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Defining Your Style of Night Photography


Night Photography Fundamentals


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Defining Your Style of Night Photography

What type of night photographer are you? That's funny you should ask. Last night, Matt and I were checking into our hotel here in Seattle, and the concierge was like, "What are you guys here for, what do you do?" We're like, "Well, we're night photographers." He's like, "What," no idea what a night photographer is. We're like, "You know, images "of the Milky Way, or the star trails." He's, "Oh, yeah, I've seen those." I'm like, 'Well, I know you don't see them much in Seattle, "but the city, it has a pulse, "it has a beat, it has movement. "There's cars, there's clouds, there's other ways "that we can play with long exposures there." Then, he started to say, "Is this night photography? "How about, oh the urban explorer type "of night photography?" Yep, that's a type of night photography. He saw a movie with a time lapse in it. Yeah, that's another type of night photography as well. What type of night photographer are you? Are you an urban explorer, are you a scout? Are you a stargazer,...

are you a cityscaper? Or, are you just a travel photographer wanting to take better pictures once the sun goes down?

Class Description

There’s more to night photography than stars and hikes. The vibrance of color can be found in capturing the stars, a city skyline at twilight, or even car trails amidst a forest. Gabriel Biderman is a self taught photographer who enjoys the process of taking an image. In Night Photography 101, he’ll cover how to get started taking photos in the dark.

You’ll learn:

  • What gear you’ll need and the fundamentals of using it safely in the night 
  • How to capture stars for dynamic landscapes 
  • How to capture the sky and urban settings at night 
  • How to photograph car light trails to create more motion in your night photos