaphor - which has saved me a ton of time editing, session flow, as well as not getting overwhelmed with having a thousand props. I didn't really find using natural light to work so well during my first newborn session after these videos. It offered some beautiful lighting and was much more soothing for the baby than having flashing lights, but once that appointment is booked, relying on natural light to be there the day of can be so nerve racking. Also, I didn't like how high I had to have my ISO using natural light through windows. However, I will say that if there are big windows and lots of light coming in, I will use it, but I would recommend planning for that not working out for you. Thank you so much, Ana, for a great class. I grew so much because of your guidance!

Katherine Angeles

Loved it! Very detailed and great posing tips, good prop sources and the best only with natural light.