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Night Photography

Matt Hill

Night Photography

Matt Hill

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Class Description

Anyone can take photos during the day. But making photos in the absence of light takes not only a special kind of patience and mastery of skills, but also a willingness to push creative boundaries and leave room for "happy mistakes." Join Matt Hill for an exploration of what's possible when most other photographers are asleep. He's been shooting at night for over 20 years and will share some simple ways to get out there and get shooting, plus sample some different things you can do while out there making long exposures at night.

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I have been shooting night photography and took class out of curiousity after recently buying a Fuji X-T1. Not only does the session have many technical nuggets, it has also sparked my creative juices. I've done some night work with the Fuji, and look forward to doing much more. Great class. Kudos to Matt for showing some of his great work.

Padraic Reid

I thought that this was going to be about techniques for shooting in low light conditions. I like to shoot in cities. I could not find anything here that would have been of any benefit. Perhaps it might suit some people but I'm sorry that I wasted my money. I have taken several other courses with Creative Live and they were fantastic.